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You’re looking better. Your health must be improving. Well, thank you, sister. Dropping the charges against Sonny Corinthos has revitalized my spirit. My soul is unburdened, so my body can heal. And what led to this unburdening? Accountability. I acknowledged my role in the attack, how I provoked Sonny at the wrong time instead of giving him grace. If I had simply turned around and walked away, the beating never would have happened. Once I realized that, I was able to let my anger go, and I found peace. Is that why you called me last night and wanted me to be here first thing in the morning? Because you wanted to share this epiphany? I called you because there’s a lost soul in need of your help. [ Door opens ] Welcome, nephew. You’re right on time.

Trina, I told you to take the day off. What the hell do you want, Esme? You’re not welcome here. Look, please, Ava, don’t kick me out. I need your help. Hi, Adam. Where am I? You’re at General Hospital. Why? Because your friend saved your life. Like I said, I am hiring an assistant manager, so I’ll be in touch. Thank you. I hope to hear from you. You look underwhelmed by that last interview. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I’m guessing you’re hiring? You’re perceptive. Yeah. I guess that’s what makes you such a great P.I., huh? [ Chuckles ] Hey, if you’re looking for something new, perhaps I can interest you in the exciting world of shift management. [ Sighs ] Where are you going with that? What are you doing in here? Moving. No. There– There’s been a mistake. You must be on the wrong floor. We’re on the right floor. No, you can’t be, because, get this, this is my office. You know what? You have to leave. You have to leave immediately, and tell that guy to bring my stuff back, or I’m calling security. Lady, we’re just doing our job. Job? What job? Who ordered this? I did. Guys, good work. Why don’t you take a break? Go get yourself a coffee and a muffin. Okay? Thanks. Joe, this one’s for you. What the hell, Drew? You can’t just order me out of my own office. This is trespassing. No, no, Nina, this is business. I own Aurora. Aurora owns Crimson, right? And I know you’re the editor-in-chief of Crimson, but I’m still your boss. Till now. You’re fired.

