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I’m sorry, ma’am. Ma’am? Oh, yeah. Kristen, hi. Yeah, it’s Kristen. I did not know that was you. I’m sorry. Oh, well, now that you do, maybe you could call me Miss. Yes, absolutely. Uh, my head was someplace else. Anyway, I was going to run into you. Yeah, literally. Uh, so tell me, uh, what’s got you so hyper focused? Uh, it’s nothing.

Yeah, let me guess. Does it have to do with one genie, Teresa Donovan? No kidding, is that really her name? Oh my god, you guys are that close, huh? I mean, we were until recently. She just moved out, back with Brady. Excuse me? Yeah, she moved back out of the townhouse. With Brady. A little cream and two sugars, right?

Thank you. Yes. Thank you for letting me shack up here, again. Well, uh Tate’s room is just sitting there empty anyway. You know what makes me feel close to him? Just being in his room. Especially after that nightmare visit. You know, they say that every teenage boy at one point in time just tells his parents that he hates them.

You know, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Do you think it was just a rant? Like Pent up frustrations. I think he’s got a reason to be frustrated, right? Yeah, but not to take it out on us. As someone who was once a teenage boy, I know that you have all these feelings that you just don’t know how to deal with and sometimes they just fly out at the worst possible time.

Funny guess, is that Alex again? Oh, God. He will not leave me alone. Just give it a rest, Alex. Oh my God, it’s Tay. Hmm? Hi, honey. Are

you alright, darling? Would you like some water? It wasn’t me, I thought it was you. Mom.


sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Tate, are you there? Yeah, I’m here. Okay, okay, your dad is here with me too. I’m gonna put you on speaker, okay? No, Mom, don’t. Hey, buddy, how you doing? We certainly hope that you’re calling to apologize for what you said to us. I’m not calling about that. Is there a problem? Mom, I wanted to let you know that, uh, Justin called me this morning.

He let me know that a spot opened up at one of the halfway houses in Salem. That’s fantastic! Yeah, he, uh, he said that I could transfer there if I want, since I’ve done a good job here. Um, Justin said that I needed to let you know. Buddy, that is great news. Yeah, we, we cannot wait to see you. So when is the, uh, transfer happening?

That’s the thing. I don’t want to go. Oh my

gosh, she’s awake. Hi. Sweetheart. Hi. Mommy’s here. I’m right here, baby. Hi. Hi. You’re awake. Hello, Holly dear. We’re so happy to talk to you. I’m gonna go call Sarah, okay? Yeah.

What time is it? What time? It’s, it’s 7. 30.

Did the party end?

Okay, let me get this straight. So you bought a huge rock, which Teresa found, but you didn’t propose to her? I was thinking about it, but I changed my mind. Oh my god, you are evolution in reverse. No, no, no, whoa, it’s actually the opposite. See, I gave this a whole lot of thought, because I didn’t know if this was a smart move or not.

Until I had this feeling wash over me, and I thought this could possibly be the biggest mistake of my life. Even though At times I do think I love Teresa.

At times you think. Oh honey, that is so romantic. And so what popped into your head? I went to a meeting. Oh. For people whose loved ones are addicts, and I sat there listening to them share their stories about what it was like to be in a relationship with somebody like Teresa. I was also thinking about Tate.

And, uh, that’s too much of a problem for your little brain to handle? No, this is not a small thing, Kristen. Like, this girl has a lot of things going on, a lot to work on. And I want to be supportive to that. But I also know that if I’m in the picture, it could pose a problem for her. She needs to just focus on herself, and I don’t want to mess things up.

Okay, Alex, I mean, she fell off the wagon. One time, and apparently she got right back up again. So don’t you think you’re overreacting just a touch? Charissa, no, I don’t. It hasn’t been sober for six months. And another thing that they said was that a recovering addict should take at least that amount of time before making any big decisions.

Ah. So now you’re an expert on, uh, addiction, right? Okay, you know what, I think you just got cold feet. Okay, did you not listen to a word she said? Alex, Alex, I did, I heard everything you just said. Okay. Okay, but you could have settled on a long engagement instead of pushing that woman right into Brady’s arms.

I didn’t push her into anybody’s arms, she decided to leave. Okay, yeah, because you broke her heart. And now she’s with Brady, my Brady. Oh, so you’re Brady? Yes! Okay, Brady hasn’t been yours for a very long time, ma’am. So if you actually think you stand a chance of getting back with him, It’s delusional.

Hey there. Chad! I’m running. Hi. Is this seat taken? It is not. Yeah? Come join me. Thank you. Oh, man, this place gets busier and busier every day. Which is, uh, which is great for my, my new niece in law, I suppose, huh? That’s right! I heard about Johnny and Chanel. It’s very exciting. I’m happy for them. Yes, yes.

