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[dramatic music]

Hey, so when should I expect you? I’m just trying to plan out dinner.

I’m sorry. I won’t be home for a while. I got to stop by and see my cousin Theresa.

Oh. What’s the latest? Any news?

[sighs] The police, they arrested Tate for giving Holly the drugs. God, Theresa, she must be going out of her mind about this.

And how’s Holly doing?

Not good. She had a seizure while I was visiting her.

Oh, my God.

Hey, listen, I got to go. But I’ll be home as soon as I can.

OK, well, we’re doing fine over here, so–

OK. I love you.

I can’t believe they’re gonna try Tate as an adult.

It’s outrageous.

No, it’s a travesty, Alex. I mean, what is the point of having legal age of majority if he can just charge a -year-old as an -year-old?

I–I don’t know, but there’s got to be something I can do.

Like what? We’ve done everything. I mean… it’s not right. It’s not fair. My poor son.


Come here.

There you are. How did it go? I don’t have to ask. It must have been so tough.

It was. I can’t even see Tate until tomorrow morning. He’s in holding. No one can see him. His–his own father can’t even see him. -year-old boy, his father can’t get in to see him. And I know he’s scared. I know he’s scared.

I’m so sorry.

[sighs] I tried everything. Marlena, I tried everything I could to help him. Nothing–nothing– nothing helped. Tried to take the rap for him. Just made it worse.

[sighs] I’m the worst father on the–on the planet.

So not only is my grandson sitting in a jail cell, but they’re gonna try him as an adult now. Can you believe that?

That’s a tough break, man. That kid doesn’t deserve it.

I know he doesn’t deserve it. And you know what? It’s all because EJ DiMera has just gone off the deep end there. It’s a total abuse of power for any district attorney to try to pull this kind of crap. And I’ll tell you something. It’s killing me to watch Brady have to go through this.

Hey, hey. I know. I know it is. But listen to me, buddy.


You’re obviously there for him %. That’s all you can do for him right now.

So many years. Could this be the man?

[sighs] Oh, no, it could not. He was supposed to be dead. No, I need to do some more digging.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[dramatic music]

[knock at door]

Oh, finally. Hey, come on in. And thank you for getting over here so quickly.

Well, your message had me worried. I mean, what’s going on? No offense, but you look beat.

Yeah, I was awake most of the night. Look, I just– I can’t take this anymore.

Oh, OK. Well, that’s a normal feeling. Parenting a newborn is exhausting.

No, it’s not that. It’s Nicole. It’s just too much.

OK, hey, just– just take a breath and try to calm down.

[scoffs] When in the history of calming down has anybody calmed down by being told to calm down?

OK, I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. What about Nicole?

There is a real possibility that Nicole may now lose her surviving child to a drug overdose, which means she will have lost two children in a matter of weeks, being childless. And just the guilt from that is– it’s eating me alive. I can’t keep living in this deception. Melinda, we have to do something.

What are you suggesting?

We have to give the baby back.

Have you considered reaching out to your dad? I mean, the guy’s the head of the ISA. He practically runs the world. Maybe he can help Tate.

Yeah, I can’t get ahold of him. He’s on some undercover mission somewhere. My mom said she doesn’t know where.

Hmm. What about your brother? Wasn’t he in town recently?

Andrew? He’s not gonna pull any strings for me. He probably thinks that Tate’s a big screwup like me. Maybe he’s just a big, colossal screwup.

Theresa, please stop talking about yourself that way. You got to stop. You are not a screwup.

Oh, yeah, you don’t know about all the stuff I’ve done in the past and recently.

What do you mean? What kind of things have you done recently?

So Alex becomes the heir, and… Xander ends up with nothing.

He would squander all the money away anyway.

Agreed. But why Alex Kiriakis? Why make him the wealthy man in Xander’s stead?

We have a connection going. We’ve already talked about going out. He seems real interested.


And if I can make something happen fast, something between us before he learns that he’s the heir, then he won’t have to question me going after him for his inheritance.