How’d you find me? Uh, when you didn’t answer when I called, I went by your dorm, and I-I ran into your RA, Kiley. She told me what happened, so I came here and looked around until I found you. Oh, no. My phone died. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up your call. I just — so much was going on. Obviously. I just — Why didn’t you call me when you got here? I didn’t want to bother you. I know how you feel about Adam. I figured you’d had enough. Joss. If you’re going through something, I want to know and help if I can. That’s how this works. Got it? Got it. Come on, let’s go check on Adam, see if he’s awake. I need to apologize to him. What do you have to apologize for? He freaked out because I told the RA he was in trouble. Joss, you don’t have anything to apologize for. The people who need to be apologizing are Adam’s parents. Do you remember anything from last night? No, not really. Just, uh… that I had too much to drink. Just a frat party. Josslyn Jacks found you alone in Rice Park. Oh, uh, sometimes I — when I drink a lot, I-I wander. It’s a really bad habit. You’d also ingested a lot of pills. For a cold. My throat. It’s okay. Just have another sip. I’ll let the doctor fill you in. I’d really like to get back to my dorm. You’ll have to be cleared by the attending before you can be released. When will that be? Why does my throat hurt so much? You had to have your stomach pumped last night. I don’t want to alarm you, Adam, but you’re lucky to be alive. Lucky me. Business is, um, going great. Really great. That’s why I have to hire more staff. I know that’s a really good problem to have, but I just want Bobbie’s to live up to its namesake. You know? What are you talking about? Bobbie’s is thriving because of you. Onward and upward. Thank you. I needed to hear that. I really needed to hear that. [ Chuckles ] Okay. What can I get you? I’m actually gonna wait to order until Drew gets here. Drew. Yeah. You’re meeting him now? Well, actually, like five minutes ago. He’s running late. I hate to break it to you, Sam, but, um, you’re gonna be waiting a long time for Drew. You’re making a big mistake. Maybe. But it’s my mistake to make. Did you honestly think that I would just roll over and accept this? What about Michael? You may own Aurora, but he runs it. What do you think he’ll have to say about this? “Hooray”? You made it. I-I’m grateful you came. Grandmother, I didn’t know that you would be here. Nor I you. What’s going on here, Cyrus? Well, I thought you both should know that I had a visitor late last night. Somebody who needed my help, who was desperate and alone, who felt everything had been taken from her. Esme. Esme? Why would Esme come here? Do you want to explain the rest, or shall I do it for you? Okay, look, enough with the mystery. Somebody better tell me something. I saw my father last night. One too many knocks to the head, Esme? Look, do you think I want to be here asking for your help? Well, at least you didn’t have to break in, right? Now, leave before I call the cops. Haven’t you already done that, Ava? You tried to send me to prison. Oh, funny. That’s where I think criminals belong. Look, Ava, okay? You’re right. [ Chuckles ] What’s that? I should not have broken into Wyndemere, and what you did was entirely justified. What do you want? Just spit it out. Have you seen Nikolas? Why? Have you? No. Then why do you ask? Because he’s kidnapped my son. Nikolas came back to Port Charles? Where is he? He was here last night. He’s already gone. My son came and went without me even knowing? Well [sighs] at least you got to see him. Must have been a shock, though. Did he say why he risked coming back to Port Charles? He, uh… He came here to — to take Ace with him. Oh. And, uh… And I let him. [ Gasps ] You told me about the pressure Adam’s parents are putting on him. No wonder he cracked. I just can’t believe he’s this messed up about his grades. I mean, they’re better than mine, and mine are pretty good. It’s not about his GPA, Joss. He feels shame. For what? For letting his parents down. He wants them to be proud of him. But he acts like he can’t stand them. Just the opposite. Adam loves his parents, and he feels like a failure because he can’t live up to their expectations. Was that how it was for you? Uh, not exactly. If there was any part of me that wanted to please my parents, it got burned out of me pretty early. I only found peace with my family when I walked away. I just hope Adam doesn’t have to make the same choice. He really needs help, doesn’t he? He’s gonna need a good friend. And that is what you’ve been. Let’s go see how he’s doing. I’m sorry I’m so punchy. I just really want to get out of here. I’ll bet. But let’s have the attending check you out first, okay? You’re up. How are you feeling? Are you the attending? I’m Dr. Robinson. I’m the co-chief of staff here. Wow. Okay, then you could definitely sign me out. W-When can I leave? I’ll check on the attending, or I’ll see if Dr. Collins is available. Thank you. Look… I’m really sorry, but last night was just a complete, huge misunderstanding. I’m sorry if I caused a lot of trouble, but my friend Josslyn, she just overreacted. So if you could sign me out, that’d be great. You know, I happen to know Josslyn Jacks, and she doesn’t overreact that much. And neither does the staff here at the hospital. I think it’s pretty clear what happened here. And either way, you’re gonna need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist before you can be discharged. It’s hospital policy. Uh, Dr. Robinson, I… Are you Trina’s mom? I am. She’s told me a lot about you. Well, you’re friends with Trina, so I have to take especially good care of you, right? Yeah. Cool. So… let me out. If after your evaluation, we all agree that what happened last night was just an unfortunate accident, then you can be discharged. And if not, then we’re just gonna have to take the next steps. Next steps? What does that even mean? What, like you’re gonna keep me here or something? Do I have rights? What if I don’t consent to it? No, no, no, no, no. Of course you have rights. Absolutely you do. But some of those rights are determined by your diagnosis. So, listen, we want the absolute best outcome for you. And if it’s determined that you are a threat to yourself or to anyone else, then we can’t let you leave. It’s hospital policy, standard practice. Now, the on-call psychiatric attending, he should be here soon, and your parents — No, no, no! They can’t know. Okay. Okay. Calm down. P-Please, please don’t. It’s all right. No. Please don’t tell them what happened. Nikolas took Ace? When? Yeah, during the hearing. Spencer was supposed to bring Ace to the courthouse, but he never showed up. And then Nikolas came to the apartment and then convinced Spencer to give him my baby. That is unbelievable. But you never saw Nikolas in Port Charles? No, no, no, no. He hid from me like the coward that he is. But I can’t believe he just let Nikolas take Ace. I can’t believe Spencer would betray me like that. I-I thought that we were getting along. I thought that he hated his father. I — Well, like father like son. Right? Self-serving, duplicitous. Yeah, but — but Ace doesn’t even know Nikolas. I mean, he’s gonna be so scared and — and so confused. I mean, Nikolas doesn’t know what Ace likes. I mean, he needs his mother. I-I can’t be without my son. He’s all that I’ve got. It’s a terrible thing to be separated from your child. Yes, so you understand. I do. Unfortunately, I do. But why come to me? I-I thought that Nikolas might not be able to stay away from you. I… Unfortunately. Wait. So I’m right, aren’t I? He came to see you, didn’t he? Yeah. Nikolas was here. Oh, thank God. But Esme, he’s gone now. And you are never gonna find him. You let Nikolas take Ace? How could you do such a thing? I didn’t have a choice. My little brother wasn’t safe with Esme. Oh, come on! She has proven herself to be a good mother, and you know it. Does Esme know? Does she know that Nikolas took her baby? That’s why she came to see me last night. She — She wanted my help tracking Nikolas down. I’m sorry. Why would she think that you would help her? Well, she thinks I have powerful contacts, and she thought I’d be amenable because Nikolas and Ace are my relatives. Of course, I’m related to them through you. I knew I had to do the right thing and — and inform you. And I asked Spencer here so that he could be the one to explain. Oh, because you’re all about my soul, right? And confession being good for it? Well, I would hope so. You’re the one who took a child from his mother. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I did not take Ace. [ Chuckles ] Oh, no. No. You just handed him over like you were returning a package. How could you do such a thing?! My God, I can only imagine how Esme is feeling right now. And what about you? My God, how could you take a baby from the only family that he knew? Because I love my brother, and I’m not going to allow him to be raised by some psychopath. Oh, come on, you go back to that whenever it is convenient for you. She’s worked hard, hard to overcome — No, no, no, no. You do not understand. I know the truth now. She’s been lying. She remembers. She remembers everything. Adam, we had to call your parents because according to your PCU medical records, they’re your emergency contact. Wait. What did you tell them? I told them that you were here and you had a medical emergency. Did you tell them about the pills or that I — that I tried to hurt myself? Is that what happened, Adam? No, that’s not what happened. It was just an accident. Okay. Adam, here’s the deal. You’re over , so you’re considered to be an adult. So as far as we’re concerned, we can’t share any of your information without your permission, okay? Thank you. But your parents — they’re still gonna have questions. And whether or not last night was an accident, you’re still gonna need a support system in place. So I’m imploring you to please be honest with the doctor that’s gonna evaluate you, be honest with your parents, and most importantly, be honest with yourself.

