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Hardly seems right, does it?

[ Sighs ] You know, I always thought bobbie would outlive all of us. Yeah. And now her picture’s on the wall next to epiphany. Gosh. This year, we’ve had to say goodbye to people who were there for our daughter when we — when we couldn’t be, you know? It just doesn’t seem fair. No, it doesn’T. Excuse me. Yeah? Hi. I’m visiting here from america, and, um, my mom — she used to meet a colleague here, uh, pretty frequently, I think. Um… that’s my mom. Do you recognize her? No. Sorry. I cannot help you. Carly, we talked about this. The people that bobbie worked for do everything they can to keep their sources anonymous because they’re working against some very dangerous people. Yes, but we have been here for hours. What are we supposed to do, just sit here and wait for the mystery person to show up? Tracy followed your mom to this café. She said she was here at all hours of the day. The contact has to be here at some point — but we don’t even know if the contact is a man or a woman. Well, in the P.I. Business, sometimes it’s not about knowing what the person looks like. It’s about knowing what to look for. Hi! Hi. You’re here! I was beginning to think I dreamt you up. And I just hugged you, which is weird ’cause we just met yesterday. I really enjoyed talking to you and your mom about bobbie. And I think after all the stories and tears, it’s okay that we moved into hug territory. Okay, well, there are plenty of people with memories of bobbie to share. They’re gonna be coming here throughout the day to officially go on the record for your article. That’s great. The more anecdotes I can get, the better the story will be. Well, I appreciate you letting me help you with your profile on bobbie. I feel like it’s something I can actually do, especially with my mom and carly off to amsterdam. Do you think they’ll be able to find bobbie’s contact at the rescue organization? I sure hope so. I have learned to not doubt either of them. And now they have each other, so…ahh!

[ Both laugh ] No, I know my mom was doing really good work here, and important work, but I still can’t believe that she chose to spend christmas here. You know? I mean, she really loved christmas. Bobbie used to host the best christmas parties at the brownstone. Even tony was welcome after they split up.

Those parties

were so much fun. I never knew that. Well, it was a very different time. You weren’t exactly on the invitation list then. No, I guess I wasn’T. Don’t move. Who’s here? Don’t turn around. I think we might have just found your mom’s contact.

[ Cellphone chirps ] Thank you for joining us. It’s not every day that I get to sit down with the mayor of a major metropolitan city. Oh, well, port charles is — is hardly as cosmopolitan as amsterdam. But I do think it’s a special place to call home. Now, listen, as far as your article on bobbie spencer, I just don’t know what more I can tell you that I didn’t already say in my eulogy. Everyone has said such beautiful things about bobbie, and sometimes in death, people tend to deify a person and sometimes forget some of their rough spots. But I want to write about all of bobbie. Okay. Well, we did have some rough spots

[Chuckles] Especially in the early years. May I ask why? Oh, it’s really the oldest story in the world. We were fighting over a boy. Scotty, bryan made me realize a lot of things tonight, and I want to talk. Hi.

[ Giggles ] I, uh — I hope bryan also made you realize that you couldn’t go on treating scotty like dirt forever, unless you wanted him to turn to someone else for comfort. I would invite you in, honey, but considering what scotty and I have in mind for tonight, three is definitely a crowd.

[ Laughs ] Looking back on it now, I think bobbie and i butted heads because I was brought up to believe that politeness and manners and being sensitive to everybody else’s feelings was the most important thing in the world, and bobbie just said what was on her mind. You know? Back then, uh, it ruffled a few feathers. Um… but now I really wish that we had more people like that. Can you be more specific?

[ Sighs ] Someone who can listen with a sympathetic ear, but also provide you with a reality check. Bobbie: Look, I understand how nikolas came into being. You were stuck on that island, married to that horrible stavros. And stefan standing under some olive tree, looking at you with those eyes. Oh, please! But you being you, you have to wait and see how long you can hold out before you tell luke the truth? And then, when you finally do tell him, what do you say to him? “Oh, by the way, I’ve got a kid who’s not yours.” Why do you always wait until the house is burning down before you dial 911? Bobbie was never afraid to be honest with me. I loved her for that. Excuse me. Excuse me. Do you know my mom? I’m sorry. I-I have to go. It’s so important. My mom passed away. I am so sorry bobbie died. Your mother was a remarkable woman. Bobbie was my best friend. We go way back. I’m learning that, um, there was a whole side to my mother that I didn’t know anything about. How did she get involved with your organization? Bobbie was a regular customer here. I’d see her from time to time. You can’t miss that red hair.

