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[unsettling music]

[sighs] What have I done?

Good morning.

There you are.


Already dressed, coat at the ready. Where are you off to so bright and early?

Well, it is a beautiful winter morning, so I thought I would go for a walk around the lake, breathe in some fresh air.

Would you like me to come with you?


[laughs] I want you to drink your coffee, read your tablet. I will be fine on my own. I am feeling a bit better this morning.

I’m glad.

Last night was hard, obviously, but now that I know our baby is at peace, I am at peace too. So I will be back soon. Okay.

Have fun.


[gentle music] I will see you again, my angel, and your brother, and your sister. And until then, you– you will be here always in my heart. Sorry, darling. It took me a minute to find it.

It’s okay.



[exhales] Are we ready?

[baby crying]

[grunts] Oh.


Well, at least she slept for, like, ten minutes.

Oh, it feels more like ten seconds to me.

I’ll get up.

No. No, no, no. I can’t let you do that.


You did all the changing and rocking and the feeding last night.

Are you sure?

I’m sure.

You sure?

I’ll take him out, see if a walk can’t conk him out.


And you just rest.


[groans] Okay. Oh. I remember you being such a good sleeper. Hey, little Jude. Why are you suddenly up all night long? Oh, not gonna answer me, huh? Well, I hope when we get some sunshine, you’ll feel a whole lot better, maybe doze off for Mommy, huh?

[laughs] I’ll stop by Sweet Bits and pick us up some coffee and donuts.


[sighs] All right, big guy. Let’s hit the road.



Oh, damn it. Who threw that? Was it you, you little creep? Thank you for interrupting a wonderful dream… In which an evil demon was about to get her comeuppance. But you will get it, and not just in a dream, IRL. You have it coming, Sloan Petersen. And it is gonna come on hard.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, I see you’re not asleep still, little fella. At least you’re not crying anymore.


Huh? Aw. That’s because you love our morning walks. That breeze on your face.

[cell phone ringing] What do you want?

Your head on a platter for one thing.

I’m with the baby. I can’t talk right now.

“With the baby”? Oh, you mean you’re with Nicole’s baby. Well, let me tell you what I found out from my baby, meaning the love of my life.

Look, it really isn’t a good time right now.

Oh, well, it is going to be much worse if you don’t listen and listen hard Miss Lying, Baby-stealing Sack of You Know What. I know you already know– so don’t pretend that you don’t– that my Dimitri was sent to supermax, meaning I have no idea if or when I will see his gorgeous face again, and that is on you.

Well, look, I’m really sorry. I am. I just–it’s a federal prison. There’s nothing I can do.

Well, there is something you could have done, something you should have done before he was sent there, isn’t there? Because you promised me if he turned himself in, you would have the most serious charges dropped. And instead of that, he’s now in the damn penitentiary.

Would you just stop yelling and tell me what you want from me?

First of all, I am not yelling. I am speaking to you in a more civilized tone than a baby thief deserves, and second, I already told you what I want, money and power, which still won’t make up for the fact that I am not with my love. And so for that, I will hate and detest your sorry ass for the rest of my life.

Okay. Okay, look. I get you’re upset, but I need time to figure this out.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. You just take your merry ol’ time. I will put it up there on my socials, I will put it in skywriting, I will trumpet out to the world however I have to that that baby’s real parents are EJ and Nicole DiMera and that you are not fit to mother a cactus plant, let alone a child.

Please, Leo.

Get me everything I have requested, or I will make sure that you suffer the same pain I am suffering right now.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eric so happy.

[laughs] Me neither. He is over the moon with his little boy.

Aren’t we all? And isn’t it wonderful to have a new grandchild?

It’s the best, but I gotta admit, I think I’m getting a little obsessed.

Oh, really?

Well, not only do I hit the toy store daily, but I scroll through that little munchkin’s pictures several times a day.

I do too. I’ll scroll through the pictures, you know, when I’m between patients, and then right before I go to bed at night. We’ve got so much to look forward to. We’ve got–oh, my gosh. His first steps. His first words.


