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Mm. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I can swing by after I pick up Rachel from swimming. Oh, I don’t know, in a couple of hours? Yeah, I just have to pick up some supplies and– oh, hey, hey, hey, wait, wait. Can I call you back in a minute? Hey, Alex, Alex. Hi.

Kristen, hi.

Hi. Are you headed over to Titan?

That’s the plan, yeah, after I shower. Why? What do you need?

Well, um, I don’t know. We haven’t talked in a while. And I just was wondering how things were going over there.

Things are going good, you know, just working on creating a more unified brand, you know, clean and mean.

Oh, interesting. And how does Theresa’s latest escapade fit in with that new image that you’re trying to promote? I mean, I can see that, but clean? Hardly.


What are you implying, Kristen?

Oh, come on, Alex. Don’t play dumb with me. I know all about her little relapse.

Yeah, whatever you heard, that’s not–

Not what, true? Come on. Don’t deny it. Brady told me all about it.

Are you kidding me right now? What the hell is wrong–

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Mm.

[laughs] Well, good morning, handsome.

You know, you thought that you wouldn’t sleep, and you seem to have slept pretty well.

Well, last night’s activities, uh, definitely helped relax my mind.

Oh. Well, then, you know, maybe I can relax your mind some more.

Mm, go for it. Oh!



[phone buzzing]

Yeah, what is it? No, I have not been informed of that. What the hell, man? That was not your decision to make. This is my business, and I’ll run it my way. I’ll deal with you later. Imbeciles. How could they let this happen? Oh, they’ll be damned sorry they did, though. Sons of bitches have no idea what I’m capable of. They’re about to find out.

[radio chatter]

[tense music]

Here. Thought you might need this.

[radio chatter]

How you doing, Goldman?

That’s a first for me, detective.

First time you shot somebody?

First time I’ve ever even discharged my weapon.

Have you released your firearm to the CS unit?

Yes, sir.

OK, good. It’s going to be OK. Why don’t you wait by your car. Phillips will stay with you.

Come on, Goldman.



She’s pretty shaken, huh?

This is bad, Jada. This is really bad.

[soft orchestration] – Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

What the hell is Brady thinking? Brady has no business speaking about Theresa’s personal life to you or anybody else.

So it is true she’s using again?

She’s not using again. She had a slip. Hey, hey! She has made a vow. She is consistently sober now, and it’s going to stay that way from now on. So maybe if you could just like, I don’t know, transform yourself into, like, a half decent human being for like a split second, maybe then you would recognize that she’s facing struggles. And you can leave her in peace.


[laughs] Sorry. Look, I do feel for Theresa. Look, no, after all, we are both card-carrying members of the Brady Black baby mama club connected to the guy from here to eternity.

Please, don’t– don’t remind me.

Oh, come on, Alex. Brady is always going to be a part of Theresa’s life just like he’s going to be a part of mine. And it is very understandable why he talked to me about that situation. He’s worried about her.

Well, he’s worried about Tate.

Oh, no, not just Tate. I mean, don’t you get a sense of their strong connection?

I suppose I do, yeah. It has been made abundantly clear to me just how strong their little bond is. So yeah, but it’s out of necessity.

Oh, out of necessity. Are you sure about that? I mean, are you sure that there is nothing else going on between the two of them? Hm? Hm.

You bring me so much joy, Abraham. I’m so grateful that we get to be together like this again.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your patience of me, your understanding?

Oh. Well, we don’t have to rush anything. And the memories, they’ll come back. I know they will. In the meantime, we have the privilege of creating new ones.

Beautiful new ones. Perfect new ones.


[laughs] Oh. Mm.

But this was a good bust, right?

Yeah, I mean, in terms of drugs off the streets, it’s a great bust but–

I know we needed that dealer alive. I’m going to go check on Officer Goldman.


Talk to him.


How did this go so wrong, Rafe? This is the dealer with a direct connection to Clyde.

I know, Harris. But look on the bright side. We got kilos of drugs off the street. That’s a huge win.

There’s always going to be more drugs. We need the source.

[sighs] If only Goldman had–

No, no, no, no. This piece of trash pointed a gun at her, OK? It was a split-second decision– her life or his.

No, I understand that. But with this guy, Clyde would be off the street for good.

OK. But that’s fine. We’re going to get to Weston one– what the hell are you two doing here?

We’re just here to collect information, Commissioner.

