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No, I understand. Yes, of course, with the utmost care. Will do. All right, we got the call. Time to rock and roll.

[tense music]

[Harris sighs]


[sighs] Oh, we need salad forks, right?

[inhales deeply] And we need dessert forks.

Hey, what do we need?

More utensils.


And damn, I should have gotten flowers. Flowers would be so nice on the table.

Sloan, calm down. It’s just my mom and dad coming over for a casual dinner.

Oh, just John and Marlena? No, they’re like royalty here in Salem. Eric, everything has to be perfect.

[knocking on door] Oh, my God. They’re early.

I’ll get it.

[laughing] Mom.

Hello, darling.

Oh, welcome, welcome. John.

How you doing, kid?

I’m good.

[soft upbeat music]

[tense music]

The loading dock is all locked up for the night.

Mm. We might need to find a new supplier.

Why? Clyde falling asleep on us?

I was talking about the food. We do still have a restaurant to run, you know?

Right, yeah, while running a distribution center for the latest designer drugs.

Yeah, speaking of which, did you, um–

I did.


The shipment came in a few hours ago, and I, uh, stashed everything in the back of the meat locker where no one will bother it.

[Alex sighs]

You’re gonna wear out your shoes.

Yeah, I’ll buy new ones.

[Alex sighs]

[door opens]

Hey, what is going on?

Hell if we know!

Justin called us, told us to come here. And now we’re just waiting.

Yeah, I got a call, too.

You’re all here. Good. Hey.

Justin, can you please tell us– please tell us what’s going on with our son.

[tender music]

[Alex chuckles]

Hi, Mom.

Oh, my God!


What are–hi. Oh, my God.

Oh! Hi!


[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”


Oh, Tate!

How you doing, son?

Hey, Dad. Mom. Mom, I can’t breathe.

I know. I’m sorry. I just can’t let you go.

[laughs] But Dad.

OK, yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

My turn. Come here. Are you OK?

Yeah. Yeah, I am now.


Hey, I love you.

I love you, too. I love you, too. I missed you guys.

Aw. Justin, why is Tate here? Did something change with his case?

Actually, it’s good news. I, uh, filed a motion to have Tate transferred to a juvenile rehab facility while we prepare the case. The judge approved that order today. I just wanted to make sure everything was in place before calling you here.

Hey, that’s great.

I can’t thank you enough for getting him out of that place.

Yeah, oh, this means the world to us. Thank you. I have to ask you, though, what about EJ? What if he gets the judge to revoke this decision the way he revoked his bail?

[tense music]

[soft dramatic piano music]

Well, he is beautiful.

[John chuckles]

Can I offer you both something to drink?

Oh, maybe a sparkling water, if you have it.

Yes, of course, we do, but I also–

That’s–same for me, please. Thanks.

Not a problem, but I did just open a really nice bottle of wine, and I’d hate to drink it alone.

Oh, thanks, but I’ve got a long day tomorrow.

Yeah, and I haven’t been drinking lately.

OK, no worries. I understand. Well, how about some cheese and hummus and crudités? I hope you guys are hungry.

Yes, we are.

OK, I’ll get the appetizers.

Oh, hey, would you also grab the little cocktail napkins, small plates?

Yes, will do.

[John chuckles]

Oh, and two club sodas.



[Sloan sighs]


Well, I am over the moon that the both of you could make it tonight to dinner. I mean, Eric and I have been waiting for so long to have the both of you.

We are so pleased to be here.

Yeah, the place is– it’s really nice.

It is. Yeah, it works for us. It’s a little small, but it’s fine until we get into something bigger.

Here we go.

Oh, my goodness, look what you’ve done.

Whoa, whoa.

Oh, darling.

Listen, it’s just cheese and hummus.

Oh, and crudité.

And crudité.



[all chuckle] So how was your New Year’s? I mean, before everything went crazy, that is.

[John sighs]

It was fine. You know, Tate and Theresa had got back. It was quite late. And we were very concerned about what happened with Holly.

Damn tragedy, huh?


I don’t even know how Nicole is gonna handle all this.

That is very awful. I’m so sad. I mean, but that’s not gonna happen to us, because we will do anything to protect our son.


From drugs, people, just all that kind of bad stuff.


Right, Eric?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re gonna do our best.

No, we’re gonna do more than our best. We would move heaven on Earth. We would do whatever it takes. You know, even lie.

[uneasy piano music]

[Eric sighs]

[classy jazz music]

Business looks a little better, huh?

Yeah. I’m kind of surprised, you know?


After what happened here so close by, I– I didn’t think people would want to dine here.

