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Stephanie brings Everett to the hospital where Kayla checks him out. Kayla mentions they should get the CT results soon and asks Everett about a headache or dizziness but Everett assures that he feels fine now. Kayla gets paged on an emergency and tells Everett to sit tight as someone else will come in to relieve her. Stephanie thanks Kayla. Kayla says she’s just glad that Everett is feeling better as she exits. Stephanie tells Everett that he scared her. Everett responds that he scared himself and he wishes he knew what was going on with him. Stephanie is sure that Kayla will figure out whatever it is.

Tripp and Wendy remain locked up, wondering how long they have been there. Tripp guesses it’s been a day or two. Wendy feels like it’s been a lot longer and worries that the walls are closing in as she starts to panic.

Rafe stands next to Harris in his hospital bed and asks him to open his eyes for him which he then does, so Rafe welcomes him back.

The nurse comes out from Harris’s room and informs Ava that Harris is responsive and definitely waking up. Ava is thrilled and hugs Stefan, who looks worried. Ava tells Stefan that she finally talked Rafe in to letting her go in and talk to Harris. Ava says when she was in there, Harris opened her eyes and then they kicked her out. Ava realizes that Harris may have a great idea of where to find Tripp and declares that Harris waking up could be the answer to all of their prayers, but Stefan says no.

Tripp tries to keep Wendy calm and assures that she will be okay, encouraging that it will all be over soon as he hugs her.

Marlena enters the hospital room to see Stephanie and Everett. Stephanie introduces Everett to Marlena. Marlena explains that Kayla asked her to take over Everett’s case while she continues to confer with her. Marlena says that his cat scan revealed evidence of traumatic brain injury. Marlena would like to hear what’s been happening with Everett to have some idea on how to treat him.

Ava questions Stefan saying it’s not good that Harris is waking up and asks what the hell. Stefan thinks back to shooting Harris. Stefan then tells Ava that he was thinking about how Clyde is going to react to finding out that Harris is awake. Ava questions why they should worry about that.

Kayla joins Rafe in Harris’s room. Kayla asks Rafe if he was there when Harris opened his eyes. Rafe confirms he was and he looked at him for awhile but he didn’t say anything. Kayla asks Harris to open his eyes for her which he does. Kayla asks Harris if he knows who she is and he correctly identifies her. Kayla declares that Harris is back. Harris asks where he is and what’s going on. Kayla informs him that he’s in the hospital and safe in good hands. Harris asks what happened. Kayla questions him not remembering and reveals that he was shot, so he’s been in a coma for quite some time, giving them all quite a scare.

Ava questions what is taking so long. Stefan suggests Kayla has hundreds of test to run. Ava feels someone should come out and update them. Stefan says they have protocols. Stefan then says he has to go and tells Ava to text him about what happens. Ava asks if he’s kidding and tells him not to leave. Rafe comes out and agrees, suggesting nobody go anywhere.

Tripp asks Wendy how she feels. Wendy says she’s mostly tired but definitely better and asks what happened to her. Tripp thinks she had a panic attack. Wendy can’t remember ever dealing with anything like this before. Wendy thanks him for talking her down. Tripp assures that he’s not going anywhere as he wants to be where ever she is.

