Days Nitpicks and Flubs For The Week of January 15, 2024

Nitpicks and Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Chanel from Days


-If Chanel was freezing, why did she have her coat open?

-Salem is a small town so it’s hard to believe Jada got racially profiled. The storeowners should have known she was a police officer.

-Nicole suddenly wanted to give Sloan advice about making it through dinner with Marlena. They’re not friends so why would Nicole give Sloan advice?

-Why did Chad have to be convinced to publish Leo’s article about gay rights when two of his best friends are gay?


-Sloan could be heard talking to Eric while Harris was shown.

-Why did John take the time to have dinner with Eric and Sloan? He should have been with Brady helping him get through what was going on with Tate.

-Ava got a text message from an unknown person who told her to meet them at the dock. It could have been anyone sending her that message. You would think she would have been skeptical about the message since she didn’t know who the text was from.


-Stephanie told Tripp that she and Chad broke up, but he acted as if it was a surprise that it happened.

-Stefan clearly wasn’t talking to anyone on the phone. He didn’t give Gabi a chance to respond before he reacted to what she said.

-Ava could be heard talking while Stefan was still onscreen.

-While Ava and Harris were outside of The Bistro, she said she was cold. If that were true, why wasn’t she wearing a coat?


-Wendy could be heard moaning while Chanel was shown.

-Brady’s phone could be heard ringing while Harris was shown.

-Why did Brady have Jada’s phone number? Brady and Jada aren’t friends so it wasn’t likely he would have her phone number.


-Nicole was shown packing while Eric was talking.

-Alex could be heard opening the door while Nicole was shown.

-Harris could be heard coming into the infirmary while Steve was shown.

-Maggie cried without any tears.


Gwen from Days

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