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Catching some Z’s, huh, Mama? Well, she has been asleep since you left. her. I really needed that shower. And what would you thank me for? There’s nothing in the world I’d rather do than be here beside your Mama. Yeah. I do know that. Well, I’m glad you got a break. When are you going to take one? Well, I don’t know.

At, uh, at some point. Here you go. Mom and

I used to do this all the time when I was a little kid.

She’d tell me that this is what mama goats did with their baby goats.

You know, I keep on thinking about all the wisdom that mama and big mama have given me over the years about dealing with tough times. And the thing that just keeps coming back to me is mama telling me Darling, you can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust yourselves to make sure you always reach your destination.

I like that. And another one that I keep thinking of that Mama told me recently was, do not let your pain and your struggle make you a victim. You let your battle make you someone else’s hero. Your mama. Your mama’s my hero.

Mine too.

Well, look who it is, Monfee. Dad, hey. You look knackered, my boy. I know it’s a lot there at the hospital, isn’t it? Uh, yeah. Yeah, it is. Um, I can, I can see you’re busy though, so I will, um, That won’t bother you. Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no bother. No bother at all. I’m just trying to tie up some loose ends, making sure a multinational corporation remains solvent.

All right. Johnny! Nicole, you’re home! Yeah, I am. Oh, hey, hi! It is, wow, it is, it’s great to see you. Thanks, you too. Although, you look like you could use a good night’s sleep. Uh, yeah, I definitely could. Um, house? Holly. Well, she’s She’s upstairs in her room. You can go see for yourself. Uh

Hey! You got the gold, too? Sure did. How are the kids? Must be, uh, rough. Yeah, you know, her, um, she’s still trying to process everything. Turns out they have, uh, some unique coping strategies. Tom’s created a 12 point fire safety plan for Maggie’s place. Think it’s his way to, you know, try to gain control. Yeah, I understand that.

Tom, what about you? How you doing? Yeah, good. Just, uh, been dealing with insurance adjusters, talking to, uh, contractors about repairs, and spending whole afternoons listening to that, uh, two hour on hold jingle. It’s wonderful. Anyway, what do you think this meeting’s about? Uh, something about Lucas Horton, that’s all I was told.

Well, um, beyond the, uh, Spectator article, which has turned out to be a bit controversial, I don’t know, uh, I don’t know what point they would have to talk to us. Yeah. No idea. Um, Off the topic of this, um, upcoming interrogation, uh, have you, uh, have you talked to Stephanie lately? No, why? Um, I guess there’s, there’s something that I want you to hear straight from me.

Um, Gentlemen? Gina. Why are we here? Is this about the uh, Lucas Horton article? This is about the attempted murder of Lucas Horton.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. So

someone tried to kill Lucas? Is he, is he okay? He is fine. Fortunately. The investigation is still in its fact gathering phase. I don’t understand. How did this story not leak? You think you’re the only one who can keep a secret? Well, that’s kind of funny. You can say on PD’s history of leaking information.

What I can tell you is that the shooting occurred the same night that Detective Michaels was hit. Okay, so also the same night as the fire. Yes. The gunman broke into the Brady Pub, opened fire in Harris room, where Lucas was being held. And the reason the two of you are here is because only a very small and selective group of people knew Lucas location.

Harris, Roman, Kate, and the two of you. Which means that one of the aforementioned people gave up Lucas location. And we are determined to find out who that was.

Oh, well, that’s a pretty limited selection of books at the library, if you can call it that. No, no pride in the prejudice. You know, that’s Mama’s favorite. No, just some 20 year old travel guides and some cookbooks. And she’s still asleep, I see. Yeah. Yeah, Kayla said that, um, she may not wake up for a while because of the medication.

You know, I keep thinking that we were so worried about the cancer and now,

you know. Mama has said to me a lot over the years, whenever I’ve done something stupid, she would say, Chanel, you’re gonna give your mama a heart attack.