Yeah, well, that’s not OK, Chad. This is an active crime scene. Besides that, how the hell did you get here so fast? This bust wasn’t on the radio.

I called them.

You what? Why?

To buy us some extra time to get to this bust before the Lucas story is published.

What? The Lucas story? What the hell’s a Lucas story?

Lucas Horton is a confidential informant for Salem PD. Put his life on the line to stop Clyde Weston’s hold on this city. That’s the story we’re going to tell.

When I was brought up to speed, the only thing I could do was negotiate the delay in publishing it in exchange for the scoop on the bust.

What the hell were you thinking, Harris? This is months and months of investigation. It could potentially all go up in smoke. What the hell made you think that this was the right call?

I’m not the one who made the call.

OK. Who made the call?

Look, I’m sorry. Lucas reached out to us unbeknownst to Detective Michaels.

Look, we’re all on the same team here, Commissioner, OK? We all want drugs out of Salem, and now we actually have an opportunity to move the needle in the right direction by working together.


What do you say, Commissioner? We have to print the story with or without your statement.

OK, let’s get this over with then.

Great. You’re not going to regret this.


Commissioner Rafe Fernandez, can you tell us about the drug bust that occurred today here on Kingston Road?

Good morning. Today, we were successful in removing over kilos of dangerous drugs from the streets during a warehouse drug bust just on the edge of town and thus cutting off the pipeline of these highly addictive and dangerous drugs.

Can you tell us specifically what drugs were confiscated?

Well, that investigation is still ongoing, although I will say they are probably street drugs laced with opiates. I will say this, however. A bust of this magnitude sends a clear message that we are not going to stop until we reclaim our city from those who seek to profit only from misery and death.

Can you tell us, were there any injuries or fatalities in the raid?

[tense music]

Yeah, unfortunately, one of our officers was involved with a– a shooting. And, um, the deceased is an alleged drug dealer, although that investigation as well is still ongoing, and there will be a separate report released.


[sighs] We good now?

Good as gold. We’ll, uh– we’ll get out of your way now. Thank you.


Well, today the police made a major dent in the drug trade in Salem.

Red letter day indeed.

Now the real work begins.

Look, I am not trying to upset you, Alex. I know that you and Theresa are a thing, and, uh, I just hate to see you deluding yourself. Yeah. Look, those two are recovering addicts. And it’s like they’ve been to war together. And they share the battle wounds, and those wounds are very, very bonding. It’s kind of like Brady and my relationship, actually.

Are you kidding me right now? From what I see, you and Brady practically despise each other.

Affairs of the heart are very deceiving. And like Theresa and Brady, we’re forever connected and not just because we went through hell and back, but because of our child.

Your child?


The one that you recently just got sole custody over and basically deprived her father from being a part of her life? And you think you and Brady have a strong connection?

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I did not deprive Brady of being part of Rachel’s life. I was given sole custody because he threatened me with a gun in the presence of our daughter.

And I agree with you. That was not a smart move on Brady’s part.

Yeah, you think it would–

But did you have to go to such extreme measures?

Oh, and what the hell would you have done?

Not got the cops involved.

Oh, so I take it Brady didn’t tell you the whole story.

What’s the whole story?

Uh, it wasn’t me who called the cops. It was Rachel.

[radio chatter]

OK. So let’s go over exactly what went down earlier. You were with Officer Goldman when you entered the warehouse from the south side, correct?


Did you notice anything unusual?

Not at first, but then I saw something flash from the corner of my eye.

What kind of flash?

I’m not sure. Next thing I knew, Goldman was taking off after the perp. And then– well, you know the rest.

What exactly did you see?

It’s not what I saw. It’s what I heard– two shots. By the time I caught up with Goldman, dealer was dead.

And Goldman?

She was shaken, definitely in shock. I noted the location of the suspect’s gun before I helped her. Put it on my report.

OK, Phillips. I’d do that now while memory is fresh.

Trust me, this won’t be something I’ll forget.

Neither will Goldman. Let’s go check on her.


[laughs] Well, look who we have here– my old buddy Chad DiMera. Who’s your compadre, Chad?

[suspenseful music]

Your family dynamic’s certainly interesting.

I could say the same about yours, too. I mean, talk about daddy issues.

[clears throat] OK, I’m sorry. Look, changing the subject, let’s just state the obvious. I’m going to state the obvious here, OK? Life is unpredictable, and it is complicated, as are relationships. So my advice to you? Be wary and, uh, don’t give your heart away too quickly.

