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Stephanie sits in the town square, participating in the geocaching event. Tripp and Wendy join her as they talk about how everyone is having a blast with it. Stephanie adds that they’ve already raised thousands for the hospital. Tripp and Wendy decide to continue geocaching before Tripp has to go to work.

At the Spectator office, Leo is with Everett. Everett talks about writing an article about the fire at the Horton house. Leo asks if anyone was hurt. Everett confirms that they got out okay. Leo talks about not usually liking kids but he does like Thomas and Charlotte. Leo thanks God that everyone got out alive even if they lost their belongings.

Theresa comes out of her room and sees Alex on the couch. She thinks back to finding the engagement ring in his pocket. Alex is surprised she got ready so quick and goes to finish getting ready. Theresa comments to herself that she is so ready.

Eric and Sloan watch over baby Jude. Eric surprises Sloan with a necklace with Jude’s name for Valentine’s Day which she calls cute. Eric makes sure that she likes it and puts it on her. Sloan then tells Eric that she got him something too and presents him with lingerie which she says she intends to wear for him tonight. Eric says he can’t wait. Eric then points out that Jude is going to fall asleep fast so they should get going. Eric then exits with Jude, leaving Sloan disappointed.

Nicole is home with Holly still in a coma in bed as EJ stands next to them. EJ calls it a relief to have them both home. Nicole says she can’t thank him enough. EJ tells her to thank Sarah as she was managing Holly’s case with the Italian doctors from here. EJ adds that Sarah guided him on everything Holly would need and set them up with the best staff. EJ says he did whatever it took to get them back home. Nicole says they know he went above and beyond. EJ hugs her and says it feels so good to have her in his arms again. Nicole admits she missed him so much. EJ declares no more missing each other since she is back home where she belongs as they kiss.

Officer Goldman meets with Rafe in his office. She talks about knowing she had no choice but to pull the trigger, but still feeling the shock of it. She prays she’s never put in that situation again. Rafe hopes she won’t be as Jada enters and returns Goldman’s gun to her. Rafe informs her that she is cleared to return to active duty. She responds that she’s never been more ready and thanks them as she exits the office. Rafe calls it a good Valentine’s Day for her. Jada talks about not knowing about her personal life. Rafe comments that Goldman had a rough couple of days, so hopefully she has someone to be with. Rafe says he’s glad that he does. Jada feels the same and presents Rafe with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Leo asks Everett if there are any leads on how the fire started. Everett says it sounds like arson. Leo bets that whoever set the Horton house ablaze was a very unattractive person who couldn’t stand that everyone in the house were all so lovey with each other. Leo wonders if jealousy could have been the motive. Leo brings up his boyfriend being in prison, so he doesn’t have plans tonight on Valentine’s Day. Everett says as lovely as that sounds, he does have plans. Leo says he should’ve known and guesses his plans are with Stephanie which Everett confirms. Leo remarks that Stephanie does seem to like him and has laughed at his jokes, so maybe he can tag along. Everett informs Leo that they are going on a double date if Leo doesn’t mind being a fifth wheel. Leo says third wheel is one thing but being fifth wheel would be too pathetic. Leo suggests he’ll check out the geocaching event and maybe he’ll find his valentine hidden in the town square. Everett wishes him luck with that. Leo tells Everett to enjoy his Valentine’s Day while he will likely be back in his hotel room for the night. Leo then exits the office.

Jada’s gift to Rafe is an antique Sherriff badge from the 1800s which Rafe calls great and acknowledges it took a lot of thought. Jada says she knows he’s been buried in work so he shouldn’t feel obligated but Rafe reveals he already got her a gift. Rafe presents her with a heart shaped box which Jada assumes is chocolates but turns out to be a bracelet. Rafe calls her the strongest, bravest, and most persistent woman he knows as Jada says she loves it. They kiss until pointing out they are still at work.

Tripp and Wendy say they love hanging with each other and that they needed this fun after everything that’s been going on lately.

Nicole tells EJ that she learned some Italian while in Italy to impress him. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so happy to be home in Italian. EJ says he’s very impressed and that she speaks Italian very well as they kiss. Nicole thanks EJ again for bringing her and Holly back home. EJ says it was selfish on his part because he missed them both terribly. Nicole says she missed him too and they kiss. EJ informs her that he had chef make them a very special meal for Valentine’s Day but he understands if she doesn’t want to celebrate. Nicole assures that she does, pointing out that Holly is breathing on her own and back home which she credits EJ for making happen.

Jada and Rafe talk about their dinner plans with Stephanie. Rafe points out that Jada will finally meet Stephanie’s boyfriend too which Jada says she’s really looking forward to. Rafe mentions that he’s met him a few times while he was covering police stuff for the Spectator and that he seems like a cool guy. Jada calls that interesting because her ex was also a reporter but he was not a cool guy at all. Jada says she doesn’t want to think about him tonight at all, especially when she’s with Rafe on Valentine’s Day. Rafe says he adores her as they kiss.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square with Jude. Stephanie takes a picture of them for the website. Officer Goldman then arrives and looks at the Caching Cupid geocaching poster.

Alex apologizes for taking so long and tells Theresa that she looks amazing. Theresa compliments him in his suit. Theresa then gives him a gift of a scarf and they kiss. Alex says they should get to the Bistro. Theresa mutters to herself that the Bistro is a perfect place to propose. Theresa then tells Alex that she can’t wait to spend the evening with him as it’s going to be such a momentous night. They then exit together.