Is there any word on the psych attending? Who’s covering this morning? Is it Dr. Wallace? He’s still doing rounds in the west wing. He’ll be down soon. How’s Adam? I feel so bad for him. Josslyn said he’s under a lot of pressure at school. I just hope that if Wiley or Amelia ever felt pressured at school, that they’d come to me, you know? I mean, I don’t get it. Kids nowadays, they have so much pressure on them — the bullying, the isolation, school shootings, everything that’s going on in the world. Depression and anxiety — they are an epidemic for this generation. And it just — it breaks my heart. Dr. Robinson, is Adam awake yet? Josslyn, hi. I-I didn’t know that you were here. Did you sleep here last night? I just want to make sure Adam’s okay. He’s awake. He cannot have any visitors right now. That’s really all I can tell you. [ Elevator bell dings ]

Yeah, I’m here to see Adam Wright. He was brought in last night. I want to see my son. Drew mentioned that he had a meeting, um, at — at Aurora this morning. But we’ve had this on the books for over a week. Yeah, I think it was last minute. I’m sure he just forgot. I mean, Drew would never leave you hanging. [ Chuckles ] Or so I thought. Never say never, I guess, huh? What does that mean? Drew and I have been out of step lately, and that’s why I scheduled this meeting, to see if we could iron some things out. Is this about the situation with Scout’s school? Look, I don’t believe he meant to undercut you. No, actually, we — we resolved that issue. But things are still really tense, and they have been since he got home from Pentonville. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. You know what? Never mind. Forget it. No, no, don’t do that. Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on. Well, you spend probably the most time with Drew. Since he’s been back, haven’t you noticed that he’s changed? Yeah, as you just pointed out, Michael only runs Aurora. I happen to own it. So I get the final say. Oh, I get it. So either Michael disagrees with your decision to fire me and run Crimson into the ground, or he doesn’t know. See, Michael may have Sonny’s last name, and he may hate me, but he’s a Quartermaine through and through. He doesn’t let his personal feelings interfere with the balance sheet. Yeah, don’t forget that I’m a Quartermaine, too. Then maybe you should take a page out of your nephew’s book! I have run a tight, profitable ship for years! I saved Crimson from bankruptcy when Julian Jerome tried to run it into the ground and use it as a tax write-off. Now Crimson is one of the top fashion magazines in the country. It is Aurora’s flagship title, and it is my baby! Speaking of, what kind of father tanks his company and destroys his child’s legacy? Isn’t Scout a major shareholder? Don’t you dare bring my daughter into this. Drew had a horrific experience in — in Pentonville, he did. And — And he’s struggling right now, he is. And I think that’s to be expected. And just when he was getting his bearings, we found out that Nina was the one who called the SEC on us. And that very same night, we found out that my mother died, so I think he’s angry. And I’m angry, you know? Yeah, I-I understand that. But Drew is angry at the world. You — you’re directing your anger toward Nina, rightfully so. Yeah, well, my instincts are telling me to fight back, strike back, but I just — I don’t know. I-I want to be more like my mom. You know, I want to focus on what’s important. And right now, keeping her legacy alive and honoring her is so important to me. And I’m trying, and I-I hope I’m succeeding. But I don’t know. Bobbie would be really proud of you right now, Carly. Yeah. Thank you. But Bobbie also gave people second chances, Sam. Maybe that’s what we need to do for Drew. We need to give him some grace and double down on our support. No, I-I hear you, and don’t get me wrong, I would do anything to support Drew, aside from the issue we have with Scout and the school. But if there is any way that I can help him, I will. And if you have any idea on how I can do that, I’m listening. [ Sighs ] What did I ever do to you, Nina? Did — Did I harm you in some way? No, no, it wasn’t about you. It was always about Carly. Yeah, but two people were reported to the SEC, right? So…did you just forget about me? You didn’t care that I was collateral damage? You didn’t care that I had just got back into my daughter’s life, and then I was ripped away again right after I helped save your daughter’s life?! So you just care about your daughter, not mine? Is that what — Okay, I’m sorry! I am sorry, and I was very grateful. I didn’t know that you would be the one to go to prison. No. You didn’t want to know, Nina. You didn’t care. You were just so hell-bent on destroying Carly. But you know what I think? I think so much of this — I think it’s insecurity. What are you talking about? Well, yeah, Wiley and Amelia — they love Carly. There’s so much closer to Carly than they are to you. Willow, too, for that matter. And — And Sonny and Carly. Their bond is dysfunctional, but it’s also unbreakable. And I don’t think you can stand that, so you wanted to get Carly out of the picture. You wanted her out by any means possible. Okay, can you just stop talking, please? Yes! Yes, I did what I did, and I won’t deny it, but I think this is a perfect opportunity for you to acknowledge your part, Drew. You are responsible for putting yourself at risk! Carly’s investment was a well-intentioned act of support. There was no nefarious motive whatsoever. You, on the other hand, man, you just wanted to take her out. And