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I got here as soon as I could. I’m sorry. You’re probably — you know, I’m probably the last person you want to see. I should have kept my distance. I’ll keep my distance. Uh, can you just give everybody my condolences? S-see ya later. Sonny. Ah, detective falconeri. Here I am, per your invitation. Or, should I say, your insistence. I’m a busy woman, you know. I’m prepping for a new show at the gallery. Well, I’m sorry to interrupt your evening, ava, but I thought you might like to know that the person who broke into wyndemere is here and they’ve confessed. Well, an honest thief. How about that? Well, why do I need to be here, though, if they’ve confessed? Esme. Esme, stop pacing and sit down. Look, I know you’re nervous, but you’re doing the right thing by coming forward and admitting that you were the one who broke into wyndemere. Am I? I mean, ava despises me, laura. But you’re not doing this for ava. You’re doing it for yourself. Come and sit. You know…you are taking responsibility for your own actions, honey, and I know that seems daunting right now, but once you’ve told the truth, you’re gonna feel so much better. Yeah, well, not if ava demands my head.

[ Door opens ] Knock, knock. You busy? Dumb question. You’re always busy. I mean, I-I don’t want to bother you. You’re not bothering me, gregory. It was transformative. It was probably the most transformative moment of my — actually, I’m really glad you’re here. You’re really a great candidate for the surgery. I’m so glad you submitted him. He’s stabilized to the point of no movement or sensation in his legs, and he has seven centimeters of healthy spinal cord below the injury. Mm, dr. Martell, I’ve been meaning to ask you, how many patients have undergone this surgery at this point? As you know, we’re still early in clinical trials. Yes, yes, I know, but how many operations have you had since curtis was accepted? We’ve had 25 patients so far. Okay. And of those, how many were successful? Three so far. Curtis is lucky portia was able to get him into that trial. Yeah, but it’s only been six months since he was shot. Curtis — he’s still healing physically and emotionally. What if the procedure doesn’t work? What if it does? We need to stay positive here for curtis. It’s curtis I’m thinking about. You remember how depressed he was after he learned about his prognosis? I’d just hate to see him fall back into that. Damn it, stella. The man’s about to go under the knife. This is not the time for doubt. If you can’t be all in, then don’t be here at all! Excuse me! Why are you glad to see me? Aside from my editorial wizardry and sparkling disposition, of course.

[ Chuckles ] No, because I wanted to show you these. Check this out. Look at us. Look at us. Look at me. Yeah. We’re — we’re jumping out of a plane. Yeah, I saw the photos. I-I didn’t feel the need to print them out. They’re not exactly flattering…of me. You — you look fantastic. Nice save. All right. I have a thought. Hear me out. I say we get certified. I say we learn to jump solo. That way we don’t have to have somebody strapped to our back, right? You in? Uh… as tempting as that is, I’m — I’m gonna have to pass. Once is enough for me, and I have more on my list. But I really appreciate you diving into the blue with me. Or the purple twilight, as it were. It was my pleasure, really. And mine. And on that note, I think we need to talk about what happened on the tarmac. Oh, the kiss. Right. Y-yeah, I was, uh — I was wondering if — if you’d bring that up. How could I not? It’S… it’s all I can think about. Ava, thank you so much for coming. Listen, it would mean a lot to both of us if you would just be willing to hear esme out. We’re hoping that we can, uh, come to some sort of agreement without having to go before a judge. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If esme has a tale to tell, I’m more than willing to listen. But for her sake, it had better be convincing. How did you know I was here? Did you go by the house first? No, just the opposite. I-I thought I’d check here first. Maybe, you know — I saw that kelly’s was closed and the light was on, I figured you’d be in here. I thought about opening up. I-I, um… I couldn’t do it, you know. Not before the memorial service. If there’s anything you need, anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate. Drew’s taking care of a lot. Lucas is helping him. How are the kids? Oh. Michael and josslyn are heartbroken, you know. They’re doing the best they can. I haven’t told donna and avery. Bobbie was wonderful to those girls.

