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Eric: Now, Ridge, I, uh… it’s really important for me to have you understand.

Ridge: I do understand, Dad. I do. I understand what I took from you. You said you were at peace.

Eric: I was at peace. I– I– I found contentment and-and-and-and… unconditional love. That’s what– That’s what I saw there.

Ridge: And you saw Mom. You said Mom was waiting for you.

Eric: Yeah, she was. Wonderful, impossible Stephanie, she was there.

Ridge: So let me ask you one more time. Did I let you down? Did you want to stay?

Poppy: Be honest. You didn’t think I’d take you up on your dare, did you? Getting up and dancing in front of everyone?

Bill: Well, I am not one who is easily surprised, but that…

Poppy: Did I embarrass you?

Bill: Do I look embarrassed? you seemed to enjoy it.

Bill: Well, that’s because I did enjoy it, very much. I love that side of you.

Poppy: My uninhibited side?

Bill: That’s the one.

Poppy: Well, then maybe you should try it.

Bill: What? What that? Oh, no, no, no. My disco Saturday night days are well behind me.

Poppy: No, impetuous side. Exactly. Dare you.

Bill: All right, let me tell you something, okay? If I– if I did, we’d have to clear this whole place out ’cause I would take over the floor. Although, that might not be a bad thing.

Poppy: Because?

Bill: ‘Cause then I would have you all to myself. I wouldn’t have to share you with anyone.

Luna: Here, let me help.

RJ: Oh, thank you.

Luna: Good workout?

RJ: Yeah, sure.

Luna: You really need to get a place of your own.

RJ: I have some good news. Actually, I have a lot of good news. Granddad is getting out of the hospital today.

Luna: Really?

RJ: Yeah.

Luna: That’s amazing. I’m so happy for Eric and for all of you.

RJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My-My dad’s, uh, getting him settled in right now. Which is what I’m gonna be doing soon. Getting settled in because I found a place. It’s a beach house. It’s really close to my sister Steffy’s place, and I think you’re gonna love it.

Luna: Wow, that’s– Oh, my God, that’s– that’s amazing. When do you move in?

RJ: Um, today.

Luna: Today?

Luna: I know you said you wanted to find your own place, but I had no idea you were actually working on one. And at the beach?

RJ: Yeah. Well, you know, I just had to make sure it actually happened before I told you.

Luna: Well, how did it happen so quickly?

RJ: Mm… That’s a good question. Um… Well, let’s just say I was uh, motivated.

Luna: Oh, yeah?

RJ: Yeah. You know, every time I look at you, I see you, kiss you… I just get even more determined.

Wyatt: This must be the girlfriend. If not, you’re in big trouble.

RJ: It is. It is the girlfriend. This is Luna. Luna, meet Wyatt. Wyatt, Luna.

Wyatt: Nice to meet you.

Luna: You too.

Wyatt: Uh, sorry about the timing.

RJ: No. No, it’s fine. We’re, uh, we’re actually really, really talented at getting interrupted. It happens all the time. But in this case, it’s really welcome, you know, uh, because Wyatt is the one who owns the beach house.

Luna: Oh.

RJ: Yeah.

Wyatt: Oh, speaking of which, here you go.

RJ: Oh!

Wyatt: You might wanna make another one if you’re gonna have any guests.

Poppy: Come on, dance with me. I promise you’ll have fun, okay? Just– just live in the moment and let whatever happens just happen.

Bill: Like I did that night? That magical night for both of us. I have a better idea. I mean, this has been fun, but I want to be alone with you, Poppy. And then we can dance or whatever all night long.

Ridge: I was torn, Dad. I knew what Finn wanted to do. I– I– I knew what they wanted. I knew what you wanted. And I knew what I wanted. I didn’t want to say goodbye to you. Wasn’t ready.

Eric: It’s okay, son. I understand.

Wyatt: Confession?

RJ: Okay.

Wyatt: I mean, it ain’t gonna be easy moving out of the beach house. I got a lot of special memories there.

RJ: Well, hey, you know, you’re– you’re always gonna be welcome to, like, stop by.

Wyatt: Thank you. I appreciate it. Just call ahead first, right?

RJ: Yes. Please.

Wyatt: Uh, Anyway, you– you have everything you need, right? Uh, you got the key.

RJ: Yep, check, got the key.

Wyatt: Uh, you’re renting it fully furnished, so all you need are your clothes, toothbrush, trunks, surfboards. I’m taking mine with me.

RJ: Aw…

Luna: Do you have any idea where you’re gonna go?

Wyatt: I’m not sure. I uh, dunno, maybe hang around LA, spread my wings. I don’t know. See what’s out there in this big wide world for yours truly.

RJ: Wyatt, dude, wherever you land, you’re absolutely gonna make the most of it.

Wyatt: I intend to. Um, just like you guys should, you know, at the beach house, make some amazing memories together.

Poppy: Aren’t you gonna get that?

Bill: What?

Poppy: Your phone. It’s vibrating.

Bill: I hadn’t noticed. Too distracted.

Poppy: I didn’t realize I had that effect on you.

Bill: From the day I first laid eyes on you.

Poppy: That seems like a lifetime ago.

Bill: Well, in some ways it is. But like I told you, from the day you walked in this restaurant, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I haven’t forgotten, Poppy and I know you haven’t forgotten either. I think we need to do something about that.

Poppy: What did you have in mind?

Bill: It’s a surprise. Come with me.

Eric: Ridge, I don’t want to hear another word about whether you let me down or not. I’m a blessed man. I went to the other side, and I saw how beautiful it is there, how wondrous and there’s nothing– nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. But as wonderful as it is there, I am so happy to be back here with all of you, So happy. Don’t doubt that. Never doubt that.

