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[knocking at door]

What the hell is this knocking?

[doorbell ringing]

And the ringing. I’m surprised it didn’t wake up Doug and the kids.

Or the dead.

[knocking at door]

I got it. I got it. I got it. Who is it?

Chad, it’s Everett. I need to talk to you.

What in the hell is so important?

Holly Jonas OD’d last night.

[tense music]

[baby cooing]

Well, look at you, all quiet and happy. You know why that is, don’t you? Because you slept through the night. So if you can keep this thing going, that’d be really helpful. You know that, big guy?


And I don’t know about you, but I slept through the night too, first time since Jude came into our lives.

Good, I slept well too.

Although, I will admit, I kind of miss him waking up in the middle of the night. You know, it was cute. We’d rock him and get him– give him his bottles, back to sleep.

Yeah, I miss that too, especially with–

Especially with what?

Well, I missed that with Mickey. I mean, she was older than Jude when I came into her life– when I thought she was mine. And she was sick back then. So I just– right now with Jude, I just really want to savor that time.

I understand. How old was Holly when you came into her life?

She was just a little girl when– well, she was just–

[laughs] she was just smart, curious, I mean, even then– back then, you knew that she was gonna do something great with herself.

I’m sure Nicole is really proud.

Yeah. Holly is her pride and joy.

[machine beeping]

You looked so beautiful last night when you went to the party. You seemed so happy.

[sighs] But that was just me deluding myself, wasn’t I? Because you couldn’t have been happy or even OK. I mean, how– honey, how– how did I not see it? How– how– how did I not see the signs? I mean, there must have been signs, right? Oh, I’m just feeling so damn sorry for myself that I didn’t see them. And– and now I– oh, honey. Please forgive me. Oh, god. Please forgive Mommy.

Hey, Marlena.

Oh, hi. Still no change in Holly’s condition?

No, I’m sorry to say, not a great way to start the new year.

It is so sad. After all that Nicole has been through, to have to go through this– oh, I spoke to John. Tate’s been arrested.


Yeah, for possession of the drugs that caused Holly’s overdose.

Oh. I’m so sorry.

I am too. And EJ is determined to prosecute anybody that had anything to do with his stepdaughter.

Isn’t that just like him, just to want revenge even though he’s just compounding the tragedy?



You know, John spoke to Paulina, hoping she might be able to– to do something. And maybe he could even be a voice for Tate.

Well, good for him. But isn’t that just too much “a voice for Tate?” I mean, it is clear that Holly was the one that took the medication that was not prescribed to her.

Yes, that’s true. But then Tate panicked and didn’t call for help soon enough.

And then that delay could have led to the severity of her condition.

Yeah. Mm. You know, talking to Nicole, she– she refers to Holly as her joy. I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen if– if she loses that little girl, especially after losing her son. I just– I don’t even know how she’ll go on.

And how will Tate go on when he thinks he might be responsible?


[sighs] How the hell did I end up here?

You! You did this to her. You did this to my daughter, you son of a bitch!

You need to back off. And I didn’t do a damn thing to your stepdaughter.

The hell you didn’t. When you got involved with Ava Vitali, it obviously destroyed whatever bit of humanity was left. That beautiful, young woman might not live to see another day thanks to your complete lack of conscience!

OK, first of all, you talking to me about a lack of conscience is downright laughable! Secondly, my hands are clean in this. If this is anybody’s fault, it’s yours, brother.


[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

My fault?


My fault that Holly OD’d on your drugs. Are you out of your mind?

I asked for your help, remember? I begged you for your help! And you turned your back on me. Damn it, EJ! You are the one person who could help me get rid of Clyde, and you couldn’t be bothered. So if you want to be mad at somebody, look in the mirror!

So all the drugs are out of our system now?

They are, yes. And we have strong brain function.

And– and the ventilator?

Yes, she has to stay on that.

For how long?

Uh, we don’t know yet at the moment. But all I can say, it’s a bit of a waiting game right now.

[machine beeping]

Nicole, I can’t even imagine how difficult this is for you.

It’s difficult for EJ too. He– he also loves Holly so much. And I know he is determined to make someone pay for whatever happened. And I know right now that someone is Tate. And I’m sorry, Marlena.

I am too, especially since Tate was never involved with drugs. He never even drank after the example that he saw of his own parents’ addiction.

