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Steffy: I don’t know what Xander Avant tried to tell you, but I think he’s wrong.

Finn: He– he accused your brother of murder. She was a Forrester intern. Emma Barber.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Wait, do you know about this?

Steffy: I knew that Emma died in a car accident, Finn. It wasn’t murder.

Finn: Well, Xander seems pretty convinced.

Steffy: Oh, my God.

Finn: What aren’t you telling me?

Steffy: Well–

Finn: No, look, I– I understand that Thomas has done a lot of terrible things in the past and even I wouldn’t have thought… murder. Is your brother more dangerous than I realized?

Thomas: You may not be able to wear this ring on your finger just yet. But in the meantime, it’s exactly where it belongs. Right next to your heart.

Hope: Maybe… someday I will say yes. But right now, I just… I’m not ready for that level of commitment, and… I hope you can understand.

Liam: So here’s what I don’t understand… all the restaurants in L.A… Why do you put yourself in a position to run into Sheila?

Bill: Because I want that degenerate to know that I’m keeping tabs on her. Dollar Bill is always watching, just waiting for her to slip up.

Liam: Oh. Nice. Well, it seems like you’re out of luck today because Hollis said that she and Deacon won’t be in, so…

Bill: I’ll give her twice as much grief next time.

Liam: [ Chuckling ] Fair enough.

Bill: Thank you.

Liam: Uh, thank you. So, uh, you… you in a rush or something?

Bill: No. Why?

Liam: Because you specifically invited me to drinks, and not dinner, and I’m a little hurt, and I was wondering why.

Bill: Well, you’re gonna be more hurt. I’m kicking you out after.

Liam: Well, what, why, what the hell? What did I do?

Bill: All right, hey, Dad has a date.

Liam: You– you have, you got a– is it anyone I know?

Bill: Not directly, but you do know her nephew who happens to be married to Steffy.

Luna: Mom, this is so exciting. You haven’t been on a date in so long.

Poppy: I know. I’m so out of practice, Luna. Okay. It’s probably just best if I cancel.

Luna: No, no, you can’t do that.

R.J.: Whoa, what’s going on? What are you cancelling?

Luna: Ah, my mom is going on a date with a certain publishing tycoon.

R.J.: No. Is it…

Luna: Yeah, Bill Spencer asked her out.

R.J.: All right. This is my humble opinion. Okay? You shouldn’t walk away from this. You should run, you should run as fast as you possibly can.

R.J.: Did I say that out loud? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that I’m not exactly a huge Bill Spencer fan.

Luna: Yeah. Well, shouldn’t my mom get a chance to form her own opinion?

R.J.: Yes. Sure.

Luna: Yes, and the best way to do that is to meet up with him.

R.J.: Okay, but question, how did he get your number?

Poppy: He just tracked me down somehow.

Luna: Okay. So, Bill thinks that they might have met years ago and he just wants to get to know her better. I think it’s sweet. Mom, come, come on, you gotta go on this date, please. Seriously. What do you have to lose?

Bill: Remember me telling you about the woman I met here a few weeks ago?

Liam: Yes. The one you thought you recognized?

Bill: Yeah, I couldn’t shake this feeling that we’d met before. Well, now I’m certain of it. Anyway, she is Finn’s aunt. Her name is Poppy. And I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.

Thomas: I’m not gonna lie. I am disappointed. Not– not that I should be disappointed. I mean, obviously, this proposal, it… caught you off guard. Came out of the blue.

Hope: But it– it was beautiful though, Thomas. I mean, everything you said, and this ring is…

Thomas: Yeah, but you need more time and I understand. And like I said before, uh… it feels like I’ve waited my entire life to be with you. I can wait a little longer.

Finn: Tell me, Steffy, what’s really going on? Is your brother more dangerous than I realized?

Steffy: No. Like you said, my brother has made some terrible choices in the past, things that he regrets, but not murder.

Finn: Yeah, but you don’t seem surprised Xander would think it.

Steffy: Look, there are some things about Xander that you don’t understand. And once I tell you the whole story, I think you’ll realize why he made that accusation.

Poppy: I don’t know, Luna. I mean, this just all seems a bit silly. Getting back into the dating scene?