Zende: It’s true! You’re here.

Donna: Slow down.

Zende: Okay, okay, okay. Oh, my God, Granddad, seeing you here, out of that hospital bed, back where you belong… is what we’ve all been praying for.

Zende: It truly is a miracle. I never stopped hoping, I never stopped believing, despite the odds, despite everything. How do you feel? You look great.

Eric: I feel really good. Thank you. I’m ready to go back to work.

Donna: What? No.

Zende: You gotta take it easy.

Eric: All right, all right. I’ll rest. I’ll rest for a while until I’m ready, okay? Yeah, my wonderful grandson. So talented. You look pretty good too, yeah? Thank you. I appreciate so much you coming to the hospital and visiting me. It really, uh… it lifted my spirits.

Zende: Next to my dad, you’re the man I admire most. Don’t ever leave me– us– again, okay?

Eric: Okay. Okay.

Luna: Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself.

RJ: Why?

Luna: This. Being here at Forrester with you. Talking about a house in Malibu. This is just so not what I’m used to.

RJ: Well, how do you mean?

Luna: Well, my upbringing. It’s so different from yours, you know? My mom raised me solo. She was like this strong-willed but peaceful, spiritual merchant who would set up, like, her little stands and sell her tie-dyed, handmade shirts. Or sometimes she’d just get like regular old shirts and make them super cool. Um, but yeah, she worked at, like, farmers’ markets and festivals and things like that. It was definitely down to earth. But I never felt poor though. You know, like we always had each other and we lived a really good life.

RJ: Sounds amazing. My mom is amazing. She’s so free spirited and independent, and she’s also a ballerina and a singer too. Yeah, but me, I was always a little more on the serious side.

RJ: Hmm. But not Poppy?

Luna: No, definitely not Poppy. I was always in awe of her. I love the way she lived her life and the way she loved so openly and freely with no excuses or apologies.

RJ: Well, there’s something to be said for that, you know.

Luna: But when it comes to relationships, let’s just say that I’m glad that I waited for the right guy.

RJ: I’m glad you did too. So, um, if you’re free or whatever, uh, would you like to check out the new place?

Luna: Yes. Let’s go.

RJ: Let’s go.

Bill: You like it?

Poppy: God, it’s amazing. And just steps away from the Pacific? Is this where you live?

Bill: Uh it’s one of my properties. My son Wyatt has been living here for quite a while, but… I don’t know, he’s going through something and he feels like he needs a change.

Poppy: So he’s moving out.

Bill: Yeah. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with the place. Can I pour you one?

Poppy: No, thanks. I’m not really a drinker.

Bill: Ah, your– your special mints.

Poppy: These are not just any mints.

Bill: Yeah? Well, I’m gonna stick with scotch.

Poppy: You know, I have to say, I mean, if this was my place, like, there’s no way I could ever sell it. It’s so– it’s so magical.

Bill: It is.

Bill: Wyatt said he already found a renter, but, I don’t know. I have to figure out what to do long term. Maybe I’ll keep it. Use it to romance a beautiful woman.

Bill: You know, when I– when I close my eyes, I can– I can still see you dancing in front of that bonfire at Golden Gate Park.

Poppy: All those years ago.

Bill: You were like no woman I’d ever known, before or since

Poppy: I feel like this is leading somewhere.

Bill: I hope to the bedroom. Am I coming on too strong?

Poppy: No, it isn’t that. It’s just–

Bill: What?

Poppy: All right, this is gonna sound crazy, but my sister Li, she’s like super judgmental of me and she says I’m always coming on to wealthy men. And it would be really easy to fall into your arms, Bill. But my sister’s wrong. I don’t need a man.

Bill: I know you don’t need me, but I sense that you want me. Just like I want you.

Poppy: This way?

Bill: Yeah.

RJ: You ready?

Luna: Mm-hmm.

RJ: Here it is.

Luna: Oh, my God, RJ, I– this is, I can’t even–

RJ: It’s amazing, right?

Luna: It’s so awesome! Oh, my God.

RJ: I’m glad you like it. I hope we’re gonna be spending a lot of time here.

Ridge: Well, that was Steffy. She and her family want to stop by, if that’s okay with you, now that you’re settled in.

Eric: That’s great. I can’t wait to see them.

Brooke: And they want to see you too.

Donna: Of course, of course, we just didn’t want to overwhelm you, over tire you.

Eric: That’s all right. I’m not tired. Just being here is so energizing, I– I’m so happy to be here. It makes me feel great. You know, when I started feeling sick and then– and I didn’t want anyone to know, we had to keep it a secret and I was adamant about it. I didn’t want any– any pity or, uh, any concern from anybody. And I insisted on that. And I insisted on the– on the fashion challenge and– and on this goodbye party. I should have… I’m sorry, I should’ve let everybody in.

Zende: We understand why you didn’t, Granddad. It was your way of trying to spare us.

Eric: If I had known then what I know now, I mean, what I’ve seen and what I know about what’s coming to all of us when we pass away. It’s so beautiful, it’s so safe. Nothing to fear. And that– that’s– that’s the beauty of it It leaves us free to– to live our lives the way we want to.

Brooke: And cherish every second that we have together.

Eric: None of us knows how many days we have left, how many years. So we have to make the most of the time we have left.

Donna: That’s right. Actually, that’s what we all should be doing.

Zende: Will be doing.

Hope: Yeah.

Zende: Thanks to you, Granddad. Everything you’ve been through.

Ridge: You’re an inspiration. I love you.

Brooke: We all do.

Dona: So, so very much.

Eric: I love all of you, so much.

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