First time he says “Gwanma.”

[both laugh]

My heart. Look, I know that we were skeptical in the beginning, I mean, about the relationship. Eric had broken up with Nicole, and… we certainly had our concerns about Sloan. But I think they are gonna do all they can to make this relationship work.

Well, they’re a family now. God bless ’em, and for the sake of that sweet little boy, let’s hope they can.

I do hope that. And I hope they can really enjoy the happiness that a new baby brings.

Oh, you’re finally asleep, my little sweetheart. Oh. Shoot.

[groans] I’ll just go get a new one. My wallet. Where is my wallet? I must’ve left it at the bakery, okay. All right, I’ll be right back, little Jude, okay?

[soft holiday music]

[sinister music] Oh, my God. Where’s my–where’s my baby? Help! Help! Somebody stole my baby!


[cell phone beeps] Oh, crap.

[mysterious music]

Oh, my God. Oh, no. What happ– what happened? Why am I in–

We can talk later. I gotta get to the station. There’s been a baby abduction.

[cell phone ringing]


Hey, Eric. The baby’s gone.


The baby’s gone. Somebody’s taken him. I was here. I left him for two seconds, I took my eyes off of him, and he’s gone.

Okay, Sloan, wait, wait. Where are you?

I’m, um–I’m at the square. But the baby’s gone. Someone stole our baby boy.

[eerie music]

You know, I do wonder how Sloan is gonna manage it all. She’s got that very high-powered career. I can’t imagine she’ll be giving that up.

I wouldn’t think so, no. She seems pretty driven, very ambitious, and raising an infant is a very, very demanding job by itself.

[cell phone ringing]

Yeah. Oh, sorry. Huh, it’s Eric. Hi, honey. We were just talking about you.

Mom, hey, it’s Jude. He’s been kidnapped.

[phone blaring]

Oh, dear God. Another missing baby.


Listen, I’ll take her statement. You interview witnesses.

Will do.


Thank God. Look, you have to help me. Please you just–help me.

Uh, yeah, I’m gonna do my best.

Okay. I left my baby right here. I put his stroller right here, and then I went inside to the bakery for just like seconds, and then I came back out, and he’s gone. Where is he? Where is my baby?


Okay. All right.

So you left your baby in the stroller?

Oh, Eric.

Oh, my God. What’s going on?

Yes, so I went into the bakery, and I– ’cause I left my wallet in there. Why did I even leave him for just a minute? Like, what kind of mother lea–

Sloan, shh. Just–listen, I want you to calm down and answer Rafe’s questions, okay?

I’m trying.

Okay. Okay, Sloan. So before you went into the bakery, did you happen to see anyone close by?

No, I saw no one. I had– I had my phone in this hand, and I was on the phone. I was having a conversation, and then I had a coffee in this hand, and I was really distracted and– and little Jude, he had just fallen asleep. And I was–

It’s okay. It’s okay. Listen, he–he was up all night. He wasn’t crying and fussing and–

So I didn’t wanna wake him up.


And, you know, disrupt his sleep, and it’s really noisy in there. And that’s whenever– I went in without him. I left him alone.

Okay, Ms. Petersen, I got a couple of people to see if anybody may have witnessed anyone approaching.

What did they–did anybody–

I’m sorry, no. They didn’t. But maybe the commissioner has asked you this already, but do you have any idea who might have done this?

No. No, I don’t know anybody.

Rafe, can I talk to you for a minute?


Listen, I hate to even think this, but as you know, Nicole–

Yeah, she once took a baby, Sami’s baby. I’m gonna head over to the DiMera’s right now and talk to her.

Nicole, darling. You must be having a nice walk. You’ve been gone a long time. I was thinking we should have brunch when you get back, okay? And, uh, please check in. I’m–I’m getting a little bit worried. Okay.

[tense music]

Interesting. Why would Stephanie Johnson spend the night at the Brady Pub?

Hey there, sis.

