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Mom,mom, mom, stop. People are watching. Please. Who cares? I care. I live here. So, just. Okay. It’s good to see you. Have you lost weight? The food here sucks. Well, maybe I can sneak in a cheeseburger next time, maybe from the pub. I have missed you so much and I loved your letters. Right. Yeah, find letters.

Another voicemail. Stop calling me.

Hey. Hey. How you feeling, baby girl? Like I was hit by a truck. I’ve um, I’ve hardly slept. I barely know which way is up right now. Yeah, I could hear in your voice last night. Two people are telling me two very different things and they both sound pretty damn convincing. So, who am I supposed to believe?

Well, I did some research. Wait, last night, after we talked, you didn’t have to do that. I couldn’t sleep either. Dad. Hey, I worry about you. I’m your papa. It’s part of my job description. Now I assume you want to know what I found out.

Hey, hey, Steph, it’s me. Um, I just, uh, I don’t know what to say. I, I, I, I swear to you, I’m, I’m not this, this, this Bobby person, okay? I mean, I’ve never even heard of him before. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s honestly like the most absurd thing that I’ve ever heard in my life. I, I, I’m still the man that you, that you fell in love with in Seattle.

I’m, I’m the man who, who loves you right now. Please, please, please just, just call me. What the hell is happening? Oh my God. Why does that cop think I’m Bobby What’s His Face? And why can’t I remember what happened right before the accident?

We’ve got a lot to talk about, Bobby.

Ray. Ray, thank God you’re here. Yeah, I’m in the middle of something, Ava. My son. He’s missing. He didn’t show up for work last night and no one can get a hold of him. I called the hospital, his friends, everyone. What about Wendy? She’s missing too. Clyde Weston has them. I’m sure of it. Clyde Weston? Please, Rafe.

I need your help. You need to find them before something really bad happens. Oh god,

I fell asleep. Why’d you do it? So it wasn’t a dream. I don’t know if I like this. No. Why is my throat sore? I’ll be home. Oh, yeah.

My country. We’ve got to get out of here. We will, we will. We just We have to figure out how to first. We will do that. Together. Together.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Okay, and she didn’t call in. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Wendy at all. And no remote logins either. Right. Okay, well call me in a second if you hear from her. Okay. Well, Wendy didn’t show up for work, and her supervisor can’t find her. This is, this is, this is, this isn’t happening. That can’t be happening.

Rafe, I cannot lose my son. You have got to do something. Okay, Ava, you need to back up a second. Tell me what this has to do with Clyde Weston.

Alright, let’s, let’s think backwards here, try to figure out a plan of action. Okay. Oh, we were at Cache and Cupid, just having a great time. Tripp, you may be in danger. What? I need to get you to a safe location. Both of you. Wait, wait, what is this about? Does this have anything to do with my mom or Harris?

Rafe will give me the details later, but I have to get you to safety. Now.

This is one hell of a safe house.

I don’t think this place is half bad. Wi Fi sucks. You get internet? They stream one movie a day and we don’t get to pick it. I hope it’s a good one. So how are your group therapy sessions going? It’s weird. They want us to talk about our feelings and stuff. In front of each other. So, Tate, how are you feeling right now, in this moment?

I don’t know, Doc. I’m, um, I’m hungry. Well, it sounds like you’re getting to the root of some of your feelings. That letter you wrote your father, that was What the hell, Dad? You showed Mom my letters? Hold on, hold on. I didn’t let her read it. He just told me about it. Those were private. I don’t like you two talking about me.

Okay. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shared, I shared some of what was in the letter with your mother, okay? I didn’t realize that Look, you’re upset. Look, you’re entitled to be upset. If you want to be upset, then be upset, Tate. But listen, I, I know That I haven’t always been around. I can’t change that, son. I can’t change the past.

But I’m here now. I am here now!

Of course I want to know. I need to know. Okay. I still have more feelers out, but here’s what I have right now. I contacted an old colleague of mine who’s still with the Seattle PD. A part of what this guy told you checks out. God. Which part? There was in fact an accident which resulted in a John Doe being sent to the hospital the same time your Everett stopped contacting you.

