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[heart rate monitor beeping]

[somber music]

Heavenly Father, we ask that You wrap our precious Holly in all Your love and You guide her back to health.

[heart rate monitor beeping] By the power of the Almighty, grant her a speedy recovery. Provide her loved ones the strength on this journey with her as we commend her in the hands of her new doctors in Italy.


[Alex groans]

What are we doing here? What’s happening?

Slow down. Hey, Theresa, it’s going to be OK. Come here.

You’re back home now, Theresa.

I want you to sit.

Home? Home? That’s no fun. I want to find the party. I want to just dance!

Listen, no, no, no. Listen–

I want to be around people who want to laugh and celebrate.

Theresa, hey. We’re not going anywhere.

You guys are so serious.

We’re not going anywhere.

God. OK. Well, I just, um, want to run an errand.

What kind of errand do you want to run, Theresa?

[sighs] That’s none of your business. You are so nosy, Brady.

Theresa, you’re not going to– you’re not going for another fix, OK? You had a lapse tonight, and the most important thing you can do is recover from it, all right?

Oh, that’s so nice, really. I’m just–I’m not interested. You’re not–



Theresa. Theresa, stop, stop, stop, stop. Listen.



Listen. I need to go. It’s really important! I want to go!

No, no. What’s important is that you get sober. And you’re not going–listen! You’re not going anywhere.

[Theresa groans]

Ah, Mr. Patch!

What the hell?

I was hoping I would run into you. I’m just going inside for a cup of coffee. Would you care to join me? Or would you rather ship me back to my home, Aria.

Now you’re talking.

You know, I noticed when I mentioned the name of my hometown, not today, but a while back, that there was a flash of recognition on your face, perhaps even a glimmer of fear, when I simply said the name “Aria.” Now, I know you said you were not certain whether you had ever been there… but I know you were lying.

[ominous music]

Kate, I just heard that–

[heart rate monitor beeping] Oh, my God.

So this is your fault, OK? You told him that you would protect him, but it was just a ploy to get him to do what you wanted him to do. You never gave a damn about my son, you bastard.

[Kate sighs]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Lord, may You– may You let Holly and her family…

[somber music] Be patient and trusting as we all wait… for Your love… and Your healing touch. Amen.


Ah. Maggie, uh, yeah. I’m so sorry for your granddaughter.

You know, it’s ironic. It’s really painfully ironic. I’ve devoted…I’ve devoted most of my adult life to staying sober and helping other people stay sober. And yet, I watched drugs and alcohol claim my daughter, Summer. And now… I’ve watched drugs… put my granddaughter in a coma.

I made the unforgivable choice by getting behind the wheel after drinking, and I took your son’s life, and…

[heart rate monitor beeping]

You know, by the grace of God, I found forgiveness in my heart for you. And it was because of Holly. I love her, and you love her. And for hers and for Daniel’s…

[sighs] I knew I had to let go of my anger towards you.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

I’m deeply grateful.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

You were Holly’s father longer than anyone. Longer than EJ. And even my son, Daniel.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[sighs] Well… The doctors say that she can hear what we’re saying. I know… I know that it means a lot to her that you’re here. And it means a lot to me, too.


[sobbing] Oh.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

The car will be here in five minutes to take us to the hospital. Would you need any help?

Um, you know, I– I was just packing Holly’s suitcase for Italy, and… I couldn’t stop thinking about how she looked on New Year’s Eve, just glowing and beautiful and with all the promises of the new year and maybe even new love.

[EJ chuckles] Can you believe my sweet -year-old baby girl still sleeps with this?

[both laugh]


[both chuckle] She has since she was three. Oh, my goodness, EJ. And she’s… she is all grown up, but she’s still my little girl.

Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you to Italy?

Oh, God. Listen, I’m–I mean, I could be gone weeks or months. And the work you’re doing here is important.

You know I will be there when I can.

Yes, I know.

And I will be on that jet in a heartbeat if you need me, OK?

OK. You’ve done so much already, EJ. And I’m so grateful that you reached out to those doctors and that she qualified for the treatment.

[chuckles] Ah! OK. So they said that she needs to be surrounded by things that are important to her, so, of course, I have the complete Taylor Swift collection, vault songs and all.

[both chuckle] Your favorite.



And all her favorite books. Oh, since she was little, she would read until all hours of the night.

[sighs] She’s such a special girl, EJ.

She is, she is.