Hey, hey, bro.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.

No, it’s okay. I’m just kind of in a daze, you know? I had a rough night, which I brought on myself. I did something really, really stupid.

Do you wanna– do you wanna talk about it? I have–I have little time. My shift doesn’t start for a while.

Oh, that’s very kind of you, but, um… no, it’s–it’s–it’s, uh– it’s of fuzzy, so I don’t– I don’t really think we should get into it. Plus I have a really massive headache, and I’m starting to slightly feel a little nauseated, so–

I’m guessing hangover.

A wicked one.


Got a cure to recommend, Dr. Johnson?

Well, I mean, aspirin and acetaminophen will help, obviously. Uh, well, Wendy, actually, she has this smoothie she swears by. It’s, uh–it’s wheatgrass and–

Oh, God, stop. Just the thought of it alone just is making it get worse.

I’m sorry.

[sighs] Enough about my stupidity. Um, how have you been?

Good. Yeah, working long hours and– and, hey, Dad told me that you are moving back in with him and Kayla.

God, why does dad have to tell everyone everything?

Well, I’m not everyone. I am your brother, you know? I should know these things.

[sighs] Yeah, no, you’re right. You should. Sorry, it’s just, um… I feel awful about it.

Well, what made you move out of your place with Chad? Dad didn’t give me the deets on that, you’ll be relieved to hear.

Oh, no, not–not relieved. Not really. Like you said, you’re my brother, so you should know that, um… well, Chad was insanely jealous of my ex, Everett, who came to Salem, not, uh– well, sort of to find me, um, but also for a job at “The Spectator.” And so Everett and I started working together. And since Chad didn’t like that, to put it mildly, he bought Gwen’s half of the paper just so he could fire him.

Wow, that’s, uh– that’s pretty extreme, not to mention crappy.

Yeah, yeah, it was both of those things. And for me, it was the last straw.

[doorbell chimes]


[doorbell chimes]

[sighs] He must have his damn earbuds in again. Rafe.

Hi, EJ. Is Nicole here?

No, she’s not. She went for a walk. Uh, how can I help you?

Well, I’m not sure if you got the alert, but there’s been a kidnapping.

I did, actually.

Right, well, it was Eric and Sloan’s baby that was taken.

Oh, my God. We just saw them last night. Where did this happen?

At the square. Do you have any idea when Nicole’s gonna be back? I keep calling her, but it goes straight to voicemail.

I’m not sure. Wait a minute. Surely, Nicole isn’t a suspect in this kidnapping.

I’m just trying to find the baby, EJ.

And you actually think Nicole is capable of doing this? For God’s sake, Rafe, we just said goodbye to our own little son last night, scattered his ashes.

Look, I just don’t see how that’s relevant.

It’s relevant. It’s relevant because for the first time since we learned that our son had died, Nicole is actually at peace, so much at peace, in fact, that she was determined to go and visit Eric and Sloan to give them a gift for their baby, to say sorry to them for the pain that she caused.

Right. Okay. Well, I’m glad that she is at peace, but I still need to talk to her, okay?

No, it’s not okay. My wife does not need to deal with this right now. She’s been through so much, and I will repeat, Nicole had nothing to do with this kidnapping. So why don’t you go out there and find the actual culprit, and leave us the hell alone?

[sniffles] Please just– please don’t judge me. I-I know I shouldn’t have left my baby alone.

Sloan, listen to me. Look at me. Nobody’s blaming you, and I don’t want you to blame yourself. The important thing is that we find your baby, and that should be everybody’s focus right now.

Hey, Sloan, uh, can you just have a seat for me, please? Thank you. I know you texted me the photos of little Jude. And we’ll be posting those everywhere. And I know I already asked you this before, but now that you seem just a little bit calmer–

I’m–I am not calmer because I don’t understand how a baby just disappears, vanishes into thin air. Hmm? I only left him for just a few seconds.

Oh, hello, everyone.

Oh my–oh, my God. It was you?

