B&B Short Recap Monday, March 4, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge consoles Steffy in her home. She’s still upset about having shot Sheila, and Finn walking out on her right before the police came.

Hope comforts Finn in her arms (in Deacon’s place). She understands that he has a connection with Sheila that the rest of them didn’t. She thinks he needs to process his grief. She advises him to get through this with Steffy.

RJ and Zende are shocked to learn from Thomas that Steffy killed Sheila.

Deacon drops by Steffy’s house, upset that Sheila is dead. She and Ridge are annoyed that he’s so upset and doesn’t seem to understand that Steffy acted in self defense. Deacon can’t understand why Sheila did this, since he knows she worked so hard to change. Deacon gets upset when Ridge says that she got what she deserved, and when he sees her blood on the floor.

After Deacon leaves, Finn arrives. Steffy is glad to see him. Ridge yells at him for not being there for Steffy, but Steffy asks Ridge to leave them alone. Steffy apologizes, and then she and Finn hug. She thinks they can get through anything together. However, when she goes to kiss him, he can’t bring himself to kiss her back (gee, maybe because his dead mom’s blood is still on the floor nearby?? Not very romantic!). He doesn’t know why he’s reacting the way that he is. He’s very uncomfortable and rushes out, apologizing that he needs more time. Steffy calls after him, shocked, and then she gets very upset that he’s left her all alone.

Hope tells Thomas about her visit with Deacon.


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