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Perfect spot for a picnic. Not to mention my favorite part of Salem.

It’s a shame you started that new housing development across the street. Well, that’s progress, my darling. Yes, I suppose it is. And, just so you know, don’t fill up on the main course. I brought a little treat for desserts. I’ve been playing with this new recipe for donuts, but I haven’t perfected it yet, so Well, I can’t wait to try them.

And have I told you today how much I love you? Yes, but you’re welcome to tell me again. And again. I love you, Alice, won’t I? I love you, Tom Horton.

Here’s to our first year of marriage. And all the years to come.

I am so sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, don’t worry about that. How is Holly doing? Well, our precious girl is comatose. But, uh, isn’t it wonderful that she is back home with her loved ones? Nicole must be so relieved to be back. That she is. We all know how important it is to be close to family. Amen. Um, Are you sure about heading over there this morning?

Well, the safety inspector gave us a green light. I mean, I know it’s going to be hard. But yes, we’re ready. Yeah. Oh,

handsome. Did I thank you for last night? A candlelit dinner, a dance, and we came after. Phew. Definitely a night to remember. Good morning, you two. Hope we’re not too early. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, we’re just getting ready to head to the board now. Yeah, yeah, so are we. We thought we’d stop by for some to go coffee if it’s not too much trouble.

And we thought we’d take some, some of Alice’s doughnuts as a gesture of honor. And solidarity. My goodness, boy, what a terrible fire in the heart and house, but the good news is nobody was hurt, thank god. Yes, Moses, definitely. Do they know what caused the fire? Nope, just that it was definitely arson. 116,

117, 118, 119, 120. It’s the devil! Yes, I was about to break

my record that time. Oh, no, we wouldn’t want journalism to get in the way of breaking his little record, no, would we? Right? What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were taking the day off. Little man thinks he forgot a toy here. My radio controlled amphibious crocodile car. Kid, on the road of life, we are all looking for our radio controlled amphibious crocodile cars.

Hmm. Mm hmm. I think I left some in the back office. Okay. I hope he’s right. It’ll be the only thing that wasn’t ruined in the fire. Poor little guy. He has suffered way too much loss for someone his age. Yeah, he sure has.

Oh god, no.

I have no words. No words, but we still have each other. Thank god.

What was that?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

How are you holding up? I’m doing okay. Eh, just doing my best to get the kids through this. They’re lucky to have you. You know that, right? That they are lucky to have you? Uh, yeah, well, you know, it shouldn’t have happened. It was, um, it was, uh, my fault. What? How? The fire. It was because of the story we published, implicating Clyde Weston.

Well, first of all, that was Everett’s article. Which I approved. Yeah, and you said yourself the Spectator was committed to publishing the truth. My kid’s good.

I put my family, uh, in danger. And, uh, and I put Doug and Julie in danger. And it was, uh, reckless and selfish. You were doing your job. You had no way of knowing that this was gonna happen. Yeah, well Look, I may have a exceptionally winning personality, but even I don’t have a crystal ball. Well, it still feels like I let my family down, Leo.

Again. Thanks man. Unbelievable. After saving that house in 86 to have this happen? You mean the Horton house nearly burned down in 86? Oh yeah. Orpheus planted a bomb at our place right next door. We caught it just when the, uh, the Embers and Sparks were flying over onto the Horton Roof. Tom and Alice were there, and Abraham was there, too.

Yeah, we invited Abe to join us today. Yeah, we thought it might, you know, jog his memory a little bit. Oh, good. Is he coming? Oh, you haven’t heard. Pottinger had a heart attack last night. Oh, my God. Well, how is she? She’s in CCU. Abe won’t leave her side. Does he need anything? Maybe we should go to the hospital.

No, he just mostly asked for prayers. He said he’ll let us know if there’s anything we can do. Well, with memories or no memories, Abe is such an incredible man, and he and I have such a history. I mean, partners on the force, and forces a lot of barbecues at the Horton’s. And, you know Tom and Alice are serving up hot dogs and, and giving great, great advice.

Oh, that’s a fact. You know, I remember a time when I had the kids on my own for a while, and they were little, just little squids here. And I, out of my league as a single dad, but Alice says, Don’t push them. They’re just children. Give them enough room. To make their own mistakes. And so great. We all learned so much from Tom and Alice.