Everett explains to Marlena that he, Stephanie, and Rafe were at the Brady Pub, waiting for Jada. Stephanie adds that she suggested a double date so that Jada could meet Everett. Everett notes that Jada was later and when she came in and saw him, she totally lost it and was very angry or enraged as she thought he was her ex-husband and accused him of lying. Everett says Jada went on about how he cheated on her and nothing he said could convince her that he wasn’t her ex. Stephanie explains that she and Jada grew up together as their parents were friends but they just recently started getting close and Jada had told her about being terribly hurt by her ex as she found out that he cheated on her, they had a really big fight, and he disappeared after being served divorce papers. Marlena questions how Everett reacted when Jada became so angry. Everett states that she was very confrontational so he was totally thrown and upset, but he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Everett says that Jada then showed up at his door with a fingerprint scanner. Marlena asks if it confirmed he was Robert Stein. Everett doesn’t know how that could be possible and he feels like he’s losing his mind or maybe he already has. Everett swears that his name is Everett Lynch and he doesn’t even know who Robert Stein is. Marlena brings up Stephanie saying they were in a relationship several years ago and asks why that ended. Stephanie says that Everett left one day to go to work and didn’t come back. She thought he disappeared on her and ghosted her, but it turns out that he was in a very serious accident which left him in a coma. Stephanie says she didn’t know that until a few months ago when he came to Salem and found her. Marlena questions Everett having no memory of being Bobby Stein. Everett confirms he does not and doesn’t recall ever being married or ever seeing or meeting Jada. Stephanie asks Marlena how it’s possible that Everett remembers some things but not others, saying he remembers her and their life but not his ex-wife. Marlena notes it is possible in some cases. Marlena brings up possible amnesia with PTSD from the accident. Stephanie asks if it really is possible that after the accident, Everett’s brain turned off the memories of being Robert Stein. Marlena confirms that is possible. Everett states that he thought he was getting his life back together with the woman he loves and that the nightmare of that accident was all behind him so he could finally start living the life he always wanted to live. Everett asks if it’s possible that he’s not who he thought he was and that he’s someone who cheated on his wife and lied to her. Everett questions if it could be true that he’s Bobby Stein.

Tripp tells Wendy they could swap stories from the past, pointing out that she hasn’t shared much from her childhood. Wendy feels there isn’t much to tell. She talks about being born in Hong Kong before moving to India for her father’s business. Tripp asks what that was like. Wendy talks about it being a tough adjustment. Wendy recalls meeting a guy named Samir who became her best friend when she was 9 years old. Wendy tells Tripp that now it’s his turn to tell her more about his childhood. Tripp suggests saving that for another time because it’s mostly kind of sad and he thinks they should stick to lighthearted stuff. Wendy then suggests he tell her a funny story from med school. Tripp recalls stories about some of his patients. Wendy tells Tripp that she loves him so much.

Ava asks Rafe what is going on with Harris. Rafe says he opened his eyes and Kayla is in with him now. Stefan says he’s sorry but he really has to get back to work. Ava stops him and says she texted Elliot and everything is fine at the Bistro. Rafe thinks it’s a good idea that they both stick around in case Harris has anything to say. Kayla comes out, so Ava asks how Harris is. Kayla responds that he’s awake, talking, and his vitals are good which excites Ava. Rafe asks if he can see Harris. Kayla tells him to keep it short. Rafe thanks her and heads back in to the room to see Harris. Rafe tells Harris that it’s good to have him back. Harris thanks him and says it’s good to be back. Harris asks if they got Clyde. Rafe wishes he could say that but insists they are close. The nurse tells Harris to push the call button if he needs anything as she exits. Harris asks Rafe to fill him in on what happened but Rafe notes that he promised Kayla that he wouldn’t wear him out. Harris insists, so Rafe agrees to give him the short version.

Ava and Stefan watch through the window of Harris’s room. Ava thanks God for Harris coming back to them.

Tripp tells Wendy that it’s her turn again to tell stories. Wendy responds that she can’t really think of any right now and apologizes. Tripp says it’s okay. Wendy says she’s trying so hard to be tough about this and brave, but she’s not really succeeding at the moment. Wendy admits that she’s scared and asks if Tripp is. Tripp responds that he’s not scared, but angry and outraged. Tripp knows that they are going to be okay, rescued, and found soon. Tripp adds that he’s grateful that he’s at least with the person he loves most in the world. Wendy responds that she’s grateful for that too. Wendy says even if Tripp is scared, he’s at least acting brave and tough for her which impresses her. Wendy asks if he has any tips. Tripp tells her that smiling is a good start.

Marlena tells Everett that at this point they are just gathering information so they won’t get ahead of themselves. Stephanie asks what the next step is. Marlena wants to get a release from him signed to get his medical records from Seattle. Stephanie questions if she will request records from Everett Lynch or Robert Stein. Marlena says both if that’s okay as she then exits. Everett tells Stephanie that he doesn’t know what’s going on here, but he swears that Robert Stein is a stranger to him. Stephanie doesn’t know what to believe right now. Everett tells Stephanie that he loves her and would never hurt her. Stephanie calls it a lot for both of them to process, so she thinks it’s just best to wait and see what the doctors say. Everett asks what if something is terribly wrong or he has a brain tumor. Stephanie points out that the CAT scan would have found that. Everett apologizes but says he doesn’t know if he can be alone right now. Stephanie assures that he won’t be as she promises to be there for him.

