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let’s not waste each other’s time standing around. You got something to say to me? Just go ahead and say it, nina. Sorry. I’m just startled because I’ve heard you use that tone of voice with other people, but I never dreamed that you would with me. I don’t know what y-you’re expecting. I just — I want a conversation. I-I don’t want to waste any more time. We’ve wasted enough time being apart. Okay. This is your chance. Stop stalling. Get to where you need to get. I miss you. And I’m done missing you. Kristina and I are more than friends. What does that — what does that even mean? “More than friends”? You know what it means. Please don’t pretend you don’T. No, I don’t have to pretend. You’ve said barely anything since I got here, and I’m completely lost. I’m saying… kristina didn’t stay over because we had some girls’ night that went late. Kristina isn’t a friend. She’s my girlfriend.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s an auspicious day that begins when two co-parents such as ourselves share a house… and then share a kiss. Oh, it was a first for me. Yeah. I have no precedent, either. So…what now? Well — well, we could just pretend it never happened. Was the kiss not to your liking? Oh, no. I thought it was fine. “Fine”? I mean, “fine” is akin to “nice,” linguistically speaking, and neither connote a rave review. No. Okay. Uh, I-it was better than fine. It was better than nice. It was — it was definitely a good kiss. Okay, because, I mean, it was — it was very good for — for me, as well. Great. Okay. Okay? Well, now that we’ve got that worked out, let’s just go back to the way things were. What — what — you want to — you want to put the genie back in the bottle? Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Well, because I’m afraid that would be impossible. Why is that? And, please, no lectures on the metaphysical properties of genies and when they can and can’t be put back in the bottles because, yes, I’m sure there are laws that govern the “genie-verse,” but they don’t apply to us. “Us.” Did you just say “us”? “Us” as in us, just standing here. I mean, I-it’s only a word! No. It means more. Since when? Since… I think I’m falling back in love with you, maxie. So how was your day? The heavy bag and I spent some quality time together. How was your day? Not so great. I hate the way this feels between us, carly. But I’m at a loss. Can we find our way forward or… or is this the end for us?

It’s a good thing you kept your day job, now that you’ve printed your first and last issue of crimson. I may have said some things that I didn’t mean at the office, you know. I know i did. I missed you last night. I missed you, too. I’ve been missing you for a while now. I’m not the same since prison. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. But if you’re looking for the man that I used to be, he’s gone…for good. If I wasn’t willing to listen, I’d have walked out by now. It’s ironic because I came here to ask ava to orchestrate some way for us to be alone together. And lo and behold, you show up, so no orchestration needed. You and ava talking about me? Well, of course we do. Because we’re friends, sonny. Right. And she’s currently staying with you, though she doesn’t tell me a whole lot. But she did tell me that you were almost killed in puerto rico. I can’t stand the thought of you being struck down by some unknown assassin. Alright. So if you talk to ava, you know that nobody got hurt. As you can see, I’m fine. But do you know who’s responsible for this? And where was dex? I mean, he shouldn’t let something like that happen to you. He should be protecting you. Nina, that’s not your concern. You are my concern. Everything about you is my concern. You know I’m not gonna stop worrying and caring about you, sonny, because you served me with divorce papers, okay? No legal document is gonna… your — your ring. What? Your wedding ring. Where is it?

Mami, did you hear what I said? I did. My hearing’s just fine. Thank you. You need to pick up after yourself. Unbelievable. I guess you think that now that your career is taking off, you can just have people just do all this for you, right? But no matter how big you get, you need to pick up after you. Discipline, self-respect, courtesy, hard work. These are all really good habits that matter. Good habits matter because they serve you your whole life. And you don’t just let them slide like this. I guess what they say is true. A mother’s work is never done. It’s clearly more than just finances.

