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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Konstantin ran into Steve at the pub. He wanted Steve to join him unless he wanted to send him back home. Steve said that was a good idea. Konstantin told Steve he was nervous when he mentioned his hometown. He said Steve was lying about not knowing about his hometown. When Harris got to the prison, he saw Kate and Lucas in the infirmary. Kate told him Lucas got hurt because of him. Eric prayed over Holly. Maggie told him she devoted her life helping other people get sober, but she watched drugs take her daughter and put her granddaughter in a coma. Eric reminded her that he killed her son by driving drunk. Maggie said she forgave him because of Holly. She said he loved Holly. Maggie said she had to let go of her anger because of Daniel. She said he was Holly’s father longer than anyone including EJ and Daniel. Maggie said the doctors said Holly could hear what they were saying. She said it meant a lot to her that he was there. EJ told Nicole the car was almost ready to take Holly. Nicole talked about Holly being grown up and was her little girl. He asked if she wanted him to go to Italy. She said she could be gone for a while. The work he was doing in Salem was important. He said he would be there if she needed him. She said she was grateful for everything he has done. Harris apologized to Kate. He said the guards assured him Lucas would be safe. Kate said she didn’t trust him. Lucas woke up and said she was giving him a headache. Steve asked Konstantin why it mattered if he was in his hometown. Konstantin said it was one of the most beautiful places on earth. He said he was sure Steve saw the sites and more. Konstantin wanted to know why Steve was being secretive. Alex and Brady brought Theresa home and wanted to help her. She didn’t want their help. Theresa reminded them that they didn’t do anything to help Tate. While she was yelling, she broke Caroline’s rosary. Lucas told Harris that people jumped him from behind. He said he couldn’t recognize them. Harris wanted to know who he was talking to. Lucas told him who he talked to. He said he thought he could trust them, but he was wrong. Harris said there may be a dirty cop working at the police station. Kate wanted to know why he didn’t tell them. Harris said it was a hunch. Nicole and EJ showed up at the hospital. They told Maggie and Eric when Holly would be in Italy. Maggie said goodbye to Holly. Steve told Konstantin he wasn’t interested in what he was saying. He told Konstantin to go back to Greece. Konstantin said there was a reason why their paths kept crossing. He asked if Steve heard of the pawn. Konstantin said the mention of pawn stopped him. Steve said he didn’t know what he was talking about. Konstantin said Victor played a game, but his weapon was the pawn. He said the pawn played an important role in Victor’s life and his. Kate said she thought the reward of Lucas getting out of prison would be worth the risk. She said Harris was lying about what happened. Kate wanted him to get Lucas out of the mess he was in. Harris said he would make a few calls. When Harris left, Lucas asked if Kate thought he would be able to get him out. She said he better. Brady told Alex to leave for a little while because Theresa wasn’t used to him seeing her act the way she was. Alex agreed to leave.

Eric asked Nicole to let him know how Holly was doing. She said she would. Nicole told him to cherish every moment with his son. EJ got an alert the helicopter landed. He asked Eric to give them a moment with Holly. Eric agreed to leave them alone. Nicole reminisced about Holly when she was a baby. EJ told Holly he would get justice done in her name. Harris told Kate that the police wouldn’t release Lucas without the information on the drug dealers. He told Lucas and Kate that he wasn’t giving up. Harris said he would keep him safe, but Kate didn’t believe him. Maggie ran into Alex. He wanted to talk to her. She said she wasn’t in the mood because she had to say goodbye to Holly. He said he wanted to talk to her about Theresa getting high. She asked if Theresa was alright. He said she wasn’t, and he was worried about her. Theresa questioned why she gave into temptation when she was sober for years. She said she let everyone down. Brady said she didn’t let anyone down. He told her she was doing fine. She said she wasn’t talking about the past. Theresa said she was talking about now. She said she tried to change, but it didn’t work. Theresa flashed back to scheming with Konstantin. She said she was a bad person and he needed to know. Steve wanted to know how the pawn played an important role in Konstantin’s life. Konstantin said the pawn meant a lot to Victor. Steve wanted to know why he needed to know. Konstantin said he would never forget the pawn’s eyes. Steve didn’t believe Konstantin didn’t know who the pawn was. Konstantin demanded to know who it was. Kate wanted Harris to fix the mess he made. Harris said he would fix it. A guard showed up to tell him someone needed to see him. Harris said he would fix it. He left the infirmary with the guard. Alex told Maggie what happened with Theresa. Maggie told him she was proud of him for including Brady because he used to be an addict. Alex said he knew it was a good call, but he didn’t know what to say to her. Maggie told him to encourage her to go to her meetings. She said he should be kind and not judgmental. He said he wasn’t going to drink in front of her anymore. Maggie said she was there for Theresa and him. She said he could call if he needed advice. Brady wanted to know what things Theresa did recently. She said she was a failure. He said she would get over it. When Brady mentioned Tate, she begged him not to tell him. Eric looked uncomfortable watching EJ and Nicole saying goodbye to each other. Theresa thanked Brady for being her friend. She kissed him. When Alex went back to the apartment, he saw Theresa and Brady kissing. Konstantin demanded to know who the pawn was. Steve didn’t tell him. When Steve grabbed Konstantin, Maggie showed up. She wanted to know what was going on. Clyde told Harris that it was a shame what happened to Lucas.

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