OK. Well, enough about the subject of me and my heart. Let’s move on to you.


Are you seeing anybody?


[laughs] Oh, please, Alex, do– Do you know how dehumanizing those apps are–


–the dating apps, right? You swipe left, swipe right. You know, it’s just– I’m just too old school for that.

Oh, well, I would hardly call you old school, but I know what you mean.



What about Brady?

What about Brady?

You ever think about getting back with big old Brady?


[laughs] Oh, come on. Come on. That ship has sailed.

So bring it back to shore, captain. He’s single. You’re single. You don’t have to worry about the little first date weirdness issues. You can just have somebody you know. You know all him. You know his flaws. And from where I’m standing, it’s obvious you still got feelings for the guy. So why not pursue it?

Huh. I know what you’re doing, Alex.

[laughs] You want Brady out of the picture so that you can have Theresa all to yourself.






[gasps] Oh my Lord! Oh. Oh! With everything going on last night, I plumb forgot to tell you the very exciting news. Chanel and Johnny are getting married.

That’s wonderful.

[laughter] Well, congratulations to the mother of the bride.

Yes, that’s me.

[laughs] Oh, babe, I’m so happy for my baby girl. And you know, the more I see the two of them together, the more convinced I am that they– they’ve got what it takes.

Oh, young love.

Yeah, well, old timers’ love ain’t so bad, either.

Oh, well–

Oh, now, wait a minute. Oh, come on, now. Wait. These distractions have got to just wait now ’cause I’ve got– I got to write this announcement so I can get it in The Spectator ASAP.

Well, so have they set a date?

Indeed they have. They’re getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Well, you have your work cut out for you. So what can I do to help?

Oh, Abraham, you’ve done so much already.

Well, uh, we’re partners, right?


So put me to work.

Well, for now, just tell me that today’s going to be a good day.

Every day with you is a good day, my dear sweet Paulina.





[sighs] We’ll get each of the suspects into interrogation. I am guessing they will be up for conversation if they think it means staying out of Statesville.

Yeah, well, their boss isn’t going to be happy about this raid.

Yeah. Speaking of unhappy bosses, really not pleased that you kept me out of the loop on this press situation.

I know, Rafe. I’m sorry. I had to make a quick decision.

Mm-hmm. So Lucas is staying with you at the safe house?

I mean, it’s the best plan I can come up with to make sure that this raid would still go off without a hitch.

Yeah, so there was a hitch?

Yeah, Officer Goldman was a decorated marksman in her academy class.

OK, but there’s a big difference to shooting your gun on the range versus on the job.

[tense music] And now she’s going to have to visit with the department shrink before I can put her back on duty.

OK. We’re going to need all hands on deck. That’s for sure.

Yeah. Once this article comes out in the press, God only knows what the fallout’s gonna be.

Aren’t you going to introduce me to your buddy here, Chad?

Everett Lynch, editor in chief, The Spectator.

Lynch? I don’t recall that name. You must be a– a recent hire.

Fairly recent, yeah. Mr. Weston, we were hoping you might be able to spare some time to speak with us today.

Us? You mean like the two of you?

[laughs] Chad, are you pretending to be a journalist now?

I own The Spectator now, Abigail’s family paper.

I see. One of those, uh, jack of all trades, master of none things, right?

[chuckles] You know, your daddy, Stefano DiMera, he was a force to be reckoned with. But you, son, sorry to say, you’re just a waste of time, kind of like this meeting here.

Mr. Weston, taking pot shots at a man whose wife you brutally murdered, that’s the behavior of someone in a very, very bad mood, which makes sense in your case because you’re obviously having a horrible day.

A horrible day? What the hell you talking about?

[tense music]

Why don’t you enlighten me, Chad? Why am I having a horrible day?

Oh, you, uh– you must not have heard about the raid.

Raid? No, it doesn’t ring a bell.

Well, you have eyes and ears everywhere, don’t you, Clyde? OK, fine, we’ll, uh– we’ll play your game. And we’ll be the first to tell you that there was a very big raid this morning on the edge of town at a warehouse. Kingston Road, I believe?


Yeah. But that doesn’t ring any bells? It was really quite a doozy.

One of the biggest raids in Salem history, from what I heard.

Yeah. How much did the police grab, Everett?