She’s made me a better person. Kinder, more empathetic, curious. So when we come home and she is well again, I know you will have made sure those dealers will never hurt her or anyone else again.


[soft tense music]

Kate, I’m sorry. I just talked to the warden. He assured me that the guards were instructed to watch out for Lucas. I’m sure you talked to him, too.

No! No, I didn’t, because I trusted you, something I will never do again. So if you think that I’m just going to sit back and just let this be what it–

That’s enough. Both of you, please stop. Mom, you’re giving me a headache.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[Steve sighs]

I have a question for you, Meleounis. What difference does it make if I ever set foot in your God-forsaken hometown?

[scoffs] Well, the difference is if you had been there, you would never forget it, huh? It is the most beautiful place on Earth, from the plains of Argolida to the mountains and to the old, beautiful sea, mm? But I’m sure you have seen all that and more. Am I right? So the real question is… why so secretive about it? Why don’t you want me to know?

I’m a grown woman, Brady. I don’t need you to tell me anything. I don’t need to hear anything from you or anyone.

He’s trying to help you, Theresa.

I don’t need help!

We both are.

I don’t need help! I’m happy! I’m happy! I’m happy for the first time in a long time. Why can’t my life just be smooth sailing?

Theresa, you’re just high. You need to come off of this.

No, you don’t understand!

That’s what you need to do.

My son, who I love more than anything in this whole world, is being punished for something that he didn’t do. He’s been sent off somewhere where I can’t see him, and he’s probably really lonely and scared. It’s just not fair! It’s not fair!

I know it’s not fair. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. And it’s–and it hurts, and it’s painful. And I understand.

Oh, God, you know, the thing that–

[sighs] Really riles me up is Eric coming over here and praying and acting like he’s so worried and so sanctimonious because of Tate when he could have just called Nicole and asked her to help!

Eric does care about you. And we–

And you know what? You were supposed to get a lawyer, and you were supposed to get the charges dropped. And you, you just tried to cover for him. Don’t you realize that that just… hurt us more than anything? I mean, what is wrong with you two? How do you not see how wrong this is?

[screaming] I mean, honestly, how could you make things any more worse than this?

[rosary beads scattering]

[tense music]

Lucas, what happened? All they told us was that somebody jumped you in the yard.

That’s right, officer. They did jump me in the yard. They were all wearing the same thing. I couldn’t tell. I can’t ID anybody. They came at me from behind.

Did they say anything?

Oh, yeah, they said a lot. A lot of things I can’t say in front of my mother.

[sighs] They just basically told me that I asked the wrong people a few too many questions.

Mm-hmm. Which–which people? Who did you talk to?

[sighs] Uh, the guard, Adams, Hazel from the cafeteria, and then Mark the janitor. I thought they were cool. I thought I could trust them, but I guess I was wrong.

Yeah. Well, uh… we may have a dirty cop working in the Salem PD.

What? Why didn’t you tell us?

Because we didn’t suspect it until recently, and we do not know for sure. It’s just a hunch.

[Kate sighs] But it’s one we’re taking very seriously.

[tense music]

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Eric. Maggie.

Oh, hi.

I wanted to spend a few more moments with Holly before you left. I hope you don’t mind.

Oh, of course not.

So when–when will the helicopter be here?

The helicopter should be here in five minutes. The medical team are already on board. The DiMera jet is fueled and ready to go, and Nicole and Holly should be in Rome by nightfall.

[soft dramatic music]

Well, I guess it’s my time to say goodbye.

[heart rate monitor beeping] I love you, my girl.

[sobbing] I can’t wait to hear your voice again when you come home.

No, no, no, no, no, no. I’m doomed.

No, you’re not doomed.

I’m doomed!

You’re just a little high, Theresa.

Come on, Theresa, let’s go. Let’s get up. I’ll take care of this.

No, no.

I will take care of this.

It’s my grandmother’s rosary. God is never going to forgive me.

He’ll forgive you. Hey, hey, hey, I want you to drink some of this. Here. Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. Come on. Come on. Let’s get you over to the couch. Let’s get up. It’s OK. It’s all right. Easy. Easy.

It’s my rosary.

It’s OK.

It’s my rosary.

Drink, drink.

[Brady sighs] Should we just get her something a little stronger?

Stronger, what? Another hit or something?

No, no, no, no, no. But you know, like, back in college, one of the guys, got, you know, a little too high on coke or bennies or whatever, you know, we’d just get him a drink and calm him down a little bit.

