Y&R Best Lines Friday, December 8, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: If we work together, we are unstoppable.

[ Jill chuckling ]

Jill: Well, it’s about time. It’s about time that you idiots came and struck gold.

Billy: She’s insulting us. That means she likes it.

Jill: Listen, when we hit him, it’s gotta be painful, it’s gotta be relentless and it’s something that he cannot recover from. And I know exactly where it’s gonna hurt the most.


Phyllis: Hey, cricket. Hey. Look at you coming in for a beverage at this hour. Most people are winding down, but not you. What you up to?

Christine: Well, I suppose any number of things, but, uh, right now I was just hoping for a quiet moment alone to pick up my tea.

Phyllis: Oh, I understand that. I understand that. Probably contemplating your future if there’s any truth to the rumor that you’re vacating the D.A.’S office.

Christine: It’s truly fascinating. It– it boggles my mind.

Phyllis:  Yeah. Yeah, that the rumor mill finally got it right this time.

Christin e: No. You think what I do is any of your business.


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