Right. Well, I never thought Holly would use drugs either. But I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention. And you know what? Yes, she did get drunk on Christmas Eve. But I– I just thought that was only to escape the grief that she was feeling for the loss of her brother and the sadness of her mother falling apart. And I– I just thought it was a one-time thing. I– I didn’t– I didn’t think it was a big deal. And I– god, I feel–

[sobs] I just– I feel so guilty because I let my own grief consume me. And now my precious daughter was just an– an afterthought?

Nicole, please don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re just making it more difficult on yourself.

Oh, god. You know what? Now, I don’t care if it’s difficult for me. You know, I don’t– I don’t care about me at all anymore. I just– I just care about my precious daughter. That’s all I care about.

Nicole, you are important. You need to stay strong for your daughter. And when she comes back to us, she’s gonna need you.

Excuse me. I’ve got to make a call.


I know what they say. It gets better and better as they get older. They walk and they talk, but I–


Look at his little, toothless smile. Oh, and the cooing sound he makes– I don’t know. I think this is my favorite.

You and me both.

[phone rings] Mm. It’s my mom.


Hey, Mom, happy new year.

Hi, darling. I’m– I’m calling with some bad news.

[sighs] I’m afraid Holly overdosed last night. She’s in a coma.

Oh, my god, no.

I know how much she means to you and you to her. Darling, I’m– I’m sorry to pull you away from your family right now. But I think she needs you, and Nicole does too.

I’ll be right there. OK, bye.

[phone beeps] Listen, it’s Holly. she OD’d. I got to get to the hospital.


Hey, do they know Holly’s condition yet? Have you heard?

I don’t know the details. But I will call you as soon as I know more, OK?

OK, and I assume EJ is gonna be there too?

I don’t know. Listen, I just got to be there for Holly because she’s like a daughter to me, OK? All right, I’ll call you as soon as I can.



[phone chimes] Credit card alert. What? “Did you authorize the following charges?” $, champagne? Son of a bitch.

[sighs] Jude, we are going on a field trip.

Do you think it helps when I talk to her? I mean, she– she can hear me, right?

Definitely. Why don’t you stay here and talk to her? And I will go check on the results of the test that we did, OK? There’s nurses right outside if you need anything.

Thank you, Kayla.


[machine beeping]

[somber music] Hey, baby. I know you like when I tell you the story about the night you were born. And I love to tell it to you because it reminds me of the feeling I had when I held you in my arms for the first time. And your little shriveled up nose and your face, it seemed so beautiful to me, honey, and so perfect. But even before then, before I had the honor of helping to deliver you– oh, I’ll tell you something, little one. You could not wait to come into this world and during a snowstorm no less.



Hey. I just– I just sent John a text updating him on Holly. I called Eric. He’s on his way in.

Good. I just hope that EJ’s OK with that. I mean, I think the last thing Nicole needs is some kind of confrontation between the two of them.

Yes. Obviously, EJ wants to prosecute Tate. I’m just hoping that Eric can– can be of some help here, can be of some comfort. I mean, he was– he was her stepfather. And I know he’d want to be there for her and– and for Nicole.

How dare you blame me for any of this? It was your decision to let Clyde Weston call the shots. I had nothing to do with that!

What, EJ, you think I let Clyde call the shots because it was fun? No, I let Clyde call the shots so my wife wouldn’t get further injured or, God forbid, killed!

And that doesn’t change the fact that you are still running opioid-laced drugs out of the Bistro. That poison might have got my stepdaughter killed!

The hands the drugs wind up in, it’s beyond my control.

Oh, my god. You are kidding me! And you think that somehow exonerates you? You are endangering the lives of thousands of people, Stefan, including children, all to protect one person who is in prison for murder! You give me one damn good reason why I shouldn’t have you arrested right now?

What else do you know? Where did Holly OD?

At the Bistro, apparently, after the New Year’s Eve party.

Oh, is she gonna make it?

I wish I knew. All I know is, she was rushed to the ER from the party. And now she’s in a coma.

[gasps] God, what is happening in Salem? Where are all these drugs coming from?

Not just Salem, the whole country.

And getting worse by the minute. Apparently, the police force is stumped by this new ring.

Yeah, I heard that too.

Well, obviously, we need to get to the bottom of this, expose the players, and bust this story wide open.

[tense music]

[knocking at door]

Oh, I don’t need any towels! Thank you.

Oh, my god. Hey!




–on a bottle of champagne? What the hell is the matter with you?

Oh, language, please. We are in the presence of a precious and impressionable child.

You can’t keep doing this, Leo.

Yeah, obviously not, Mommie Dearest. You failed to authorize the charge. So I had to settle for a bottle of subpar bubbles and are now starting the new year off with a miserable headache. I hope you’re happy.