Hopefully it works out better than the last time. It will. Come on. I believe in second chances. And, and thirds. Oh. Are, are you a hopeless romantic? I am a hopeful romantic. Always hopeful. Uh, I just dropped the kids off at school, and they were raving about their playdate with Victoria. That’s so sweet.

Although I don’t know how much she plays right now. What do you mean? Are you kidding me? The kids were cracking up at her little giggle fits, which is just, you know, they really need that right now, so. And I’m very glad that my mom is babysitting so much, so they can all hang out. How are you holding up?

You know, it’s, uh, it’s tough. I, uh, worry a lot about Thomas and Charlotte. And, and Doug and Julie, of course. You know, losing the home that they love is just All that history. It’s gotta be, gotta be really tough. And tough for you, too. Yeah. Well, I mean, God bless your mother. She’s a saint, taking us all in without even batting an eye.

She is that, but That’s what families do. She’s always said that. And we are all here for you. Thank you. What about you? What’s um, I mean, the thing with Xander must have shaken you up a bit. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I’m hanging in there. Did he, did he say what happened? He went for a run. That’s it. Everything else after that is a mistake and a framed job.

He didn’t shoot that detective. You sure? I am absolutely sure. Look, Xander has screwed up royally in the past. He was on a dark path, but he is right at himself. He’s seen the light. Well, you know what? I have a feeling that that light is you. I’m pretty sure it’s Victoria. Anyway, now we just need to get your brother to see the light and get it through his thick skull.

Bet Xander is innocent. Yeah.

Weird. Speak of the devil. EJ? Sarah, you won’t believe it. Holly woke up. What? Oh my god, that’s fantastic! What’s fantastic? I can’t tell you because it’s doctor patient confidentiality, but I am sure your brother will be calling you.

Honey, the party ended a long time ago. But now you’re home, safe and sound. Mom? Yeah? Why are you crying? Well, cause honey, I’m just so happy to see you. What is this? Oh, that’s a um, That’s a Japanese healing bowl. EJ got it as a gift on va Isn’t it beautiful? Honey, you were hurt. And you were in the hospital, but you’re home now.

You’re okay. You’re much better. Did it end? Did the party end? Oh, Sarah’s on her way.

Hello, love. It’s so good to see those beautiful eyes of yours again.

It’s okay, honey. You, you don’t have to talk. It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m sorry. I’ll get you some water. She still thinks it’s New Year’s Eve.

She has no idea what happened.

Hello? You guys heard me, right? We heard you, we just don’t understand. Tate, why would you not want to be transferred to Salem? You’d be so close by. That’s it. That’s the reason. I don’t want to be close by. You guys act like I should be grateful that I’m in here. Like this is a good thing. Like I’m guilty.

But I’m not. Neither of you believes in me enough to fight for me. That’s, that’s not true, buddy. We, we do believe in you and we, we are fighting for you. Then get me out of here. We’re working on it. Tate, let us prove to you that we believe in you, okay? We want that chance. I’ll think about it.

You should not have told him about my letter. Excuse me? This is my fault?

Hey, yeah, thanks for coming in early, Leo. Yeah, no, I’ll be there soon. Uh, no, I don’t imagine Everett’s gonna be coming in today. Yeah, hey, the um, the, uh, the article on the, uh, the Horton House piece is, yeah, great work. Yeah, okay, yeah, keep me posted. Thanks.

Everyone says you’re the go to gal for advice. It’s Mrs. Horton. What should I do about Everett? Hey, fancy, uh, fancy meeting you here. Hey, Chad. I, I was just, um, catching up with Salem’s first couple. Yeah. How I wish I’d known them. Me too. I’ve heard a lot of stories about him. Yeah, Jennifer, uh, Jennifer used to talk about her grandparents all the time.

Uh, funny thing, Julie was, um, she was, uh, she was just telling some stories the other day. Me and the kids. Would’ve loved to have heard those. Would’ve the kids reactions. I miss them. I miss you too. How you doing?

Not so great. It’s been a confusing time. Yeah. Uh, I, uh, I know about Everett. You mean Bobby. I’m sorry.

Me too.

Uh, I am not delusional, Alex. No, I’m not. And if I want Brady back, I can damn well get him back. I can make it happen. Really? Yes, I can. Why haven’t you? Well, maybe you’ve heard, uh, we’ve been in a brutal battle for custody and my daughter is my priority. Yeah. I like the way you try Kristen. Really? Oh my god.