Please don’t call him my Everett. I’m sorry. Anyway, I’m not able to access the medical records just yet. But, based on some conversations I had with a couple of sources, That John Doe was in the hospital for over a year. And his release coincides with Everett’s resurgence. Okay. So to an extent, This guy appears to be telling you the truth.

To an extent? Now the bad news.

My name. It’s not Bobby. Uh huh. Excuse me, excuse me! I did not, I did not invite you in. Don’t know why you are playing this sick game. But your name is Bobby Stein. Pardon me. Robert Stein. Look, I have our marriage certificate right here. Oh, and you know what else? I have a picture from our wedding day. Yeah, look how happy you look.

Clearly you were faking it, didn’t you? None, none of, None of this looks familiar. What are you talking about? That’s you! I see it. I see it, okay? I’m, I’m, I just, I don’t, I I don’t remember any of this. Oh, God. You know, if I wasn’t a police officer, I would smack you upside your head. And maybe that’ll jog your memory.

But you know what? I have a better option. If you’re not Bobby Stein, prove it. Fingerprints, now.

I want some coffee. Dad, quit stalling. Cut to the chase.


This is from a few years ago. That’s Robert Stein’s driver’s license photo with his Seattle address. Can’t be. Unless he has a twin? I checked. No record of a twin on his birth certificate.

So Everett is Bobby. I’m sorry, Stephanie. Looks like there’s more to this dude than meets the eye. Do you think he’s been lying? Or do you really think that he can’t remember who he is? That I don’t know. And he wasn’t an accident. He could have suffered some neurological trauma. But since I don’t have the medical records, that’s just a guess.

It’s also possible that He could be lying.

The one thing I know for sure, based on the timeline, this man was dating you. While he was married. Yeah. His marriage certificate is on record. Robert Stein, legally married Jada Hunter in King County, Washington.

Ever said that he was missing chunks of time before the accident? That the doctor said that it was retrograde amnesia, that, that maybe in time his memories would come back. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that he was married when he was dating you, it just means he doesn’t remember that fact.

Dad, I have to go. Baby girl, listen. No, I just I need to process this, but thank you for helping me. Okay.

Now listen, I’m not going to stop looking into this. I know. Okay.

Here, Dad. You’re here for me. In this halfway house where I don’t belong. Where you two should be. What? Excuse me. That is not okay. Why not? I’m not a drug addict. I’m being punished because of my parents. I’m guilty because of association. You are here because you were found with Holly’s pills in your hand.

No kidding. God, I wish she would just wake up so she could tell everyone that I didn’t do anything wrong. Listen to me. I have news for you on that front, okay? I’ve been texting with Nicole in Italy. Holly’s doing better. She’s off her ventilator and she’s actually breathing on her own. Thank God. That is good news.

How long until she wakes up? I don’t know, but given her apparent progress, she could be home any day now.

Hmph. Well, I’ll be damned. What? What does it say?

Hey there, Bobby.

That can’t be right. Oh, it is. Fingerprints don’t lie. You are exactly who you’ve always been. A slimy, two faced bastard. I don’t remember you. Well, I sure as hell remember you. In spite of doing everything possible to forget you. Falling for a divorce was the best thing that I ever did. I left my hellish life with you in the rear view and I never looked back.

Uh, please. Yes. Please believe me. I, I don’t remember any of this. Okay? You were a liar throughout our marriage and you are still a liar now. Although we have, we have concrete proof of who you are. Bobby, just for once, for once in your life, just, just be a man and own up to what you did.

I mean it, Ava. If you want my help, you need to level with me. No more BS. Now what does Clyde Weston have to do with Tripp and Wendy going missing?

You know, I think this was a big mistake. Ava! If he’s taken them, then we are racing against the clock here. You need to tell me the truth.


You know when Harris and I were in here that day and I slapped him? Yeah, kind of hard to forget. Okay, but what you don’t know is that we made a deal that day. Okay. What kind of deal? Look, Harris convinced me that the only way to save myself and the people that I love was,

was to work with him. Okay, let’s, let’s, can we just like back up a second? When you save yourself from who? Clyde Weston? Yeah. Look, you remember that day? You know how I told you that, that, Clyde tried to kill Tripp and, and, how he told me that if I didn’t work with him, he was gonna go through with it. Mm hmm.