Well, you’re gonna need an even bigger bottle of aspirin whenever I’m done with you.

Look, we both know the far reach “The Spectator” has and that investigative journalism is the cornerstone to its success.

Something that we agree on.

And I think we can also agree that getting this out there can actually save lives.

We also agree on that, yeah.

Great, great. Then I will take that as a green light to get started.

OK. What do you need from me?

OK, so I have some CIs who are willing to talk. But those answers don’t come for free. I need access to a petty cash fund.

How much?

K should do it.

[tense music]

You want reason why you shouldn’t arrest me, EJ?


I’ll give you a damn good reason. And that is, I will implicate you in this entire thing.


And that won’t be a stretch now, will it? It’ll actually be a slam dunk given your trafficking history with Clyde Weston. I mean, damn it. EJ, how can you not see that we are on the same side in this? We have a common enemy in Clyde Weston. And you are the one person who can help me get rid of him, unless you want Nicole to find out that you could have stopped all of this, that you knew about the drugs that might have killed her daughter. And you didn’t do a damn thing to keep them off the streets.

[chuckles] No. No. No, no, no, no. You do not get to put this on me. Everything that has happened is because of you and your distorted sense of right and wrong. You did this to the family. You made your choice. And now, it’s on you to clean up this mess on your own. And you better do it fast, because if you don’t, I’ll take you down for good.

[dramatic music]

[machine beeping]

[somber music]


Oh. Oh, Eric. You came.

Yeah, my mom, she called me.

It’s– it’s good that you’re here.

Of course I’m here. I love Holly. You know that.

She loves you too.

What do the doctors say?

[sighs] Well, she said that she’s– she’s stable. And there’s brain activity. So now it’s just a– a waiting game. Oh, god, I– I can’t lose her, Eric. I can’t. I mean, she’s– she’s my precious girl. She’s my joy. And I know that I say that all the time, but it’s true. And she’s got her whole life ahead of her. And I ju– I can’t lose another child. My– my– my heart can’t take it.


Money is the quickest way to get information, basically, the only way to get information when you’re dealing with these kinds of criminals. You want the truth? You’ve got to get the drug dealers to talk.

And how do you get a drug dealer to talk to you? Do you wait in a dark, shadowy alley and then wait for him to come slithering out?

If I have to, yeah. Trust me. I can do this.

Yeah, OK. OK. I mean, if you’re willing to take the risk for the story, then I’m behind you, %.


Damn it, EJ. Do you not comprehend the utter stupidity of what you’re saying right now? Do you not see that if you put me away for this, you are signing Salem’s death warrant?

Oh, please. You don’t give a damn about this town.

What I give a damn about is the people living in it. And right now, at the top of that list is Holly Jonas! You and I, we need to make this right for her.

You know what? You don’t get to say that, not after what you’ve done. My wife is in the hospital next to her comatose child because of the drugs you are running.

You think I don’t know that? I was here! I watched her get carted off in an ambulance! And contrary to what you believe about me, EJ, I do have a heart. And it is breaking right now for that little girl and her mother and for you, because I know how much you’re hurting right now, especially after the loss of your son. And my heart breaks for that too.

[tense music]

Do you understand that I have a very finite amount of money? I can’t afford all this expensive, extravagant crap you keep buying. Not to mention, it’s gonna arouse my husband’s suspicions, you know, when my credit card keeps getting rejected.


OK. OK what?

Well, last night, I was celebrating some very good news, hence the champagne. And that is that Lady Whistleblower is back, ready to blow the top off this town. So I’m gonna have own spending money. However, that being said, if you don’t play your miserable hand of cards correctly, I’m going to spill your dirty, little secrets all over Salem.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god. What– what– what– what am I doing? I– no. I’m– I’m– I’m not gonna do this anymore. I won’t. No– no more talk of goodbyes. Holly is coming out of this. And– and she’s gonna graduate high school and go to college and have a career and then– and then meet someone that she– she falls in love with and has kids of her own!

Yes, yes, yes. Hey, hey, hey, look at me. Let’s pray for that. OK? OK.

[machine beeping] Dear Lord, our Father, we pray that you look over our best girl here. You have so much love to offer and to receive. And we just pray that you’d be with her. You just be with her as her body heals. Father, we–

[machine beeping rapidly] Hey.

Oh. Oh, my god.

What’s happening?

Honey? Honey, can you hear me?

Oh, no. What’s happening?

I don’t know. What–

She’s having a seizure!