Theresa… what kind of things did you do recently?

I don’t know, just things, you know… the usual. Colossal screwup, remember, like I said.

[knock at door]

[sighs] Oh, OK. Hey.


Come on in.

Hey. How’s it going?

Hey. Hope it’s OK that I stopped over.

Of course, yeah.

[sighs] So, what, you here to tell me what a bad parent I am? That it’s Tate’s fault that Holly took the drugs? Because if you are, Eric, just save it. Because, honestly, there is nothing that you can say right now that I haven’t already said to myself to beat myself up over.

Stop being so hard on yourself. The reason why I stopped by is because I want to give you this.

Brady, you are not a bad father.

[clears throat] No? I mean, Tate was kicked out of boarding school, right? So I brought him here to Salem to straighten him out, yet his situation went from bad to worse, OK? If I hadn’t brought him back from California, none of this crap would have happened to him.

That’s not true; this could have happened anywhere.

But it didn’t happen anywhere. Marlena, it happened here, under my nose. I just have to wonder whether… I was just being selfish when I brought him back here. Was I being selfish? I mean, did I have his best interests at heart or mine? My God, and everything that’s going on with my son, I still have lost custody of my daughter as well.

Look. That may well turn around, but if it doesn’t, it’s a travesty.


And, Brady, as far as Tate goes, you didn’t force him. He wanted to stay here, didn’t he?

That’s what he said, yeah.

We can’t always make our children do what we’d like them to do. But when they suffer, we suffer. But we have to let them make a choice. And that done, if it’s a bad choice, then– then there are consequences. And that’s exactly how they learn.

The hard way, right?

The hard way.

Thank you for being here for me and for my son. I always appreciate you.

Always, always, always. Say, I was gonna meet Steve and John at the pub for supper. Will you join us?

[sighs] Food? Yeah, that sounds good.

Oh, good.

I’ll do that, yeah.


[knock at door] Wow. Sorry. Excuse me. Oh, Kristen, what do you want?

I’m here for him.

Oh, it seems like Maggie has gone to the hospital to check in on her baby granddaughter, Holly. Oh, I should stop by, bring her some flowers. Huh. Hmm.

So is there any way to get through to EJ before he throws the book at Tate, get him to back off?

Nah, I doubt it. Like I said, it’s obvious the son of a bitch isn’t thinking rationally. It’s all about revenge now. He wants to use Tate as a scapegoat for his misery. So all we can hope for is that Holly pulls through this, remembers everything that happened that night, and she can set the record straight.

[door slams]

What the hell?

Huh. And we meet again. Oh, but I can tell by the looks on your faces, you’re not too pleased to see me.

You got that right.


What are you still doing in Salem?

Can you not figure it out? You blew it, gentlemen. Your…

[laughs] Magnificent escapade to try to run me out of town was a miserable failure.

Well, you’re not only audacious. You’re also a fool for walking around in public– unless you wanted us to find you.

The only thing I wanted is the Brady Pub clam chowder. I hear it is unmatched.

You can’t possibly be this stupid. Now, go on. Turn around. Get the hell out of here. We’ll be right behind you to give you an escort to the airport.

[chuckles] Oh, I appreciate greatly the escort to the airport. But I am not leaving today nor anytime in the near future. In fact, the only way I will be gone from Salem is if you two gentlemen kidnap me again or murder me. I wouldn’t put it past you.

[dramatic music]

Give the baby back to Nicole? No, no, no, no. Sloan, get real. I mean, my God, you are a lawyer. Surely you realize if we do that now, we will be on the hook for a very serious crime.

So be it. I can represent myself. I’ll plead insanity if I have to.

You are not thinking straight. The current DA– that would be EJ DiMera– he believes that the baby he lost is his biological child. If he finds out that we took this baby, he will nail us to the wall for kidnapping. We would be risking everything by exposing ourselves– our reputations, our freedom. Our lives would be over. Do you not understand that? Listen, I heard what EJ is doing to Brady Black’s kid. And if you think that’s bad, wait till you see what he does to us if you reveal the truth about this baby. We will be spending the rest of our days in prison. Is that what you want?