[ Chuckles ] One day, she was reading an article in the newspaper about a human-trafficking sting. She opened up to me about her own past, how it was something she was still processing. Bobbie wanted to do more to help. What exactly did she do for your organization? My friends and i shelter young people who escape from horrific experiences of being exploited. Bobbie opened up her home, one person at a time, as a refuge until the paperwork came through. Well, a reporter that my mom trusted told us that she was helping a young woman. I’m very surprised to hear that your mother would have shared that information. Secrecy is key in our organization. Do you know anything about this young woman? Yes. Her name was cornelia. Bobbie got close to her. We were concerned that the people that she was running from would find her in amsterdam. So bobbie said that she knew a place she could stay closer to america until her asylum paperwork came through. Okay. Well, where is cornelia now? I arranged for her to board a freighter to canada, but that was weeks ago. I… I assumed that bobbie had successfully gotten cornelia to america. Bobbie passed away here, in amsterdam. Lucas: You know, um, for someone who had about a million nicknames in her family, my mom barely could tolerate them. No. No, scratch that. She hated them.

[ Laughter ] I remember at one point, my, uh — my dad started calling me “champ.” My mom put her foot down right away. She said, “tony, our son’s name is lucas. Not luke. Not L.L. And certainly not champ.” Of course, my older sister thought that was the funniest thing in the world. So, just to needle our mom, B.J. Called me “champ” until the day she… um… anyway, I guess, uh, what I’m trying to say is that my mom was a very principled and strong-willed person. She had no problem standing up for what she believed in or for her family. Bobbie: Lucas is my son. He’s a wonderful young man, and I’m very proud of him. And if you ever insult my son again, I will bitch-slap you all the way to the canadian border. You’ll what? Do you want me to show you? We used to beat up rich girls like you in florida for sport. It’s one of those street things you never really forget. So you lay off my kid, or I’ll do more damage to you than you ever dreamed of. Guess that makes my mom the “champ.” She was always the one you wanted fighting in your corner. Bobbie sent cornelia to wait for her at a secure location in canada, but if bobbie never got the chance to meet up with her…

[ Sighs ] That means cornelia has been waiting for my mom to arrive this whole time. And bobbie never got the asylum paperwork to that poor girl seeking asylum into america. Excuse me.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hold on one sec. Sorry. Oh. It’s felicia. Hey, felicia. I heard you ran off to amsterdam. Yeah. I’m so sorry. I don’t have a whole lot of time, but do you have any contacts in the state department that would help someone seeking asylum in america? What, is this to do with the human-trafficking rescue? Human trafficking? Yeah. Hold on. I’m gonna put you on speaker. Robert’s here with me. Okay. Go ahead. Hey, felicia. What’s happening? Well, it’s a long story, but there was someone that bobbie was in the middle of helping when she passed away. Well, look, um, you know, I mean, most of my contacts with the bureau, they got burnt when they took away my badge. Just like frisco. Yeah. Um, I got a few contacts over at state. I’m probably in better standing than anna right now. Let me make a few calls. That would be great, robert. Thank you. I don’t understand. There is no way for you to contact cornelia? No. For her safety, the only person who knew where she would be waiting out her visa was your mother. We have no way of contacting her. Robert and anna are going to pull some strings to get the asylum paperwork fast-tracked. Yeah, but it doesn’t matter if we can’t track cornelia down. Oh, that poor girl is probably freezing to death in some cabin in canada, just waiting for bobbie to arrive. Wait a second. Did you say cabin? Why did you say cabin? Oh, your mother once mentioned to me that the people she was helping would be safe in some cabin in the woods she knew. Oh, my god. I know where cornelia is.

You know? We really need to work on your people skills. Oh, my god. Do you remember when she went to your wedding to nelle? Nelle was a very unpopular person. Grandma bobbie showed up to the wedding in a black veil to protest. Michael: Yeah, don’t remind me. That was the one wedding that grandma didn’t support. But bobbie was nothing but supportive at our wedding. Willow: You’ve always made me feel like a part of your family. Bobbie: My brother luke gave this to me. Luke admired people who had lots of courage. And you have an abundance of both.

