B&B Short Recap Friday, January 5, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn keeps telling Hope about how Xander accused Thomas of murdering Emma, and why he’s so concerned about her dating Thomas. She tells Finn that the police cleared Thomas of any wrongdoing. Finn explains to Hope how amazing she is and why he thinks that she can do way better than Thomas.

Meanwhile, Steffy fills Thomas in on what Xander said, as well. He thanks her for sticking up for him with Finn. They wonder why Xander is bringing all this up now. Thomas vows that no one will get in the way of his relationship with Hope.

Thomas goes to Finn’s office and hears part of his conversation with Hope. He then talks to Finn about it later, after Hope has left. He lays out how he’s changed and that Hope has forgiven him. He warns Finn not to come between him and Hope. Finn takes it as a threat. Finn tells him off, saying that he’s a bad person and shouldn’t be with Hope. Thomas warns him again.

Steffy mentions to Hope that Xander is back in town, so Hope tells her that she heard all about it from Finn. Steffy is surprised that Hope and Finn have been talking. Steffy tells her that with Xander going around spouting accusations, Thomas needs someone who is fully committed to him. Hope flashes back to Thomas asking her to marry him.

Ridge, Carter and Brooke talk about how good Eric looks now. Ridge is cautiously optimistic and still feeling guilty for not honoring Eric’s wishes. Carter talks about how much Eric has done for him, and Ridge repeats what Eric said not too long – that Carter is part of their family. Ridge changes the subject to Thomas and Hope. He thinks they should all let them be as the grownups that they are. Carter excuses himself. Brooke admits that Thomas is behaving better. Ridge is grateful for her support.

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