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Xander: I’m not making this up. Look, you have to believe me. Thomas is dangerous. He killed someone.

Thomas: I didn’t kill anyone, steff. You know that.

Steffy: Of course, I know that.

Thomas: Then tell finn to back off. To stay out of my relationship with hope and stop listening to xander.

Steffy: Thomas, I understand why you’re upset. I don’t want finn dredging up all the horrible events surrounding emma’s death either.

Rj: You can, uh, you can rest now, granddad. They said they’re all done. That’s all the tests for today.

Eric: Good.

Rj: How are you feeling? You feeling any stronger?

Eric: Stitches… healing. Don’t make me laugh. It’s just so funny looking.

Rj: Well, I can, uh, I can see that your sense of humor, thank god, is still intact.

Eric: Yeah. I hope so.

Zende: You must be confused.

Luna: Yeah, I don’t– I don’t understand. Where’s rj?

Zende: He’s at the hospital. He went to see our grandfather.

Luna: But he– he sent me a note asking me to meet here. You’re saying that was you?

Eric: Glad you’re here

Rj: I just came to check on you. We all really miss you at the office.

Eric: Soon.

Rj: Yeah, soon. Keep progressing the way you are, you’re gonna– you’re gonna walk out of here. Otherwise, we’ll bust you out. All right?

Eric: Yeah.

Rj: But, um, you know, until then I’ll be here. Every day to check on you.

Eric: Love you, rj. Love you.

Rj: Love you too, granddad.

Luna: So it was you.

Zende: I arranged dinner, sent you that note. I hope it’s cool?

Luna: Yeah. No, I just, um, I don’t know, I just assumed that it was from rj.

Zende: I didn’t mean to throw you off. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky or anything. You look beautiful tonight, luna.

Luna: Thank you. Um, angelo was kind enough to let me borrow this dress from the archives.

Zende: It’s not the dress. I can’t take my eyes off of you.

Steffy: Thomas, I completely understand your frustration. And I told finn not to follow up on this. Told him to let it go.

Thomas: Okay, I don’t think he’s gonna let it go, ’cause the way he was talking earlier–

Steffy: No, he will. He’s not gonna bring it up anymore.

Finn: You seem pretty certain about this allegation.

Xander: I am. I wouldn’t be here if it was just a hunch. And– and now thomas and hope are working together? I mean, they’re in a relationship?

Finn: Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself.

Xander: Look, the fact that thomas knew that beth was alive and told no one was bad enough. But believe me, he didn’t stop there.

Finn: Look, I need to know if thomas really is a murderer. Are you absolutely certain?

Eric: Mm.

Rj: Good?

Eric: That’s all, okay.

Rj: Okay.

Eric: Good, thank you.

Rj: No problem. We gotta keep you hydrated so you can get back to drinking those martinis.

Eric: Yeah.

Rj: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Yeah.

Rj: How, um, how about some food? Do you want something to eat? You know, I– I saw the pudding, and the pudding looks… seriously, maybe I can sneak in some pizza, and we just don’t tell anybody about that.

Eric: Rj…

Rj: Yeah?

Eric: How’s luna?

Rj: She’s– she’s good. Yeah. Um, she asks about you all the time. She’s pulling for you.

Eric: The two of you are…

Rj: We’re– we’re great. Yeah. Better than ever.

Eric: I knew it.

[ Laughs ]

Luna: I know what you’re doing, zende.

Zende: Having dinner with a gorgeous woman?

Luna: No, I just– this whole competitive vibe with rj.

Zende: About work, maybe.

Luna: No, about everything.

Zende: Nah.

Luna: So you’re not using me to try to get back at rj?

Zende: No, I swear, I’m not. I really enjoyed getting to know you, luna. And I just wanna get to know you a little bit better. Dance with me?

Luna: What? In these shoes?

Zende: Then take them off.

Luna: What am I gonna do with you?

Zende: I can think of a few things. But seriously, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the two of us having dinner together. All right, all right. I get it. Rj is the golden child. Ridge junior. The son of brooke logan and ridge forrester.

Luna: Come on. Rj does not use the nepo baby card. He’s so modest and down to earth. Besides, you guys are cousins. You should be figuring out a way to be friends with each other. Look, rj does not want any problems with you, and neither do I. Okay? I like you, zende, but… I have to go.

Zende: Aww, don’t leave.