Yeah, I remember when I was a kid. Sandy, I remember Tommy Horton’s daughter. I mean, she and I, we ran rough shots. Through that house, day and night. Oh, what, are you telling me you were a tiny terror? Oh, you bet. And then one day, I knocked over Alice’s new lamp, busted it into a million pieces. I’m scared as hell that she’s gonna give me hell.

And all she said was, things are only things. They can be replaced. That does sound like Alice. Uh, we were told this place was clear. We were told it’s alright to be in here. Should we leave? No, you’re alright. Let me help with the chair. Uh, look. There’s not a mark on it. I can’t believe it. It’s almost pristine.

That chair, that was my grandmother’s chair. And it’s, it’s very important to all of us. It was originally Tom Horton’s chair, but he left it to Alice. How did you know that? Oh, Lucas! Oh,

Lucas, darling, what are you doing here? How did you get out of prison? It’s a long story, Aunt Maggie. But I knew you guys were gonna be here. And I missed my family. I will never forget how you welcomed me with open arms when you found out I was a Horton. Especially my grandparents.

The first time my new grandmother asked me to call her grandma. Hi, Miss Horton. Hello, Lucas. I’m so glad you came. Well, so am I. Thanks. Having a hard time calling me Grandma, aren’t you? I tell you what, there’s always Gran and Nana, but don’t call me Granny. Okay, no Granny. How about Grandma? That’s best. Well, you may not feel like it yet, but you are a member of the Horton family.

I know you found out just a short time ago. I guess it just takes a little bit of time to get used to it, you know. Well, time will take care of that, darling. But we all want you to become part of a family. That is, if you’ll let us. I’d like that, Grandma.

Being a Hortonstone means everything to me. This house, this is the symbol, the symbol of, of our love that binds us all together. So many memories. Which is why it means so much for me to be here with you now. But there’s something you guys should know. Something really important. None of you can tell anyone I was here.

Hey, tell me what you would do if I went after Thomas with this paddle. If I just started whacking him with it, right here, right now. I’d rip your face off and I’d beat you to a pulp with it. Okay, well. But yes, and you would step in front of a bullet for Charlotte. You would walk through fire for those kids.

As a matter of fact, you did. And everybody knows it. So stop blaming yourself, Chadwick. This was not your fault. Thank you, Leo. Yeah. I needed to hear that. And, um Might need you to remind me of it every once in a while, yeah? Anytime. Dad, look! I found it! Um, that is the oddest looking radio controlled amphibious crocodile car I have ever seen.

No, not my car! This! Dad, I left it here. That’s so awesome, buddy. Let me see. Oh, that’s amazing. Come here. Sure is nice to see you smiling, buddy. Hello? Let me get a closer look. Is that a loose tooth I see? Yeah, it’s on right here. You know, it’d probably be easier if you just paid a bit in advance. That’s true, and you know, my wings could use a night off, so Here’s five dollars.

I told you in the wine store I get fifty dollars per tooth. No, five, five is enough, buddy. Here, five is good. Okay, fine. You can owe me the rest. No, he doesn’t, he doesn’t owe you anymore. That was, uh, that was very generous of him. You should say, say thank you to the Tooth Fairy. Thank you, Tooth Fairy. You are most welcome, Thomas.

Alright, buddy, you know what? We gotta, we gotta get you to school. Wait, aren’t you going to the house? Yeah, but you gotta go to school. Uh, can I come? Dad, please. I want to be with everyone at the house. Okay. Yeah, but if you get sad, I’m gonna take you back to Maggie’s, okay? Chadwick, do you think I would be welcome there?

I’d really love to learn about the Horton history. You can, you can come. I’ll ride with you. I want to see how this gooseberry flies. I weigh your expectations kid. I only moonlight as the tooth fairy, and I’m not planning on quitting my day job. Let’s hit it.

I’m here Tom Sorry, I’m late. Only a few minutes. Alice, you should not be carrying all that. It wasn’t heavy, it just slowed me down a bit. Mmm, I don’t know. Maybe we should put an ending to our picnic outings until after? No, I like getting out. Especially to our favorite spot. But, you’re gonna have to help me to the ground.

And back up again. Of course. Oh,

over these past couple of weeks, I can’t believe how much he or she has grown. Huh? Need I remind you that my family has twins? No, you need not. You’ve told me many times, but I think one is more than enough to handle, don’t you? I don’t believe that’s up to us. I only wish I could move inside that one bedroom apartment before the baby comes.