[ Light laughter ] There you go. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] This means so much to me. You mean so much to all of us. I didn’t grow up in a big extended family like michael and josslyn did. But with bobbie, she made sure you knew you’d finally found one. Well, that was an ordeal. Did you have any success? I called in every favor I ever had. A friend of mine over at state’s waiting for our call as soon as we hear from felicia. Those human-trafficking people are dangerous. I hope felicia and carly aren’t in too much trouble. Did tracy say how far from the city luke’s cabin is? No. She said she’d never been. Still don’t have cell service, so no eta on the maps app. Oh, gosh. This is the most I’ve traveled in 48 hours. What about you? Well, I used to be married to frisco jones. A lot of traveling came with that deal. Well, at the very least, it’s the most time you and I have ever spent together, right? Why do you think that is? I mean, it’s kind of crazy that I haven’t spent much time with my mom’s best friend. Unless it’s not that crazy to you? Look, about what I said earlier — look out!

[ Tires screech ]

[ Groaning lightly ]

[ Car door closes ] Oh, man. Oh, my god. Carly. Yeah. Your head. I’m so sorry. Oh, no. It’s okay. A couple bandages will fix that right up. I’m just so glad we didn’t hit that deer. Oh, no, that wasn’t a deer we almost hit. That was a moose. A moose? You got to be kidding me. Yeah. I’m just glad we’re in one piece.

[ Sighs ] So, um… have you ever changed a tire before? Uh, well, more than I’d like to remember, but it’s been a while. Yeah, well, it’s like riding a bike. You never forget how. I’m sure everybody has told you how optimistic and upbeat bobbie was. And she certainly was. She didn’t take any guff from anyone — not her bosses, anybody that looked down at her, and she certainly didn’t take it from me. Certain things hap– but I can explain what happened. There is no explanation that I will ever understand that will make me understand why you caused havoc… no — …at a hospital that you represent. No, there wasn’t any havoc. There was like a couple of disturbances. Nobody was hurt. Nobody was hurt?! It was a hospital, scott! There could have been a panic! People could have been killed! What’s the matter with you?! So that your precious meditech can walk in for a takeover?! You know a lot about all this stuff, huh? I know a lot more than you think I do. What do you think, I’m some stupid roll in the hay? No, bobbie, I — don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me again. Bobbie — she did mellow over the years, but she ended up being the best — best damn nurse at general hospital. However, she could still throw words around. Oh, I can attest to that. Lucy: Now you don’t have noah, so you’re going after scott

again! Oh, yeah, and you just had to head that off at the pass, didn’t you? You had to make a point to scott. You had to make a point to me, just like when you sicced damian smith on me to ruin my marriage! Wait a minute! That is not what happened! Now your marriage is finished!

[ Scoffs ] So this, lucy, is karma. Brighton: For someone who didn’t get along all that well with bobbie, you keep showing up for her. It’s almost like the two of you were the original “frenemies.” “Frenemies.” That — that sounds right. I guess that is a good way to describe us. Why do you think that is? Her daughter, um, B.J.

[Voice breaking] Was very, very special to me. Can you elaborate? Um… you know, I’ve heard it said that, um, if you want a true test of someone’s character, it’s not in taking stock of their friends. It’s taking stock of their rivals. So, if I have walked through this life with bobbie spencer as my worthy adversary, then I guess I’m one very lucky woman. You know, you were right. Well, not that I don’t love hearing that, but about what? You’re my best friend’s daughter. And it was no accident that you and I never became close, because I was there when you first came to port charles. You destroyed bobbie’s life. And not for nothing, tony was my family, too. So you didn’t just break up a marriage. It was two people that I considered to be my home base. I never thought of it like that. But I do. When bobbie was so distraught about the affair you had with tony, it was my shoulder that she cried on. And it was really hard for me to watch my friend have her heart shattered. So, yes, I think I’ve had a little bit of resentment. And as I say that out loud, it feels a little embarrassing ’cause it was decades ago. I know that bobbie forgave you because you’re her daughter, but for me, it was hard to just let go because I’ve always had this protective streak for my best friend. And I am so sorry. Don’t be.

[ Sighs ] I get it. And, you know, I’m not blameless in this distance between us. I’m close to maxie, and… you were gone a lot. And I saw what that did to her. Then you came back, and maxie forgave you. And I judged you. I get that, too. Well, if bobbie can forgive you and maxie can forgive me, maybe it’s high time that we forgive each other. I like that idea.

[ Both laugh ] Well, who knows? Maybe this was part of your mom’s big plan. To find a way to bring her daughter and her best friend a little bit closer. That would be just like her, wouldn’t it? Oh, yeah, she did like to meddle.

