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Recap written by Eva

The special tribute to Bobbie continues, as Bobbie’s friends and family talk to associated press reporter, Angela Brighton so she can finish her profile article about Bobbie. The audience sees flashback scenes of Bobbie as each person shares stories about her.

Carly and Felicia meet with Bobbie’s contact in Amsterdam. The woman tells them that Bobbie was helping a young lady named Corina and keeping her in a safe house. Bobbie was the only one who knew her location. The lady mentions to Carly and Felicia that Bobbie once told her she had a cabin in Canada. Carly figures out that Corina is in Luke’s cabin in Canada. Carly and Felicia head to Luke’s cabin in Canada where they find Corina and tell her about Bobbie’s death.

Felicia calls Robert and Anna so Robert can call in favors at the State Department to fast-track Corina’s asylum paper work. Carly and Felicia are able to bring Corina to the Unites States and complete Bobbie’s last rescue.

Maxie wants to contact Angela Brighton so she can tell her about the rescue and finish the article about Bobbie. Maxie is unable to find the card Angela gave to her. Maxie looks for Angela online but Angela doesn’t have a presence online.

Felicia calls the Associated Press in Amsterdam and she is told Angela Brighton has never worked for them. Felicia looks at a picture of BJ on her phone and has a memory of BJ when she was little. Felicia figures out that Angela Brighton is a grown-up BJ sent down from Heaven to help them grieve Bobbie. Maxie figures out the same thing and she and Felicia cry and hug each other.

Elizabeth paints a new sign for Kelly’s restaurant since the old sign got blown down by the storm. Carly tells Elizabeth she has another idea for the sign. Carly looks upward and tells her mom she will miss her and closes the door to the restaurant. The camera goes upward and we see that the sign doesn’t say Kelly’s Restaurant, but it is now called Bobbie’s.

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