now… I want to take you out. I’m gonna give you fair warning. Don’t use all these feelings to influence your business decisions. Talk to Legal. You can’t just fire me. I may not own the company, but without me, there is no magazine. Yeah, you’re not telling me anything that I don’t know, Nina. Are you telling me that you would shutter Crimson just to get rid of me? I’m telling you that I will do anything to make you pay for what you’ve done. Excuse me, sir. I’m Dr. Robinson, the co-chief of staff here. Where’s Adam? Is he okay? He’s resting, and he still needs to be seen by an attending. [ Chuckles ] He drank too much and made a fool of himself. Does that really require further consultation? Well, it requires us to be thorough as possible. Hmm. Look, I don’t want you running up our bill with all kinds of extra charges, okay? Adam’s already squandered the money we’ve invested in his education with this foolishness, which is exactly what we were afraid of. Now [clears throat] when can I take my son home? Why don’t I go check his status? Dr. Robinson, Adam cannot go. He needs to stay here and get help. He absolutely cannot go home. Why is that? Young lady, what do you know about my son that I don’t? Did you help Nikolas kidnap my son? I did no such thing! I would never do anything like that. Well, then, why was he here? Why did he come looking for you? Did he — Did he want you to help him to get me out of the way? Like… Is that why you pressed charges against me? Esme, that’s ridiculous. I didn’t know that you’d broken into Wyndemere. I didn’t know that Laura was gonna convince you to confess to it. Look, just — just — just tell me how to find Nikolas, please. I can’t. He’s a Cassadine. He’s got money, he’s got resources, he’s got private islands. If Laura couldn’t find him, do you really think you’ll be able to? Well, I’m not giving up on my son. I-I have resources, too. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. And your resources can’t possibly compete or compare. Do I look helpless to you? I will do whatever it takes to find my son. You know, maybe I have a dangerous ally of my own. Oh, really? Like who? Cyrus Renault. Esme told me that Spencer threatened to have the old charges reinstated against her. When I questioned her, she wouldn’t say how this might be possible. Because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s regained her memory. But how do you know that, Spencer? Because of the little things that she was saying. I was with her before her arraignment at the PCPD, and… she kept going back to how everyone hated her and how she felt like she was the one who was being persecuted, and then I pointed out to her, I said, “These are things that sound like the old Esme.” And as soon as I said that, she backed off. Well, how would you expect her to react? I mean, she confessed, and — and she expressed true remorse over what was really a Class “A” misdemeanor. And still, Ava had to press charges. She said that Ava wants her to pay for what she supposedly did to Trina. As though Ava and Trina are overreacting, and she is somehow the one being persecuted in this situation. I’m sorry, Spencer, I don’t see this as proof that she’s regained her memory. She called me “Spence.” Excuse me? That’s what she used to call me back when we were together. She called me “Spence.” She hasn’t used that name for me since she lost her memory. Okay, so, uh, she called you by your nickname. [ Chuckles ] And then when I told her that my father had taken Ace, she said that she was going to the police and she was gonna report the kidnapping. And I said — I threatened her, and I said that, “If you do that, then I’m going to have — I’m gonna tell the police that you have your memory back and they’re going to reopen the investigation.” And then as soon as she heard that, she — she seemed like she couldn’t risk it. Maybe she couldn’t risk being thought of as a suspect when she is so desperate to try to get her son back. Oh, my God, Spencer. You gave Ace away based on a suspicion, not based on something you knew and certainly not on anything you could prove. No, I do know that Esme has regained her memory. Yeah, I-I’m sorry to interrupt, but memory or not, Esme is still going after her son. If she came to me asking for my help, who else is she going to go to? And if Esme’s successful, what will she do when she finds Nikolas? I think the best thing we can do for Drew is just to be honest with each other and to keep talking and to give him some time, you know? I mean, I’m gonna do everything I can on my end. Okay. But just so you know, you’re not alone in this. There are plenty of people here who care about Drew. But what happened to Drew is on me. Look, I’m the one who bought the Aurora stock because I had to inflate the price, even after Drew told me not to over and over again. And he took the fall just to protect me. He insisted on doing that, Carly. Yes, but he wouldn’t have been faced with that choice if it weren’t for me to begin with. So I am going to do everything I can to make up for it. Okay. As long as helping him doesn’t come at your own expense. ‘Cause that’s the last thing he would want. What about the staff? What about them? They are hardworking, they’re loyal, some of the best in the business. You are willing to lay off all of those people just to get back at me? Well, that’s on you, Nina. You sign this termination agreement right here, or Crimson, with all its staff, is going out of business. Mr. Cain, should we start loading the boxes on the freight elevator? Yeah, I’ll have a look. I’ll give you a moment to think about it.

