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Johnny and Chanel sit together in the living room of the DiMera Mansion in front of the fireplace, talking about how peaceful this is. Johnny recalls when he was a kid, he was scared to come in to the living room at night out of fear that the ghosts of his DiMera ancestors would take him to the crypt. Chanel jokes about those being the same spirits cursing getting married in to the DiMera family. Johnny states that it could be so Chanel asks if he’s really scared about getting married.

Abe brings Paulina home. She thanks him for the evening, calling it great food and even better company. Abe says he had a wonderful time and kisses her. Paulina points out that the night doesn’t have to end and invites him inside. Paulina then says goodnight but Abe stops her.

Everett and Stephanie lay in bed together. Everett can’t believe she’s here again in his arms. Everett says for two years, he had this same dream over and over, so he calls tonight his dream come true. Everett exclaims that they are out of the friend zone.

Tripp and Wendy sit together in the town square, discussing a movie they saw. Wendy remarks that she knows a thing or two about meddling moms, so Tripp asks what his mom has done now.

Ava and Stefan lay in bed together after having sex. Stefan comments that it happened twice and it was incredible, but calls it a big frickin mistake.

In the park, John warns Konstantin that he doesn’t want to play games with him and asks what he wants. Konstantin thanks him for coming and tells him to sit down because they are going to talk. John demands to know what he wants and questions why he pretended to be a new client just to get him out here. Konstantin says John wouldn’t have come if he knew it was him. John talks about having trouble tracking him down. John orders Konstantin to tell him everything he knows about The Pawn. Konstantin responds that he doesn’t play chess. John tells him that Steve told him everything, so he wants to know what he knows right now. John asks if this is about Stefano. Konstantin says it’s about Victor and his Pawn.

Johnny tells Chanel that Italian families can be pretty superstitious and talks about his ancestors wearing a lucky Devil’s Horn charm to ward off the Evil Eye. Johnny adds that they say it’s bad luck to have a pet bird in the house, to leave a loaf of bread upside down, and the number 13. Johnny says when a newlywed couple moves in to a house, it has to be exorcised or blessed to ward off evil spirits of the previous owners. Johnny adds that a cat sneezing in their presence is good luck. Chanel laughs about it and asks if Johnny actually believes all that stuff. Johnny acknowledges that his family’s history is riddled with women who have been heartbroken or messed up from marrying a DiMera. Johnny brings up what happened the last time they got married. Chanel admits that did leave her pretty messed up and heartbroken. Johnny suggests maybe they should just be happy being with each other. Johnny declares that he loves her too much to risk ruining her life by marrying him again.

Everett tells Stephanie that when he came to Salem and tracked her down, he didn’t really know what to expect because he had been obsessively looking at pictures and videos of her from two years ago. Everett talks about seeing her in person again and still being surprised at how beautiful she was. Stephanie recalls seeing him in Salem and thinking there’s the guy that she was so madly in love with. Stephanie admits she was shocked, but it was hard to stop herself from running in to his arms. Stephanie says she was mad that he disappeared, but relieved that it wasn’t his choice and that he found her again. Stephanie adds that she was committed to someone else and living with Chad, so that stopped her from acting on how she actually felt. Stephanie says that’s the reason she was able to show such remarkable restraint until tonight as they kiss. Everett asks if she’s hungry. Stephanie says she’s starving so they agree on ordering room service.

Wendy tells Tripp that her mom comment flew out of her mouth and she shouldn’t have said anything but Tripp says that she can’t take it back now and asks about it. Wendy explains that Ava cornered her in the apartment and grilled her, questioning her commitment to Tripp and warning her not to break his heart. Tripp tells her that he’s so sorry. Wendy acknowledges that Tripp said his mom was a handful which Tripp calls nothing new. Tripp is riled up that Ava would talk to her like that behind his back. Tripp says he loves his mom but he’ll never understand why she does some of the things that she does.

Stefan brings up Gabi and how she was completely supportive of his fake affair with Ava as long as it stayed fake. Stefan questions what he has done and what is wrong with him. Stefan then asks Ava what’s wrong with her. Ava blames Stefan for coming over while Stefan blames Ava winding him up with the phone sex talk. Ava says Stefan opened up more wine while Stefan argues that Ava suggested doing shots. Ava decides they are both responsible as they were vulnerable and it was a big screw up. Ava says they have to figure out a way to put this all behind them and there’s nothing to figure out. Ava declares that no one can ever know the truth.