Luna: What scene? It’s one date with one guy. That’s all there is to it.

Poppy: Okay. True. But is this the one date the one guy that I should be seeing? I mean, R.J. doesn’t seem to like him. Right? That can’t be a good sign.

R.J.: Well, may– maybe she’ll have better luck with him than anyone in my family ever has.

Poppy: None of you like Bill?

R.J.: Um, my– my cousin Will likes him. But he kind of has to like him because he’s his dad, so…

Luna: Oh, my god. Go, please go enjoy yourself. And I don’t know, maybe think of it as like a little mystery to solve.

Poppy: Mystery?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, he said that you guys have met before, and maybe it’s true. So just try to figure it out together. You know, talk about where you’ve lived. The places you’ve been. Who knows? It might be true. You guys really have crossed paths before.

Poppy: All right. All right.

Luna: You’ll go?

Poppy: Yes. I mean, it would be rude to cancel at this point.

Luna: I hope you two figure it out, whatever it is that connects you.

Liam: Thank you.

Bill: Thanks.

Liam: So… [ Chuckles ] The history that you think you share with Finn’s aunt. Tell me her name again.

Bill: Poppy.

Liam: Poppy. Was it…? Uh… did you– did you two…?

Bill: Hey, I don’t kiss and tell.

Liam: Oh, you don’t kiss…

Bill: Sometimes I do. I’m not kissing and telling now.

Liam: All right.

Bill: Now get out of here. Scram.

Liam: I’m going. I know. I knew you were gonna say that. I don’t want to be here anyway. Listen, good luck to you. And, um… I know that your– your love life lately has been less than you deserve. So… I hope this mystery woman brings something new. Maybe even something special to your life.

Bill: Thank you, son.

Liam: See you.

Thomas: I gotta admit, I was feeling a little hopeful about this. I had this image of you taking the ring and sliding it on your finger and this huge ear to ear grin. All this joy on your face.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah, but you’re not ready yet. And I get that. I do. And I’m happy. It’s right there next to your heart.

Hope: Well, for now. But I do think we should, um, maybe keep this proposal between the two of us. At least until I figure myself out. Besides I was just talking to your dad and your sister about how our relationship should, uh, you know, just stay between the two of us.

Thomas: Yeah. Also your mom would freak.

[ Both chuckling ]

Hope: Yeah, I could think of a few people that wouldn’t be too thrilled about this.

Thomas: Hm. That includes Dr. Finn, Mr. Medicine Man. I don’t think he’s, uh, too fond of me.

Steffy: This is so weird. Xander Avant, randomly your patient. I didn’t even know he was back in Los Angeles.

Finn: I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna be my patient. He didn’t exactly react well to seeing your picture and learning that Thomas is my brother-in-law. Okay. So… you said Xander was involved with what happened with Beth?

Steffy: Not initially, he got pulled into it and then when he learned that Beth was alive… he wanted to tell the truth.

Finn: Oh, let me guess. Your brother told him not to.

Steffy: According to Xander, Thomas threatened him.

Finn: Threatened?

Steffy: We don’t know if that’s true or not, which… the state of mind my brother was in back then, yeah, it probably is true. And that’s–

Finn: Wait, so you’re saying that Xander’s making these accusations, claiming Thomas killed someone as payback?

Luna: Look, I know you’re not the biggest fan of Bill.

R.J.: That’s an understatement.

Luna: Okay. But I’m happy for my mom. Okay? She deserves some attention.

R.J.: Yeah, but it’s negative attention because I know Bill– Bill, he can be… okay. I’ll stop. All right. I– I genuinely hope she has a great time. I really do.

Luna: Yeah, me too.

R.J.: It’s adorable, how much you care about your mom.

Luna: Well, yeah, obviously. I mean, my mom sacrificed so much for me, just… raising me on her own. I often think about how different my life would have been if my father stayed in the picture. Whoever he is.

Bill: Poppy. Thank you for agreeing to join me.

Poppy: Well, after you went to the trouble of finding me.

Bill: How could I not? I couldn’t stop thinking about you. This feeling that we’ve met before, now I’m certain of it. It was years ago. But there’s not a doubt in my mind.

Hope: Why would you… think that about Finn?