Time’s up. You gonna sign? Or are you dragging Crimson down with you? Josslyn found Adam in the park yesterday and called emergency services. You found him? Or you were out drinking with him? Josslyn wasn’t drinking. She went to look for Adam because she was concerned for him. Adam was alone and nearly passed out. We’ve been concerned about his behavior for quite a while. Really? And this incident proves Adam’s just not mature enough to live on his own. It’s not a question about maturity. Adam needs help. Look, I appreciate your concern, and I’m “grateful” you called for help when you did, but I’ll take it from here. You don’t understand. Adam has been hiding everything from you because he’s afraid of what you’ll do. Why would he be afraid? His mother and I only want the best for him. He just feels so much pressure. Adam has a very promising career ahead of him. He had the test scores to get into PCU. He’s maintained a . up until now. If he stays on track, he’ll be admitted to a top-tier medical school. But now he’s drinking and partying and squandering everything his mother and I have worked hard to give him. He’s not partying. He’s self-medicating, having panic attacks. Okay, okay, Josslyn, thank you very much. I-I think I can take it from here. Why don’t you go home and get some rest? Now, who do I have to speak to to remove my son? Come on, let’s just let the hospital handle this, okay? Yeah. You’ve done your part. Now, please, leave. This doesn’t concern you. It should concern you that your son tried to kill himself last night. I’ve got to alert the police. Grandmother, if you do that, then the FBI could get involved and who knows who else? Plus, if my father is captured, then Ace is going to be returned to Esme. [ Sighs ] Spencer, we don’t even know if she has regained her memory or not. And if she has, she still might do the right thing by her son. I agree with Laura. I believe in the power of redemption. Well, I don’t. Esme’s redemption is fake. And why are you still believing her? Are you really choosing Esme’s well-being over Ace’s? I am being realistic, and the reality is, Spencer, that Ace would be safer if he were with you and me. You should have stopped your father. I don’t understand why you didn’t come to me with your suspicions. I mean, I would have listened to you. We — We could have gone to the police together and made Esme face the things that she’s done. And what about my father? Should I have reported him as well? [ Sighs ] No, Spencer, I would never ask you to turn your own father in. But I know that Ace should be with us while all of this other stuff is getting sorted out. And what if it got “sorted out” in Esme’s favor? As far as I’m concerned, my father just saved Ace’s life. Okay, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad that you’re starting to realize that your father is not the heartless man that you have made him out to be. But, Spencer, he has demonstrated some spectacularly bad judgment here. And so have you. Your father’s on the run. He’s being pursued by the authorities. That little baby has never been in more danger. -Josslyn, that’s enough. -Let’s just go. Please. Adam took a pack full of antihistamines and washed it down with vodka. He knew what he was doing. He’s so afraid of you, he’d rather not live than face you. You’re lying. Don’t you even care? You pushed and you pushed until he reached his breaking point. I want her gone now! And if this girl comes within feet of Adam, I’ll sue. Okay, okay. That’s unnecessary. She’s tired. She hasn’t slept all night. And she is leaving right now. Listen, um, why don’t we go to my office and I can explain everything that’s going on with Adam, and we can wait for the attending there?