You know what, Alex , Brady and I, we were good together once. Terrific. Even. Terrific. Yeah. As in like the kidnappings and the guns being pulled. You know what? He’s, no, no, no. Hold on. He’s the one who pulled the gun on me. Oh, . Okay. Right good. What right? Yeah, okay. All right. You know what it is true, okay? Brady and I you know do bring out the worst in each other, but we also Bring out the best the best.

Yes, like what one day a year. Oh my god. Yeah, just you cannot talk to you right now Okay, you know what I’m gonna head over there now With no reason at all. Oh, I don’t need a reason. I’ll come up with one on the spot Wow, and if you want your little bed buddy back You can get your ass over Now, Alex, on the record, this conversation, it never happened.

What conversation? Exactly! I’m sorry, I’m just really struggling with all this. Well, no, of course you’re struggling, it’s mind blowing. Hey, look, you can tell me that’s none of my business if you want. Um, but do you believe this guy? I don’t know what to believe. Uh, Everett and I saw Jada the other day and, um, wasn’t pretty.

I mean, there’s some real bad blood between the two of them. Except she doesn’t remember any of it. Or so he says. Yeah, that’s what he said. No memories of her, nothing of the marriage. But she had She’s got dozens of photos of them on her phone. They were married. While he and I were dating. While we were in love, supposedly.

Look, I, I mean, I gave him a chance. You know, but, uh, but I always thought something was, uh, was a little bit off with that one. I wish I had sensed that too. And now for all I know, he’s a pathological liar. Oh my god, this whole, this whole thing is such a mess.

So you came to the old, uh, Horton’s for some advice. I’ll take any help I can get. Well, speaking of icons, I’m, uh, I’m on my way to the Horton House right now to take some pictures for Julie. I mean, the, uh, insurance adjusters and, uh, and Julie wants her own documentation, so You know, if you want to tag along.

Maybe he’ll take your mind off things. And I got treats.

Look, I’m just saying that when he heard that you knew about the letter that he sent me, that’s what set him off. Oh, that’s what set him off? Come on, Brady. He was already pissed at you. That’s why he wrote that cold letter to you in the first place.

Hello, Brady. Hi, Steph. I know I should have called first. Theresa, I didn’t know you were here. What a surprise. Yeah, just peachy. I am so sorry for barging in. I doubt that. You know, Brady and I share a child together, sweetie. Oh, as do he and I, sweetie. Oh, yes, I, except I believe yours is in rehab. I mean, that’s what I heard.

You know what? I think that you’re here to talk to Brady and not me, so I’m going to excuse myself and go to Tate’s room, where I will be staying.

I’m so sorry for interrupting our meeting. Kristen. What? What do you want? Oh, well, um, I came to bring you this. I’m so sorry that she tore it up and, uh, Rachel just doesn’t like to see us fight, as you well know. Yeah, she’s pretty dramatic. Showing that. She’s pretty dramatic in general, huh? Like her mother.

Well, tell her thank you and I appreciate the gesture, okay? Okay, well you know what? I think you should, uh, do it in person. And maybe you and I can go together and show her that we still can work things out, you know? Except, except we don’t and we never do. Yeah, but maybe we can try harder.


So, how was date? I know that, um, it must have been really nice to meet you. Look, I don’t want to It was fine, I just, I don’t want to get into that right now, okay? Thank you for this, I appreciate it, but I gotta, I gotta see you, okay? I just Alex, Birdie, Kristen, Alex, Theresa. Well, now it’s a party.

Hi, Ollie. It’s Aunt Sarah. How you feeling? Why? Why? Oh, I know, I know. It’s kind of confusing. Um, but I just wanted to check in on you and see how you’re doing. Is it okay? Okay, cool. So, um, can you follow my finger?

Awesome. Alright, I am going to, uh, I’m going to shine this super annoying light into each one of your eyes for a few seconds, is that okay? Alright, here we go.

Perfect! Tired. Yeah. Okay, you get some rest, alright sweetheart? Okay. Okay. Um, so Her pupils are reflexive and responsive, and she’s following simple commands, which is all very great news. Um, I, I would like to get her to the hospital to do some comprehensive tests. Just, you know, an EEG, some blood work, pain assessment.

Now? No, no, no, no. Um, let’s let her get acclimated first. Well, whatever she needs, she’ll have it. Okay, um, for right now, that’s just gonna be ice chips and then, uh, water. And we can slowly work her up to liquids like broth, just nothing too hot. And then we can get to Planned foods. I’ll send a whole list.