Over kilos, I believe, and still counting the cash when we left.

Well, that’s got to hurt, huh, Clyde?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

How much does keys go for on the streets? My math is, um– it’s not very good.

Yeah, you know, by my calculation and adjusting for inflation, I’d say probably over a couple mil.


[whistles] A couple mil, huh? A couple mil, that is a lot. That is– that would make me very angry. I’d probably want to make somebody pay. What would you do, Clyde?

[phone buzzing] Do you hear that, Everett?

Yeah, I do. It sounds like a– like a phone on vibrate.

That’s funny because we had– I mean–


Yeah, we had to check our phones in when we– when we got here. Clyde Weston, do you have a contraband phone on you?

[phone beeps] You might want to check your messages.

You know, if I were a betting man, which I’m not, I would bet that it’s probably about the raid and all that lost product.

I bet you’re right. I bet someone is very nervous to have to pass that along. Go ahead. Check your messages, Clyde. It’s just us here. We won’t say anything.

Admit it. You want Brady out of the way so it’s smooth sailing for you and Theresa.

I’m also looking out for what’s best for you, Kristen, and for Rachel. Think about it. No, seriously, how nice would it be for her to have her parents back together again creating a nice family unit?

Well, you don’t give a damn about me and Rachel. Wow, you are really sweating bullets about Brady and Theresa, aren’t you?

Hey. Hey. I admit I have my concerns, OK, only because she’s been leaning on him a little bit more than I expected.

Co-addicts to codependency.

Yeah. Yeah, he’s been hanging around a lot more since the slip.

Yeah. Well, and also, they’re dealing with the fallout of Tate’s arrest and him going to juvie camp.

It’s like two little magnets getting drawn together every time I turn around.


[chuckles] Well, and if you don’t redirect Brady’s attention–

Then my relationship with Theresa is probably doomed.

All right. You know what, Alex, I think I can help you.

[tense music]

How are you doing?

I’m OK.

I wasn’t after my first shooting.

Really? What happened?

It was a domestic violence case when I was working in Seattle. I got a call that this guy was making threats at his ex’s workplace. So I show up. And I thought I had everything under control. Talking to the guy, you know, I’m trying to calm him down, or so I thought. And all of a sudden, he– he pulls a gun out, and he fired. I had no time to think. And there were too many civilians around, and I couldn’t take the chance of someone getting hurt. And that– that was the first time that I discharged my weapon on duty. I can still smell the gunpowder. I can still see the blood.

That’s all I can see–

[shivers] The blood.

You did the right thing, Goldman.

It was a clean shooting.

Yeah. Jada’s right. Based on our initial reporting, you did the right thing, Goldman.

But I took a life, sir.


I’m having a hard time reconciling that I did the right thing.

And it’s only natural that you would feel that way. But at the end of the day, you’ll come to accept that what you did, you did what you had to do. And just know that you are not alone. You will come out of this OK.

[tense music]

What do you think, Everett?

I don’t know. Not really what I expected. Not that tough, really.

Yeah, well, you know what they say. Prison can break some men. Is that what happened to you, Clyde?

What is it you two clowns want from me?

Well, truth is is I don’t even like to hear your name, let alone be in the same room as you. But our job is to tell both sides of the story.

We want to hear your version. We’re giving you a forum to speak your truth.

What the hell are you talking about?

Well, you claim you’re an innocent man, right?

Damn right I’m innocent.

OK. Can you expand on that?

Look, gentlemen, if you’d done your homework, you’d know that I’ve been a model prisoner here in Statesville ever since I started serving time for the brutal murder of Chad’s adorable wife Abigail. I’ll bet you miss her dearly, don’t you, Chad? I can still see her face, so scared and so beautiful, begging me to save her life.

Hey. Stay focused. Stay focused, OK?



[tense music]

Now, I still don’t know why you’re really here.

Because, Clyde, I wanted to see the look on your face when you learned that your empire was crumbling to the ground.


[chuckles] Good luck with that.

I don’t need luck, just facts. And the fact is your reign of terror is coming to an end. And when you lose all of that money and all of that power and everything that goes along with it, I am going to take great satisfaction with telling the world all about it on the front page of my newspaper. And you, Clyde, will be rotting away in prison like the rat that you are, never again to see the light of day.

You said so yourself. If I’m more present in Brady’s life and he’s less present in Theresa’s, then it is a win-win for everyone, right?