But someday, we will get a bigger place. I promise you that. It’s a shame they had to stop all that new development. But, with so much suffering in our country, I remind myself how grateful we are for all that we have. Very lucky.

Tom? Yes, my love? Tell me the truth. Now that I’ve gotten sobig Do I look unattractive? Are you kidding? You’re more beautiful than ever. In fact, you’re one red hot tomato.

Lucas, you didn’t escape from prison, did you? Absolutely not, Aunt Maggie. Well then, why can’t we tell anybody that we’ve seen you? I was released from prison under some very special circumstances. And I thought everything was on the up and up, but Let’s just say if certain people knew I was here right now, my life would be in danger.

Well, it sounds like witness protection. Well, not quite, but that’s the general idea. Oh, well, we know how to keep our lips buttoned up. Absolutely. Alright, I’m gonna get out of these clothes, okay? I’ll be right back. I’m so glad you’re here. Love you guys. Love you.

I can’t get over that chair. How did it escape untarnished?

Could be Grandma and Grandpa were watching over it.

Oh, Maggie. No, I know. I know. I know I gave you and Grandpa so much trouble when I was growing up. Remember when I got caught shoplifting? I will never forget it.

Well, you had a rebellious side. Your parents were gone so much of the time, I think you just needed attention. Oh, thank you, Graham. Well, we do mellow a bit with age, I guess.

Hello, everyone. Oh. Oh, how sweet of you to be here. Thank you, thank you. Of course, of course. We brought you some of Alice’s donuts. Very thoughtful. Very sweet. Thanks. We are so sorry this happened. We know it’s God’s blessing that we got out with our lives. You two aren’t going to believe this. Look. Our grandparents chair.

It survived the fire. It’s in perfect condition. Oh, this is just absolutely amazing. Yeah, it is. Honey. Oh. Is everyone excited to see you? Oh, that’s an understatement. He, uh, told us not to say a word about him being here. No. Well, that’s true. We can’t risk any more retributions. Not with Clyde’s man on the loose.

Clyde? Clyde is the man that’s after you? Oh, Lucas. Well, we’re not going to say anything, but where is he going next? Hey, you know what? The less you know, the better. Okay? And later, we’re going to get him out of here the same way we got him in. With the firefighter. This guy. Okay. Be careful! I will, for sure.

And now, I want to check the appliances to see which, if anything, is functioning. Oh, you sweetheart. Okay, let’s look at the appliances. Art, are you skilled at repairing appliances too, Lucas? No, not quite, but they do have donuts. It’s been a while since I had one of those. Oh, now I am worried for you, Lucas.

May we come in? Please do. Oh, Marlena, John, thank you for coming. Uh, we, um, brought everyone some donuts. Oh, how thoughtful. Roman and Kate, they Yes, I’ve brought donuts too. We know. Oh. Yeah. Oh my. Oh, Peggy, it’s a shame this had to happen. Look at this place. Yeah. We had so many wonderful times here. Tom and Alice were like family to me when I first arrived from Colorado.

And Tom welcomed me to the hospital. It was I’m so grateful. And you were treating Mickey at Bayview. You were, and you still are the best. You know, I still remember the first time I stepped foot in this house. Mickey is beginning to overcome his fear of the outside world. Keeping his promise to Maggie, taking her dancing after all this time.

She was so thrilled. A young woman like that, waiting for a man who is no longer the same man she married. It takes courage. Maggie knows there are no guarantees. I hope so. See, Mickey is going through a period of sorting out his life. He’s keeping some things and he’s discarding others. And how long do you think that will take?

Depends on Mickey. Could be weeks, months. In some cases, it’s years. But there is one thing that I’m sure of. Mickey is showing definite signs of progress. You saved Mickey. We were all grateful for that. And here we are, 40 years later, standing in front of the most iconic chair in all of Salem.

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 30 years since we lived next door.

Well, at least the fire didn’t spread that far, because We sure had some good times on that porch, didn’t we, Doc?

Oh, wow. Dad, everything’s burnt. Yeah.

Look at this. Hi, little man. How you doing? Hey, um, uh, Thomas, why don’t you take, uh, Lucas upstairs to your bedroom to check it out, okay? It’s too dangerous to do by yourself. Alright, we can do that. Leo Stark is here. Oh, and don’t come down until he’s gone. Okay, thanks. Come on.