Well, you know, people come here for the food and the atmosphere. Plus, we beefed up security on the loading dock. So hopefully, things will be a little quieter here for a while.

Yeah, I’ll drink to that.


[glasses clink]

Salem Police! Nobody move!

[tense music] This is a raid.

What the hell are you doing?

I’m doing my job.

Oh, really? Is your job harassing a business without any reason?

Well, I have a reason, and I have a warrant. Feel free to review it.

My attorney will take care of that.

OK, please, please. Everyone, this is just– just a misunderstanding. I’m sure everything is just fine.

Yeah, I just need everybody to remain in their seat while we conduct a search, please. Goldman, you and Newton check the loading dock. Hill and Phillips, check the kitchen.

[tense music]

What the hell are we gonna do?

Nothing we can do. We’re screwed.

Well, EJ damn well better back off because my baby just got out of that hellhole. There’s no way that bastard’s gonna put him back in there.

We will fight him on this with everything we got, Justin.

I hear your concern. When it comes to EJ, I put nothing past him. But I made a very strong case with the judge. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have signed off on this order. So what comes next is we get Tate to this juvie rehab facility.

Rehab? But why? I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. Why do I have to go to rehab?

Tate, yes, this is a rehab facility for substance abuse, but it’s also a treatment center for behavioral issues.

I don’t have behavioral issues, either. What am I even gonna do there?

You’ll have group therapy sessions and therapeutic work assignments.

I don’t need any of that. So–

Hey, it’ll be OK.

But Dad–

But nothing. OK? Because that’s gonna be a paradise compared to jail.

Yes, it is the best solution we have right now, Tate.

[sighs] OK.

[downbeat music] But I didn’t do anything wrong, so–

We understand.

We also need you to be safe, and you will be safe there.

OK, ah, since we really need to move things along, I’m gonna ask either Brady or Theresa to pack up Tate’s things. He will be leaving on a police transport tonight.

[tense music]

Um, here–here you go.

Oh, thanks.

You said you would lie to protect your son. I’m not sure what that means.

Well, I just mean, yeah, I would tell, like, a little white lie to protect him, you know? Not, like, a lie-lie. I’m not in favor of lie-lies.

Sloan, why don’t you have something to eat? Maybe some cheese or something?

[smacks lips] Thank you. I’m not even hungry.

[chuckles softly]

[soft dramatic piano music] So Marlena, I was hoping that I could talk to you on the topic of being a first-time mom because you’re a mom and a shrink. So I bet you’ve got a lot of good tips to give me as a parent, especially since you popped out two twins right off the bat, huh?

[Sloan chuckles]

[Jonh inhales sharply]

Not right off the bat. I had a son named DJ. He died of SIDS.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that.

I–I didn’t share that with Sloan.

Well, you should’a. Because then I wouldn’t have gone and put my whole foot right in it.

But you–you didn’t do that.

Really? Because, like, if I did, you know, I’d be really embarrassed, if I said anything that was tactless. Especially to you, because you’re, like, perfect, you know? Like, you say everything right, unlike me.

[scoffs softly]

Hey, I think this is a good time that we start dinner.

That’s a great idea, because I am starved.


Well, that’s good because we have a lot of food.

[chuckles] Hey, Mom, why don’t you sit right over here? John, you can sit right over here.

Oh, thanks.

Thank you, honey.


[slurring words] Wait, Eric, before we get to dinner, I think that you should tell your folks about the big news.

[Sloan chuckles]

Big news?

About the pictures. The camera.

Oh, you mean about me setting up my photography business again?

Yes, that is what I mean. You know, you’re actually really impressive for figuring that one out. Your son, very sharp.

[Eric chuckles]

He is. And I’m so glad that you’re picking up your photography. I know that was always a very stimulating and satisfying outlet for your creativity.

Yes, it was. And, uh, yeah, I’m gonna set up my portfolio over the next few weeks and see where it goes.

Shh! Wait, before you say anything else, I want to stop this and say I have a joke to tell you. And, Eric, you’re gonna love it. OK, why did the photo critic marry the photographer?

I’ll bite. Why?

Because she loved his percussion. Oh, no, it wasn’t percussion. Hold on. Because she loves his perspective.

[John chuckles] You get it?

I didn’t know comedy was with dinner.

Well, it is because comedy is the spice of life. Or is that variety? Anyways, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever. I have another joke for you. OK, where did the cow hang his picture?

[chuckles] No idea.

In his moo-seum.

[John chuckles] Get it?

[giggles] Anyway, I thought those jokes were hilarious. But I can see that Dr. Marlena Evans over there doesn’t find them funny. She’s not laughing or even smiling.