[ Chuckles ] They used to have sleepovers and make breakfast. How am I gonna tell them she’s gone? Granddad? You okay? I had no right to lose my temper like that. I got to apologize to stella. Without a doubt. But first, why don’t you — why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you? I’m a hypocrite, grandson. A hypocrite. Stella was just saying e-everything I’ve been trying not to say out loud. But? I’m terrified, man. Terrified. All I can think about is the last time curtis was on that operating table, when his heart stopped. What if something else goes wrong? I’d rather have my son in a wheelchair… than not at all. I should have never been so negative. If curtis and portia are okay with this procedure, then who am i to second-guess them? I’m here. My role is to be supportive. That’s what family’s for. Curtis is gonna have that surgery, and we’re gonna be here when he comes out and wakes up and see him through his recovery, no matter what the outcome. What is going on with you? Aunt stella… I did something terrible. As you know, three of my patients have had great success — with therapy, of course. But I have to be clear — I can’t make assurances. You’re preparing us. You’re preparing us for the possibility that it might not work. And reminding you that there are risks for complications. I want you to review the medical liability waiver. It details the risks of complications and continuation of paralysis, infection, leakage of cerebrospinal fluid. Okay, doc, we, uh — we went over all the risk factors in our consultation. We’re fully aware. And, uh, we signed all the paperwork, right, babe? I’ll give you a minute. Uh, but, dr. Robinson, if you’re having second thoughts, now’s the last chance to voice them. Before my doctor and I chose breztri for my copd, you don’t have to talk to the girls alone. You were there, you know, with me when we had to tell avery about my dad. And I mean, donna was too little to remember, but avery knew mike.

[ Chuckles ] She was crazy about him. It was a hard conversation. Uh… but you were there for me. I’m gonna be there for you. The girls are resilient. They’re gonna be okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’m just concerned about you. I mean, how are you doing? It’s my mom. Yeah. It’s my mom, and I — it hurts and I can’t breathe, so I came here because I wanted to be closer to her. And I just miss her so much. Yeah, I get it, I get it. Bobbie was a force of nature.

[ Both laugh ] She wasn’t always my biggest fan, but she was fair-minded and she just welcomed everybody who came in to kelly’S. Yeah. She liked you. She liked you because you were friends with luke and you were his occasional business partner, so that got you into her good graces, you know? She didn’t want you to be with me. S-she didn’t want me near the danger that came with you. Yeah. And she didn’t like how volatile we were together. And she didn’t want to see her daughter hurt. But I ran straight towards you. I think more so, she wanted her daughter to have a happy life. And I think she doubted that you could have A… happy life with me. Curtis suffered a cardiac event during an emergency surgery. The surgical team had to go in and remove the bullet from curtis’ spine as quickly as they could, so he was barely stabilized. This elective surgery is entirely different. It’s planned with a highly specialized team, and, granted, there’s just no comparison and way less risk. But there’s still risk. Right? Paris? Yes. I submitted myself on a whim, and spencer convinced me to go. Actually… he’s coming with me. Oh. And I’ve always dreamed to study at the sorbonne. Well, can you defer? Uh, I can ask, but I’m not optimistic. And next year, it’ll be my — my senior year. And so I have to be at pcu for my final year. Uh-huh. So… yeah, that’s what’s happening with me. Okay, I understand. You have a hard choice to make. I mean, how could you possibly run off to paris when part of you is saying that you need to stay here and help curtis through his recovery? Yeah. But I know what i would do. Well, I gu ess chalk it upto a lot of adrenaline, a lot of exuberance. It surprised me. I mean, I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen.

[ Chuckles ] Neither was I. Not to say I hadn’t thought about it before. I mean, you’re an engaging and intelligent woman, alexis. You — you keep me honest and on my toes. You hold me to a higher standard, and you make me want to reach it. Not to mention you’re extremely easy on the eyes.

[ Chuckles ] I am…flattered.