Chad. Hey. I hope it’s okay. I took some photos outside. Yeah. Yeah, all good.

Leo Star? What are you doing here? He’s, he’s, he’s not here as Lady Whistleblower. He’s just, um, he wants to learn about the Horton family history. Uh, the Hortons have long been known as the first family of Salem. Would you do me the honor of telling me about them?

My, you look as pretty as a picture sitting there. Aren’t you the sweet talker? No, no, don’t get up. I’m coming. What do we have today? Tommy and Addie have kept me so busy this morning. I had to make one of those new macaroni and cheese meals right out of the box. Now don’t you tell my mother. How did you hide it from her when she came by to babysit?

It wasn’t easy. As you know, she likes to offer her opinions on my cooking and cleaning. Well, don’t change a thing for me. I think your ace is at taking care of our family of four. Actually, our little family of five. Are you? Holy smokes! Oh, it’s wonderful. It better not be twins this time. Three babies will be more than enough to handle.

Three youngsters in a little apartment. Well, now we have to move. And I hear those houses across the street, we’re back in production soon. They’re too expensive, Tom. We don’t need a house. We’ll manage. You’re right, darling Alice. Of course. You’re right.

So, the Horton family history in Salem begins with my grandparents. They were teenage sweethearts. Indeed they were. And they got married March 7th. 1930. Right here in Salem. Yes, darling, he did. Uh, my grandpa Tom was a medical student at the time, uh, at the university. And, uh, it was the Depression. The two of them lived in a tiny little apartment.

They didn’t get this house until they started their family. And the family started with my mother Addie and her brother Tom. Uh, they were twins. Uh, next comes, well Uncle Mickey, who became a very prominent lawyer in Salem. And he was married, first to Laura, and then to our darling Maggie. After that comes Bill.

Now he is the father of Jennifer and Michael and Lucas. And Bill was the one that brought me here to Salem. We met in prison, where I was being held. For being a con man. The plot thickens. Yes, yes. Well, Once he met the Hortons, the leopard changed his spots. Yes, then comes Aunt Marie, and Marie became a nun after she fell in love with a stranger in town who in time turned out to be her her brother, long lost in the Korean War.

The brother, Tommy. Brother and sister? Wow. Very Game of Thrones. Yes, well, I’m sure if we told you all about the Hortons, we would be here until Christmas. Of 2025. So, when do you join the picture? Well, my mother had, my mother Addie, had me and my brother Stephen by my father, Ben Olson. He passed away. Then after that, she was a widow for a while and then my mother remarried.

And she married me. After mother died, well, I’d always been crazy about Doug. And so, here we are. And we’ve been together ever since. The Wharton’s had their share of drama, Leo. They had mental illness, addiction, infidelity. Stranglers, stalkers, even demon possession. Yes. Yes, yes, but we rose above all of that, you see.

I, I think it was because of the, of the legacy of love that was passed on to us by Tom and Alice. Yeah. Tell them about the song. Their, their song. Well, why don’t you just sing a few bars instead? Oh, yes, please do. Oh, please. I’ll be loving. You always win with the love. The true always. Not for just an hour.

Not not just a day. Not for just a year, but.

Let me guess, is it called Always? Yes, by Irving Berlin, yes. This is an amazing story, truly. Would you mind if I wrote something for the Spectator about your family history? I promise I will do the Hortons justice. All right, as long as Chad approves the final version. It’s a deal. Thank you. Thank you all. I really appreciate you sharing with me, especially during this time.

I’ll show you one.

I’ll be loving you. Always with the love is true. Always. Not for just an hour. An hour, right? No, for just a.



Okay, well, all the, uh, appliances will need to be replaced and rewired, but no worries. The insurance will cover it. Um, are Lucas and Thomas, are they still upstairs? Yeah, they’re still seeing what toys they can salvage. Oh, I know. I don’t, I don’t hold on, uh, hold on to too much hope, though. The kids are tough.

They’re gonna be alright. You know. I’m gonna have to lose an abbey, you know what that says. As sad as it is, and as terrified as we all were about the fire, it’s At the day, it’s just things. It’s just material possessions. Yeah. Hey, hey, hey! Look what we found down in the cellar! The ornaments are safe! I was praying that they were These are irreplaceable.