Chanel doesn’t get Johnny’s sudden panic about getting married. Johnny assures that he loves her and doesn’t want to wait but he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Johnny says she can make fun of curses and superstitions, but he was possessed by the Devil. Johnny doesn’t know if he wants her taking this kind of risk. Chanel calls life in general pretty risky. Chanel says if the Devil couldn’t keep them apart, then the DiMeras can’t. Chanel believes they just have to love each other and be honest and that will keep them safe. Chanel assures that she has zero worries about them walking down the aisle, but now suddenly he does. Johnny feels it’s not that sudden, just the more he thinks about it. Chanel questions if this is really about what Chad said to him or if he’s having second thoughts about something else.

Paulina and Abe lay in bed together. Paulina admits that she’s having deja vu of the times they laid together like this and asks if anything felt familiar to him. Abe says no, but promises that it was wonderful. Paulina guesses it was like the first time for him which he confirms. Abe says the good thing about losing his memory is getting to fall in love with her all over again as they kiss.

Wendy tells Tripp that she told Ava that their opinions are the only ones that matter in their relationship. Tripp is sorry that his mom put her on the spot like that but he’s not surprised that she held her own against her. Wendy adds that Ava once again urged them to take a vacation and even offered to help put one together even though Tripp told her they are not going anywhere. Wendy says Ava really didn’t like when she turned the tables and started quizzing her about how she felt about Harris and Stefan as she totally shut her down. Tripp acknowledges that Ava has been spending a lot of time with Stefan lately which is not a good sign. Tripp doesn’t like Stefan and feels whatever Ava is caught up in is because of Stefan and that he’s using her like a leech.

Stefan agrees with Ava that Gabi and no one else can ever find out the truth. They decide it never happened and Ava says they’ll take it to the grave. Stefan worries that he has more to lose since he’s still married.

John asks Konstantin what the Pawn is to him. Konstantin responds that the Pawn changed his life forever. John asks how and demands to know what Konstantin knows about him and his past. Konstantin wonders what is inside of him, waiting to come out as he can see he has the eyes of a killer. John complains that there’s too many things that he doesn’t remember about his past and now he’s taunting him. Konstantin calls it the least of what he deserves. John then pulls his gun on him and demands Konstantin tell him what he knows right now.

Everett and Stephanie eat room service together. Everett talks about remembering her food preferences which impresses her as they kiss.

Tripp and Wendy see their “Caching Cupid” geocaching event poster in the town square. They talk about hoping it does well. They kiss and then head home.

Stefan doesn’t understand the hold that Harris has on Ava, arguing that they aren’t even together. Stefan then questions if Ava loves Harris. Ava argues that she never said that but Stefan says she’s wearing it on her sleeve. Ava says it doesn’t matter and requests Stefan shut up and finish getting dressed so he can get out of here but Stefan can’t find his shirt.

John warns Konstantin that he won’t hesitate to put a bullet through a man’s eye. Konstantin says or a woman’s either. John questions what that means. Konstantin shouts that John came at him and Catharina got in the way which John questions. Konstantin then reveals the card to him and asks John to tell him what it means and he will go away. John then suddenly drops his gun and puts his hands behind his back, as the card puts him under control. Konstantin asks if he’s okay. John then responds that he’s not John, but he’s been called The Pawn. Konstantin can’t believe he’s found him after all these years, calling him the one that killed Catharina. Konstantin explains that there was a time many years ago in Greece where John came to deliver a message of death. Konstantin declares that someone must pay for that.

Abe acknowledges to Paulina that it’s been awhile since they had been together so he doesn’t remember what she likes and doesn’t like. Paulina assures Abe that he was wonderful then and wonderful now. Paulina states that she sure did miss him as they kiss.

Johnny assures Chanel that he has no second thoughts about marrying her and he just wants to make sure she’s going in to this with her eyes open. Chanel insists that his big, tough family doesn’t scare him. Johnny asks what about his sister. Chanel asks if he really thinks she still has feelings for Allie. Johnny points out that she did choose Allie over him before. Chanel declares that she loved Johnny first and she loves him last, forever. Chanel asks if he doesn’t believe him. Johnny can’t stop thinking about how crazy she and Allie were about each other. Chanel questions if he’s worried that he prefers women and that she’s actually gay.

Stephanie is glowing that it’s been two years for her and Everett. Everett states that he hasn’t been with anybody since he was last with her. Stephanie says he knows her story. Everett jokes that she wasn’t in a coma so she gets a pass. Everett thinks he grew more and more in love with her while they were apart. Everett calls it true love and declares that he has her back, so he’s never ever going to let her go again as he kisses her. Everett decides he should probably start thinking about moving out of the hotel room. Everett suggests Stephanie could move out of her parents’ place and they could find a place of their own together to pick up where they left off. Everett asks what Stephanie says to that.