[ Both chuckle ] You certainly keep your cards close to the vest. Never would have guessed that. So, what comes next? An apology. I told myself I was ok with my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthrthinking. I never should have kissed you. Like I said, it was, you know, just… the adrenaline rush, right? It — it — we don’t have to make it more than that. No, you’re — you’re getting defensive. I-I’m getting — I’m not defensive. Maybe I’m defensive. You’re the one who’s standing there apologizing for a kiss that I reciprocated, by the way. It’s not like you dragged me into the cave by my hair. No, yours was a sympathy kiss. Is that what you think? Tell me this. Would you have gone skydiving if I wasn’t sick? Probably not. Neither would I. 10 years ago, the idea never would have crossed my mind. I did it now because now was my last chance. I won’t be around in 10 years. Well, maybe not even five.

[ Sighs ] Which brings me to that kiss. Would you have kissed me back if you didn’t know that I was running out of time? That’s impossible to answer. I can’t unknow what I know. And I-I can’t tell you my feelings under hypothetical circumstances. You have als, and that directly led to us jumping out of a plane, which led directly to that kiss. I never should have put you in that position. I really hope you can forgive me. I get the feeling you want to call it off. Do you? I can’t be the one to decide whether or not you have the surgery. Ultimately, babe, this is — this is your decision. We make our decisions together, which means we both have input. Now what’s yours? I don’t really want to — to burden you with this. Honey, the burden — the burden is knowing that you’re holding back. I want to know what you’re thinking. Up until now, I have been looking at this as the clinician. And as a doctor, I would have no reservations recommending this surgery because it has the best outcome for a recovery. But now…now I’m not looking at it as a doctor. I’m looking at this as your wife. As your wife, I’m — I’m scared. Bottom line is that it comes down to curtis. He’s strong-willed and determined. So if he wants to walk again and he’s willing to do the hard work of rehabilitation, I think — I-I think he deserves that chance. I’ll still breathe a lot easier when he’s out of surgery. We all will. Come on, come here. Oh, grandson. Well, I guess I better get started on that apology. Everything okay with you and aunt stella? We’re fine. Both suffering from nerves, that’s all. Plain and simple. Hmm. Look, I know. I know family comes first, so I can go to paris some other time. Did those words come out of my mouth? No. Exactly. Trina, go to paris. We — we’ll be fine. Listen, sweetheart, I have been where you are. I gave up a lot to raise thomas and curtis when they were kids, but stepping in then was the right thing to do. No regrets. But I always will wonder what might have been had I had the freedom to go after my dreams and ambitions. But the sacrifice that you made, wouldn’t it be selfish of me if I didn’t make the same sacrifice? These are very different circumstances. At the time, I was all irene had. Yeah, there were other relatives around, but nobody knew those boys like I did. That was my choice. But now it’s different with curtis. First of all, he’s a grown man, and he’s got a lot of family around him — marshall, portia, tj, me. We got this. Girl, you better go to paris and have a wonderful, life-changing experience.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. All I knew was that last christmas, I was pregnant and locked in a tower by his father, and I couldn’t even remember that. Suddenly, I was desperate to get my memories back. So I thought that if I went to wyndemere, then maybe I’d remember something. And if I did, maybe I’d unlock another memory, you know, some point in my life where I wasn’t so alone or someone cared for me… loved me. Look, maybe I-I wasn’t thinking straight, but I thought that if I returned to wyndemere, then I might get something back. But it wasn’t right, ava. And I am so sorry for invading your space. Why didn’t you just ask ava if you could have access to wyndemere? Well, considering what I know of our history… I didn’t think ava’d allow it, especially if she thought I was, you know, trying to remember my past. Is that what you want? To return to form? No. Look, I have heard more than enough about the kind of person that I used to be. But all I want is to be the best mom I can be to ace and to be worthy of everyone’s trust. And in addition to proving that she’s a reliable and good mother, she’s also taken a job. She’s working at the invader now for alexis davis. So, did breaking into my home achieve the desired result? Did you remember? Just tell the truth. I still don’t know who I am. I am just as lost as ever. My mother and I went back and forth about you so many times over the years. Hmm. But my mind was made up, and she accepted it. And she accepted you. With a raised eyebrow and a sharp eye on me all the time.