We’re so fortunate, aren’t we, Alice? So many suffering all around us. And I feel bad that I’m not doing my part to help ease that suffering. So, I was thinking that maybe someday, when the kids are all off at school and you’re busy taking care of the sick at the hospital, I could run a center to help people in need.

What a swell idea. And knowing you, I suspect it’ll happen. I appreciate your faith in me. Well, I just know when you set your mind to something, it always happens. And speaking of that, I actually have something I want to show you. I was going to wait until we got home, but you know how impatient I am.

Oh my. Look at those. I had them made for the children too. One for Tommy, and Addie, and Mickey. So, we can make it a tradition. Every Christmas, we’ll put these ornaments on our tree. And, maybe someday, we’ll add ornaments for our grandchildren. And even our great grandchildren. Well then, we’re gonna need a bigger tree.

And a very big house. Oh, oh, are they all in this good condition? Crazy, huh? They look perfect. Without a crack in any of them. Oh boy. Oh, I can’t wait to tell Doug. Where is he? Um, next door. Talking to Dan and Dave, our neighbors. He had to catch up. You know, everything, you know. Julie? Look at these.

God is good. Yes. Tom and I want you and Bo to put this on the tree. It’s for a new great grandchild we’re going to bring another time. I

love you, Tom. The Horton family tradition, it can live on. From the first five ornaments, Tom and Alice, Addie, Tommy, and Mickey. To our newest Wharton, my granddaughter, Victoria. Ah. Yes. What a legacy.

I didn’t expect to see you here. Well, I missed my family, so. Hey, Thomas, stop. Put that down. Thomas. Thomas. I’m gonna count to three. One, two, One, two, pitch!

What is it? Yeah.

It’s a time capsule. Placed by Alice Horton, 1966. With all my love, to be open on or after 2016.

I got Tommy one of those flying planes. It’s supposed to be crash proof, but I’ll believe it when I see it. And I found that Shirley Temple doll for Addie. Jeez, what a search that was. And Oh. Oh, Tom. The house is sold. You seem disappointed. I am, actually. I admit that secretly, I wish we would live there one day.

Yes, well, sometimes wishes do come true.

Alice, my very generous father in law gave us the down payment. The house, it’s ours. What? The house? The house is ours! Oh, Tom! Oh, Tom, it’s ours! Oh, the house is ours!

Well, I’m dying to know what’s in it. What would Al put the time caps in? Hey, inquiring minds want to know. Well, at this rate, I’m not sure we’ll ever know. Ah, let’s not give up just yet. Get a hammer.

Let’s go out.

Maggie? You alright? Oh, I was just thinking. I was sitting in this very room when Tom passed away. Alice was in her chair. And Mickey and I were still together. My grandmother. She was the strongest one of all. She still inspires me. Everything she said about their life together, still gets me teary. Yet after everyone was gone, she and I, we were here, alone.

I’ll, uh, clear out these dishes to the kitchen for you, okay? I like it. Thank you. In

every small town, there is a place, a centerpiece, where townspeople gather to laugh, to cry, and to celebrate. In Salem, that place is 545 Sycamore Street, the home of Tom and Alice Horton. Most Salemites are familiar with Tom and Alice. After all, our town square is named after them. As lifelong residents, the Hortons taught their five children the value of community, compassion, resilience, and most of all, love of family and friends.

These principles were passed down to Tom and Alice’s ten grandchildren, their fifteen great grandchildren, and now great great grandchildren, with the legacy ever expanding. So many more of our townsfolk have been blessed to be welcomed into the Horton Fold as extended family. Many of them still visit the Horton House today to bask in the aura that lingers from the days of Tom and Alice.

That is, until some malicious malfeasant tried to incinerate their legacy by setting fire to this historic structure. But today, as I sat with the family in their charred living room, it was clear to me. The arsonist failed in his mission. For it is clear. Theirs is a legacy that can never be destroyed. It lives on in every kind word, every good deed, every heartfelt embrace extended by this family.

Indeed, Tom and Alice’s legacy has only grown stronger as the family unites with a commitment to rebuild and the hope for new beginnings. Tom and Alice Horton, thank you. 545 Sycamore Street. Salem loves you.

Oh, Tom. It’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Welcome to our new house, Alice. Oh, no. It is so much more than that. A house is made of brick and stone, but only love can make a home.

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