Um, actually, it wasn’t me, whatever that implies. I did find this stroller in the alley behind the Brady Pub. No baby inside, nothing in it at all, I’m afraid. I so wish I had found your child. You’re my lawyer, you got me out of jail. I owe you everything, Sloan Petersen.

[ominous music]

EJ, I understand that you have been through your own personal hell, losing your son. But listen to me, I am not accusing Nicole of anything, okay? I just need to talk to her. So if you’ll just be rational for a moment, you’ll understand. I’m just doing my job.

Okay. Fine. Fine. But as you can see, Nicole is not around, so I suggest… wait a minute. I’ll use a locator on her phone that’ll tell me where she is. Oh, well, that explains it.


The locator is saying that she’s still in the house, which means she left her phone here, which is why she wasn’t answering your calls.

And her car is still in the driveway.

What? Well, that doesn’t make any sense. She said she was going to the lake to walk around it, and she would have had to have driven there.

Lake, which is adjacent to the square.

I know where the lake is, and I know what you’re insinuating, and I will repeat, Rafe, Nicole did not kidnap that child. And since she didn’t have a vehicle, where the hell could she have taken him, huh? So why don’t you use your head, and instead of fixating on accusing my wife of something that she didn’t do, why don’t you focus on trying to find her? Dear God, why did she leave her phone here? And where the hell could she have disappeared to?

I am so sorry for what you’re going through, Steph, and–and for Chad to feel that threatened by this guy that he resorted to getting him fired from his job–

Well, I don’t– I don’t think Chad would have been quite as threatened if he and I hadn’t already been having serious problems.

Oh, I-I didn’t know that. You guys seemed so happy together.

We were, but… Well, Chad’s… Chad’s still grieving Abigail, and, um, he still thinks of her as the love of his life.

Which has got to be very tough on you, I’m sure.

Yeah, it is. And I just found out a couple of days ago that, um, before the accident, Everett was going to propose. He’d bought an engagement ring for me, in fact. And when he came to Salem, he–he thought he would put it on my finger, but I was with Chad.

Right. And now?

And now what?

I was just wondering, uh, do you think you and Everett might get back together now that you and Chad have broken up, or are you hoping that you and Chad can work things out?

Okay, Leo. Thanks. I’m gonna have this dusted for prints.

I didn’t touch anything but the handles, just so you know.

Okay, just let me know if you remember anything else that could help us locate the baby.

I will. I’m so sorry about this terrible turn of events. I’ll be praying for all of you, and, of course, for that precious little boy.

Excuse me. I need to, um, freshen up.

Yeah. Okay. Hey, um, go. Please go home. Get some rest.

Well, I don’t think we’re gonna rest much till they find your little boy.

I’m so sorry you’re going through all this, darling. You–you need to stay positive.

I will.

I love you so.

Oh, I love you too. Hey, I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

All right. Please do, and stay strong. They’re gonna find that little guy, okay? All right?

Yeah. Thanks, Dad.


[tense music]

Damn you to hell, Stark.

You think I took your baby?

Oh, of course you did, just to get me to accede to your outlandish blackmail demands.

Oh, right, so I kidnap your child, then bring the empty stroller here. How does that make any sense?

Oh, it makes perfect sense. Out there acting like an innocent bystander just so you can deflect suspicions from yourself.

Ugh, how disgustingly cynical of you. I brought that evidence here so that that precious child could be found. But, you know, if you really cared about him and thought I had him, you would have told that to the police and explained to them what you thought my motive was for taking him, but you couldn’t do that, could you? Because then everyone would know he’s not really your baby, and then your entire world would be blown up.

I’m done talking to you.

You know, you aren’t really fit to be a mother, are you? You’re mean, selfish, all things that a mother shouldn’t be. And hey, maybe I do know where the baby is.

I knew you knew where he was. Where is he? Tell me where he is!

Why should I tell you? I ask and ask and don’t receive.

Well, what is it that you want? Please tell me, anything.

Oh, anything?

What do you want?