And I bet she won’t be making that joke anymore. No, I don’t think she will. Oh, Abe, after everything Mama’s gone through, then Yes. That’s been a lot. It’s been a lot. But you know, your mother’s favorite expression, God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle. Right. And Mama can handle anything that’s thrown her way.

Isn’t that right, Mama? You can handle anything. And then some. You’re gonna make it through this.

Holly’s home? Since when? Since late afternoon yesterday, the doctors in Italy were confident that she could handle the flight back home with her mother, of course, and that the best situation for her right now is to be in her own bed, in her own home, under the supervision of her doctors here in Salem, of course.

Right, but, I mean, I’m assuming that since the doctors over there allowed her to fly all the way over here and be in a Non hospital setting, that means she’s on the mend, right? Well, she’s breathing on her own, so yes, that is a good sign. And thank God EJ had a positive experience with those doctors in Italy.

Worked miracles for him and were able to bring Holly to the stage of her recovery. That’s just, I mean, that’s great. So, what are next steps? So, the next step is to remain hopeful that she will Open her eyes and smile that big smile and then immediately ask for her phone so she can check her texts and emails.

Exactly. Well, whatever the case, I’m just, I’m glad you guys are both home. As am I. I’m ecstatic. Um, EJ’s been filling me in on everything, and how did Paulina’s thyroid surgery go? Um, yeah, it was successful. So that’s good. They got all the cancer out. There was no metastasis. However, she did have a heart attack.

What? Yeah. My God. At the end of her But, fortunately, she was already in the hospital, so they were able to treat her quickly. She had an angioplasty to unblock a coronary artery, and I guess they’re saying she’s in stable condition. Thank God for that. Tony, if there’s anything that she needs, or any of you need, please don’t hesitate to ask us, okay?

Yeah, I will. Um Also, I do have some, some other news that happened at the hospital earlier today.

Need we have a stiff drink at the ready for this other news? Um, more like champagne. See, as of now, Chanel and I are, uh, husband and wife. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what? When, when did this happen and where? It happened at the hospital. Uh, you know, we both knew how important the wedding ceremony was to Paulina, so we just had it at her bedside.

Well, that’s perfect. Paulina must’ve been thrilled. Yes, she was a very happy mother of the bride. Well, how is she doing? She’s resting. You know, just, uh, waiting to see what the next steps are in her recovery. Well, we will be praying for her. And Johnny, I’m so happy for you and Janelle. Thank you. Thank you.

And I am very, very happy for you as well, son. Just a little bit hurt that Nicole and I weren’t invited to the wedding. Yeah, well, look, I know. I am sorry. Okay, it’s just, we knew too much excitement probably wasn’t very good for Paulina, so we wanted to keep it limited to just Abe, Chanel, and me. I understand, and I’m just teasing you.

And look, son, I know that I haven’t been supportive in the past about your relationship with Chanel, but I see how much she improves your life. And that you two, uh, you complement each other. And I love that. You have my blessing. Well, thank you dad, that means a lot. It does. So I assume you and Chanel would like to move into one of the wings of the house?

Oh, or, or, maybe they want to become um, Oh god, what is, what’s that phrase? Digital nomads? You know where they travel the world? Oh yes, yes, I see that thing on the phone. Um, yeah, no. No? No traveling the world. Anytime soon, anyway. I think it’d be a little difficult for Chanel to run the bakery digitally, Shaq.

Oh, true. Yeah, that really wouldn’t work. Mm hmm. And as for our living situation, honestly, we haven’t even had a chance to talk about it. I mean, we’ve been so preoccupied. With Paulina’s health issues. I mean, honestly, Chanel hasn’t even left the hospital since the wedding. Other than a quick shower and she’s gone out to the parking lot to get a breath of fresh air.

Yeah, well, obviously, you, you have a lot going on. And if you two do change your mind about the living situation, even just temporarily, just say the word and we’ll have a space prepared for you. Thank you. I appreciate that. But, I have a feeling we’re gonna want a place of our own. I understand the thought.

And congratulations again. Thanks, Dad. I love you, son. I love you, too.

