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Xander, how are you holding up? About how you’d expect. At least they let me out myself to talk to you about it. How’s everyone doing since the fire? Well, uh, Chad and the kids and Doug and Julie are settling in with my mom. They all went to the Horton house this morning to assess the damage from the fire.

Thank God none of them was hurt. Or worse. Zander, I wish we could get you out of here, but after they found the gun at your apartment. And I, I’m, I’m so sorry. I, I should have stayed while the police searched the apartment, but Victoria was crying. She woke up from all the commotions. I just, I took her to mom’s.

There’s nothing you could have done differently, Sarah, that would have helped. Someone would have found a way to plant that gun, whether you’d been there or not. I am being set up, Justin. You do believe that, right? I not only believe it, but I’m going to prove it. And hopefully, Michaels will explain everything once he wakes up.

If he wakes up. And if he does, it might be a while. Time is not on our side, obviously. Planting that gun, that’s, that’s just the beginning. Whoever’s out there setting me up They’re planning the next move as we speak. Rafe? Hey. Rafe, I’m being framed. You have to believe me. I mean, I didn’t shoot Harris Michaels.

I barely know the guy. I have no connection to him. Right. Yeah. But I am sure that you do have a connection to the $50,000 that was placed in your checking account this morning from an untraceable offshore account.


now? Quite, oh, I think you know what now, Stephen, but. Why don’t you come on out here and pay me a visit, so I can clarify? I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Last time I was there I got in trouble with the cops. It’s not a request, my friend. It’s an order. Oh God. Oh God,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Oh, no, no, no, no. Stace, Stace, Stace, Stace, Stace, Stace.

Hey. Hey. No loitering. Well, I wouldn’t have to loiter if you just let me in there. You know the rules. Family only. But I am the closest thing to family that he’s got. For the last time, lady, I’m asking you to leave before I have you removed from the premises.

You haven’t found anyone who remembers seeing Trip or Wendy? No. Not at the, uh, caching Cupid event, no. And I have hit every single shop and restaurant here at Horton Square, showing people photos, and so far, nothing. Yeah, I’ve been racking my brain, punching in every possible lead that I can think of in the database, searching for clues.

I’ve been all over the surveillance footage from around town where the event took place. Okay, well you just stay on top of that. And I have a list of all the people that signed up for the event. So I am gonna be busy. Checking in with those folks here. And it’ll be a little while till I’m back at the office.

So hang in there, Steve. We’re gonna find your boy. And Wendy, too. You can count on it. Thanks, man. Keep me posted.

Come in. Hello, Mr. Johnson. Is this a bad time?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What do you want, Meliones? Oh, you seem to be in a foul mood, Mr. Johnson. I assume it’s because your son is missing? How did you know that? Well, I just came from the hospital where I was having my uncle examined, and I overheard one nurse talking to the other that the good doctor did not show up for his shift today.

What does that have to do with you? So I repeat my initial question, what do you want? I just wanted to give you my, my take on it, if you will. Your take? Yes, on your missing son. It struck me that it would be, um What is the expression? Karmic justice, if something did happen to your boy. For as you well know, my daughter was killed by the pawn and you, well you just stood there watching.

Which makes you equally responsible for her death. Please officer, I’m, I’m, I’m having a really hard day here. You see my son, Tripp, he’s um, He’s a doctor here at this hospital and he’s gone missing. And, uh, actually it was Tripp who, who was the one who helped Harris Michaels, um, that night on the loading dock.

So if it wasn’t for him, and for me finding him in the first place, you know, he, he may not even be with us right now. So I know, I know that It would do him well to know that I was here. So maybe, maybe you could just, you know, bend the rules just a little bit? No can do. Okay. Fine. Fine. You know what? What’s your name?

Godfrey. That’s right. Um, Officer Godfrey. You know what I’m gonna call? I am gonna call Commissioner Ray Fernandez. You know, yeah, that’s right, your boss. Mm hmm. And, um, we’re very close, so I’m sure that he will tell you to stop being such a tight ass. I’ll save you some time, Miss Vitale. The commissioner’s the one who ordered me otherwise.

Said I shouldn’t let you in to see Michael’s. Under any circumstances.

50, 000! I have no idea how, when, or why that was transferred to my account. The why is obvious, and further proof that Xander is being framed, right? Exactly! If I was doing something nefarious, I wouldn’t broadcast it to the world by having a huge sum of money deposited to my personal checking account.

What about the text sent to your phone? Is it done? Or the very incriminating fact that the gun used to shoot Harris was found in your apartment? I’ve told you, I don’t know how that got there. Which he has already explained, so if you have no other evidence Actually, I do. An eyewitness to the crime.