[ Laughs ] She did like to meddle. Well, I think that maybe… we should lean on each other. Few people were as close to bobbie as we were. Here we go. We have a new tire. Yes. Shall we, partner? We shall.

[ Chuckles ]

I didn’t go into detail at the funeral because it wasn’t the time or the place, but when I was a teenager and fairly new to port charles, I was sexually assaulted. And bobbie came to me and she took care of me, because that’s who she was — kind and compassionate and always ready to offer her empathy. Oh, um, you know, my sons don’t know about my attack. Do you think that we can just keep this in the spirit of bobbie’s kindness and leave out the details of my past? Yes, of course. I totally understand. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Anyway, um, at the time of my assault, I was living with my grandmother, and she did not know how to deal with that. Bobbie: When a woman has been raped, she needs very special, very specific attention paid to her feelings — because she’s been traumatized — and her body — because she may have been hurt. That’s the most important thing. I came prepared for any eventuality because I promised my nephew I would take good care of you. I was really confused. But bobbie never made me feel ashamed. I’m glad she was there to help you. Yeah. Yeah, me too. She was the one who told me, even though I had survived something traumatic, that I was the one in charge of how I let that define me. And she offered me love and support. And it inspired me to send that love back out into the world by helping others. When I was younger, I thought I was gonna be a painter ’cause I loved to paint. I still love to paint, but my true passion became healing others, just like it was bobbie’S. I never take for granted walking across G.H.’S 10th floor that I’m walking in her footsteps. Well, we now have cellphone service, just in time to not need gps. Well, this is definitely the right address. Well, nothing to do now but knock on the door. Alright. Let’s do this. Mm-hmm. Any noise inside? Can’t hear anything. Knock again. Cornelia? Cornelia, please open up. We’re here to help you. We’re friends. Cornelia — hi. Are you cornelia? Who wants to know? Uh, well, we’re friends. We’re friends. And — and we came to take you someplace safe.

Oh, please, please don’t do that, please don’t do that! I-I have a picture on the phone in my pocket that I can prove that we’re friends. I don’t care who you claim to be. Oh, please — I’m not going back! Cornelia, I promise you it’s okay. How do you know my name? How did you know I was here? Because we were sent by a friend. We were. And we’re here to help you. We are. I promise you, you’re safe. That’s bobbie’s necklace. Why are you wearing it? Because bobbie’s my mom. Bobbie’s my mom, and I have a picture of us together on my phone. Can I pull my phone out of my pocket? Yes. Slowly. Okay. Okay.

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t understand. Bobbie was supposed to meet me here. Why didn’t she come? Bobbie died. I’m so sorry that my mom had you waiting here. I’m so sorry. But we want you to know that we know your story and you’re safe now. I promise you that. And I can back up everything carly just said because bobbie is my best friend. You can trust her daughter just like you can trust bobbie.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, dear. Where’s my phone? Alright. Oh, it’s felicia. Hey, felicia. Yes, go. You know the favor that you and robert called in? I think we’re ready for it now. I can’t believe you went to all that trouble to arrange that so I could speak to some people that love bobbie. It’s not like I had to twist anyone’s arm. I mean, everyone you spoke with loves bobbie. We all miss her so much. No. Are you kidding me? The toughest part now is gonna be deciding which stories to include. There were so many. You’re gonna send me a copy when it’s done, right? Oh, yeah, of course. And I just have to say, it’s been really great getting to know you, maxie. Well, I hope you’re staying in town for a while. I mean, I was hoping we could hang out. I think we have a lot in common. Yeah. Yeah, I think so, too. Um, but my bosses said I could only stay in port charles for so long. Ugh, those kind of bosses are the worst. But I promise you, you’ll be seeing me around. Okay. Don’t forget to send me that article.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, brighton. Hang on. It’s my mom. Hello? Mom?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Here they are. Mom! I’m so glad you’re okay! Carly? Yeah? Ohh, why don’t you let me check out that cut? Oh, thank you. That would be great. Okay. Um… I’ll… so, robert and anna told me what you’ve been up to.

[ Inhales sharply ] Ow. Sounds like quite the adventure.