Um, now, if it’s okay with you guys, can I go see Holly? Yes, yes, of course. I’m sure she would love a visitor. There’s no way that either one of us would compromise Lucas. First of all, he was Abigail’s uncle. Why would I put my own family at risk? I don’t know, Mr. DiMera. But all I know is that some people don’t view family the way most of us do.

Detective Hunter, surely you can see that it doesn’t make any sense for us to betray Lucas Horton. Especially when he provided us valuable information in the hopes of thwarting the drug trade in Salem. Yeah, I mean, what purpose would it serve? Um, I don’t know, that’s why we’re having this little chat right now.

So let’s go back to the interview, okay? How did you contact Mr. Horton? We didn’t, he called us. Who did he call, specifically? Me.

Okay, well, who was present when you took Mr. Horton’s call? It was only me and, and Everett when we got the call at the office. Who did you tell about the call? Like I said, only Everett. And I only found out who we were going to meet once we were actually leaving for the pub. I can assure you, Detective Hunter, that Everett and I were the only two people that knew about Lucas location.

Let’s get back to the call from Mr. Horton. You say you were in the office, Mr. DiMera? Was anyone else aside from this man in the office with you? Was it possible that maybe somebody overheard you, like a janitor, delivery guy? No. No, everybody had gone home for the night. You sure about that? Mr. Stein? Lynch.

Okay, well forgive me, but your word really doesn’t mean much to me now. Okay, look, I really don’t understand why you’re being so hostile. Here, alright, so, let me repeat. The office was empty when I got the call from Lucas. Except for me, Everett, and some, some, some wheat drip coffee. We left, no one followed us.

No one knew where we were going. We didn’t tell anyone where we were going. Okay, we never compromised the source. It just, it wouldn’t happen. So you say. And yet, right after you saw Lucas at the Brady Pub, you paid Clyde Weston a visit at Statesville. Care to explain?

No. Oh, Kayla, Kayla. Thank you. Thank you for everything you’re doing. And everything you’ve done. Well, there are no thanks necessary. It’s my job. And I care about all of you so much. So how are you doing? Well, moment to moment. Oh, and, and thank you. Uh, I downloaded that mindfulness app that you recommended.

Great. Well, I hope it’s helpful. Chanel, how are you doing? Oh, I, I’m, I’m good. I’m, I’m fine. I’m just I’m grateful that Mama has so many amazing people in her life. Well, she is lucky to have a devoted daughter like you. Well, how is she doing, Kayla? Well, her stats are just as expected. Okay, so she’s getting better then?

She’s gonna make a full recovery? Well, there is something that I’d like to talk to the two of you about. Some good news and some not so good news.

Why don’t we start with the good news? That’s what I thought. Well, as you both know, the thyroidectomy was a success. And based on all of the follow up tests and the lab samples, etc., Paulina’s recovery from surgery is progressing just as we had hoped. So, the surgery wasn’t the cause of the heart attack?

No, it was not. And, um, in regards to the heart attack, we are so lucky that your mother was here so that we could do an angioplasty immediately and put the stent in place. But even so, after a heart attack, there is damage to the heart when it has lost its blood supply. And as it heals, it can form scar tissue.

So that’s a bad thing? Well, scar tissue does not constrict or pump blood as efficiently as healthy heart tissue. So, what, what does all that mean? Well, basically it means that Pauline is going to have a long road to recovery. I’m going to set her up with cardiac rehab today. But even so, that, that may not be enough.

What do you mean not enough? Well, why don’t we wait and see how the rehab goes. Given the degree of damage and scar tissue in Paulina’s case, she may need a heart transplant.

What’s going on here?

Hey, Holly.

We missed you around here, kiddo.

Hasn’t been the same without you. Personally, I missed the, um, That, uh, mouth watering smell of those macaroons Chef was always making for you. Just, uh, coming in the door. You know, seeing you with your sketchbook out. You know, your headphones on, mouthing the words to some Adele song. It’s all in the zone.

So peaceful.