That’s the last thing that she needs right now. She can’t have that.

Well, I can’t just stand around and do nothing.

But–Alex, oh my God. Fine. Leave.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. And I’m really not interested. But what you need to do is go back to Maggie’s, pack your bags, and shuffle on back to Greece or wherever it is you want to go.

Perhaps there is a reason our paths keep crossing, Mr. Johnson.

Yeah. I must have done something really rotten in a past life.

Speaking of which.

I’m out of here.

Have you ever heard of The Pawn?

[ominous music]

Ah, yes. The mere mention of The Pawn stops you in your tracks.

[ominous music]

Well, the only pawn I know is in chess, and that wasn’t really my game. So I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sure you do. And this is no game, believe me. Many years ago, Victor played a deadly match, and his coveted prize was the pawn. Unfortunately, I know a little more than this, but I am aware that this Pawn was a man of mystery who played an important role in Victor’s life and, by extension, in mine.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Um, I’m going to take all of this with us.

[somber music] I want Holly to be surrounded by the love of everyone who’s been praying for her.

Doctors must be hopeful about the treatment. I mean, I know it wasn’t a given that she’d be accepted into the study.

God, a few weeks ago, we thought the SAT was the high-stakes test. You know, we–you know, we were going to start applying for colleges. And, you know, Holly was really anxious about that, but– but excited, too. God, everything that seemed so important then doesn’t even matter now.

Nicole, the doctors are going to help her. I got a real good feeling about this.

Me, too. But no matter what, I’m going to– I’m going to be there for her, talking to her, praying for her. I am never going to give up on my daughter.

[Nicole sighs]

[Nicole sniffles and sighs]

[heart rate monitor beeping]

You see, I thought the reward of Lucas getting out of this hellhole was worth the risk, because you assured us that people who were high up were going to be watching over him. But clearly, you were either lying or you made a misguided assumption, because my son is still here with a target on his back. So you, Harris, who either lied or made a misguided assumption, is going to get him the hell out of here now!

Just let me make a call. I’ll be right back.

[soft tense music]

[Kate sighs]

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Think there’s anything he can do?

Oh, there better be something that he can do. Because he got you into this. Now he needs to get you out.

[ominous music]

Why the hell would I leave? This is my apartment. Theresa is my girlfriend.

I’m sorry. Hey, knee-jerk reaction, all right? I’m just a little rattled right now. Of course you don’t have to leave, it’s your place. I’m just–I just–

Just what?

I think– I think she is fine with showing her worst self to me, but it’s embarrassing for her to be like this in front of you. And it’s–I think it’s agitating her. You don’t have to leave. This is your place. I can’t tell you to leave, but I think the best thing she needs right now is probably some donuts and probably some coffee. I don’t know when she’s eaten last. Caffeine and the sugar might help her.

[soft dramatic music]

[Theresa sighs]

Right. OK, fine. I’ll go get some donuts and coffee.

Thank you.

And um, dark chocolate.

Right. Theresa, I’ll be right back, OK?

Hey, you all right? Oh, sit, sit. Drink, drink. Drink, drink, drink. It’s OK. OK, we’re going to go back to the couch, OK? OK? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Theresa.

I hope that you will let me know how she’s doing.

[Nicole sighs]

Of course. And enjoy that little boy. Cherish every moment with him.

I will. Thank you.

[phone beeps]

[soft somber music]

[EJ sighs]

The helicopter has landed.

[clears throat] If you could give us a moment with Holly?

Of course. Safe travels.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[Nicole sighs]

Oh, I remember when she was a fussy baby.

[both chuckle] And I–I rocked her and I sang to her and I prayed that she would close those big eyes and go to sleep. And then they would just pop right open, and I’d curse under my breath and have to start all over again. And–and how I wish so badly that she would–

I can only imagine how fiercely she fought sleep, as she did everything else, just like her mother.

[Nicole sighs] I love you both so very much.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[EJ sighs] Get well soon, sweet girl. In the meantime, I swear to you… I will get justice done in your name.

[door opens]

[Harris sighs]


I’m sorry, Kate.

Why? What did they say?

I spoke to the governor state’s attorney, and the prerequisite for Lucas’s release is that he would provide evidence that could be used in court. And they won’t release him without him meeting those terms.

No, but you told me that two of the successful drug raids were because of the intel that he provided.