OK, no more wine for you. I think it’s time that you have some water.

Well, I don’t want to have water. I want to talk to your mom real quick and say that I think that you are, wait for it… a very intimidating individual. Well, that’s not an easy word to say.

I don’t think of myself as intimidating especially, but I do think Eric is right. I think maybe you should lie down.

Ooh, well, since we’re in the spirit of just telling people what they should do, I don’t really feel like lying down right now, thank you.



[scoffs] What? Excuse me. And I think, Marlena Evans, that you should laugh at my jokes when you’re in my house.

All right, be nice.

Who says I’m not being nice? I’m being funny.

[Sloan giggles]

[Sloan sighs] I’m being funny. But she’s just sitting over there all stony-faced. You’re one tough audience. Do you know that?

[chuckles] But I am determined to make you laugh before you leave.

[wine splatters]

[all exclaim]

That is enough.

Don’t yell at me!

You are not being funny or entertaining anymore.

You know, you’re making a molehill out of a mountain. I can just clean it up.

No, you’re not. You are gonna lie down.

[Sloan pouts]

And miss the dinner?

And miss the dinner.

[Sloan sighs]

I spent all day cooking that dinner. I wanted everything to be perfect.

[sobbing] I can’t miss the dinner.

It’s no big deal, Sloan, really.

No, it is a big deal. Because I wanted everything to be perfect for you guys, and I just keep screwing it up.

[downbeat music]

[sniffles] I’m sorry.

[sobs] I’m sorry.

[Sloan crying]

It’s OK.

[soft tense music]

[tense music]

Why are you doing this, Harris? Is it because I broke up with you?

No, it’s because I know there’s something not right with this place. And how could there be when it’s owned by a DiMera?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Now is the time to be smart, Ava. Take care of yourself. Just tell me the truth so I can help you.

You want the truth? The truth is you are acting like a spoiled child.

[Harris sighs]

[Ava chuckles and scoffs] I broke up with you, and so you punish me? You know, frankly, I thought that you were better than this. But obviously, I was wrong. And you know what? Thank you. Thank you for shining a light on the kind of man you are.

You know I would never hurt you. So let me help you out of this mess. Come on, you deserve better than this place and this guy.

[tense music]

OK, you know what, buddy? Show’s over. So why don’t you and your goons get the hell out of here before I sue the hell out of the city for this?

The bus is leaving tonight, so you’ll need to pack up Tate’s essentials– toiletries, shoes, clothes.

What–what? The bus leaves tonight to where? Where is this rehab?

It’s in Southern Illinois, and there’ll be a police escort with him on the trip.

OK, well, then I’m gonna follow the bus to that facility and I’m gonna make sure he’s all settled in.

No, you can’t do that.

W-w-why not?

Well, first of all, it’s not protocol when it comes to the transportation of a prisoner. And secondly, there’s no outside contact permitted for the first month of Tate’s residency.

Hang on a second.

[somber music] Are you telling me I cannot speak to my son for a whole month?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

[softly] Oh, my God.

It’s OK. I’ll be OK. As long as nobody punches me or anything and as long as I’m out of there as soon as possible, I’ll be fine. Mom, I swear, I’ll be fine, OK? I just– I don’t want you to worry. That’s the last thing I want.

[inhales deeply] OK. Since you are so brave and strong, I guess– I guess I will be, too.

I love you. I love you.

I’ll be strong, too.

[Theresa sighs]

I’ll get her some water.


[Sloan sighs]

I mean, it’s really, like, not my fault, you know, because I was just trying to make your mom laugh.

I know.

[slurring words] But she doesn’t laugh. Because she doesn’t have a sense of humor. That must be a really hard way to go through life.

[baby fussing] both: Great.


No, no, no, no, no. I will take care of Jude. You need to sit down.

You’re not gonna treat me like a child!

I’m not treating you like a child. I’m treating you like somebody who drank an entire bottle in minutes.

Sloan. Here, water. You need to hydrate.

Oh. Hydrate. It’s such a fancy-schmancy word for the word water. Why can’t you just say, “Here’s some water, drink it.” You see, that’s the reason why you’re in-tit-imating– intimidating, because you use words like hydrate.

[baby fussing]

Why don’t Doc and I take the little guy out for a walk here? I’ll bet you that we can get him back to sleep.

That’s a great idea. Thank you.

Yeah, I think that’ll work fine. Shall we?


[baby fussing]

[soft tense piano music]

Well, he certainly has calmed down, hasn’t he?

Boy, he calmed down? He’s sound asleep.