Hey, you know, I Just remembered that we are way past due for that, uh, fencing lesson. Hmm? We gotta get that next one in.

I miss you so much, Holly.

And things are, um, A little hectic right now. But I’m gonna be back to visit you soon. Real soon. I promise.

Please, go ahead. Uh, yes, uh, Chad and I did go to see Clyde Weston, but not because we are co conspirators in some intricate murder plot. Uh, we wanted to talk to him because we were doing an article. We are journalists. Right. The article that was, oh, oh yes, uh, the one that was going to implicate Mr. Clyde Weston as the ringleader of the Salem drug trade.

Hello, Mr. Nixon. Oh, yes, it’s Woodward and Bernstein calling from the Post. How are you? Okay, um, whatever that was. Listen, the only thing that we wanted to do was write a comprehensive article with a diversity of voices and viewpoints. So we went to confirm some facts. We were hoping Clyde was willing to talk, but let me ask you something, Detective Hunter.

Do you really think that I would have the slightest desire to be in the same room as the man who murdered my wife? The only thing I want for that son of a bitch is pain and sorrow. I get that. I understand that your history with Clyde Weston is very tragic. For that, I am sorry that I have to ask. It’s fine.

You’re doing your job, I guess. What about you? What’s your connection to Clyde Weston? Matter of fact, it’s hard to really tell who you have a connection with nowadays. Mr. Stein? The name is Lynch, and no, I don’t have any connection with Clyde Weston, for which I am grateful, given that he is a homicidal maniac.

Yeah, well, see, you spoke with Clyde Weston, and then you visited him. And then afterwards, Lucas Horton’s safe house was compromised. Yes, and as I think we’ve made clear many times, not by us.

Well, as you might guess, your word means absolutely nothing to me. Nothing. So I’m gonna sit here, patiently, calmly, until one of you tells me something that I can actually believe.

I, uh, I hope she heard all that stuff. I was telling her about how much we miss her. I’m sure she did. You know, I read that when you talk to someone you love and touch them when they’re in a coma, it helps their recovery. Yeah. I can’t help but, but think that if I had just talked to her more, before, This happened, you know, or listened better.

I, I mean, I, I knew she had this, this crush that Johnny, Johnny, stop. Listen, what you did or, or did not do, it, it didn’t cause any of this. Of course not. The only one to blame here is Tate Black. Alright, EJ. Please.

For Holly’s sake, no, no negative talk, okay? When we’re around her, let’s just talk about how much we love her and how much we need her to come back to us.

Mama, you’re late. Barely. How are you feeling, Paulina? I feel like I was hit by a freight train. Well, that’s to be expected. Enough about me. How are you, my darling daughter? Oh, I, I’m doing good. How’s married life treating you? The first few hours have been perfect. Yeah, everything except for honeymooning at the hospital, right?

No, we are fine with that. Okay? We just want to be close to you.

Yeah, you should get your mom some ice chips, okay? I love you, Mama. I love you too, baby girl.

I want to give you two a little time to think. I’ll circle back, alright? Thank you, Kim. Yeah. Well You gave us quite a scare there, Miss Paulina. Sorry about that. You know, you can’t leave us now. Oh. No. Especially now that we just got back together again. Listen to me. Nobody’s leaving anybody. Oh, I love you to the moon and back, Abrahamcock.

What plan I’m doing that for? Very long time.

I’m going to ask you both to stay here while I make a couple of phone calls.

I had no idea someone came after Lucas. Yeah, I know. And on the same night that all sorts of other hell was breaking loose. It’s, it’s a little suspicious, no? Why the hell is Jada pointing the finger at us? More importantly, why is she coming after you so hard? Calling you by the wrong name, giving you dirty looks.

It’s like she’s relishing it. You know, the idea of taking you down. Yeah, um, There’s something I need to tell you, Chad.

So, how does it feel to be a married man again? It feels terrific. Um, yeah, Chanel is, you know, Chanel’s a catch. I’m a lucky guy. Oh, well, Chanel is a lucky girl. Thank you. Mm hmm. Well, I had better get up and get changed and head back to the hospital, but it was really great to visit with Holly and with you.