Mami. Please stop. I don’t need you to clean up after me. I need you to look at me. There are a million reasons why I didn’t tell you the truth. But now I have one big reason to tell you everything. And the fact is, kristina and I — there is no “kristina and I”! There is you, and there is her. And there is some story, some fantasy that this young lady has been whispering in your ear. No. Kristina hasn’t done anything like that. Look. I don’t — I don’t know you, okay? But I know my daughter, and I know that she doesn’t have these kinds of ridiculous ideas. You only know parts of your daughter, okay? The parts I let you see and the parts you let yourself see. Right now I’m trying to get you to see more. Do you think I don’t see you, baby? I brought you into this world. There’s no one who knows you better than I do. I have always been there for you. But I’m not that child anymore. I’m an adult who’s been fending for herself in a very tough industry for years. Honey, I’ve always helped you. I’ve always been there. I know. And I’m grateful. But I also know who I am. And now I need you to know, too. You think you’re in love with me. Oh. Okay. Well, when you’re sure, shoot me an e-mail and let me know. Okay. No, there’s no need to involve the internet. Okay. Let me rewind. Maxie, maxie. I am in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you. Let’s not rewrite history here, okay? I mean, there were long periods of time — I’m talking, like, years — where you were not in love with me. Okay. I may not — I may not have always expressed it. So why are you expressing it now? Okay. I wish I was more articulate for both of our sakes. I really do. But, please, just — just bear with me. Hear me out, okay? Okay. It’s true. For years, I-I sublimated my feelings. But they’ve returned. And they are — they’re stronger than ever. I’ve been trying to fight this since — since last christmas. You’ve had these feelings this entire time? Being in this house, living together, but separately together, if you know what — I — I can’t explain it, but my feelings, they’ve overwhelmed me, and it just kind of happened. One day, we were co-parents. And the next… you know. Don’t you? Last night, I-I-I said it using someone else’s words, someone else’s lyrics in a song, but I’m saying it again… as me…right now. Do you have anything to say in return?

I don’t have a firm grasp on the old drew or the man that I am now, for that matter. Drew cain is… good and kind. And funny and sweet. And so decent. He’s the man I fell for. He sounds interesting. I could spend the rest of my life getting to know him and never scratch the surface and love every minute. Because I love you. And I’m not the only one. Scout adores you because you’re such an amazing father. And you risked everything, including your life, to save willow. And, my god, when we were both facing the possibility of going to prison, you stood up and you took the blame for everything. And it cost you so much. There was no other choice. Yes, there was! Lesser men make easy, self-serving choices every day. But not you. Not ever. I feel like there’s a “but” coming. It must be so hard… to be such a good man and move through the world the way you do. And I love you so much. But… I want you to put pentonville and the past behind you. Why are you so surprised? That ring means something. It’s a symbol of love, fidelity, and trust. And when they’re gone — it’s only gone when we say that it’s gone. And it has to be with the same conviction and passion we felt when we put these rings on our fingers, sonny. Look. I still have mine. It’s right here. I’ve never taken it off. But that’s your choice, nina. Not that it’s gonna change anything once we’ve signed the papers. Do you really think we can put everything that we are on some pieces of paper? The paper is gonna make things easier. It’s gonna make the ending easier. This is hard on you, too. Okay, then forget about the damn papers! Forget about the rings! Even forget about the vows that we made to each other. The only thing that truly matters, sonny, is that I love you. And I know that you still love me. That’s not the only thing that matters. I know. It’s not the only thing that matters. Okay, you can blame me all you want for throwing carly and drew under the bus. I reported them to the sec. Yes, I did that. But you cannot tell me that you don’t understand why I did that. On some level, deep down, you understand. And you know why? Why? Because we both live by this golden rule. Do unto others before they can do unto you. In my case, it’s business. In your case, it’s jealousy. Jealousy almost put donna’s mother in prison. What about wiley? What about amelia? Carly is as much their grandmother as you are. Yeah, and I’m reminded of that over and over again. I made a rash decision. You don’t want carly happy, plain and simple! It didn’t matter who went to prison — drew or carly. As long as carly’s miserable, it’s a win-win situation for you. You blame me for taking drew away from carly, right? But do you ever blame carly for taking my daughters away from me? Daughters. Plural. Sonny. Nelle and willow! It seems like I’m the only one ever outraged by that. You can come up with a million excuses why you did what you did. And, yeah, I can be ruthless when I have to be. But you’re reckless! And petty! And that’s unforgivable. Forget about sonny. I mean, n-not forget — forget him? He’s a tough man to forget. I mean, the man’s a legend. But… I think I’m in love with you, too. Just digressions aside — wait. What, what, what? I said I think — no, I’m almost positive I — you love me?! Did you hear that, world?! She loves me! No? Is that enough? I’m gonna go. I think you and your mom should talk. No. Please stay. You’re a part of my life, and my mother needs to hear it. No, no, no. I don’t need to hear any more about this. We have more important things to talk about, like your finances. No, at the moment, the most important thing is kristina and I, and the sooner you accept that — what more do I need to accept? When you first came to me and you said you wanted to earn a living trying to sing, I was nervous, but I said, “okay.” And then you said you wanted to go around the world singing. And what did I do? I jumped in, I took care of the books, and I made sure that all you had to think about was your music. You manage my money and my investments. You do not manage my career. No, that is brook lynn quartermaine. And to be honest, I think she’s awfully distracted lately. As are you, if I’m being honest. My focus has never been better. Really? Then where is the new song that you’ve been promising? Because all I’ve heard about is your friend. Do you think maybe she has been distracting you? Kristina has inspired me more than I ever have been. Where’s the proof of this inspiration? Will you stop looking for a song and look at what’s standing right in front of you?! Me! I’m being more of my true self with you than ever before! Okay. I can see that you are clearly not in a mood to listen, so I think that might be good because we really can’t discuss any kind of business in front of your friend. And we can just — just talk about it later. Mami, please don’t shut me out. This is hard enough — no, I’ve had more than enough. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