[ Laughs ] All the time. Yeah. But still she — she welcomed you into the family. I mean, how could she not? You’re the father of her grandchildren. And she loved them fiercely, so how could she not love you? I cared about her. I-I never wanted to let her down.

[ Chuckles ] Every time we got divorced, she never once said, “I told you so.” She was the most sensitive and open-minded person I have ever met. She was always willing to change her mind about someone. Bobbie accepted people for who they were. I mean, she never tried to talk anybody into being something they weren’T. Yeah. That’s why she was so loved. But, you know, it’s harder to accept certain people than other people. Yeah. But I’m sure she was very relieved when you and drew got together.

[ Chuckles ] She was happy for me. I tell you, thank god drew showed up when he did when he came back, because, um, it was bad. It was a really, really bad night, especially when… nina showed up. My husband and I have never been more active. Shingles doesn’t care. I go to spin classes with my coworkers.

Good for you,

shingles doe I figure you don’t want to talk about nina. I don’T. I don’T. But do you need to talk about nina? No. Look, um…I realize that drew and i weren’t the only ones hurt by nina’s actions. What she did affects you and… I meant what I said on new year’s eve. I want you to be happy. And I’m sorry if you’re not. That right there is bobbie all over again. I’m ashamed of myself. I never should have yelled at you the way I did. I apologize sincerely. Stella, you were just saying out loud all the things I’ve been trying to sit on. I was way out of line. Apology accepted. Thank you. People say funny things when they’re scared. I — lord knows I butted in when I shouldn’t have and withheld information when I shouldn’t have. Sometimes it’s hard to know just what to say in the moment. I’m glad we could get back together again. But — but, stella, is it me or — or did something spark between us christmas eve? I-I feel like we’ve both been trying to avoid the subject. Marshall, I-I don’t know what you mean. Come on, stella. Just tell me one way or the other. It means a lot to me that you’re concerned about my feelings. But, and I really mean this honestly, there’s nothing to forgive. I was so grateful that you made me jump out of that plane. It was the most exhilarating, terrifying moment of my life. And the kiss wasn’t bad, either.

[ Chuckles ] I’m glad to hear it. I’d hate to feel like I misled you. I remember how we struggled when I wasn’t completely honest with you about my health and how you felt deceived by me. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a tendency sometimes to overreact. You know, those runaway feelings that I have just get the best of me sometimes. I actually admire that about you. When you care about someone, you care deeply. And even though we were at odds there for a bit, I realize now that you were just… being my friend, a truly good friend. And that’s why I hope we can stay where we are. Too much in my life keeps changing, alexis. I need you to be my constant, my friend. You know, after I was shot, I shut you out. I made a big mistake, and I promised I would never do that again. So if you don’t want me to have this procedure, then that’s it. We won’t, okay? We’ll keep on keeping on. Go back to our wonderful lives. What about new year’s eve? You know, sweeping me off my feet?

[ Both laugh ] I’ll think of something, baby. You know, I was… nah. Never mind. I’ll — never mind. No, no, no, no, honey. This honesty thing, it goes both ways. You know, I was thinking that, uh — that this — this treatment, it’s experimental. And even if, god forbid, that it doesn’t go my way, you know, um, maybe dr. Martell can take that information and help the next person after me to walk. And then I think, you know, well, that person’s not in this room right now. And the only thing I care about is you and trina, aunt stella, my dad, and tj. So this room and the hallway?

[ Chuckles ] Exactly. Why don’t you help me get dressed and let’s go home?