As usual, my Leonis, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, don’t play me for a fool, Mr. Johnson. You were the pawn’s handler. And my old friend Victor sent you two to Greece. Aria, to be specific. To send me a message, to see things his way, huh? Only, the pawn took that message one step too far. And killed my Katarina in cold blood.

Look, I don’t know what game you’re trying to play here, man. But you got it all wrong. First of all, I didn’t even know you had a daughter. And even if I did, and what you’re saying wasn’t complete nonsense What proof do you have? Did you actually see this pawn kill your daughter?

We have a witness who saw you running near the bistro the night of the shooting. He said it looked like you were in a hurry. Of course I wa Doesn’t everyone who was running look like they’re in a hurry? I mean, I was just, it was cold. I was trying to keep my heart rate up. I went in for some exercising to clear my head.

You believe me, don’t you, Sarah? Yeah, of course I do. Well, you might have second thoughts when you see this.

What? No, that, that can’t be. It’s not. That’s not me. I mean, sure, that man is dressed in similar running clothes, but I bet thousands of people have that running gear. Rafe, you can’t even see his face. There’s no way in hell you can identify the shooter as Xander based on that photo.

Um, how’s he doing, please? Um, can you tell me if there’s been any improvement in his condition? I’m sorry, but unless your family Please, I mean, I’m Nurse, um, Michelle. Look, Harris doesn’t have Any family. I’m Ali Scott. And I know that, If I was in there, I know that it could help his recovery. You know, doctors say that comatose patients, they respond to their loved ones voices.

Sorry. I really wish I could help.

Thanks for stopping by, Stephen. Yeah. You’d be lucky if I get out of here. Listen, why are we meeting out here as opposed to inside the visitor’s room? Cause I need a little fresh air, and you need some anonymity. If you’re worried about getting shot, don’t be. Ain’t gonna happen unless I order it. The fellas up in the towers there, they, uh, happen to be preoccupied at the moment.

What about him? Huh? You on your payroll too? No, he’s just here to keep a watch over the yard, make sure we don’t have any unwelcome visitors. Alright, well, here I am. A welcome visitor. So why don’t we make this brief? Why don’t you tell me what the hell you want from me? Well, what I want is to see you face to face.

To tell you how disappointed I am in you. You had an order to shoot and kill. Yet, somehow Harris Michaels is still alive. Now, I think it’s because you didn’t really want that son of a bitch to die. Right? So, Stephanie, if you disobeyed an order, there will be consequences.

Look, I did exactly what I was ordered to do. Yeah? What do you want a gold star? For what? Dressing up as Xander Kiriakis? Sending Michaels that bogus text from Ava? That’s child’s play, man! Any third grader could have done that!

Ava! Where are you?

You. What are you

Get off.

Twice. How the hell was I supposed to know that Ava was gonna show up and call her son to help save him? Well, next time, you shoot him three times. Or you aim for his head, or you kick his ass in the river afterwards if you have to. Next time. There’s not gonna be a next time. I got news for you. There’s no sign that Michaels is gonna wake up or even pull through.

I did exactly what you asked me to do, and I did it for Gabby.

Please tell me she’s still okay.

Your wife is still breathing. For now.

I can tell you most emphatically that the man in that picture is not me. Obviously somebody dressed up like me to commit the crime and then planted the gun in our apartment. I’m being framed, can’t you see that? Rafe, come on. You know damn well when this much evidence falls into place so easily, there has to be other forces at play.

Okay. Okay. Alright, okay. So, so let’s say that we’re, we’re gonna go with that theory. The, uh, other forces at play theory? Tell me, Xander, who would want to frame you and why? I wish I knew. I mean, no one comes to mind offhand. Except maybe Except maybe Possibly one of the DiMeras. I mean, we all know there’s no love lost between the DiMeras and the Kyriakises.

And, Rafe, you should know that I Recently received a mysterious phone call. An altered voice instructed me to eliminate something. Now, I, I thought it was E. J. or one of the DiMeras messing with me, so I went over to the mansion to confront E. J. about it. And? E. J. wasn’t there, so I ended up talking to Stefan.

Okay. Alright, so let me get this straight. You received a phone call soliciting you for a murder for hire, and instead of going to the police, you went to the DiMeras. What were you thinking?

I wasn’t.

I admit I did not actually witness the pawn shoot my daughter. For I was unconscious during the attack, but when I woke up, I saw my Katerina lying there on the floor, dead. So, if you were unconscious when your daughter was killed, how can you be sure the pawn was a shooter? There were only three people in the room with me when I was attacked.

You, me, and the pawn, who you know is John Black, huh? I have no doubt that Mr. Black was there in Aria that very day. And though I did not see his face, I will never forget those eyes, those murdering eyes. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, Mr. Steve Johnson. And when I look into your one eye, I can read you like a book.