[ Door slams ]

are you okay? My mom’s right. I really am a mess sometimes. Ali. Hey. You’re allowed to be messy, but you are not a mess. I’m so sorry that she can’t see you for who you are because she is missing out on an incredible person. I wish I could have said I was surprised by what had happened. She did seem surprised when she came in. Yeah. And one minute later, her head was back in the sand. So it seems like maybe you guys have been here before? Sort of. I’ve tried to talk to her, but she just bobs and weaves and dodges the subject every time. She could have given muhammad ali a run for his money. Her denial did seem practiced. You would have thought that the woman in my bed would have made it a little harder for her to avoid the subject this time. Happy to help. And the confusing part is so many of her friends and colleagues are gay. Really? Yes. And she doesn’t have any issue with them. None. But when it comes to me, her own daughter, I — yes, but maybe it’s because you are her daughter. She cares about you, and she worries about you more than she would for someone that was just a friend. Yeah, I wish we could talk about it like normal people. This is hard enough — you know, climbing over the walls she puts up. My family means everything to me, and I’ve always tried to be a good daughter, the kind of person my mom would be proud of, and now she won’t even look at me, even though I’m exactly the same person I always have been! It should not be this hard. There are actual problems in the world. I guess for my mom… …I’m one of them. I must confess, maxie, I’m confounded. How can true love not be enough? True love is everything! Well, it — it sounds great when you say it, spinelli, but we both know that true love didn’t keep us together before. And it’s so easy to look into the past and think the sky was bluer, the grass was greener, there was no problem we couldn’t solve. That scenario only exists in video games — and not very interesting ones, at that. No, I’m talking about us. No. We’re talking about nostalgia. And that’s exactly what I told sasha when — okay. Wait, wait. I’m sorry. You discussed us with sasha? Cody didn’t mention that. You talked about this with cody? It may have come up. And…? He urged me to, and I quote, “go for it.”

[ Chuckles ] What did sasha say? She pretty much said the same thing. Well, then, I fail to see the problem. Look, everyone can see it. Maxie, we were meant to be together. Maybe you’re right. I mean, fate did have a hand in this when the pipes in your apartment burst and you had to come live with us. So who am I to argue with fate? Fate had nothing to do with my pipes. What did you say? M-my pipes are fine. I moved in to help you. Believe me, I want to put pentonville behind me, too. I just don’t know how that’s even possible because I can’t ignore what nina did to me. You have every right to hate nina. I hate her, too! But I don’t have the bandwidth to care about her. She’s not worth it. But you are. And I care so much about you. And I care about us. I care about us, too. But I — I told you before, I don’t see how this relationship works if you can’t let go. Have you? I mean, really. Because I don’t remember twisting your arm to get you to take over for nina at crimson. What are you talking about? I only took that job because you asked me to. I did it for you. Yeah, but admit it. You enjoyed seeing nina lose something that she loved. Oh, my god. I freely admit it. I loved taking over something that nina had and making it better. But it didn’t stop there for you. You kept finding ways to get back at nina, and that’s when I knew I couldn’t stay at crimson. I mean, this place — this place was named in honor of a woman who gave as good as she got. She knew not to chase revenge. My mom never gave in to her worst impulses. She rose above them. And that’s what I’m trying so hard to do. Underneath all the wrongs that nina has piled on top of you… I know that drew cain is in here. I know that he is. And I see it. And I need you to see it, and I need you to own it. Or else…

[ Sighs ] Or else what? Or else nina wins. Petty and reckless? Well, I’ve been called worse. Never claimed that I was a saint, sonny. When our paths crossed in nixon falls, I did try to call carly, but she didn’t want to hear anything from me, but I suppose I could have called her back and told her that you were — but you didn’t because you hated her so much, right? That’s true. At first. But then something changed. Something that I never expected. I fell in love with you. You are so certain that I am motivated by jealousy and envy. I only know what I see, nina. But you’re not seeing the whole picture, sonny! Because I’m motivated by something a hell of a lot stronger than jealousy and hate. I’m motivated by the same thing that you felt when you forgave me after we got back from nixon falls and you realized that I knew who “mike” was all along. And that motivation is love. Our love. I’m not gonna deny that. No, you can’t deny it. Because it’s true. You felt the kind of love that you’ve never had before. You never had this with carly or with anybody else.