How you holding up?

[sighs] Not very well. Have you gone to see Holly and Nicole?

Yeah, I just came from the hospital. Nothing’s changed in her condition. All we can do right now just keep her in our prayers.

And keep Tate in your prayers too.

Of course, Theresa. No matter what happened, I’ll always love Tate and Holly. No matter what– what happened, it d– I can never judge either of them.

But would you judge me?

Theresa… Eight years ago, I made a choice. I drove drunk. I killed Holly’s father. Right now, you, Tate, and Holly, you all need compassion. Nobody knows that better than I do.

Where have you been?

All right, look–

Where have you been?

Just–just don’t. It’s been a long night. Don’t–

Oh, a long, long night, huh? You poor baby. Did you forget that you were supposed to see your daughter an hour ago?

Yeah. Yeah, I did forget. I–I’m sorry. I forgot because I’ve been preoccupied, OK?

Oh, preoccupied. Right, right.

Just a little.

Unbelievable, Brady. You know, you have badgered me for weeks to see her.

I know.

And when I finally agree, you stand up your own daughter.

Will you let me explain?

Yeah. No, please–

I can explain what’s been going on.

Oh, please explain, Brady. I would love to hear why you left your daughter in tears. You should have seen her little face, Brady. “Daddy didn’t show up to see me, Mommy.” So where the hell have you been? And before you even answer that, let me tell you, this better be damn good.


One’s past cannot be swept so easily under the carpet, Mr. Black. I haven’t forgotten that when you two kidnapped me, you were lurking in the corner like an assassin. My hands are clean. Can you say the same? Huh?

[dramatic music]

You want to talk clean hands? I will make one call to the ISA, and your sorry ass is gonna wake up on a desolate island permanently.

No communication, no way out. Clean and simple.

You better be skilled at building mud huts as you are running your mouth.

[laughs] A desolate island. Tranquil peace. It sounds ideal. I could start a new life, just as you have, Mr. Black. In an environment like that, I could surely be reminded of my– my home, my beautiful villa in… Aria. Oh, do you know the place, Mr. Johnson?



Sloan, I know that Holly’s overdose is a shock. But it’s not like you to be in such a tailspin. What’s really going on here?

It’s everything. It’s the lack of sleep. It’s balancing parenting and work and this constant feeling of living in guilt. It’s the expenses. It’s all just too much.

Expenses? What do you mean, for the baby?

No, not for the baby. I’m being blackmailed.

Blackmailed? By who?

Leo Stark. He knows that Jude is Nicole’s baby.



How could he know that? Dimitri is locked up in a supermax prison. Oh, my God. He must have told Leo everything before he got transported.

Yeah, well, it’s much worse than that, because Leo knows that I had some kind of involvement in having Dimitri sent away to a maximum security facility.

Oh, God.

And let me just tell you, he is out for revenge.

Sloan, tell me you didn’t mention me to Leo. Please tell me that I am not compromised in this.

You’re not. Leo has no idea of any of your involvement. It’s fine. He’s just sure as hell out for me. That little creep has been draining me for every penny that I’m worth.

Conniving little mooch.

Yeah, well, I somehow managed to reel in his crazy spending just for a little while. But who knows how long that’s gonna last or what he’s even gonna demand next?

You know, I suffered a tremendous amount of guilt. I went to prison for the crime that I committed. While I was there, I learned a lot about myself. I had regret and shame… Something I’ll always have to live with. But while I was there, I remembered that I have to forgive myself.

I’m really glad that you were able to do that. But you have to understand that Tate’s situation is different to yours because he’s innocent. And Holly chose to take those drugs herself.

Listen, I understand that. But no matter how it went down, we’re all hurting here. I just want you to know if there’s anything that I can do to help, I’m here for you.

