Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Adam: So, any actual bets on what this meeting is about?

Nick: I’m assuming it’s about Vic’s leave of absence. And with Nate gone as well, we’re definitely shorthanded right now.

Adam: So, more musical chairs in the c-suite.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know. Dad could be bringing someone else in.

Adam: No, I doubt that. I mean, you heard his speech about family pulling together. His plan is for you and me to work side by side.

Nick: Yeah, I’d say that’s a fantasy.


Audra: So, the strategy is to just let the news cycle die out?

Tucker: That’s right. Strategy is lay low, regroup. See what happens. People don’t have any attention span anymore. They’ll be on to the next scandal in a couple of days.

Audra: Well surely the good people of glissade won’t forget or forgive so easily.

Tucker: No, they are angry, disgusted.

Audra: Did they find a way to oust you?

Tucker: Mm.

[ Tucker clears throat ] Just the opposite. I’m firing all of them.

[ Tucker coughs ]

Audra: So, the captain is going down with a sinking ship. And you’re throwing everyone overboard first.

Tucker: No, no, I have no intention of walking away, just because of a little hiccup.

Audra: You know, well, I say it’s more than just a hiccup. It’s more like a death rattle.

Tucker: Listen, I can put together another board. I can find a new staff. I can surround myself with people who are willing to look past my missteps. So, the answer to your question is no, the Abbotts have not defeated me. They haven’t won and they won’t. Listen, your deodorant just has to work.


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