Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Abby asks Tessa to consider becoming the day manager of Society since she needs someone to run the restaurant since she will be taking a job on the Chancellor Winters board.

Adam tells Nick about Connors learning difficulty and Nick advises him to trust the teachers and the school but talk to Sharon and get her opinion on Connor’s learning difficulty. Adam thanks Nick for his wise advice.

Cole and Victoria tell Claire about the fire at the prison where Jordan was being held and that Jordan could have escaped or is dead. Claire thinks Jordan could have set the fire, so she could escape from prison. Cole and Victoria are happy that Claire is making progress because she now understands that Jordan controlled her mind and manipulated her to do the things that, she did to them.

Jack persuades Lauren to become Nikki as COO at Newman Media until Nikki’s recovery is more solid. Nikki continues to get phone calls where nobody says anything and she thinks it’s Jordan calling her. Nikki leaves her office and takes a rideshare to the Empty Glass Bar and has some drinks.

Victor gets a call from his security person who is following Nikki. The security guy tells Victor that Nikki took a rideshare to the bar so Victor heads to the bar to look for Nikki. Nikki sees Victor when she comes out of the bathroom at the bar and she hides from him. Nikki sends Jack a text message asking him to call Victor and lure him away from her location. Jack figures out Nikki is drunk and hiding from Victor since Nikki misspelled a word in her text message. Nikki is always letter perfect when she sends a text message. Jack calls Victor to tell him they have to talk about Nikki.

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