[ Door opens ] How are we doing? The O.R. Is ready, team is waiting, and the orderlies are ready to take you. Thank you, dr. Martell. But, uh, my beautiful wife and i have decided not — not to wait another moment. My husband’s ready. And so am I. Ultomiris is for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis who are anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody positive. Look, I deeply regret my actions, and I am willing to face the consequences. But please, please do not separate me from my son. Ava, it would mean a lot to both of us. We’re both hoping that you will be willing to just drop the charges. Maybe we can work something out, make some kind of arrangement where esme does, uh, community service? Detective falconeri, what’s the average sentence for breaking and entering, would you say?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know, ava. There’s things you got to take into account — the nature of the crime, any priors. Esme broke in, yes, but she didn’t steal anything. She didn’t have a weapon. She didn’t hurt anybody. She’s come forward and confessed, and she seems to be showing remorse. Mm-hmm. Hmm. So we’re talking, really, less than a year, huh? Well, I bet esme here could do that kind of time standing on her head. I’d like to press charges. What?! Did you not hear me? Ava. She confessed. She turned herself in. Yeah, well, laura, I’m sure you had a lot to do with that. I said that I was sorry! Uh-huh. Maybe you had a hard christmas. Maybe a little depressed about your unremembered life. Well, I really don’t care. You are still the girl who drugged trina robinson. You filmed and posted revenge porn of josslyn jacks and cameron webber, and you never paid for any of it. As far as I’m concerned, a slap on the wrist isn’t nearly enough. But it’s a start. I see a lot of bobbie in you, especially as a mother. It’s crazy, right? I mean, she didn’t raise me. We had to work so hard to build our relationship. You came a long way.

[ Chuckles ] And I probably should have said this a long time ago, and I’m sorry that I didn’t, but you and… I owe you and bobbie. I saw how hard you worked for your forgiveness. And then in the end, you guys had this beautiful relationship. And if I didn’t witness that, there’s no way I would have been able to be there for my dad. So y-you and bobbie… showed me that I — you know, it was possible. I’m so glad that you made peace with mike at the end. You know, I… you’re such a good son. You really were. Hopefully mike is welcoming my mom right now. Well, you know how much my dad loved the ladies.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah. I just wish I could have… thanked your mom when I had the chance. But, you know, tonight in my prayers, I will thank her. You sure about this? I am. Are you? I love you. And just know that we’re all pulling for you. She’s speaking for all of us, son. We’re gonna be right here waiting on you. And praying. You do good in there, you hear? Yes, ma’am. And please, would you all do me a favor? Look after my beautiful wife. Just reassure her that I’ll be okay. Will do, uncle curtis. You’re gonna be fine.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I love you, babe. I love you more.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. Learn how abbvie could help you save. Ava. Wait a minute. Look, I-I just want to understand what you’re thinking. I think I’ve made myself perfectly clear. You know, I think I saw you go out of your way to make sure that esme would receive a light sentence. Why did you do that? Well, I’m not completely heartless, laura, but trina did suffer at the hands of that girl. She was charged and tried for a crime she did not commit. So it does not seem out of proportion that esme be punished for a crime she admits that she committed. Now, maybe esme doing a short stint in the hoosegow is a — is a small comfort in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something. Ava, she’s got a baby. Yeah. A baby who is well-loved and has a family eager to care for him. Laura, you have a generous heart. But trust me. A leopard does not change her spots. And neither does that esme. Do you understand these rights as I’ve explained them to you? Yes, but — but laura said they’d let me go. I…

[ Sobbing ] You said that they’d let me go! I’m sorry, esme. I’m so sorry.

[ Sobbing ] I don’t understand! I thought — I thought I did the right thing! I will always be your friend, gregory. Thank you. In that case, I’ll leave you to your work. That sky was incredible, wasn’t it? It was like diving into twilight.

[ Chuckles ] You know, you’re a poet at heart. You should really try your hand at that. Who says I haven’t? And you really should try skydiving solo. I’ll cheer you on. Good night, alexis. Dr. Martell: Okay, people, this is where we give this man a chance to walk. Thanks for stopping by. I really needed this. Get your coat. I’ll drive you home. That’s okay. I-I’m gonna stay a little while longer. If you need anything, like I said, all you got to do is call, you know? What happened to your hand? I just lost my temper. Did it help? No. Sometimes it never does. And sometimes… someone shows up who knows you and understands you and makes you feel a little less alone. And that’s what you did for me tonight. Thank you. Take care. Get home safe, okay? Uh, you, too. And listen, you know, kelly’s looks great. Bobbie would have been very proud of you. Don’t forget to lock up. Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I love you, mom.

[ Sighs ]

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