Tripp and Wendy go home to find Ava and Stefan with his shirt off. Tripp asks what the hell. Ava tries to explain but Tripp says he’s not an idiot and tells her to save it. Stefan says he was just leaving. Tripp tells Stefan to keep his paws off his mother. Wendy tries to say that Ava is a grown woman and can see who he wants. Tripp calls Stefan a dirtbag while Stefan says it’s none of his business. Tripp warns Stefan that his mother is his business so he’s not going to sit back and watch him use her, declaring that is over. Tripp orders Stefan to keep his distance from Ava from now on or else he will regret it.

Paulina wishes they could lay like this forever and their problems would just blow away. Abe asks if she’s thinking about her surgery. Paulina informs him that she went to the hospital this morning which Abe questions. Paulina reveals that she thinks the lump is actually getting bigger. Abe asks why she didn’t tell him. Paulina says there’s nothing to tell yet but she’s waiting for the test results. Paulina declares that being here with Abe makes her feel like she can get through anything and she even forgot all about it for awhile which is no small thing. Paulina tells Abe how much this means to her. Abe calls it overwhelming to try and navigate life with no memory, but acknowledges that she never gave up on him. Abe calls her his safe harbor when he was lost at sea. Abe tells Paulina that he will be with her, every step of the way, now and always.

Johnny tells Chanel that he’s not questioning her sexual orientation but he wants to be sure that he’s going to be enough for her. Chanel tells him that she’s ready to commit herself to one person and he is that person, no one else. Chanel says that Johnny protected her, even when they weren’t together, and he has shown her in a million ways that she is enough for him. Chanel repeats that he’s more than enough for her, always and forever. Chanel tells Johnny that she loves him so much. Johnny says he loves her too as they kiss.

Stephanie tells Everett to slow down about living together. Everett admits that he’s pushing boundaries again. Stephanie tells Everett that she moved in with Chad too fast and that was a big mistake. Stephanie says she’s read relationship help books and says there is no need to rush. Stephanie suggests just enjoying each other and if it’s real, it will last. Everett assures that for him, it is real and he already knows that as there is no doubt that she’s the only person in the world that he wants to share his life with and that will never change. Everett asks if it’s real for her.

Konstantin instructs John as The Pawn to move the nearby trash can which he then does. Konstantin declares that Catharina will be avenged which John repeats. Konstantin then makes him raise his arm and lower it. Konstantin then puts the gun back in John’s hand and instructs him to shoot himself.

Chanel asks Johnny if they’ve now checked off every box on their potential concerns and are ready to get married. Johnny decides it’s settled and asks if she’s ready to be Mrs. DiMera. Chanel jokes about him being Mr. Dupree. Johnny guesses they never talked about the name change and asks if there’s something she wants to do about that. Chanel decides they’ve had enough discussions for the night, so all that’s left for them to do is seal their love with another kiss. Johnny says that sounds good to him as they kiss. Johnny then brings up one other thing left to do on their list. Johnny informs her that he was thinking that they should seal their love with a little more than a kiss. They then race upstairs to the bedroom.

Paulina tells Abe that she doesn’t know how much sleep she will get tonight with so much on her mind, but she’s so very happy to have Abe back in their bed. Abe agrees that it feels right. Abe says they could stay up all night and talk, but he wants her to know that he’s there for whatever she needs or wants. Paulina then falls asleep in Abe’s arms.

Stephanie suggests to Everett that they just take it slow, repeating that there is no rush and he’s not going to fall in to another coma. Stephanie says they should just live in the moment and appreciate that they found each other again. Everett says he does appreciate that beyond words as they kiss. Everett agrees that there’s no need to rush, except maybe to sleep, since he has to meet Chad in a few hours. Stephanie asks why go to sleep at all as they move towards the bed.

Ava tells Tripp that’s enough and asks Stefan to just go. Stefan agrees to go and kisses Ava goodbye as he then exits. Tripp questions Ava. Ava tries to explain but then decides she’s not going to discuss this with her son and storms off to the bedroom, leaving Tripp angry.

Konstantin stops John from shooting himself and says not today as he will serve a purpose and be his pawn. Konstantin declares that he will have revenge for Catharina but not yet. Konstantin orders John to go back to his family and in ten seconds, he will return to who he is as he shows him the card again. Konstantin then walks away. John then snaps out of it and looks around in a panic.

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