Oh, my– oh, my god.


Honey, honey.

Doctors, please, we need help in here now!

[sobbing] Oh, god, honey, honey. No, please stop.

The money’s been sent.

I really appreciate it, Chad. It looks like I’m on a mission. Thank you so much for the coffee. And again, I’m so sorry about the knocking and the ringing.

Oh, forget about that. Go save some lives.

Good luck.

I certainly hope the $, buys the answers he wants, the answers we all want.

Yeah, you and me both.

You know, he is going to be in harm’s way. Are you concerned about that?

I think he can handle himself. I mean, he was in Beirut in . Apparently, he covered the Israel and Lebanon war, so…



He must have been very young.

Young and intrepid. He really is a fantastic journalist. I have a lot of respect for him. Well, it’s admirable that you have the foresight to see that.


It must have been hard when he walked back into Stephanie’s life.

Yeah. Yeah, it was. But I adjusted. And Stephanie and I aren’t– aren’t together anymore. So I can’t really see him as a threat, can I?

I suppose not.

And because “The Spectator” meant so much to Abigail that I’m grateful that Everett’s on staff, especially now. And I’m hopeful that what he’s embarking on, telling this story that absolutely needs to be told, is gonna make our city safer for my kids, safer for everyone.

Abigail would be so proud of you. You’re not just a wonderful dad; you’re a caring human being.


I’m proud of you too.

So they gave you your old job back, huh?

No surprise. The Lady was wildly popular, as you well know. I’m just excited to be busy again, using my writing chops, being creative. And since you’re giving me that scoffy, little frowny face, I will have you know that at a mere age of , I wrote a brilliant and funny short story called “Tifky Schmifky, Garbage Collector”–

I don’t want to hear it.

–which won the Fun Festive Fabled Award, impressed the hell out of my childhood crush, Sky Luke Roylance. Well, he’s the main reason I wrote it. Though, he had a crush on Rachel Fogelhut, which obviously broke my heart.

Well, I’m about to break your heart too. Get ready.

What are you doing?


[phone beeps]

Wait a second. Is that a shirtless picture of your hunky husband?


What, pray tell, is this?

That is a financial fitness app, Leo. That’s right. You’re now on a monthly stipend. I decide how much. And you’re gonna make it last through the month. Hey, because if I go broke, the ride ends. And that means not only no more champagne, that means no more food in your stomach, no more roof of your head. Get it?

[sighs] How dense do you think I am, Stefan? You don’t think I see through you?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

You’re trying to manipulate me, pretending that your heart is breaking for me, which, even if you had a heart, is kind of impossible, given that you don’t give a damn about me and never have.

Wow. You are one cold son of a bitch.

Hmm. And you are wasting your time if you think I am ever going to forgive you for what you’ve done– for your part in hurting my family, for your part in adding to the excruciating pain my wife has already suffered.

Oh, hi. I– I’m so sorry to be interrupting. You’re EJ DiMera, right?

I am. And you are?

I’m Everett Lynch. I work for “The Spectator.” I’d love to ask you a few questions if you have a few minutes.

I don’t.

Stay with us, baby. Stay with us.

I need milligrams Diazepam.

Oh, honey, you’re gonna be OK.

OK, I need you to step outside please. Please.

Help her, Kayla, please.

I’ll do everything I can. Please, come on.

Let’s go.

Nurse, thank you.

[machine beeping rapidly]

Please, God, don’t take my baby. Please, I will do anything.

Hey, shh-shh-shh.

Please don’t take her. Let her live.


She’s in good hands.


Nicole, I promise that Holly’s in good hands.

Oh, god.

[tense music]



Eric, Nicole.

Mom, hey. Holly is having a seizure, which is why we’re out here.

Oh. Oh, I see.

What happened? How’s Holly?

Holly is stabilized. So if you want to come back in with me, you can.


OK, yes.

Thank you.

Again, I’m– I’m so sorry for interrupting.

No worries. Actually, kind of helpful because that conversation was going nowhere.

[chuckles] Everett Lynch. We met at the party last night, actually.

Right. Now if you’ll excuse me–

Before you go, as you may know, there’s been a serious uptick in ODs in Salem, actually, all over the country, including the one that happened right here last night. Just wondering if you have anything you’d like to say on the matter.

Well, uh, yeah. I– I am deeply sorry for what happened here on my loading dock. But I am just the business owner. I have no control over people’s desires, proclivities, afflictions, no control over what happens out here on the dock. And having said that, yeah, we’re gonna add an extra security detail to the property.