[suspenseful music]

Yeah, why isn’t that enough to get me out?

Because the raids didn’t lead to the source. Look, I’m not giving up. Even if I can’t get Lucas released yet, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure he’s safe.

[scoffs] Well, you said that before, and look at him! I mean, excuse me if I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Good morning, Alex.

Maggie. Uh… wait. Can I talk to you for a second?

[sighs] I’m really not in the mood to talk shop, Alex. I just came from saying goodbye to my granddaughter. She and her mother, they will soon be on their way to Italy for experimental treatments.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sure that was really rough, but… I just think you might really want to know about this.

[pensive music] It’s about Theresa.

Theresa? Is she all right?

No, she’s not. Um…

[somber music] She had a slip-up last night. She got high. I’m really worried about her.

Oh, my God. Please tell me this was a bad dream.

There you are. Hey, you with me now? See me?

I wish it wasn’t– oh, my God. Why? Why did I just give in like that after my years of sobriety? I’ve let everyone down. I’ve let Tate down. I let you down. I let Alex down.

Stop, stop. No, no, no, no. Alex cares about you. I’m–I’m not judging you. No one’s judging you right now.

I don’t–I don’t– I don’t deserve– I don’t deserve either of you. I don’t deserve anyone’s love or respect.

Theresa, Theresa, stop. Theresa, don’t say that. No, you’ve worked very hard. You’ve made amends. You have–you’ve– you’ve struggled to become a better person. I’ve seen that. It’s–you’re doing fine.

You don’t understand. I’m not talking about the past. I’m talking–

[suspenseful music]

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about now. I’ve tried to change, but I’ve just been–

[sighs] I’ve just been a failure. I’ve done some really– I’ve done some really horrible things, Brady.

But why Alex Kiriakis? Why make him the wealthy man in Xander’s stead?

We have a connection going. We’ve already talked about going out. He seems real interested.


And if I can make something happen fast, something between us, before he learns that he’s the heir, then he won’t have to question me going after him for his inheritance. I’m a bad person. You need to know that.

So this Pawn played an important role in your life, but you don’t know who he was? How does that make any sense?

[tense music]

Perhaps his identity is known by many. It is certainly known to you, Victor’s former employee, the man with the patch.

Why are you so determined to know who he was?

For me, “The Pawn” was just a name. Until–

Until what?

Until I saw his eyes. I will never forget those eyes.

So you say you saw The Pawn’s eyes, but you still don’t know who he is?

I do not, but you do.

I’ve had enough of this crap. I’m out of here.

Not until you tell me who it is! I demand to know!

Look, Harris, you helped save my life. I will be forever grateful to you for that. But if you don’t help me fix this–

OK, I’m going to fix it, OK? I take full responsibility, I swear. Nothing’s going to happen to Lucas as long as he’s in the infirmary. Just give me a little time, OK? Just–

Detective Michaels, there’s someone in the visiting room to see you.

Uh, OK. Who is it, and how do they know I’m here?

The man just said he needs to talk to you.

OK, I’ll be right there.

[heart rate monitor beeping] Again, I’m sorry. I’m going to make this right. I’m going to get you out of here one way or another.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

So where is Theresa now? I trust that she’s not alone.

No, no, no, no. She’s with Brady at my apartment.


I called him last night because I didn’t know where to find her when she took off in the middle of the night, so, yeah, the cops ended up having to get involved.


We found her at a motel, high off her ass on ecstasy or whatever. I wanted to bring her to the hospital, but Brady and Detective Hunter said that it wasn’t necessary.

Mm. So you brought her home?

No, no, not right away. We thought that maybe it would make Theresa spiral downward even further if people saw that she was using again, so we stayed at the motel a little longer.

Oh, that’s terribly sad news, on top of the other sad news. I’m very sorry to hear it.

Yeah, I’m sorry, too. It is sad, like you said. Anyway, Brady sent me out to get coffee and donuts, but I think the truth is he is trying to get rid of me because he thinks that I might be agitating Theresa even more. Because she thinks that I might be, like, you know, judging her.

Right. Um, if Brady sent you out for coffee and donuts, caffeine and sugar will definitely help her. I’m proud of you, Alex, for including Brady. He’s a recovering alcoholic, as you know, and he knows Theresa very well. That was a very good call.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I know it was a good call. It’s just now–now I’m just thinking–


After Brady’s gone…


And it’s just me and Theresa, and she’s sober and normal again, the hell do I do? What do I say to her?

