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by Michele & Cheryl

Tate from Days

Nicole wasted no time hoping in bed with EJ. What happened to her depression over losing her baby? She was upset at the idea of having another baby, but she was okay with doing what it takes to make a baby. Maybe she wasn’t as upset about the loss of her baby as she claims. We understand she wants to take her mind off her troubles, but it seems like she should have waited before having sex.

Why was Tate being accused of drugging Holly? The police treated him as if he put the drugs down Holly’s throat. They must have forgotten about the other people who overdosed on drugs. Was Tate suddenly responsible for the other people overdosing? Maybe we missed something, but we didn’t see why Tate was arrested for Holly overdosing.

Tate got himself in trouble when he tried to protect Holly after she overdosed. He should have told the police the truth about the drugs instead of trying to cover it up. If he did the right thing, he wouldn’t have to worry about the trouble he was in. It didn’t make sense for him to protect her at the risk of getting into trouble himself. We know he likes her, but going to prison wouldn’t be worth it.

The writers tried to rewrite Lucas and Will’s story by having Brady take credit for Tate giving Holly the drugs. We know Brady wanted to protect Tate, but it didn’t make sense for him to claim credit for the drugs since Tate was innocent. Tate might have had a better shot of getting off than Brady would have. Clearly, Brady didn’t have faith that Tate would get off the hook for what happened.

Alex had nerve telling Theresa that Justin wasn’t a good enough lawyer for Tate’s case. He didn’t have the right to make that call just because his financial status changed. Now that he thinks he’s Victor’s son he thinks Justin isn’t a good enough lawyer. We can’t wait to see the look on Alex’s face when he finds out the truth about Victor. He needs to be knocked off his high horse.

Why was EJ so determined to make Tate pay for what happened to Holly? EJ doesn’t have any proof that Tate gave her drugs, yet he is treating him as if he put the drugs down her throat. Nicole wasn’t determined to make Tate pay and Holly is her daughter. If anyone wanted Tate to pay, it would be Nicole. EJ is going overboard trying to play the hero for Nicole. His efforts are in vain because she still wants to be with Eric.


EJ from Days

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