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Recap written by Suzanne

Cyrus visits Laura (at her request). She quizzes him about his questioning O’Neill last week at Pentonville. He was afraid of some guy named Stone that everyone thinks is dead. Laura presses him for more info, but he gets offended that she doesn’t trust him. She seems shocked that he is so angry about that. Ace cries, so she goes to him. They take Ace to GH because he has a fever.

Elizabeth and Portia tend to Heather Webber, who is a patient at GH for hip pain. She wants them to take off the cuffs, but they’re wise to her tricks. When Heather is wheeled in (on her way to get an MRI), she starts yelling at Cyrus and Laura. They quickly leave with the baby. Cyrus asks Portia how Curtis is doing, but she tells him off again. He is frustrated that she still holds his past against him. Later, Laura and Cyrus wait for Ace’s tests and share a close moment. She breaks down crying about the deaths of Esme and Spencer, so he holds her hand. Meanwhile, back in her room, Heather gets out a paper clip to pick the lock on her cuffs.

Brook Lynn and Tracy have a chat at the Quartermaine mansion about Deception. Brook Lynn confesses to Tracy that she had plotted to get rid of her at Deception and give Maxie and Sasha back their shares. Tracy is proud of her and tries to convince Brook Lynn to stay at Deception. Brook Lynn still just wants to work in music, not cosmetics. Tracy convinces her to stay and manage artists on the side. If Brook Lynn doesn’t enjoy running Deception, Tracy will sell her shares back to them. After Tracy says a bunch of nice things to her, Brook Lynn is touched to learn that Tracy enjoys hanging out with her and agrees to her terms. Brook Lynn asks Tracy about her relationship with Gregory, but she thinks he’s more interested in Alexis. She thinks Tracy should let him know how she feels.

Sonny meets with Selina in her warehouse. Ava is also there, and a few guards. Selina wants to have the poker game again, but Sonny says that she can’t do it at The Savoy. Just then, FBI, Dante and Anna burst in to investigate them all for RICO and racketeering violations. Wu, Sonny and Ava claim they’re just discussing setting up a legal Poker game. Anna and Sonny argue. A rooftop sniper shoots at them, so everyone hides behind something. Dante and Chase go to check out sniper. Ava wonders why Sonny is being cautious, but he says he’s not worried about himself. She thinks he means her, so she’s touched. Dante goes in pursuit of the suspects.

Jason and the sniper are on roof – both dressed in black; the sniper props the skylight open and gets his rifle ready to shoot. He aims at Sonny. Jason looks uncomfortable and then hits the sniper’s so he misses; then they run away. Dante stops them at the docks. Jason puts his arms up and then turns slowly as directed. Dante is shocked to see him. The sniper shoots Dante. Jason runs to Dante to help him. Snipe calls Jason “Jacobs” and says to leave him. Jason shoots the guy. He tells Dante that he’ll be allright and that he’s got him.

Jagger orders his men around. Anna thinks the sniper rifle was one stolen from WSB. Jagger thinks Sonny was the target, and Ava notices that Sonny has a bullet hole in his sleeve. Anna tells Chase to take Selina and her guards to the PCPD. She then yells at Sonny for trying to set up a trap for the shooter without them. Jagger tries to threaten Ava, but she points out that he should be protecting Sonny, the target. The all argue. Anna warns Sonny he’s in danger and should let them help him – he should share information. Chase returns, telling them that there’s no word yet on Dante.


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