Well, I would encourage her to go back to her meetings. That’s very important.

Right. Yes, definitely, and I’m going to do that, for sure.

And I would be very supportive of her and kind and not judgmental.

Right. I also don’t think I’m going to drink around her anymore.

Well, I’d say, in the first few weeks after a relapse, that would be very helpful, yes. But, you know, eventually, recovering alcoholics and addicts, they– they need to tolerate people drinking in their presence and not be affected by it.

Well, still, I’m going to abstain from alcohol for a while.

Well, that’s very good of you. You know I’m here for Theresa anytime, night or day. I’m here for you, too, Alex. If you–if you need help, advice… just call. Yeah.

Thank you, Maggie.

[Alex exhales deeply]

What are you talking about? What are these horrible things that you’ve done recently?

I shouldn’t have said anything.

Yeah, but you did.

[Theresa sighs]


I’m a failure. That’s all you need to know, OK?

Hey, hey, Theresa. Damn it, this was one slip. One, OK? You’re going to– you’re going to be OK. You’re going to fight back from this, all right? Everything’s going to be OK. You’ll be OK. Our son, Tate, will be OK.


[gasps] Oh, my God, no. Please don’t tell Tate about this. Please don’t tell Tate.

I won’t.


I won’t. I don’t see any reason or need to tell him.

[sniffles] Thank you.

OK, just don’t– I know things look bleak right now. I know you’re down and everything. But, hey, it’s always– what’s that expression? It’s always darkest before the dawn, right?

Yeah, I know the expression. I wish I believed it.

You–hey, you should believe it. I believe it. It’s basically a pattern in my life. Every time I feel like I can’t tolerate any more sadness or disappointment, things get–get a little better. It’s either that, or I’m amazingly resilient.

[Theresa chuckles]

I think it’s the latter.

Hope so. The point is you’re going to be OK, because you are one of the strongest women that I know.

[soft dramatic music] And you’re resilient and you will fight back from this. And you will be just fine. And you’ll fight back not only for your son… but for yourself.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Well, um, I guess this is goodbye. For now.

[Nicole chuckles] For now.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[soft dramatic music] I’ll miss you, my darling, every day.

I’ll miss you, too.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

[soft dramatic music]

I’m getting really sleepy now.

You can sleep later. I want you to keep drinking the water. Do it. Thank you.

I’m sorry Alex called you.

No, I’m not. Glad he did.

No, it was an imposition.

It’s not an imposition, Theresa. It’s OK. I want to be here. I want to–I want to be here for you. Oh, that’s all right.

I’m really glad you are.


[Brady sighs]

You know, I know things blew up between us, but we still had some good times together, didn’t we?

Mm, yeah. Yeah. We really did.

Yeah. We did.

[Brady chuckles] Except for I screwed up royally, of course.


I thought that you were going to– I thought you were going to hate me forever and that you wouldn’t be my friend, but yet here you are… being my friend, so kind and understanding. Thank you for being my friend, Brady.

[ominous music]

[intense dramatic music]

I want to know about The Pawn! Tell me who it is!

There’s nothing to tell! Now, you better get the hell out of my way.

You are hiding something, aren’t you?



You’re the one who came to town with all your smarmy BS, trying to scam your way into Maggie’s life with all your secrets and lies!

Tell me!

You push me too far, old man!

Whoa! What is going on here?

Too far.

My sweet–my sweet son.

[heart rate monitor beeping] Life is never easy for you, is it?

[heart rate monitor beeping]

No, I guess not. I guess I take after you, don’t I?

Yeah. Well, I wish you didn’t. I mean, I like that you’re witty and charming like me and easy on the eyes like me.

[soft dramatic music] But other than that–

Yeah. Other than that.

Lucas, I want you to know that I am so proud of you. I really am. You gotta hang tough, OK?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I love you. I love you so much.

[heart rate monitor beeping]

Excuse me. Looking for me?

[dramatic music]

Well, hey there, Sheriff.

That’s DetectiveMichaels.

Oh. Well, then I stand corrected. Forgive me, Detective. I’m Clyde Weston. Rings a bell, huh? Yeah, I requested your presence in the hopes that we could have a little chat. You know, about current events in Salem. Like what happened to Lucas Horton.

[sighs] That’s a damn shame, isn’t it?

[intense dramatic music]

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