Don’t worry. And okay, and then I would like to schedule for some tests Anything else we should do? Just let her go at her own pace and I’m gonna update her chart Okay, um, I’ll go get the ice chips

Thank you for coming. I know I’m not your favorite person right now. I’m here for Holly, not for you. I understand. You know that Sander shouldn’t be in jail right now. He didn’t shoot Detective Michaels. And he should be out on bail until we can prove it. Well, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

Unfortunately, Frisanda, the facts are not on his side.

You shouldn’t be here, Alex. You won’t answer any of my calls or texts. We are, and you know the reason for that. Well, we need to talk, Theresa. We need to have an adult conversation, huh? Oh, are you calling me childish now? I’m saying that you never gave me a chance to explain. You put up a wall and took off.

Oh. Maybe we should leave them to them. Why don’t we grab a coffee? No, we’re not grabbing coffee. Alex, she Look, she doesn’t owe you any explanations. And honestly, what Teresa and I need is for both of you to kindly go.

Oh my God, I didn’t know it was this bad. Yeah. Pretty tough to see, huh? Wow. The last time I was here was Christmas Eve. Such a special night. Beautiful tree, the family all around, singing, opening gifts. Yeah, I remember, um, I remember when, uh, when Abby brought me here and I got my Christmas ornament. And we stood right there, and then home, and Abby was wearing this red sweater and she just looked so beautiful.

It was, I’m sorry, that was insensitive. Yeah, I stick my foot in my mouth sometimes. No, no, no, not insensitive. Abby was my cousin. I loved her very much. You and I are friends now. Yeah. Oh, I forgot to, um, I forgot to tell you. The Christmas ornaments were saved. Really? Yes, they were just downstairs in the basement.

Uh, not a scratch on them. Ah, my God. Maggie and Julie must have been Thrilled, Doug, too. Yeah, they were, it’s just, they were beside themselves. They were, they were so happy. Wow. How are Thomas and Charlotte doing? They’re, um, they’re having a bit of a hard time. Charlotte keeps waking up at night terrified of a fire, but I had to give her a tour of the Karyakis Mansion, show her where all the smoke detectors were.

Oh. And, uh, and teach Thomas and Charlotte to call 9 1 1 in case of a another fire, so. Well, they’ve really had to grow up these past couple of years. Yeah, they sure did. I hope they understand why I’m not around anymore. Yeah, no, of course they do. I mean, the talk at Christmas helped. You know, with the fire, they, um, they want somebody to stay with them until they fall asleep.

So, we switch. Me, Doug, and Julie. Take turns. Your kids. They’re the sweetest. Yeah, they are. I might be biased. A little bit.

Okay. Well, uh, I should probably take some pictures. Yeah, yeah. Oh.

Um, EJ left? Uh, yeah. It was It was a little awkward given the circumstances. Got it. Sarah, I’m so sorry. No, it’s just, uh, It’s hard to reconcile EJ, the very doting and loving stepfather, with EJ, the intractable DA that refuses to consider that Xander might have been framed. Well, the truth will come out, Sarah.

Yeah, it better. So I know from the bottom of my soul that Xander is innocent.

Oh, she’s starting to wake up again. Oh, okay. Let’s give her some ice chips when she’s ready. Okay. Alright. Yeah.

Um, so, is this gonna keep happening, Sarah? Her waking up for a little bit and then going right back to sleep? Well, um, you know, like I said, it’s gonna be At her pace, but truthfully, Nicole, the fact that she regained consciousness at all is just It bodes extremely well for her to make a full recovery. I hope so.

I mean, I know this is going to take a while, but I just The fact that she opened her eyes and looked at me, that’s a miracle. I know, I know. Oh, Mom. She’s She’s probably going to need some physical therapy from being in a coma for so long, but the one thing I do know for certain Is that she is going to be surrounded with love and attention and that is going to be so so helpful for her recovery Yeah, I agree.

This is definitely a full house I call it a mixed bag of nuts and it’s only gonna get nuttier when Tony and Anna come home from Europe. Oh my god. I love Anna so much. She’s so hysterical. She’s got a heart of gold And it takes a heck of a woman to be with a DiMera man and oh and A karyakis, you know, they often live in the gray area.

That is, that is very well put. Yeah. And Sarah, since, since we have that in common, you and I, if you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here. Thank you, Nicole. I may take you up on that.

Well, some rooms aren’t so bad. Yeah, and some rooms are pretty ravaged. Even still, I have no doubt that this house will rise from the ashes. Absolutely. There’s no way this family is going to let the Horror Legacy die. So I have to, I have to take this. It’s my brother. Yeah, sure. Hey. Yeah, you got my message.