And so I know, that you know, that every word I have shared with you today is true.

Now you listen to me, dude. Whatever happened to your daughter all those years ago Had nothing to do with me or John. I will say this, and I hope for the last time. I know in my heart, si cardiamo, that John Black, a. k. a. The Pawn, killed my daughter in cold blood, and you were an accessory to that crime. Well, then your heart is telling you lies.

No, it is not! I swore on my Katarina’s sword that I would avenge her death. And I will not rest until I make good on that promise. So what the hell is going on in here?

I’m going to give you two some time to be alone. I need to get back to the office. But you can Get me out of here on bail now, right, Justin? Now that Rafe agrees I’ve been set up. Rafe agreed to consider that you might have been set up. Look, Xander, with all the evidence pointing at you, I am not going to give up fighting for you, but I’m afraid we may have a tough road ahead of us.

Thanks, Justin.

Look, I know that he doesn’t want to get your hopes up, but every bit of evidence points to a setup, and Rafe sees that now, too. Yeah, well, if Rafe’s just playing us What do you mean? Well, he might just be pretending to be an ally, to get me to say something incriminating that he can use against us. No, he’s not doing that.

Well, whatever he’s doing, and whoever’s out there trying to make me look like a murderer, I God, Sarah, I just, I finally turned my life around with you and our, our precious Victoria. I, and I was so proud of the work I was doing at The Spectator, and even more proud, I’d gained your trust. But you haven’t lost.

I’m so proud. Very grateful for that. But, I don’t know, it’s just Being implicated in this terrible crime is It’s just making me doubt myself all over again. Why? Why doubt yourself? You know that you’re innocent. Sarah, you know all too well. Trouble follows me wherever I go. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to walk the straight and narrow and be a good person.

Stand up citizen, always makes some bad choice along the way, or someone I hurt along the way decides to punish me, and that’s obviously what’s happening there.

I wouldn’t blame you, Sarah, if you just wanted to get away from all this. Sam! No, Sarah, let me finish.

I love you, darling. You and Victoria, you’re, you’re everything to me. But I want you to be happy. I don’t want you to be burdened by the fallout from all the bad choices I’ve made. So, If you decide, That you just want to take Victoria and start a new life without me, I will understand.

You don’t, Godfrey. Just take a break. I’ll relieve you of your duties for a while. Harrison, you’ve

been on the force for about what, four months now? Already in here fighting for your life? Listen man,

I knew from the minute that I heard you, that you were tough. That you were a tough SOB. Not just because you were a Navy SEAL, man. It’s because that’s who you are. You don’t quit, you don’t give up, you’re a fighter. So don’t you go. But you’re not giving up on me now, right man?

You’re gonna get out of here. You’re gonna get out of here and then When you heal up, we’re gonna find the bastard that did this to you and we’re gonna take him down. Shouldn’t be here, right?

Why not? Rafe, why are you so hell bent on keeping me from seeing Harris? It’s for your good and for his. Okay. I will try and accept that. Okay. Look, I just, Rafe, I’m really, I’m really sorry. Sorry about what? About, about this. This whole mess. I mean, I You know, if I hadn’t gotten involved with Clyde and his drug operation, none of this would have happened.

That’s not your fault. I know you and Harris were just trying to bring Clyde down. Yeah, a whole lot of good that did us. Yeah. Please, please let me, let me just see him. I mean, if something happens and I don’t get to say goodbye,

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go on social media and I’m gonna say all kinds of mean hurtful things about you. Oh, are you? Mm-Hmm. . Yeah. I’m gonna say that, that Ray Hernandez is, is just terrible and he’s has no heart. Oh, come on. You wouldn’t want me to do that. Mm, well, I probably wouldn’t care.

No, I’m not even on social media anyway. No. So, yeah, and despite what some people think. I actually do have a heart. Yeah, you do. Yeah. Alright, so go on. Go in there and see him. Really? Yeah, before I change my mind. Thank you.

Please, Clyde. Don’t hurt Gabby. She’s suffered enough. You just followed my orders. Gabby will be in perfect health. What about Tripp Johnson, huh? Apparently he’s missing. I assume you had something to do with that. Well, if I did, it was only for insurance purposes. Insurance, huh? Hey, you know better than me, Ava’s gone soft.

She’s weak. Thanks to that do gooder Michael. So, if her boy Tripp has gone missing It’s all on her.

Does Eva know what you need from her? Well, if she doesn’t, she soon will.

A hell of a nerve showing up here after everything you pulled. He was just about to leave. Oh, Mr. Brock. Are you not curious as to what we were discussing before you arrived? I think I can guess. You’re here to taunt us about how you were messing with my head during our last encounter, am I close? Actually, I was talking to Mr.