[sighs] What a little sweetheart. You know, it’s strange. When he smiles, he reminds me of Eric.

Hmm. Well, Eric wasn’t smiling much tonight, was he?

[Marlena sighs] Feel bad for him, Doc.

So do I.

Why do you think she got so wasted?

Well, I don’t know her. I don’t know her at all. I imagine she was nervous and she just wanted to impress us.

[John chuckles]

Well, I got to say, she made a pretty bad first impression.

Yeah. And she’ll be mortified when she sobers up.

Oh, yeah. So what do you think? One-off or does she have a drinking problem?

I hope not. For Eric’s sake and for Jude’s sake.

[tender somber music]

OK, now you are gonna lie down.

No, I want to dance.


Come on. Please dance with me.

No dancing for me. It’s time for you to sleep.

I don’t want to sleep. Mm!

Oh, God. Sloan?


You’re drunk. You need to sober up.

[Sloan groans]

But I don’t want to.

Well, you have to.

But I don’t want to.

But why did you drink that entire bottle of wine?

Because I was afraid that your mom wouldn’t approve of me. She would probably think I wasn’t good enough for you.

So you got smashed so she would like you?

Mm. Pretty smart, huh?

[sighs] No, I would say not, but you know what? Mom and John, they’re very kind people. I think they’re gonna understand.

[soft classy piano music]

OK. Well, then just tell me one thing. Why am I spinning if I’m standing still?

Probably the same reason why you’re getting pale.

[Sloan groans]

[Eric sighs]

[soft jazz music]


What are you thinking?

That prison orange is a bad color for me.

So we’ve done the investigation within the parameters of the warrant. No drugs found on the premises. All right, folks, let’s, uh, let’s wrap it up. Thank you for your patience. Uh, we’ll be out of here shortly and you can return to your dinner. I’m sorry.

Sorry? Uh, is that the best that you can do you? You defame us in public, you accuse us of a crime.

Hey, I said I’m sorry.

Yeah, and your words, they mean nothing. So you better come up with something better and much more substantial to pay for what you just did.

[phone ringing]

It’s gonna be a long night.

Yeah, this is only the beginning.

Brady, your son’s a good kid. He’s just in a bad situation. But I do have faith that Justin is gonna make things a lot better for him.

I’m glad you’re coming around about that, about Justin’s capabilities.

Yeah, I have. You know, I was unfairly critical at first, but… I’ve come to recognize that he can do this.

[approaching footsteps]

OK, I got, uh, everything that I think Tate’s gonna need. Some clothes, some books and… stuff.

[soft dramatic music] There he is, my brave boy.

Things are gonna work out. I just–I just keep telling myself that over and over again.

[notification chimes] I think it’s starting to feel real.

[soft suspenseful music]

What is it?

It’s an email from EJ.

[tense music]

I swear, if EJ comes after my child one more time–

What does it say, Justin?

EJ has accepted the judge’s order and will not appeal it.

[Alex sighs]


Oh, God.

Oh, God. Thank you, Justin. Thank you so much for saving my son.

Of course. I’m just relieved it worked out.

You’re a damn good lawyer. And I am truly sorry for ever doubting that and doubting your skills. And I really, really hope that you can accept my apology.

I do. And no matter what’s happening between us, Alex, just know that I’m always here for you.

[soft dramatic music]

Thank you.

Look, I’m gonna go check on the police transport and, uh, find out when it will be ready to go.

OK, I’m gonna call Dad and Marlena. I’m sure they’re gonna want to see you off.

[phone ringing]

[Brady sighs]

[phone ringing]

Hey, Brady, what’s going on?

Hey, are you guys at home?

No, no, Doc and I, we’re taking Jude for an evening stroll.

OK. Well, um, Theresa and I are down at the jail. We are actually very happy to report that Tate’s gonna be transferred to a juvenile facility, and we thought you might want to see him off, you know, if you can get down here pretty quickly.

Yeah, that’s– that’s great news. And yeah, we definitely want to see him. So we’ll get down there as soon as we can. Thanks for letting us know, kid.

Great. I’ll see you soon. Your grandparents are on their way.

I don’t have to pay for anything. I executed my orders properly.

Yeah, according to you.

OK, when you’re ready to talk about what’s going on, you know where to find me.

Actually, our lawyers know where to find you. Now get the hell out of here and don’t come back.

[jazz music]

[phone ringing]

Listen, I am so sorry, everyone, for the unfortunate interruption of your dinner. Please, please. It was a mistake, so please go back to enjoying your meals and the company. And I just hope you all realize this is not a reflection on our management, but, um…

[Ava inhales deeply] Please accept our humble apologies. And dinner– dinner is on us tonight.