Nicole, I know this guy right here has really missed you. Well, I’ve missed you both very much. And please, son, if there’s anything you need day or night, let us know. And we will be praying for Apollina. Thank you. I mean, I know that you have a full plate yourself, so Hey. You’re my son, and I’m here for you no matter what.

Love you. Love you, too.

So, what do you need, my love? You need a pillow? Or a blanket? No, I need What I need Abraham, I need you to listen to me. Just sit down. Sit down. Sit down and listen to me. I need to say a couple of things to you before I close my eyes again. I need you to promise me something. Oh, come on, sweetheart. You know, you, you, you just don’t, I need you to promise me that you’ll take care of my girls.

I need you to promise that no matter what happens, that you’ll, you’ll be there for them. Of course I will. Of course. No, promise me now. Promise me, Abraham. Sweetheart, I promise. But I need you to listen to me. I need you to listen to me, Paulina Carver. Now you’re going to be there for your girls. And you’re going to be there for their children as well.

And I am going to be there right by your side. And that’s a promise that I make.

So, what you’re telling me is your name is not actually Everett Lynch. I’m telling you that I apparently have gone by another name in the past. It doesn’t make any sense, Chad. Honestly, um, but the fact is that there There are things that I, that I don’t remember from before the accident. Yeah, but, but see you You remembered Stephanie, yeah?

And, um, you, you remembered how crazy you were about her. You remembered, you remembered her enough to track her down to Salem and worm your way back into her life. Worm? Yes, I, I, I remembered Stephanie. I remembered how much I loved her. Yes. Okay. That’s what you’re talking about. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

But, but, but hold, just cause, hold on a sec, cause my mind Um, is, is, uh, spinning a little bit. So you, so you, you remembered Stephanie, but you didn’t remember your wife. Okay, I was, I was never married! I was never married! At least, I don’t

I don’t recall ever having been married. Besides which, Jade and Bobby, you know, they got divorced. Jade and Bobby. Bobby. Like Bobby Stein, that’s why she kept calling you Mr. Stein. Yes. Yeah. She’s obviously very angry. Yeah! No, I wonder why! You know what? I don’t believe a word that you say. You’ve been lying since you came to Salem.

Whatever, Everett, Bobby, whatever the hell your name is. Everett Lynch. Yeah, okay, Bobby, Bobby. My name is Everett Lynch. Okay, whatever, Bobby. Listen, okay, how did Stephanie react to this, huh? How does she react to the fact that the guy that ghosted her in Seattle, who broke her heart, tracked her down, just to break her heart again?

Huh? Stephanie and I are dealing with this on our own, okay? I love her, and she knows that. You love her? Yes. You love her? Yes. We don’t even know who you really are!

You know, and I, and I, and I shouldn’t know because, you never respected my relationship with her, okay? You knew her and I were involved. And you just, you just happily snaked your way in there and ruined it for us. You did that all on your own, pal. What’d you just say to me? Don’t blame me for your breakup with Stephanie!

You did that on your own. You told her that you weren’t ready for a commitment or whatever the hell you said because you were still grieving your late wife. Which, by the way, I think you still are. Shut up. Don’t blame your breakup on me. Shut up! What I needed was some time, okay? And she made her decision.

It is what it is. But what Stephanie didn’t need was her psychopath ex boyfriend infiltrating back in, making her think that he was willing to commit, when really, he’s a fraud. What is going on here? Uh Not him, just, uh, you know, your friend Bobby and I here. We’re having a talk. Okay, so I guess this turned into story time while I was gone.

Yeah, look, um, Whatever he put you through, I’m sorry. Listen, for what it’s worth, I’m glad that you know the truth about your colleague. Yeah, um,

You make me sick. Are we done here? Yes. For now. But a word of advice to both of you. Don’t leave town. Salem’s my home. I’m not going anywhere.