Yeah, you said that you went to the prison and then you talked him out of it. Right, I did. Okay, well then if you did that, then what’s the threat? Look, you know, you know that Clyde is a scary guy, right? I had no guarantee that he was gonna be safe, and so

Harris convinced me to work with him, and that I would help him bring Clyde down for good. And how were you gonna do that? You know, intel. Keeping my ear to the ground, reporting back. Uh huh. So you were working as an informant? Even though you weren’t working with Clyde. Right. But it backfired. Charis got shot.

My son is missing. And I know that Clyde has him. I know it.

I don’t get it. Why here? What did that cop bring us here?

Okay, is it just me or is this really weird safe house? It’s a very secure location. Quiet, no traffic, no one will find you here. We’ve got eyes on this place at all times. You’ll be protected. From who? That’s a good question. You know what, I’m just gonna call Rafe and check in. You’re not calling anyone.

Tell us over your phones. No.

What a hero. Your phone. Doc.

Into the tank. Move.

Now. Sleep tight. I

thought she was one of the good guys. Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Don’t be stupid. What the hell? Are you doing this? If this is about money, my family will pay you whatever you want. Money? Please. Sit down. I said Sit.

I suggest you ration your supplies.

Oh my god, so Holly’s okay, thank god. And this means that This means that she can tell everyone what actually happened that night on New Year’s Eve. That, that I didn’t give her the drugs that I, I mean, I didn’t even want to, I even tried to tell her not to take them. This means I can come home. Okay, well honey, let’s, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Yeah. It’s just one step outta two. Yeah. Your, your mom is right. ’cause we, we don’t, we don’t know what Holly is going to say when she wakes up or if she even remembers what happened that night. No, no, no. She will, I, I know she will. And she’ll tell the truth. She, she’s got to. What? What? We have to prepare for the possibility that Holly may not want to tell the truth.

You don’t seem to understand. Okay, I would own up to all of it. To everything. If I could remember any of it. Does that make sense? Am I interrupting? No, come in. You need to see this. Does this man look familiar? Oh, you know what? Wait, it gets better. You know, I scanned his fingerprints. And this man is Robert Stein.

So you were married when we started dating? I don’t, I don’t I don’t remember being married. I don’t remember her. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Well, now you do. And I’ve said my piece, so I’m gonna leave. But just remember, Stephanie. This man claimed that he loved you while he was married to me. He’s nothing but a player, a liar, and a cheat.

And if I wasn’t your friend, I would say good luck. But because I am, run. Get out while you can.

Oh, and I am not going to stop digging until I get the whole story on you. And best believe, people are going to hear about it. I don’t know. Maybe from a rival newspaper. You got that, Mr. Editor in Chief?

Why do you think that Clyde has Tripp and Wendy? Because it’s how he operates. He holds things over people. And he hurts them. In the most painful way possible. Yeah, I know he does. I’ve seen it. But my question is, what does he have over you? Look, I was trying to do the right thing. And Harris saw how bad the situation was, and so I was gonna help him.

I was gonna help him bring Clyde down once and for all, but the whole thing just backfired. Hey, Ava, we’re just dancing around here, okay? I need solid information if I’m gonna bring him down. Don’t you get it? Clyde is untouchable. He is untouchable.

Hey, Milan, I really appreciate your help on this one. Yeah, that’s right. It’s L Y N C H. Uh huh. Okay. No. I know you’re gonna come through for me. You’re the best, man. Alright, I’ll wait for your text. Thanks a lot.

Hey, what’s up? Steve, we’ve got a problem. Trip’s missing. What? He didn’t show up for his shift last night at the hospital. No one can reach him. I’m at the police station. You need to get here now. I’m on my way.

Is he coming? Yeah. Alright, let’s get the paperwork started before he gets here.