Stefan asks Ava what she thinks Harris is saying to Rafe. Ava says it looks like Rafe is doing most of the talking.

Harris tells Rafe that he needs to know what happened with Clyde. Rafe says he will fill him in on all of that, but first they need to talk about what happened to Harris. Harris brings up that Kayla said he was shot and assumes Rafe knows something about that. Rafe informs him that it happened at the Bistro loading dock. Harris notes that Kayla didn’t mention that. Rafe adds that Harris was apparently there to meet someone and they need to find out who that was. Rafe questions if Harris doesn’t know who shot him.

Marlena returns to the hospital room so Everett signs the releases. Marlena thanks him and says now she can begin to familiarize herself with his case. Marlena asks if Everett has old friends or family members who might be able to fill in blanks for them. Everett brings up his old editor and reporter buddy that he hung out with in Seattle. Marlena suggests talking with them might trigger a memory and tells him to call her office if that happens. Marlena asks him to stop by for a follow up appointment as she thinks they should start sessions as soon as possible. Everett realizes she is a psychiatrist. Marlena adds that she will contact a neurologist to get as much information as they can to give him the best diagnosis. Everett says he understands. Everett asks if Marlena thinks it’s possible that he will remember parts of his life that his brain seems to have completely deleted. Marlena says she can’t guarantee that but it’s what they are all hoping for.

Tripp talks to Wendy about how smiling helps with stress. They talk about how people are probably looking for them by now since they didn’t show up for work. Tripp guesses Ava is probably going crazy and having Steve work his ass off to find them. Wendy wonders how people would know to look here for them. Tripp admits he doesn’t know. Wendy feels the only way out is if they find a way out themselves. Tripp says they’ve already tried the obvious ways so they will have to think outside the box. Wendy encourages that they can do it and decides they need a brilliant strategy.

Harris sees Ava watching through the window with Stefan. Rafe comments that she’s been hanging around ever since this happened and he finally let her in to see him right before he opened his eyes. Harris asks about Stefan. Rafe confirms he’s been hanging around to and he told them both to stay at least until he got a statement from Harris.

Ava tells Stefan that Rafe must be questioning Harris about when he got shot. Stefan repeats to Ava that he really needs to get going. Ava questions his rush to leave. Stefan responds that he has a lot going on and standing around the hospital doing nothing is driving him crazy. Ava says she’s noticed he’s had one foot out the door since he got there, even though Rafe told them to stay put. Ava questions why and urges Stefan to talk to her about what has him so restless. Stefan responds that it’s Clyde.

At the hospital, Kayla informs Marlena that Harris is out of his coma so they are hopeful for a full recovery which Marlena is thrilled to hear. Kayla thanks Marlena for jumping in on Everett’s case and asks what she thinks. Marlena says she’ll need a lot more information to make a reasonable diagnosis. Kayla brings up the CT scan and says she sees no explanation for the memory loss. Marlena admits she doesn’t either. Kayla asks if there’s a chance that Everett doesn’t have amnesia and could be faking it.

Everett comments on Stephanie being awfully quiet. She says she’s just taking it all in as that’s all they can do right now until they find out the truth about who he really is and what happened to him. Stephanie states that Jada deserves answers too. Everett gets a call and says he’ll be there as soon as he can. Everett hangs up and informs Stephanie that the police want him to come down to the station right away.

Officer Goldman returns to Wendy and Tripp with her gun raised. Tripp asks if she’s going to let them out. Goldman tells him to shut up as she’s calling the shots. She orders Tripp to record a message for Ava. Tripp asks if he doesn’t. She says then he will have no use to her. Tripp agrees to do whatever, so she gives him a tablet set to record and instructs him to read what is on the paper.

Harris watches through the window as Rafe exits his room and Ava asks how Harris is and what’s going on. Rafe says he’s sore and in pain, so he didn’t want to tire him out but he did ask about the shooting and reveals that Harris has no idea who shot him. Rafe mentions telling him that evidence points to Xander but Harris couldn’t confirm it, so in short, he has no idea who tried to kill him. Ava looks back through the window and waves at Harris.

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