[ Groans ] Really went out of your way to help a stranger. Yeah. Well, my mom is the one who helped cornelia. You know, uh, felicia and I just got her across the finish line. Well, either way, I’m sure your mom is very proud of you. Alright. You are good to go. Ohh. Sorry. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] You know, um… you know how you offered, uh, to paint a new sign for kelly’s? Yes. Offer still stands. I have something else in mind. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. Dryness and frizz that keeps coming back,l cool jhas a bubble around him. Brings you and your cat… closer together.Over the last few days. Reduces nerve discomfort

in as little as 14 days. Now I can help again. Feel the difference with nervive. Maxie, what’s going on? Oh. I thought you would have slept in after all the international travel you’ve done over the last few days. Yeah, well, I’m jet-lagged for sure. You didn’t have to let me sleep in your bed last night. After what you and carly pulled off? Completing bobbie’s last rescue? You guys are heroes to me. Giving up my bed was the least I could do. Well, I appreciate it. What are you searching for? You remember that journalist from amsterdam — angela brighton? Well, she gave me her business card, and I wanted to e-mail her, let her know that you and carly found the woman bobbie was helping. I thought that would be a great ending to her article, you know? But I can’t find her business card anywhere. Did you possibly throw it out? No, no. Absolutely not. I-I remember putting it in my wallet, but it’s not in there. I seriously can’t find it, mom. I’m starting to think it disappeared. Well, maybe you can track her down online. You know her name, you know the organization that she works for. I did that already. There’s no mention of her online anywhere. Well, maybe it’s a different spelling. I suppose I could have spelled it incorrectly. Yeah. Well, let me help. I’ll start tracking brighton down. Haven’t you done enough sleuthing for the week? It’s just a phone call. Hardly life in the fast lane. I’ll see you soon. Okay. Mwah!

[ Sighs ] Well, what does everyone think? It’s beautiful, elizabeth. Yeah. Really. I love it. I think the people of port charles are gonna love it. It’s perfect. It’s perfect. It’s so perfect. I mean, this place has always been a comfort to everyone and a safe haven for anyone who needs it. And now that our mom’s gone, people need to know that that’s still true. Hello. Is this the associated press in amsterdam? Woman: Yes it is. How can I help you? I’m hoping to get a message to one of your reporters — angela brighton.

I’m sorry. Who? Angela brighton. She was doing a profile on my best friend, bobbie spencer, who unfortunately passed away while she was visiting your city.

I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ve been here for years, and nobody by that name has ever worked here. I got to go. Need to catch my flight. I hate that you have to leave. Please don’t be a stranger. Please. I won’T. I love you. Love you, too. Hey. Hey. You know, people are looking for you. Your tip helped my sister and felicia save the day. I would love to celebrate with them, but I’ve got to go back home. Well, thank you. For everything. Anytime… champ.

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m not hungry and I’m not tired. And I want my mommy and daddy right now. I want to go home. Oh! Oh, my god. Brighton was barbara jean.

[ Laughs ] I don’t understand. Brighton is a journalist. How can she not have any online presence?

[ Sighs ] B.J.’S heart.

[ Breathing heavily ] B.J.

[ Sobbing ] Carly, would you like some company? Thank you. I, um… I think I want to spend some time by myself. Okay, sweetheart.

[ Sniffles ] Yeah.

[ Door opens ] Oh, mom. You lived such an incredible life. And you’re an amazing woman. I hope I brought you some peace… …because that’s what you gave me. And everyone else. Carly: I want you to know that I’m really grateful for the relationship we have now. Me too. And you did it — a nursing degree… I graduated at the top of my class! …A family… you were the little girl that I prayed for, except you went even beyond my wildest expectations. A grateful heart I love you, B.J. Finally home

[ Monitor beeping ] You want to forget the good times as well as the bad because you think you can’t go on, but you can. I did. I did because I know B.J. Goes on in you. Love stays the same bobbie: Luke, this is your sister, barbara jean. You call me right now. And I believe bobbie. That all these things luke is gone.

[ Sobbing ] No, he’s not. Come on. He can’t be gone. I know, honey. Woman: This amazing, beautiful woman has been helping people for the past 45 years. My daughter needs me. And I am here for you. We’ve had a number of flings over the years. Tell me about it, scott. Bobbie spencer, will you marry me? Scott, are you insane?! Bobbie, how could you be mean to your pal? Sorry, scott. Nothing personal. Well, we’ve still got kelly’s and we’ve got our friendship, and I hope you — you don’t forget that. As the whole world changes love stays the same inside and I believe that all these things okay. Will always be a part of a grateful heart

[ Crying ] Ooh, ooh, ooh you’ll always be a part of this grateful heart

[ Heartbeat pounding ] Carly: You should be so proud of yourself. I’m extremely proud of you, mom. Bobbie: Thank you, honey.

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