Goldman, can you come in here please? What do you have, Mitch? Ms. Battaglia needs to file a missing persons report, if you can help her with that. On it. We have a first issue of Bolo on Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shinn. Ms. Battaglia will give you the descriptions. Thank you.

What do you mean she might not want to tell the truth? Why wouldn’t she? Okay, think about it. Telling the truth. It means admitting that the drugs were hers, okay? She, she may not want to get herself in that kind of trouble. And that’s if she even remembers anything. We just, we don’t know what Holly’s gonna say.

And don’t forget EJ has been, has been spinning this narrative about it being all your fault and he may persuade her to stick to that. No. No. No, we’re friends. She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t do that to me. She would not hurt me like that. No, son, she She may not want to hurt you, but she might be scared. Okay, and if she’s scared, she’ll do whatever she has to do to save herself.

She might wake up really confused or muddled. We just want you to be prepared. This is crap! I didn’t do anything wrong. And I don’t even know why I bother trying to do the right thing. They’re just going to accuse me for doing something that I didn’t do and lock me up for no reason. God, I just, I want to go home.

I want to get out of here. I don’t want to be here anymore. Don’t, just don’t, don’t. Don’t. So Tripp never made it to work and he didn’t call in to explain? Nope, and no one can reach him, and like I said, Did you talk to Wendy? She’s missing too. I filed a missing persons report. Okay. When’s the last time you saw Triff?

Yesterday. He and Wendy were together. Yeah, Stephanie told me she saw them both with the Cash and Cupid fundraiser. So no one’s heard from them since? Ah, voicemail again. Hey, Ava. Why would our son be missing? What else do you know about this? No, no, no, no. Hold on a second. The last time Trip went missing, you kept half the story from me.

Now we don’t have time for this crap, so start talking and tell me everything. Now.

I can’t believe Goldman’s dirty. I’m just pissed I didn’t see it. Was she under surveillance? Well, not by my department. But who knows, I’m not always privy to stuff. She fooled a lot of smart people. She’s definitely working for Clyde.

This is what my mom was talking about. This is why she couldn’t go to the police, why she didn’t trust them. Yeah, and why she was so hell bent on getting us out of Salem. Why would they take us now? Well, if Clyde is behind this You know he is. And this is about leverage over my mom. He knows that she’ll do whatever it takes to get us back.

Well, I’m sick of sitting around. I mean, I think there’s got to be a way out of here. Maybe there’s a release valve or something. Hey, look up there. There’s another hatch here. Here, get on my shoulders.

It’s all here, isn’t it? Just your real life with your wife, Jada. What the hell, Everett? Or do I call you Bobby? Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie. Please. Please. You know me. You know me. Clearly, I don’t. Do you remember that night that you rented that cottage on Mercer Island? Yeah. It had rained all day. We took the ferry over.

When we got there, you told me that you’d never been in love before. Never. Until me. You said that I was the missing piece in your life. Yes. We even started talking next steps. Moving in. Made sure we both wanted a family. And now absolutely none of it was real. Every. Single. Moment. I’ve had with you. Is real.

It’s real. Come on. I was your mistress. That was your side piece. But hey, you’re not the first man in the world to hide his wife from the poor sap he’s pretending to be in love with. I’m not hiding anything! I’m not hiding. I don’t remember being married. See, that doesn’t make sense. Because your accident happened after all that.

So if you had developed some sort of amnesia, it came after you and me. So the question is, are you a lying dirtbag? Or some kind of sociopath? Who the hell are you? Hey,

there’s no question you got a bum rap here. We know you shouldn’t be here. We just don’t want you to get your hopes up when it comes to Holly. Like your mom said, we just want you to take this one step at a time. And in the meantime, you’re, you’re in a safe place here. Yeah? Yeah. Gives you some time for self reflection and to, and to get stronger.

You can learn about addiction. I am not a drug addict. I don’t do drugs. And just because you two ruined your life with them does not mean that you get to pass that guilt trip on to me.

Now that hatch wouldn’t budge. They must have figured out that we’re missing now, right? I mean, you were supposed to have a shift last night. I, I should have been at work this morning. Yeah, my mom’s probably freaking out. She’s probably called a thousand times. But our phones are no doubt destroyed by now.