Actually, maybe there is something you can do.

Kristen, there’s a lot going on with this family right now. Please, please listen to Brady.

Marlena, it’s–it’s– it’s OK. I–I can handle this. Why don’t you go have a– a meal with my father, and I’ll hopefully join you later?

OK. Please tell Rachel that her grandparents miss her.


[claps hands] OK. Let’s hear it.

You know that I wouldn’t miss a moment with my daughter unless I had a really good reason, right? Tate’s in jail.

What? OK, what did he do?

He didn’t do anything. That’s the whole point. He went to a New Year’s Eve party with Holly Jonas, and Holly had some drugs on her, much to his surprise. Kristen, she OD’d. She overdosed. She is currently on life support and in a coma. She almost died outside the Bistro.

Oh, my God. I’m sorry.

No, and to make matters worse, your brother EJ, he’s on the warpath. He thinks it’s all Tate’s fault. He thinks that the drugs were Tate’s, that he convinced Holly to take the drugs, and the only reason that she is clinging to life right now is because of my son. He has managed to revoke my son’s bail, and my son is in a jail cell. And he’s gonna be tried as an adult– as an adult.

Well… I had no idea this was happening. Rachel and I have been out of town, so…

I know you’ve been out of town. I don’t know what I’m gonna– I don’t know what I’m gonna say to our daughter. I got to tell her that I stood her up. Sorry I forgot that I was gonna see you, and your brother’s in jail. Happy New Year, honey.

I will break the news to her, Brady. I will explain everything. You don’t have to worry about it, all right?

You’re being–you’re being kind to me right now. I’d like to know what the catch is.

Why didn’t you tell me that Leo was blackmailing you and bleeding you dry?

Because I’ve had a lot on my mind, OK? You know, before this whole mess with Leo, I was dealing with Nicole kidnapping my son.

Wait. Kidnapping? I thought it was all an innocent mix-up. Wait, are you saying that Nicole took the baby intentionally?

Oh, I am sure she planned it. And I can also guarantee that she had no intention of bringing him back until EJ shaked some sense into her, convinced her to bring Jude to the police station. But then Eric talked me into covering up for Nicole.

And why the hell would you do that?

Because I have a conscience, OK? So…then I told the police that we had asked Nicole to babysit.


Yeah. Can you believe that?

[dramatic music] But I did it for Eric.

[sighs] I do wish that I would have just… violated my conscience and just gone with my gut. Because…I can’t stand seeing that woman out and knowing that I helped her.

Then why the hell are you feeling sorry for her? I mean, yes, it is awful that Nicole might lose her daughter. No one understands how horrible that is more than me. But, Sloan, you had nothing to do with Holly’s overdose. Stay the course, Sloan, please. You have everything you have ever wanted– a loving husband, a healthy baby, a successful career. Don’t blow it all now, not for yourself… and not for me.

Yeah, of course. What can I do?

OK… maybe you could speak to Nicole. Maybe you could–you could plead Tate’s case and– and tell her that he would never, ever, ever try to hurt Holly, that he was actually trying to help her. Then maybe she’ll go to EJ and–and get him to back off a little bit and listen to reason.



OK, I’ll talk to Nicole, but I just– not today. Not with her daughter in a coma, not knowing if she’s ever gonna come out of it. You understand, don’t you?

Yeah, sure.

Theresa, be good to yourself. You’re under a tremendous amount of stress right now. And look, I know it can be hard to find faith in the midst of all this chaos, but… there’s something that I brought for you aside from– aside from a hug. Grandma Caroline, she gave this to me when I became a priest. And we know how much her faith had gotten her through some very difficult times, how it helped us all. I want you to hold on to this.

Thank you. That really–that– that really means a lot. Thank you.

There’s no catch. I’ve been behind bars many times, as you know. And I–I don’t wish incarceration on my worst enemy, let alone my daughter’s brother who she adores.

Who are you, and what have you done with Kristen DiMera?