Yes, I’m sorry, Chad. I couldn’t pick up when you called. Things have been rather busy here. Holly’s awake. What? Oh, my God, that’s incredible. Holly’s awake. We’re thrilled. She’s weak and a little confused, but she opened her eyes and talked to us. Sarah’s in there now, examining her. Yeah, I was with Sarah when you called.

I got the sense that there was some good news. The best. Nicole’s over the moon, obviously. Oh, of course. I’m so happy. Tell Nicole how happy I am for her. It’s amazing. I will. And how are you and Thomas and Sharma? We’re hanging in. Well, I’ve, uh, been staying on top of, uh, the case and the police haven’t nailed anything down yet about the arsonist.

No, nothing about the arsonist or the phone call, you know, as far as they tell me. I’ll keep on them, Chad. Thank you. And, um, and give, give Holly a hug for me. I will.

That is so great about Holly. That’s amazing, and we, we really needed some good news. That’s for sure. And if you don’t mind my asking, what did you mean about the phone call? Um, so, uh, when we, uh, when we got out of the house, uh, and we got across the street and watched the house burn down, I got a, I got a call.

The voice was distorted and they said, maybe next time you’ll listen. Oh my god. Yeah, I mean, it’s gotta be because the, uh, the article that we published about the opioid crisis. The, the drug raids. Pointing the finger at Clyde Weston. Yeah, I have no doubt that it’s Weston. Believing it and proving it are two very different things.

Brady, please stay out of this. She has to talk to me sometime. No, she really doesn’t. Wait, do you speak for Teresa now, too? No, he’s not speaking for Teresa. I am speaking for Teresa. And I have a lot of important things on my mind right now, and they don’t include you. I’m sorry. So just, you need to go. Look, that drama has nothing to do with me.

I came here to speak to you about Rachel. We’re not gonna speak about Rachel right now. Listen, I thank you for the valentine, I really do, but I need you to go. Hush! Hush! Hush! It’s Tate! It’s Tate! Tate! Shh! Everyone! Hi, Tate! Did you decide? Chad, you have to

believe that they’re gonna connect the dots. To prove that Clyde Weston gave the order to set fire to this house. Well, yes, you can count on, uh, on that. I have another surprise for you. I told you about the Christmas ornaments being pristine and in one piece and all, but I saved, saved something good for last.

What? Tom

and Alice’s chair. Wow. Yeah, no, uh, no fire damage, no water damage. No, nothing. It’s perfect. Wait, that’s amazing. How? I don’t know. It was just sitting here in the middle of the blaze. That’s freaky. Yeah. Like, in a good way. Yeah. Have, have you sat in it? Sat in it? Are you kidding me? I thought we would, you know, and all this stuff.

No, I’d be the first person in history to get a stain on this thing. No way. Yeah, I’m scared to even touch it. Yeah, do it. Be brave. Oh, you’re doing it. Oh, my God. Oh, no. It’s like touching royalty. I know. Actually, um, she said she’s gonna rebuild all around it. Yeah, restore everything to its original glory.

For generations of importance to come. Like your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yeah, I hope so. Are you still with dad? Yes, I am, but I won’t put you on speaker this time. No, it’s okay. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, I guess. Okay. Okay, we’re both here now. So I’ve been thinking about the whole transferring to Salem thing.

And I called Justin again after we talked, and Well, he thought it was kind of lame, my whole not going there, so I think I’m gonna make the move to Salem. Buddy, that’s, that’s great news. This sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this, and we think this is a really wise decision. So, uh, when is this happening?

And then, by the way, we’re gonna, we’re gonna be with you every step of the way. Thanks. Well, I, um, I gotta go. Love you! Hey, buddy, I love you too! Um, I’ll see you soon.

He’s coming! Our son! Our son’s coming home! He’s coming back! Oh, my God. Ah. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah. I’m very, very happy to help my niece. And my mom is going to be so excited when she hears that Holly woke up. Is it all right if I tell her? Yes, of course. And then we’ll set up a time for Maggie to come by.

Great. Great. And, uh, I will set up an appointment for her in her online medical account. You can look at her records there. And, I’m here. 24 7. Whatever you need, you just call me and I will be here. Oh, thank you, Sarah. Oh my goodness, this is, this is one of the happiest days of my life. Yeah, I’m just, I’m so thrilled for you, Nicole.

I really am. And for Holly, of course. All right, I’m gonna see myself out. Okay. Okay. Thank you. All right. Enjoy your girl. I will.

Make sure you’re nice and warm.

Everything all right? Yes. It couldn’t be better. Oh, EJ. You know, I have, I have so many people that I need to call, but I just want to save her this moment. My little girl came back and everything is right in the world. She came back. Yeah. Okay.

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