Yeah, I still feel like there’s a catch.

No, I mean, we’re just, um, helping them both out.

[laughs] That’s all. I mean, we both want to break the toxic chain between them.

Mm-hmm. But are you sure you’re ready to get back to Brady again?

I don’t know. Time will tell. I mean, it’s hard being hurt over and over and over.


There’ll always be a place in my heart saved just for him. OK. I think it’s time for me to change things and focus on myself.

I’m liking where this is headed right now, truly.




All right. So we are on the same page, right? And if we’re going to achieve the goal that we want, then you and I are going to have to be in communication with each other.

Sure, yeah. I mean, you’re not suggesting we spy and gossip about Theresa and Brady on, like, a regular basis, right?

Let’s not think of it as gossiping. Let’s think of it as intel.



[laughs] I mean, the last thing either of us wants is for them to get together.


[humming] Voila!

[chuckling] Engagement announcement complete.

Excellent. Excellent. So what else is on the agenda for today?

Well, I have– I’ve got a conference call in half an hour to go over some details about the geocaching event.


Then after that, I need to start thinking about my mother of the bride outfit, so maybe a stroll through Saison with my best man?

Oh, it’d be my honor.

[both laughing]


[phone ringing]

What is it?

[phone ringing]

University Hospital.

[phone ringing]

Yes, I’m aware. But what if the–

[deep breath] OK. OK. OK. OK. Yes, I understand. Thank you for letting me know.

Paulina, who is it? What’s going on?

That was my oncologist. They got the ultrasound results. The tumor has grown. They don’t want to wait. They’re moving my surgery up to the end of this week.

Then we have a plan.

Oh. But I just thought I’d have a little bit more time to prepare mentally. Oh, I’m going to be fine. I’m going to be fine, Abe. I’m going to be fine.



[panicked breathing] I got this. I’m going to deal with this. I’m going to deal with this.

[panicked breathing] I just– I know you know who I am. Even though I’m scared, you know, if you know anything about me, you know I’m not going to let my fear overcome me. You know that.

[panicked breathing] I have you. I do have you.

Yes, you have. And we’re going to go through this together. We are a team, remember?


What do you say about spending a little bit more time around Titan?

Oh, Alex, are you offering me a job?

I mean, would it be that far out of left field? You’re more than qualified to join my executive team.

True. I have more than a little experience.

Exactly. And we need somebody like you with your skill set to keep up with the new market trends. I’m telling you, Kristen, I have always seen you as a shrewd businesswoman.

Yeah, well, I’m not the Suzy Homemaker type. Ah, you know, I think, I can make this change.



And you’ll be in closer proximity to Brady.

Interesting proposition. I’ll consider it.

OK. All right. Well, if we’re going to make this little project work, we’re both going to need to contribute in and out of the workplace.


It means that we’re going to have to work at bumping up those visitation rights between Brady and Rachel, building it up to family sleepovers, creating more opportunities for bonding for the family, of course.

Of course.

We got the best motive here, Kristen, truly– happiness– mine, yours, Theresa’s, Brady, but, most importantly, Rachel.

OK, Alex, to happiness.

To happiness.



I think we’re done here. Chad?

Mr. Lynch, I’d like to suggest that you forget anything that you learned here today. It would be best for all parties.

Is that a threat, Clyde?

No. It’s, um, more like a warning from a concerned citizen who would hate to see anything bad happen to those who were close to you back in Salem.

Empty threats will not prevent the truth from coming out, Weston. You’ve had your chance to make a statement. Now it’s time for us to do our job. I’ll make sure you get a copy of the paper.

And when we do finally expose all the horror you’ve inflicted from killing people with tainted drugs to putting the DA’s stepdaughter into a coma, the justice system will make sure you serve two life sentences. You understand me?


[ominous music]

It’s time to end this.

Let’s do it.

So close to nailing Weston.

I know. I know.

[sighs] OK, Goldman, walk me through it one more time.

OK. The suspect did not respond to our commands to stop, sir. I pursued. And once we got outside, he turned and fired. I returned fire to ensure that no other individuals would be hurt and– because– I didn’t want to die.

It’s OK. It’s OK. You followed protocol. We’re going to have to come at Weston from another angle.

And soon.

Yeah, soon, because once Clyde finds out about this, all hell is going to break loose. And he’s going to want somebody to pay.

[dramatic music]

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