Dr. Robinson won’t let anything happen to Adam. Anything you say is just gonna antagonize Adam’s father. Because he refuses to see the truth. He’s not gonna listen to you, Joss. But if you’re not here, he might listen to Dr. Robinson. Promise me you’ll keep an eye on Adam. I promise. Okay, then.

Cyrus Renault? You’re joking. He’s gonna help me find my son. Why? Well, because he cares about his family. Esme, you’re not his family. Ace may be a part of his family, but you are not. But he promised. He promised what, exactly? Nothing. He promised me nothing. [ Crying ] My — My son is — is kidnapped. No one will help me, and I am — I’m all alone. What? Esme, just wait! Just — Just stay away from me! Thank you for, uh — for coming to me, to us, about Esme. We’re family, Laura. Where else would I go?

Do you see now? Esme went to Cyrus for help. Isn’t that proof that she can’t be trusted? It’s proof that she’s desperate and she’ll do anything to get her baby back. Fine. Both can be true. Yes. This is Mayor Collins. I’d like to speak to Detective Falconeri. No, Grandmother, you can’t do this. Stop it! I have to do it. It’s urgent. Dante, it’s Laura. My grandson Ace has been taken.

I’m surprised you gave in so quickly. Well, like I said, Crimson is my baby, and I’ll do anything to save her and do anything for the employees, even if it means giving up everything that I care about. Do you really think that I would sabotage Aurora’s flagship title? For you? Crimson was always gonna be just fine. Oh. So this was your plan all along — to manipulate my sense of duty to my employees. Or maybe I knew that you just couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to play martyr. Poor Nina. You know, my employees are gonna lose their jobs eventually anyway. Former employees. This magazine is nothing without me. Do you really think you’re gonna be able to keep the photographers, the designers, the advertisers? The editorial staff will quit immediately. I made this magazine! This is my magazine! I’m irreplaceable! And yet I have already replaced you. [ Footsteps approaching ]

Nina, meet Crimson’s new editor-in-chief.

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