Johnson about my daughter. I’m certain you may remember her. Mr. Black, my Katarina. Never heard of her. And as far as I know, I’ve never laid eyes on you until you showed up here in Salem. So I certainly don’t know anything about your daughter. Well, you will remember everything about her all in good time. I do hope your son turns up, Mr.

Johnson. Yes, I hate to think what a person like you would resort to if anyone were to harm or, dare I say, even kill your precious child. What? I assume you would, uh, seek revenge, would you not, huh? Don’t you ever. I threatened my son, do you hear me? Get out! Get out!

Okay, Amy Ava has, you know, softened. Like you said. It’s because she cares for Harris. She’s human, she has a heart. She’s also smart. And Savvy, that’s why she has been loyal to you down the line. Would she hire you to do public relations for her, sir? I am simply trying to point out that she has not blown out of the water yet.

I mean, yes, she is upset about her son, but other than that Hey, man, if you’re so concerned about Ava Vitale, get your ass back to Salem, keep an eye on her, make sure she keeps her mouth shut and stays loyal, all right? Okay. I will. One more thing, Stephen. If somehow, Detective Michaels recovers from his wounds and regains consciousness, you better make damn sure that he loses it again.

Permanently, this time.


Harris, I am here,

and I hope you can hear me. Oh, you know I’ve been thinking about when we first met, and how you had my back, and you believed in me right from the get go. Back when we were in Bayview.

You know, you saved me. So many times.

Mostly you saved me from myself.

And how did I repay you?

I pushed you away.

God, I didn’t want to.

But you know me.

I am my own worst enemy. Harris,

you have loved me. Like no one has ever loved me.

And I love you for that.

God, it’s so many other reasons. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose you. Oh

my God, Harris.

I don’t get it, partner. What was that? Bastard’s motive for showing up here. I don’t know, John. He was just spinning some yarn about the past. He’s trying to take our attention off the fact that he’s conning Maggie. But I don’t have another minute to waste on that creep. My son is missing. Right, right, right, right, triple in here.

I’m sorry. That, um, that brings me to what I found when I was walking around the square. Any leads? The gal that was working the Sweet Bits counter, she remembered Wendy coming through there early afternoon, shortly after the geocaching event started. Wendy was chatting her up about these clues that she was following.

Anything else? Did anyone see Tripp? Actually, yes. Eric and Sloan briefly ran into Tripp and Wendy when they were coming home from dinner from the Horton Square. But apparently, Eric and Sloan were in such a hurry, they You never got around to asking them where they headed to. I’m sorry, buddy.

I will get my revenge against you, Steve Johnson. But before I do,

I must deal with you, John. My pawn. I will take great pleasure in playing you like a fiddle until all your strings are broken. Then, and only then, John Black, until all my tasks are finally completed, will you finally pay the ultimate price for what you have taken away from me?

Xander, there was a time that I would have believed that you were guilty. But, the Xander that I know And love today wouldn’t risk throwing away his life with his daughter. Nor with you. Nor that. So no, I will not run away from you, Xander. Because despite everything that we have been through, or maybe because of everything that we have been through, I do believe you now, and I trust you.

And I am With you, through this entire thing, no matter what.

God, I’m so sorry I went on that stupid run. I should have stayed home with you. Well, you did come back, and We did make up for some lost time. That was one of the best nights of my life. Until it turned into one of the worst.

We are going to find a Um, no, but, um, but there’s some other good news. Yeah. What’s that? Harris opened his eyes. Rafe’s in there right now.

Hey Harris. It’s Rafe.

Come on, man. Well, let us know that you’re here. Hey, if you can hear me, Harris, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand, alright? Harris.

Hey, did you see that? Did you see it? He just did it. He did it. Harris is back. He’s back. Hey, hey. Harris, it’s Rafe. Hey, if you can hear me, open your eyes, man. Anyway.

Nurse Michelle, um, what’s happening? Detective Michaels is responsive. He’s definitely waking up. Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God. Oh.

Okay. We should have the CT results back shortly. How’s the headache? It’s gone. The dizziness? The lightheadedness? I feel totally fine now. Great. Oh, sorry, excuse me. Uh, I’ve got an emergency. I’ve got to run. But just sit tight and somebody will come in and relieve me, okay? Thanks, Mom. Absolutely. Thanks, Dr.

Johnson. Sure. I’m just glad you’re feeling better. You scared me, Everett. Yeah, I scared myself.

I just, I wish to hell I knew what was going on with me. Whatever it is, I’m sure my mom will figure it out. How

long do you think we’ve been in here? It’s hard to tell without looking.

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