Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Jordan: Put the knife down? You’re giving me orders, Victor Newman. After what you did to my sister, to my family?

Victor: After what we did to your sister? Have you forgotten that your sister tried to kill my wife?

Jordan: Oh. But look at the two of you, living happily ever after. At the expense of my sister’s sanity. You destroyed her and then you allowed your daughter, Victoria, and eve’s son, Cole, to abandon their baby.

Victor: They did no such thing.

Jordan: Oh, but you know, maybe Claire was better off because you Newmans never would have loved her. Because she was cole’s daughter. She was eve’s granddaughter, but I loved her. I loved her. I gave her guidance. I gave her a purpose. And without me, she would’ve become nothing but a broken young woman.

Victor: You turned that girl into a monster.


Claire: You’ll help me? You promise?

Victoria: I’ll do whatever I can, Claire. Please. Please, you have to help us. Please.

Claire: Here. There are two, only for two people. Drink the antidote, victoria. It’ll– it’ll counteract the poison. Please, there’s not much time before it’s too late.

Victoria: I’m gonna give them to my parents.

Claire: No, Nikki doesn’t need it. Nikki doesn’t need it. She wasn’t poisoned. She was only given an iv of alcohol

Victoria: Alcohol?

Claire: Victoria, please. Just drink– drink the antidote. I’ll go– I’ll go find the others. I’m pretty sure I know where aunt jordan hid them.


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