Brady, I mean, this situation is terrible for everyone, I mean, Tate, Holly, Rachel. I really have no interest in making it any worse.

Thank you. I mean it. Thank you. Feel–feel really bad about letting– letting Rachel down today. I’ve been waiting to see her. I’ve been waiting to see her, and I blew it, right?

Yeah, well, these were an extreme circumstance. It’s clearly unexpected, Brady.

Do you think you can give me a chance to make it up to her, please?

You know… she’s been having bad dreams. She woke up the other night crying because she had dreamed that you were dead. So…


Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t take a shrink to know that she misses you, Brady.

I miss her too. I miss her a lot, Kristen.

I know you do. I know you do. So yes. Hey, yes. You can still see her and make it up to her. But, if you disappoint her again, Brady, I swear, I swear to you, you will have to pay. You’ll have to pay.

No, I don’t know that place.

No? I thought I saw a spark of recognition when you heard the name. Are you certain you have never been to Aria?

[chuckles] It is a magnificent little enclave, marvelous food, stupendous architecture, and only a few miles from–

Yeah, whatever. Whatever, OK? Look. I’ve been all over the world, mostly in my younger days when I was in the Merchant Marine. And maybe I stopped by that place in Greece at some point. I really don’t remember. But it’s none of your damn business anyway, is it?

There is no reason for you to get upset. If you would rather not discuss it, that’s fine by me.

He’d rather not discuss what? What are you driving at?

He’s not driving at anything, John. He’s just trying to stall. Now, look, maybe you want to sit around here all night and discuss your beloved homeland, but that’s not gonna happen, because you’re going back. You’re going back to Greece, and if you don’t go back of your own free will, you’re gonna end up in a place a lot less idyllic than your beloved Aria. You got that?

You seem quite rattled, Mr. Johnson.

Oh, no. I’m not rattled.

[dramatic music] I’m pissed! Because I’m looking at the devious son of a bitch who took advantage of a woman who I consider family. Now, you were warned to get the hell out of Salem. But you ignored that warning by showing your face in public. So you either leave this town of your own free will, or you will be forcibly exiled, courtesy of the ISA. Can do it the easy way or the hard way. Up to you.

[door slams]

Is everything OK here?

Thank you for talking me off the ledge, Mel.

No offense, Sloan, but you still look like you’re on the ledge. So tell me the truth. You’re not gonna change your mind and blow our covers about this baby, are you?

[door clicks open]

Hey. What’s going on?

Oh. And you’re back. Well, Melinda was just here visiting her godson.

Her godson?

I mean, I know we didn’t discuss it, but if it wasn’t for Melinda, I mean, we wouldn’t even have our precious little angel, everything that she’s done for us.

Yeah, that’s very true. We are forever in your debt, Melinda.

Great, so when is the christening? I just want to make sure that I put it on my calendar.

Well, as soon as we lock down a date, you’ll be the first to know.


Yeah. Oh, and, Sloan…


Remember what we talked about earlier. You know, about babyproofing this place. You want to keep that gorgeous baby boy of yours safe, don’t you?

Yes. Of course I do. We both do.


Good to know. See you.

So glad you’re back.

Then why do you seem upset?

There she is, the Kristen DiMera that I know and–

And despise.

Oh, God. You’ve always had a knack for completing my sentences, don’t you?

I have, haven’t I?


And I got to say, giving you another chance and allowing you to make it up to Rachel, hmm, even though you did stand us both up today, I mean, that surprises me as much as it did you.


Yeah, really, because I had a lot more yelling planned. I was gonna give you holy hell tonight.

Oh, damn, you must be– you must be disappointed that it took a turn.


Are you?

Yes, I am, a little bit. Yeah.

[laughs] You know, because yelling gets my frustration out.

Right, right.


Well, hey, if it’s therapeutic for you, why don’t you just yell away? Come on, give it to me.

Oh. Yeah. No. See, it won’t work because you just told me…

I told you…

To do it.

To do it.