OK. Can I quote you on that?


Do you feel in any way responsible for what happened to Holly Jonas?

Not one bit. What I do feel is deeply saddened for the girl and her mother.

[tense music]

The children are playing board games. Doug is enjoying his coffee and reading for the umpteenth time “Master and Commander.”


He cannot get enough of the Patrick O’Brian novels.

Oh, my goodness. That was– that was one of Abigail’s favorites. Yeah, I mean, she loved, loved historical fiction in general.

Yes, they had that in common. I remember a wonderful conversation that they had about– about HMS “Surprise.”



That was one of her favorites as well.

Yes, she was an avid reader.

That she was.

[somber music] You know something? As cliché as it sounds, I still– I still sometimes expect that she’s gonna come back. You know, that I’ll wake up, and she’ll be– she’ll be lying beside me. Or that, you know, I’m going to get a– a call or a text that she’s– that she’s on her way. So don’t worry. You know, she’ll be home soon, something like that. You’d think that– that the longer she was gone, the– The more real her death would be, the more I’d be able to accept it. But it’s the opposite. It’s the more time that goes by, the more– Shocking it is that I’m never gonna see her face again.

Darling. Darling. I wish I could say words that would comfort you, words that you haven’t heard a thousand times. But I will say Abigail’s always gonna be in your heart. And she’s in your children too. Just last night when I put Charlotte to bed, tucking her in, I told her I loved her. She gave me such a smile.


That smile, Abigail was there. It was Abigail’s smile.

Yeah, she’s got Abby’s smile. Thomas has her– her eyes and sense of humor.

Oh, does he ever.

[laughter] Well, I was going to wait until Doug comes downstairs. But I found as I get older, I have no patience whatsoever anymore, so– So, Chad, would you consider moving back here with us and the children?

Moving back in here? Really?

Yeah, really. We love Thomas and Charlotte so much. And if they were around, oh, we’d be sparky. We’d be firing on all cylinders. And I– I– I think they’re comfortable with us.

Oh, are you kidding me? They’re more than comfortable with you. They adore you.

I hope that’s true.


Well, if you were living here with them, we could take care of them when you have to work. And then we could pick them up, and take them to school. And– and we would be so glad to share some of that responsibility with you. So what do you say?

I’m– I’m– I’m grateful and– and touched by the offer.


[chuckles] I mean, come on. I accept. I accept.

Oh, wonderful. Oh, wonderful.



Oh, you made me so happy.

[laughs] Darling, I do understand how shattered you were when you lost Abigail. I mean, she was a light to all of us. She knew the most important thing in life is for a human being to give and accept love. That’s a gift. You have so much life ahead of you, a full life, because you have so much love to give and receive. You remember that. You hang on to that.

The audacity, the effrontery, the sheer unadulterated chutzpah to think that you could put me on a budget? How do I know you’re not doing this for your own selfish purposes just to save money? How do I know you’re not really rich as Croesus and you’re just crying poor mouth to deprive me of my shopping highs?

You know, you can trust it because it’s the God’s honest truth.

Hmm. Like this little boy is your child and not Nicole’s, that kind of God’s honest truth?

Leo, if you continue to impoverish me by spending recklessly and extravagantly, it’s gonna ruin everything, Hey, for the both of us.

[groans] Fine. As bored and bothered as I am by this and how much it’s already giving me acid reflux and heartburn, I get it. I’ll do it. I’ll do this stupid app-based budget.

Excellent. That means you continue to get what you want out of this arrangement, and I continue to get what I want. Deal?

Dismal, dispiriting, demoralizing deal. But yeah, deal.


I am having one of our neuro specialists take a look at the results from the tests that we’ve done, but for right now, Holly is stable. And that’s a good thing.

And the seizure, why did that happen?

Well, it’s very common to have this kind of complication when there’s been drug intoxication or drug withdrawal. As long as it’s not recurrent or prolonged, it doesn’t it usually cause any permanent brain damage. And as you know, Holly’s was very brief. So that bodes well in her favor.

OK, thank you. Kayla, thank you for explaining that.

Sure. Listen, if there’s any change, I’m nearby, all right?



[machine beeping]

[sighs] I know that I’m supposed to feel some comfort in what Kayla said, but my baby girl is still in a coma. And I need her to wake up. I mean, do you think she’s gonna wake up?

Yes. Yes, I do. Nicole, you are a wonderful mom. You’re strong. I’m here for you. And I’m here for Holly.

Thank you for that. Thank you.

[gentle music]

It’s gonna be OK.

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