Luna: Look, I’m dating rj.

Zende: Technically that means you’re still single, right? So am I. Oh, come on. Just stay, hang out. Enjoy the evening. Everything I have planned.

Steffy: I told finn that xander’s probably making these accusations to get back at you.

Thomas: Do you know how painful it is to know that your husband thinks I could intentionally kill someone?

Steffy: I made it clear to finn that it was a horrible accident. One I wish we could put behind us.

Thomas: Right. But now he’s throwing gasoline on the flames.

Steffy: This isn’t finn’s fault. He didn’t intentionally go out to seek xander. They met by chance.

Thomas: So xander says. But either way, finn is listening to some random guy instead of his brother-in-law.

Steffy: He’s just protective of me, thomas.

Thomas: Steffy, he told me that he believes I’m a bad person. And now he’s listening to some random stranger who obviously has it out for me.

Steffy: Finn met xander by accident. Once. Okay? It is never gonna happen again.

Finn: How dangerous is thomas?

Xander: I mean, is there anything worse than ending someone’s life? Look, I’m telling you, there’s no limits with thomas, dr. Finnegan.

Finn: No, just– just call me finn.

Xander: Finn… thomas will do anything to protect his own interests. And now I see that he’s getting closer with hope. And I’ve read all the stuff online. It just gives me the creeps looking at the guy. I don’t know what she sees in him. I’ve always admired hope. She’s got everything going for her. You know, she’s smart, beautiful, successful. I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking.

Finn: Well, like my wife, hope buys into this new and improved thomas.

Xander: Yeah. I don’t know, man. I’m worried about her.

Finn: Yeah, me too. But since I wasn’t around back then, I’m not trying to rush into any judgment. I’m trying to keep an open mind, so you need to tell me what happened. The details. Give me the details. What exactly happened the night emma barber died?

Your heart is

the beat of life.

If you have heart failure,

Rj: So, um, I guess you could say that luna and I are getting a little more serious.

Eric: Nice. Nice.

[ Rj chuckles ]

Rj: Yeah, she’S… she’s perfect. She’s just– she’s so supportive and– and she asks about how you’re doing all the time. How I’m doing. She’s just there with me every second. And just– and just thoughtful and– and loving. It’s great. It’s really great. It’s nice having someone I can– I can count on, you know?

Eric: She’s a great girl.

Rj: I agree. 1,000%. I’m lucky to have her. Honestly.

[ Laughs ] I, uh… I like where it’s headed.

Zende: Dinner will be ready shortly. My favorite restaurant in san francisco.

Luna: This is sweet, zende. And I appreciate all of this. But… I can’t have dinner with you.

Zende: Because of rj?

Luna: Yes, because of rj.

Zende: Are you sure? Well… if I can’t have dinner with you… you can at least tell me who the better kisser is.

Luna: I can’t tell you that. I haven’t kissed you. You’re crazy.

Zende: And you’re breathtaking.

Luna: Thank you. And look, I’m flattered. And I have to admit that it’s nice having two incredible forrester guys show interest in me.

Zende: It can’t be too surprising.

Luna: Well, this whole experience, I mean, interning here. The people I’ve met. Getting invited to a romantic dinner like this. I mean, it’s– it’s all beyond my wildest dreams. But rj and I are…

Zende: Engaged? Married?

Luna: No. But I’m happy with rj, and I love him.

Thomas: I don’t want any bad blood with your husband, but now he’s trying to come between me and hope.

Steffy: Finn probably felt obligated to tell hope after what he heard.

Thomas: Okay, well, now he’s crossing a line though. He’s fanning the flames. And– and hope knows about emma’s death and how much of a tragedy it was. But I don’t need finn coming in and saying some crazy things about me.

Steffy: I hear you.

Thomas: Finn’s worried about what I’ll do to hope. Seriously? Me? I love hope and I never want to hurt her.

Steffy: I trust you, thomas.

Thomas: I know, and I know that you have issues with hope and me, our relationship, but… this is about bringing up emma’s death. Okay? I– I had nothing to do with that.

Steffy: Look, I told finn he can no longer communicate with xander. I’m on your side. Okay? I believe in you.

Thomas: Thank you, steff.

Steffy: Yeah.

Xander: The night that emma died, um… look, okay, I’ve– I’ve put together things that I heard from that night. Things that I saw and that I know. And, um, this is how I think it went down. Emma confronted thomas at forrester.