I’ve never had that kind of love. So in spite of everything that’s happened, sonny, I dare you to tell me right now… that you don’t still love me.

My mom and I got to a better place. And I think, in time, you and your mom can also, eventually. I’m not holding my breath. You’ve already had your coming-out. It’s not fair to ask you to come along for my ride. Is that it? Or… are you sorry you called me your girlfriend? I haven’t stopped loving you. Not for a second. That’s why it felt like a knife in my back when you betrayed me. Because I forgave you in nixon falls, and then you lied to me again. What happened in nixon falls, it was terrible. I never should have kept you from your family. But what I am saying is, sometimes something beautiful can come out of even the worst mistakes. Without that bad, horrible decision, we never would have found that path to getting married, to building a life together. I’m not gonna play the “what if” games. I’m not asking you to play the “what if” games. I just want you to consider this — that maybe something beautiful can come out of this mistake. What I did to carly and drew, that was wrong. And lying to you, that was wrong. But we can make all those things right again, sonny! As long as we’re together. The only way that nina wins is if she splits us up. And she almost did when I got sent to pentonville. But she didn’T. Because you’re right here. We’re together. And these moments belong to us. No one else. I-I-I wish that I could be as enlightened as you. Oh, my god. Don’t let my desire to move on fool you. I-I’m not being noble. It’s self-preservation. My life is far better when it’s not chained to hating nina, I mean, or trying to get back at nina. And your life will be better, too! Look, you survived that attack in pentonville. Those animals are still there behind bars. But you’re here. You’re free. Sometimes I-I feel like I’m still there, like I’m on the inside. I’m just far away from you and from scout and from everything that I love. Drew, the only prison is the one in your head. Yeah, but it doesn’t make it feel any less real. You’re gonna have to make the choice… to let it go. You have to take the first step. I’ll admit — a little bird may have told me you were having financial issues. Did this little bird look like my mother? Okay. But — so I wanted to help. So I-I offered to rent a room here in your home. Who told you, spinelli? I’m pretty sure you and i didn’t discuss it. Okay. Who — who remembers? I mean, let– what matters is — is true love, right? Let’s get back to that.

[Chuckling] Let me see — let me see if I have this right. Your response to my momentary financial setback was to hatch a plan with my mom to bail me out of my own problem behind my back because you don’t think I can take care of myself and my kids. True love has nothing to do with this. To 50 years with my best friend and my soulmate.[Clanking]

[Gasping] Nooo…

hing I did, I-I wasmotivated by my love for you. Oh, wow. Okay. That’s exactly what peter used to say to me. And austin. They would use their love for me as a reason to justify lying. But I don’t really care what the reason is, spinelli. Lying has nothing to do with love — at least not the kind of love that i want. My falsehoods are hardly of the same degree. I mean, I-I didn’t mean to… and even if you hadn’t just compared yourself to that murderous psycho… I did not, and I would not ever compare myself to him. Maxie, during your whole lamentable time with that man, I-I begged you, I-I-I fought with you. I did everything I could in my power to try to warn you away from him. You’re right. You did. And I didn’t listen! So, what, now — now I’m not capable of solving my own problems? No. Of course, you’re capable. But you lied to me, spinelli! You moved in with me under false pretenses! You, of all people, should know there are no degrees to trust. And I have to be able to fully trust the person that I give my heart to. No. I-I-I do know that. But you should also know that my heart hurts to see you in distress. I only wanted to help. But I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re sorry. But things came out okay, right? I mean, living here together, watching the kids, rolling our eyes at them behind their backs. I mean, we experienced the old familiar feeling, right? The old familiar feeling? As in the — the “wild and crazy” maxie you constantly had to bail out? Spinelli. [Scoffs] That wild and crazy maxie grew up. And I-I know how to take care of myself and my kids. But you still see me as someone so irresponsible you have to bail them out. Yes! Ohh! No! No, no. I mean — I mean, no. Maxie! You are still as exciting a-and unpredictable as ever, but living here has afforded me the opportunity to see… the new and improved maximista, and she is even more attractive, more alluring, and — helpless? Is this because I haven’t been on the top of my game at deception? Because I gotta tell you, that’s about to change. And you know what? You can go tell my mother that I don’t need your help with any of my financial issues. In fact, better yet,