I’ll tell you what, why don’t we wait a minute? And I’m sure I’ll say something that’ll trigger you, and you’ll get fired up, and then you can just yell at me to your heart’s content. How about that?


Made you a sandwich. Are you praying?



Amen. OK, I’m done.

Wow. I didn’t know you were into all the religious stuff.

Yeah, well, I might not be the epitome of a good Catholic, but it is my faith still, Alex.

Hmm. That’s cool.

Really–really think so?

Here’s what I think. I think you look very sexy when you pray.

What the hell are you doing?

[inhales sharply, clears throat]

Bad timing.

Yeah, kinda.

Yeah. OK. Yeah, I’m sorry. I– Theresa, I just wanted to try to make you feel better the best way I know how.

Yeah, well, the best way that you know how is kind of, like, totally inappropriate, Alex.

OK, OK, I get it. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. And just so you know, I am fully aware that for most of our relationship, it has been primarily focused on the physical. But I need you to know that that’s not just what I’m all about. I just want to be there for you emotionally too. Whatever you need.

[dramatic music]

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. And that really means a lot to me. And… I’m sorry I snapped at you.

It’s OK. I get it. I clearly didn’t read the room or whatever. Forgive me.

[laughs] Well, you’re reading the room now.

Hmm. Come here.

[sighs] You know, it’s crazy how… life throws together certain people just at the right time when you need them.


Like you and me. I’m very grateful to have met you, Theresa.

Me too.

No, I’m OK. It’s just, there’s a lot going on right now, you know? Fussy baby, the work that never ends– and it just takes it all out of me.

I understand. Hey, how about I make you dinner?

Yeah, I would like that. I haven’t even had a chance to think about food today– Jude fussing, and then Melinda stopped by.

All right, you know what? Don’t say any more. I’m on it, all right? You just relax.


OK, well, I’ll get in touch to set up a date for you and Rachel. And we’ll figure out a way for you two to make up for lost time.

Kristen, thank you. Really, I–I missed her a lot. The holidays were–

[sighs] Were pretty rough. It’s one thing just to talk to her, but to not see her, it’s hard. I heard she had a really good Christmas, though, with the exception of missing her dad.

Yeah. I mean, she and I had a wonderful Christmas.

[laughs] I spoiled her rotten. Yeah, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.


No, I got her these Taylor Swift earbuds, you know, for her tablet.


Yeah. And she was so excited, she just popped them in. And she then fiddled around to find her favorite song, which was “Karma.”

Of course.

[laughs] Oh, Brady, she was so adorable. I mean, she was just dancing around the room, and I mean, and she’s such a great dancer. I took this really sweet short video of her, and I’ll send it to you, all right?

I’d like– I’d like to see it.


I don’t just want to see a video, Kristen, though, of my daughter. I want–I want to see her. I need to see her. I want to see her face. I want to see her smile. I want to hear her laugh. It’s just– it’s just not the same. I feel like I’ve let her down so much, you know? Now I’ve let my boy down. I’m letting my kids down over and over and over again.

Hey, hey.

Don’t want to do it anymore.

I know. But Rachel and Tate, they love you. That’s not gonna change, Brady. And you will get through this, sweetheart. Hey, you’ll get through this because you always do. And you’ll be there for them because that’s just who you are. Come here.

Ah, you must be the renowned Dr. Marlena Evans. I have heard so much about you.

Likewise. But I’m surprised to see you here.

I was just leaving. Suddenly, I’ve lost my taste for clam chowder. Too fishy.

[laughs] Will you excuse me? Have a nice evening. Oh, and, gentlemen, I will consider your kind words and thoughtful request. You can be sure of it. I saw that look on your face, Mr. Steve Johnson. You know only too well about that precious place on Earth, my special Aria. Could it really be? After so many long years?


What was that all about? I thought Konstantin was leaving Salem. I thought he was gone already.

Well, that’s what we thought too.

But he will be gone soon and for good. You can count on that.

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