Emma: Shouldn’t steffy know the truth?

Thomas: My sister is her mother.

Emma: No, she’s not. Hope is her mother!

Thomas: Will you keep your voice down?

Xander: Told him that she wouldn’t keep his secret any longer.

Emma: You can’t stop me from telling her.

Xander: So thomas threatened her.

Thomas: This is none of your business. Don’t push me, emma. I am dead serious.

Xander: When she refused to be intimidated, that’s when she ran off to tell hope that her baby was still alive. That’s when thomas followed her.

Finn: So emma was driving to hope’s to reveal the truth about what thomas had done?

Xander: Yeah. But thomas made sure that emma never got there.

Eric: Rj… hang on to luna.

Rj: Oh… [ Chuckles ] I definitely will. Absolutely. I… cherish every single second I get to spend with her. It’s not every day a girl like her comes into your life, you know?

Eric: That’s right.

Rj: This whole experience with you, you know, getting sick, how hard that’s been… it just really showed me how valuable it was to just have luna there in my corner.

Luna: I’m just not used to this kind of attention.

Zende: I find that hard to believe. I mean, look at you.

Luna: Well, I was actually in the chess club in high school, so…

Zende: No. I was too.

Luna: Really?

Zende: Yeah. We’ll have to play together sometime.

Luna: Yeah, maybe.

Zende: Okay. Okay, I won’t push.

Luna: Thanks. And I really do hope that you’ll respect my feelings for rj.

Zende: I will.

Luna: I will have to tell him about this though.

Zende: About what? That we spent some time in the salon together? Some candles and music and a little impromptu kiss on the cheek? You have to admit it was a pretty good cheek kiss.

Luna: I’m chill. But all good things must come to an end, right?

Zende: Should I take that as a sign of encouragement?

Luna: Zende, I’m your friend. Okay? So no more secret notes pretending to be rj and no more tricking me into a cheek kiss. Okay? You’re a great guy. You’ll find someone.

Zende: It’s too bad rj met you first.

Luna: He did. And he stole my heart.

Zende: Rj is a very lucky man.

Thomas: What more do I have to prove, steff?

Steffy: You just keep doing what you’re doing.

Thomas: Look, I– I was in a dark place in the past, but I found therapy, right? And– and– and ways to center myself, practices. And I continue to do those practices. I’m a new person now, steff.

Steff: You just stay on that path, all right?

Thomas: I will. Look, I have turned my life around. I have made amends. I’m dedicated to being a good man, a good father. But your husband, he doesn’t believe that. He looks at me like I’m some kind of monster. Why can’t he just show me the– the tiniest bit of grace or– or understanding?

Steffy: I get it. I do.

Thomas: Then call him off. I just want peace.

Steffy: I want that too. Emma’s death is a very dangerous, volatile subject. It is very important that finn leaves it alone.

Xander: Like I said, I wasn’t there, but in my mind, I’m certain of how it went down. Thomas chased after emma in his car.

Emma: What are you doing?

Xander: Forced her to drive fast on mulholland. Mulholland, it’s a winding road and it was dark. I’m sure emma was terrified.

Emma: Get off my bumper, you idiot!

Xander: Thomas dangerously tailing her…

[ Tires squealing ] …Right on her bumper.

Finn: What, you think thomas ran her off the road?

Xander: Like I said, I– I wasn’t there, but… when you put the pieces together.

Finn: I mean, yeah. It’s no secret that thomas is a man with issues.

Xander: Look, thomas threatened us. He bullied us. I knew emma, okay? She was a cautious driver. The only thing that got her killed was trying to tell hope the truth about beth.

Finn: Okay, yes, but there was a police investigation, and they found no foul play.

Xander: It was ruled an accidental death, but I know better. I saw the security footage from forrester. I saw thomas running to his car, chasing after emma. He went after her. I knew it. So I checked his gps system. Oh, my god. He was at the scene of the accident that night.

Finn: You’re sure?

Xander: Positive. But thomas weaseled his way out of the investigation somehow.

Finn: But you still believe he’s guilty?

Xander: Without a doubt. And as much as your wife and the rest of her family doesn’t want to believe it, thomas is a murderer. He’s responsible for emma’s death, so what are we gonna do about it, finn? We need to put an end to thomas once and for all.

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