I’m gonna tell her. Maxie, I swear to the old gods and the new that I do not see you as helpless. I-I just wanted to make your life a little bit better. And I’d still like to do that if you’ll give me the chance. You want to help make my life better? I-I have something that you can do. Name it. Pack your bags and get out. I would do anything to get rid of this rage that I feel for nina. I would rip it out of my body if I could. Because I know you’re right. I know that I should be content with taking crimson away from her. And if that isn’t enough, I know that she threw away any chance that she has of being happy when she lied to sonny about what she did to us. Was that so hard? It’s one thing to say it and another thing to live it. Like, it’s still in me. I’m not done. I tossed nina out at crimson only to watch her land on her feet as the invader’s new publisher. Imagine how alexis feels.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know… I don’t know how you do this. I don’t know how you turn the other cheek and how you move on with life. I don’t know how you make it look so easy. Who says any of this has been easy? If you believe there’s even the smallest chance of us being together, sonny, I will do anything to make that happen. I almost believe you mean that. Well, you should. It’s true. You know the magic we found in nixon falls, falling in love there? It doesn’t have to be a distant memory. We can find that again. We can repair all that damage. We can renew our vows and put that ring back on your finger. We can be mr. And mrs. Sonny corinthos. Mr. And mrs. Sonny corinthos. Does that mean that you forgive me?

There’s nothing easy about dealing with nina. Are you kidding me? Every time I hear her name, I can’t stand it. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. See? On a basic human-survival level, you know — you know that nina just means trouble. Yes, but she’s never gonna be anything different. But i can be. I am done letting nina rule my life! And since losing my mom, I-I… life is short. And I am not gonna waste any more time settling scores. I won’T. I won’t take one second of our time together for granted. I’ll never do that. You are not alone in your hatred of nina. I will never forget what she did to me and my family. I will never believe a word that comes out of her mouth. If she walked in here and said, “good morning,” I would be looking for the meteor to hit. Well, thank you for saying that because I did think that I was alone in realizing how dangerous she really is. You’re not alone! But just remember that nina is her own worst enemy. She does shoot herself in the foot a lot. Every single time. But you and I… as long as we’re together, that’s all that matters. I like the sound of that. Any idea… how we can make up? I — yeah. I have a few ideas. We can’t do it here. Just like that? You want — you want me to pack up and vacate the premises? You said you wanted to help me, and this is what you could do. So don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You don’t mean that literally. As literal as a busted pipe.

[Chuckling] Where should I go? How about your own home? Since your pipes aren’t actually busted. And if you’re feeling lonely, hit up your good friend cody. You know, maybe there’s an empty stall at the quartermaines’. Maxie, I-I understand you’re upset, but, please, you have to know that my intentions were pure. I-I only wanted to help you without you feeling indebted to me. Well, I’m feeling furious… and played. But not indebted. So job well done. Please elaborate. Who says I couldn’t have solved my own problems? Who says I couldn’t have done it without you? No one. You can do anything. I know that! I know that. You and your little bird seem to have forgotten. You know what? Forget the packing. Okay? I-I will forward your things to whatever address you end up at. You just need to go. Maxie, I never meant — look, spinelli, you can see georgie whenever you want, but as far as you and i are concerned, we’re — we’re over. Before we even started. Spinelli! I will never be sorry that I called you my girlfriend. From the first time we kissed, I knew what I felt for you was real and strong. And I wondered how I’d find the courage to tell my mother. But when the time came, the words just came out. And for the first time in forever… I feel free. And I hope you never lose that. I’m not gonna let someone take it from me, that’s for sure. I think we’ve been honest about everything so far, and we just have to continue to be honest about everything with your mom. She may never come around. My past experience with her is reason enough for me to believe that she won’T. She just has to see how important this is to you. To us. Even then, there’s no guarantee she’ll understand. Well, there’s no guarantee anyway. We didn’t get into this because there was a guaranteed happy ending, did we? So you just have to talk to her and try. Don’t worry. I will. Good. I have to get going to my meeting for the foundation. This isn’t an ending, but… I already feel happier with you.

[ Door closes ] I believe in forgiveness. I’ve asked for it myself quite a bit in my life. So, yeah, you know, I can forgive you. But I can never forget. What you did in nixon falls kept the truth from carly and my family. That was hard to accept. I told myself you weren’t getting back at carly. You were doing it because you were in love with me. That’s true. But this is — this is different, okay? It’s more difficult because… …you deliberately set out… to punish carly. Drew wasn’t the target. He was just collateral damage. But you lashed out without caring about the consequences. Well, now… you’re gonna have to deal with the consequences, nina. Oh — sonny. Th– this isn’t the end of our story! Sonny! You may be willing to walk out on our marriage!

[ Door closes ] But I never will.

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