Days Nitpicks and Flubs For The Week Of January 1, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Alex and Theresa from Days


-Alex and Theresa could be heard kissing while Harris was shown.

-The lump on Paulina’s neck wasn’t showing. Chanel made a big deal about seeing the lump, but it wasn’t visible.

-Why didn’t Brady tell Nicole right away what happened to Holly? Nicole could have gotten to Holly sooner.

-Tripp and the nurses weren’t wearing masks while they were helping Holly. They wore gloves, but they weren’t wearing masks.


-How did EJ know Theresa was a drug addict? He might have found out through Sami but it’s not likely she would have told him something like that.

-Why would Brady take the blame for the drugs at the risk of getting arrested? He would never get Rachel back if he was in prison.

-Ava could be heard talking to Tripp while Marlena was shown.


-Why did Marlena feel Eric needed to know about Holly? Eric isn’t linked to Holly, so he didn’t need to know what happened to her.

-How did Everett know Holly was in a coma?

-Why didn’t EJ tell Chad about Holly? Why did he have to find out through Everett?


-What were the odds EJ had Chanel’s number? EJ and Chanel never talk to each other so it’s not likely she would have given him her phone number.

-Why was EJ determined to make Tate pay for Holly overdosing? EJ acted as if he had a personal ax to grind with Tate.


-When did Sarah decide she didn’t trust Konstantin? She said recently that she trusted him and now she doesn’t.

-Wendy could be heard talking to Tripp while Xander and Sarah were shown.


Sarah from Days

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