Think about it. Let me think. Let’s see. Hmm, a place to live would be nice, a job, a boyfriend, a savings account. See, I don’t have any of those things. The only thing I do have in this world is your dirty little secret, which I can blow out of the water any moment I choose to. So the clock is ticking, Sloanykins.


Well, our servants are searching the house for Nicole’s phone. So far, no sign of it or of her, obviously.

Yeah, I made some calls. Looks like she didn’t take a rental or public transport.

Of course she didn’t. Her clothes are still here.


And I know exactly what you’re thinking, that it’s too much of a coincidence that Nicole and Eric and Sloan’s baby disappeared at the same time, especially given Nicole’s history. But damn it, Rafe, I know what must have happened. Someone took her to get to me. Now I don’t know if it was Clyde Weston or Ava Vitali, but whoever the hell did it, just find my wife. I need her back to me. Find her.

I’m doing my damnedest, okay? We’ll see if Wendy can geolocate her.

Please, whatever it takes.

Yeah. I’ll be in touch.

[cell phone beeps] Yup.

[groans] Nicole, my darling. Where could you be? Oh, my God. Is it possible?

It’s the kids I’m really worried about, Thomas and Charlotte. I love them so much, and they already lost their mom so suddenly and tragically, and now… I mean, it’s not like they love me in the same way. Of course not. But I know that I… I was sort of like a mother figure to them.

I’m–I’m sure you were. But, Steph, you have to do what feels right for you, no–no one else. I mean, yeah, yeah, they’re gonna be really sad for a little while, the kids, but you not being around, but that’s okay. They’re resilient. And they have a loving family. And I’ve been thinking, uh–


Even when you found out that Everett hadn’t really ghosted you, or when you found out that he was planning to propose, you– you stayed with Chad, right?

Yeah, I did. I love Chad, and we were living together. And sure, I felt bad for Everett, but, God, how fickle would I have to be to suddenly fall out of love with Chad and in love with somebody else?

And have you talked to Chad after all this went down?

He came to see me yesterday. Alex was there. Chad jumped to the wrong conclusion, acted like a total jerk, so I walked right out, left the two of them there and then…

[soft music]

Steph. And then–and then what?

And then–and then I had too much to drink, and–and that’s how I found myself in the state that I’m in now.

Right. Well, Chad showed up at your mom and dad’s place. So he obviously had something to say, right?

Yeah, he must have.

Don’t you want to know what that was?

Do I?

I think you do. Just call Chad. Just talk to him, okay? But, look, you both are really good people, and you seem to have something great going on, so don’t throw it away so easily, okay?

Thanks, Tripp. I always welcome some brotherly advice.

I just want you to be happy. And take care of yourself, okay, which means maybe no drinking tonight.

[laughs] Yeah, definitely not.

Uh, all right, well, I’d better get to work. Love you.

Love you too. Hey, Everett, how are you doing? I was calling because I was hoping that maybe we could grab a coffee or whatever.


Hey, any news on the baby?

No, and no luck at the DiMera mansion, and now Nicole’s missing.

You’re kidding me.


You think she took the kid?

Well, I would suspect that, although I don’t know how far she’s gonna get without her car.

Car’s still at the house?

Yeah. And so are her clothes and her phone.


[suspenseful music] Nicole. Darling.

What do you want?

Your head on a platter, for one thing.

I’m with the baby. I can’t talk right now.

“With the baby”? Oh, you mean you’re with Nicole’s baby. Well, let me tell you what I found out from my baby, meaning the love of my life.

Look, it really isn’t a good time right now.

Oh, well, it is going to be much worse if you don’t listen and listen hard, Miss Lying, Baby-stealing Sack of You Know What.

It was Leo. Leo took the baby to blackmail me. And now–now, I’ve gotta tell them the truth.

There you are. I was getting worried. Sloan, what’s going on?

Eric, there’s something I– I need to tell you.

Nicole. Oh, my God.

I’m sorry, EJ. I’m–I’m so sorry.

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