[chuckling] Enjoy.

[Ava sighs]

Well, thatwas an interesting conversation.

Yeah, with who? Who were you talking to?

Our valued partner.


Turns out Clyde got some insider information. Found out about the raid and had a guy come in and move the product out of here just in the nick.

Wow. That son of a bitch sure runs a tight ship.


Here you go.

[Sloan groans]

[soft dramatic music] Hey. You feeling better?

Sort of. Eric, I’m so, so sorry about tonight.

No, no, no, it’s OK.

[Sloan groans]

I got you water and aspirin right here. Take a sip.

You know, I just tried so hard. Like, too hard. I just made a mess of everything.

It’s OK. I’ll clean it up.

No, I don’t mean, like, my knocking stuff over. I mean I made a mess of the evening. Now your mom and John probably think I’m crazy. And I don’t even remember what I was saying to them. I think I tried to tell your mom a joke at one point.

Yeah. Yeah, you definitely tried to do that.

Did she laugh?


Was my joke funny?

It doesn’t matter.

OK. Well, anyway. Oh, God, I should have not drank any alcohol, huh?

[Eric chuckles] I clearly cannot hold my liquor.

Yeah, I’ve noticed.

You know, Eric, I’ve made, like…

[soft suspenseful music] Like, I’ve made bigger mistakes than that. Like, much bigger. If I tell you, you promise you won’t be mad?

I won’t be mad. You’re the woman I love.

That’s really sweet, but if I tell you, you won’t get mad whenever I say that I–

[knock at door]

Hey, hold that thought. Hey. Thanks for taking him out. How’s he doing?

Well, he conked out the moment we left, and he’s been sleeping peacefully ever since then.

Oh, my God, that’s great. Yeah, I hope he didn’t give you a hard time.

No, not at all. He was perfect. Listen, we got to cut this short here. I just got a call from Brady.

Is everything OK?

Yeah. Tate is being transferred to a juvie facility tonight.

Oh, my God.

We’re going to the station to say goodbye to him.

Yeah, of course. You know what? Let me tell Sloan.


[soft dramatic music] Why don’t you let her sleep? She needs it.

Yeah, you’re right. Well, I’m happy to hear about Tate. Just tell Brady I love him, OK? Tate, too.


Thank you.


All right, well, good night, sweet baby. I’ll see you soon.

Call us anytime you want us to babysit her.

Oh, we will. Thank you. And thank you for taking care of him.

No, no, no problem. We love being with our grandbaby.

I’m gonna be fine, Mom.

I know you will. I love you.

I love you, too. Take care, John.

See ya.

[soft tense music]

[soft dramatic music]

Hi, big guy. How you doing? Did you have fun with your grandparents? They love you so much. And so do Mommy and I.

[baby cooing] Mommy had a rough night tonight, but that’s OK because we’re always gonna have some rough nights and days. And one day, if you ever have a rough night or a day, you always have to lean on me, OK? Because I’m your daddy. And I promise I will always be here for you. There we go. There we go.

[softly] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

[soft somber music]

[softly] I–I just can’t believe it, for someone to move the product so quickly…

[phone ringing] And so quietly.

Yeah. Now who the hell could this be? Yeah?

Collect call from Statesville Prison. Do you accept?

Yeah, I’ll accept the charges. It’s Gabi. I’m gonna take this.

[suspenseful music]

[phone beeps]

Thanks for coming, Grandma and Grandpa.


We are so happy you’re going to this facility.

Yeah, I guess I am, too. I don’t know about this whole group therapy thing.

Yeah, well, just be open to it. You having a safe place to express your feelings, that’s– that’s very positive.

Yeah, yeah.

Love you, buddy.

Love you too, Grandpa.

We’ll be up to see you as soon as we’re allowed, OK?


Count on it.

Thank you.

OK, Tate, your bag is on the bus. It’s time to go.

[soft dramatic music]

Be strong, OK? You’ve got this.

Yeah, I hope so.

I know so.

Come here, son. Come here. We’re here for you, all right? And we’re not gonna rest until you are free. Every minute of every day, OK?


And you will be home soon.

Yeah, and just keep me updated with what happens with Holly.

I promise.

We will.

OK, Tate, ready?


Let’s go.

He’s gonna make it. He’s gonna make it. We’ll get through it together.


It’s OK.

[Alex smooches]

[Theresa sighs]

Got you, OK?

Yeah, thank you.

[smooches] Got you.

[Brady sighs]

[softly] Thank you, guys.

[tense music]

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