Thomas: Yeah. You know, I was speaking to Steffy earlier and I was asking her to support us and our relationship. Um, and I– and I said, if– if she can’t do that, to at least not undermine us.

Hope: Okay.

Thomas: And then Finn came in and warned me not to speak like that to my sister.

Hope: Oh, okay. Yikes.

Thomas: I know. Look, I– I– I’m glad that Finn is protective of Steffy, but… I don’t know. I guess for a long time I’ve kind of wondered what Finn thought of me and now he’s making it abundantly clear.

Finn: You know how I feel. I know you can do better than Thomas.

Steffy: Look, it is possible that Xander is trying to get back at Thomas? Make him suffer a bit? But this, this is really irritating. Like spreading lies that he killed Emma, especially after all of this time? I feel terrible about what happened to Emma. She had her whole life ahead of her. It was a tragic accident. She lost control of her car, Finn. She drove off Mulholland; she took the turns too quickly. It wasn’t murder. Thomas did not murder her. So, can you please just get that out of your mind, please? Because I don’t wanna think about this anymore. I really don’t. I really don’t. It was just so much pain and I don’t… no, I don’t wanna talk about it. Xander’s wrong. So, let’s leave it at that.

R.J.: I know it must be strange, never knowing–

Luna: Who my dad is? Yeah. It’s strange. But, I don’t know. It’s also kind of normal. I mean, it’s all I’ve ever known, so… do I wish that he stuck around when I was a kid? Yeah. Sure. But not even for my sake. But more so for my mom. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder how different her life would have been if he just manned up and made a commitment.

Poppy: I’m curious, what makes you so certain?

Bill: You promise you won’t think I’m a stalker?

Poppy: Well, that depends on what you say next.

Bill: All right. Fair enough. I did a little digging.

Poppy: Into?

Bill: Into you. Your life, your beautiful daughter, Luna. I was looking at pictures of you online. And it all started coming back to me. You really don’t remember?

Poppy: Remember what?

Bill: The Golden Gate Music Fest? Over 20 years ago? You were dancing. So free, so beautiful. Every guy noticing you, including me. I know it was you. You made eye contact. We danced. We talked for hours. It was a very memorable evening. At least it was for me. I haven’t forgotten. And something tells me you haven’t either.

Hope: Try not to worry. Finn is just… concerned about his wife. And as long as you keep showing that you’ve changed. And prove yourself to be the kind, generous, thoughtful man that you are. He’ll come around. Everyone will.

Thomas: Well. There’s only one person that needs to come around. And she already has. It’s you. Um, I believe in us, Hope. I love what we’re building together. And since you didn’t take that ring and throw it in my face, I think that means maybe you feel a little bit like the same. I think we can have a wonderful life together. And think about how ecstatic Douglas would be, right? Take your time. Okay? I’m not going anywhere. My eye will never wander to another woman. Because for me, it’s only you, Hope. Only you.

Steffy: I realize you’ve been concerned about Thomas. So hearing this from Xander is probably the last thing you needed.

Finn: Definitely not something I wanted to find out about my brother-in-law.

Steffy: But I believe in him, Finn. The good man he is.

Finn: The man he’s trying to be now. But back then, Thomas was deeply troubled. I mean, what he put Hope through to try and be a part of her life? Allowing her to think her baby was dead? Then having his own sister fall in love with a child that he knew belonged to someone else?

Steffy: Yeah. It was a horrific time. It took me a very long time to come to a place where I could finally forgive him. And once I realized that he was obsessed with Hope, truly obsessed with her–

Finn: This goes way beyond obsessive behavior, honey. And I look– I’m not gonna presume to diagnose him, but… there was something seriously wrong back then. And no matter how hard he tries to be a better man and the hours and hours of therapy. I just… we need to be cautious around your brother. And– and if you wanna believe in him, I support that. But please, after learning this from Xander, whether it’s unfounded or not. I just– I think… we need to keep our eyes very open.

Steffy: You’re right. I get it and I will. That’s why I’ve been so concerned about Thomas having a relationship with hope. Look, I do believe that he’s healed. I believe that he’s not obsessed with her anymore, but it takes that one thing to just trigger him and I worry about that. I worry about what will happen if… Hope lets him down.

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