Belle! How are you doing? Oh, uh, As well as can be expected. It’s kinda hard not to worry. I know. But your mother is one of the toughest women I know. She’s gonna pull through this. And she raised a very strong daughter. I’ll see you.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey. I’m so glad you’re here. Hey, what’s going on? It’s Mama. She’s not doing too well. And her heart attack, they said that it caused some damage to her heart muscles. And now she may need a heart transplant. Oh, Johnny. I can’t lose her. Okay. Hey, hey, hey. You won’t. You won’t. Hey, hey. Look at me.

Whatever Paulina has to go through, she’s got our support. Okay, she’s got Abe’s support. Look, I was just looking, I saw on the news recently about heart transplants, how successful they are. I mean, people can live for years, years, after a heart transplant. Okay. It’s Eli. What do I say? How do I tell him? All I

can say to you, Detective Hunter,

is I’m sorry that I don’t remember us. Being together.

Your apologies mean nothing to me. So you can stop saying how sorry you are. I just wish What? That I would stop going back. You know, just remembering when we first met. When it was fun and romantic. You know, I met you at the farmer’s market. You came up to me with that stupid, charming smile and you asked me if you should wash prepped tomatoes before you ate them.

Not the worst line in the world. Listen, Jada, I am genuinely Trying to make things right. Okay, I’m, I’m seeing a therapist. Dr. Evans, um, We’re doing this intensive, um, I think it’s called Adaptive Memory Recovery. Anyway, the point is, I want to remember. Alright, I am, I’m trying.

All I want to do is forget. I want to forget I ever met you. I want to forget the good. Definitely the bad. I want to forget it all.

So let’s hope that one of us gets what we want.

Elwin, I was serious. What I said earlier. Don’t even think about leaving Salem.

My dear sweet Abraham. What would I do without you? Well, you never have to find out.

How you feeling, Mama? Oh, better now that the newlyweds are here. Well, the newlyweds have some good news. Oh, you two planned your honeymoon? Oh, well, you know, you know, you need to give me the names of the hotels, and the, I’m going to need the flight numbers, and you need to, oh, you need to talk to my travel aid, you know.

No, no, no, no, no, Mama, Mama, we have not planned our honeymoon yet. But, Eli just called. And Lonnie’s been released. And they’ll be here tomorrow. Oh! Released! Oh! Oh! Praise the lord! Praise the lord! She’s coming home! Oh! Oh!

Can you believe it, honey? We’re home and I know you’re on your way back to us. I can feel it. And I can’t wait to see those big beautiful eyes and your happy smile. I’m so lucky to be your mama.

You make me a better person, sweetheart. You’ve made such progress, honey. And that’s because you have that fighting spirit just like your mom. And so we know that very soon you’ll awake, and we will surely embarrass you with all the affection and attention. Because we’ll be just thrilled to have our precious Holly back.


my love. Oh,

I’m sorry, ma’am. Ma’am? Oh, yeah, Kristen, huh? Yeah, it’s Kristen. I did not know that was you. I’m sorry. Oh, well, now that you do, maybe you could call me. Yes, absolutely. Uh, my head was someplace else. Anyway, it was good to run into you. Yeah, literally. Uh, so tell me, uh, what’s got you so hyper focused? Uh, it’s nothing.

Yeah, let me guess. Does it have to do with one Jeannie Teresa Donovan? No kidding? Is that really her name? Oh my god, you guys are that close, huh? I mean, we were until recently. She just moved out. Back with Brady. Excuse me? Yeah, she moved back out of the townhouse. With Brady. Ah. A little cream and two sugars, right?

Thank you. Yes. Thank you for letting me shack up here, again. Well, Tate’s room is just sitting there empty anyway. You know what makes me feel close to him? Just being in his room. Especially after that nightmare visit. You know, they say that every teenage boy at one point in time just tells his parents that he hates them.

You know, that’s, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Do you think it was just a rant, like pent up frustrations? I think he’s got a reason to be frustrated, right? Yeah, but not to take it out on us.

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