Everett continues working at the Spectator. His phone rings but he ignores it and then the work phone rings which he answers and it’s Stephanie, who asks if they are still meeting in the town square before dinner. Everett lost track of time and tells her that some more intel came in so he’ll need about 20 minutes to finish and then he will meet her at the Pub. Everett promises to be there as they hang up.

Alex and Theresa go to the Bistro for dinner. Theresa calls it a perfect table as they can see everyone and everyone can see them. Theresa uses their waters to toast to a night to remember.

Eric and Sloan sit together in the town square with Jude until they hear Leo participating in the geocaching event, so Eric calls him over. Leo talks about his progress in geocaching and encourages them to join in. Leo ends up arguing with Sloan before wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and walks away. Eric laughs off Leo and calls him harmless.

Theresa looks through the flowers on the table which Alex questions. Theresa says she was just rearranging them. Alex brings up how Theresa is going with Brady to visit Tate tomorrow. Theresa says she’s so excited and she knows Tate will be relieved to hear Holly is breathing on her own even though she’s still in a coma. Theresa guesses she shouldn’t tell Tate about the fire at the Horton house, lamenting that there is so much bad news lately. Alex takes her hand and says he’s sure she’ll have some good news to share too. Theresa excitedly responds that she sure hopes so.

EJ and Nicole return to the living room after eating dinner. Nicole talks about still being in shock about the fire at Doug and Julie’s and Harris being shot. Nicole calls it a tragedy and is thankful no one was hurt in the fire. Nicole asks what happened since she read it was arson. EJ says they think the person responsible for it was the same person behind the drugs that Holly got and they are inches away from nailing him.

Rafe and Jade go to the Brady Pub where Stephanie joins them for dinner. Jada and Stephanie wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. Rafe goes to get them drinks. Jada asks Stephanie how it’s going out there. Stephanie responds that the fundraiser is a huge success and she’s relieved. Jada asks where her mystery boyfriend is. Stephanie tells her that he promised to be there. Jada responds that she can’t wait to meet him.

Wendy and Tripp continue geocaching and find a heart box with Tom and Alice trivia behind their plaque. They play a game of trivia and then walk off together. After they walk away, Officer Goldman comes around the corner and follows them.

Nicole thanks EJ again for the perfect homecoming. EJ points out that she has not yet opened her Valentine’s Day gift. EJ presents her with a Japanese healing bowl to put in Holly’s room and use it to meditate, pray, or sing. Nicole calls it perfect and kisses him. Nicole points out that she didn’t get him anything in between traveling. EJ responds that he doesn’t need or want anything that she hasn’t already given him. EJ declares that having her home is the best Valentine’s Day gift he could have hoped for as they kiss.

Eric and Sloan return home with Jude. Eric holds Jude and says he should probably get him to sleep. Sloan responds that she will slip in to something more comfortable and goes to change in to the lingerie she got.

Wendy and Tripp walk to the park where Tripp plants a box for Wendy to find. Wendy at first worries that it’s a ring but Tripp promises that it’s not as they are not rushing things. Wendy opens it and it’s earrings that she pointed out in a window last week. Wendy calls it perfect and thanks him. Tripp wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Wendy then reveals that she got him something too and it’s cuff links. Tripp and Wendy kiss as Officer Goldman walks in to the park and watches them.

Alex tells Theresa that dinner was great and he guesses there’s only one thing left to do, so he calls the waiter over for the check. Theresa is left confused as Alex guesses they are all done here. Theresa then complains that she’s impatient and this is driving her crazy, so she tells Alex to just do it. Alex questions what. Theresa shouts that he knows what and her answer is yes.

Jada shows Stephanie the bracelet that Rafe got her. Rafe then shows Stephanie the badge that Jada got him. Rafe and Jada kiss until Jada then gets up to go to the restroom. Everett then arrives. Stephanie gets up and greets him, bringing him over to the table. Rafe greets Everett and says it’s good to see him. They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everett calls Stephanie his love as they kiss.

Wendy puts on her new earrings which Tripp praises. Officer Goldman approaches and introduces herself, revealing that Rafe had her keeping an eye on them as she had some intel to confirm. She informs Tripp that he may be in danger and they need to get them to a safe location. Tripp questions if this has something to do with Ava or Harris. She tells him that Rafe will give him the details later but she has to get them to safety now.

Nicole goes to Holly’s room with her Japanese healing bowl. EJ comes in and informs Nicole that the medical staff will be there in the morning. Nicole says goodnight to Holly. Nicole tells EJ that Holly has to come back to them. EJ encourages that she will.

Sloan returns in her lingerie to find that Eric has fallen asleep with Jude. Sloan then grabs her phone and makes a call, saying she’s very much alone tonight. Sloan asks them to meet at the bar.

Theresa tells Alex not to sit there like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Alex says he doesn’t. Theresa then reveals that she saw the ring as it fell out of his jacket when she went to put it away. Theresa apologizes if she ruined the surprise. Alex tells her not to be sorry because he thinks she got this wrong. Theresa then questions if he’s not going to ask her to marry him. Alex thinks maybe they should talk about it a little bit first. Theresa gets upset and declares she has nothing to say to him. Alex tries to stop her but Theresa storms out of the Bistro.

Rafe shows his badge to Everett as Stephanie jokes with them. Everett mentions that he and Stephanie are exchanging gifts later. Jada then returns and is shocked when she sees Everett, identifying him as “Bobby”, leaving them all confused.

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