Okay, so where are we? What do you remember about getting here? An obstacle that put us into a van with no windows. Yeah, that should have been our first clue. Yeah. She played it so well. Yeah, I bought that she was taking us to a secure location and didn’t want anyone to see us. And she didn’t want us to see where we were going.

And we drove for like, what? Half hour? Yeah, that sounds about right.

What do you remember when we got out of the van?

It’s really dark. I, uh, Gravel parking lot. And I thought I heard a plane. Yeah, me too. I thought I could smell, uh, Gas. Maybe we’re near the airport.

You want the truth? Okay, here goes. Clyde Weston has been using the restaurant as a front for drug operations. The Bistro has been a warehouse for product being moved in and out to Clyde’s network of dealers. So how did you get mixed up in that mess? Because he was blackmailing me with our son. He threatened to kill Trip, and everything that I have been doing has been to try and keep him safe.

But it didn’t even matter because in the end it all came down to this. Here we are. Clyde has taken him. I know it. He was behind Harris getting shot, and the fire at the Horton house, and now he has taken Trip and Wendy. You have to help them, Steve. Please, please do not let that monster hurt our son.

Please, please help me find him. Please, please help me save our boy.

I’m not a sociopath. I am not a cheater. I, I am still the man who, who took that ferry with you to Mercer Island. I am the man who danced in the rain with you at the cottage. I am still the man who envisions spending the rest of my life with you, Stephanie. I don’t know what the hell is happening! What’s happening is, reality is hitting you in the face there.

God, no. No. No, no, no, no. No, this is this is like a a nightmare that I can’t wake up from and I just I feel like everybody’s coming at me and I feel I feel uh, I just feel uh

First of all ava you don’t have to beg me to save my own son And as far as the rest of it goes, I don’t have time to play the blame game, so here’s how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna find Tripp and Wendy, and I’m gonna bring them home. And after that, you are gonna turn yourself in to the police and make a full confession about your involvement in this mess.

You got it? Listen, I ran Everett

Lynch’s purse. What? He is Bobby Stein, my ex husband. Oh my god, no way. Yeah. I’m so sorry, Jay. I can’t believe that lying son of a bitch wound up here in Salem.

You okay? Yeah, yeah, I’m mostly just angry. Who am I kidding, I’m shaking. I thought that I had put all that crap that I went through with him behind me. Yeah. All these villains, they started rushing back and back. Oh. Okay. You need to go home? No. No. I need to stay. Are you sure? Yeah. Alright. I want to hear more about this later, but, uh, there’s some stuff I need to catch up on.

What’s going on? Is it Harris? No. No. Wendy, Shin, and Crip Johnson are missing. What? Yeah. Come on. I’ll tell you all about it. Okay. Everett. Sorry. Sorry. Are you okay? You passed out. Yeah. What? Look, if you’re faking No, you’re just, uh I’m okay. I’m okay. Your skin’s kind of clammy and you’re Look a little pale.

Okay, okay. I’m taking you to the hospital now. I’m good. I’m good. I’m good. I’m good.

You think we’ll be here for a while? Yeah. You know, Officer Goldman told us to ration those protein bars to water, so That’s my guess. Hey, what are those vents up there?

I saw those when I was on your shoulders. Fresh air. That’s good. If they ever close, we’re dead. Look, if they wanted us dead, we would be already. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not saying that to freak you out, okay? Yeah, well, it’s hard to not be freaked out when you’re locked in a stainless steel tank. For some reason, you need us alive.

Yeah, I hope so. What if that’s only temporary? We’re not gonna stick around to find out, okay?

Let’s find, let’s find a way to get Sal out of here. We don’t deserve that. I don’t know.

I want you both to leave. No. No, we, we, we’re gonna talk this out. We’re not. We’re not in charge here. And I’m not required to allow visitors, so Get out. Now. No, hold on. Let’s not end the visit this way. Let’s not do this, okay? Please. We love you, son. That’s uh, that’s your problem? Hate. I hate you both.

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