GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Drew calls Lucas and tells him Bobbie died peacefully in her sleep in Amsterdam. Lucas tells Drew he will let the rest of the family know the terrible news. Carly cries and tells Drew that she regrets letting Bobbie go to Amsterdam by herself to settle Luke’s estate.

Scott begins flirting by text with Tracy. Brook Lynn and Chase encourage her to get out and have some fun.

Lucas calls Laura to get Luke’s phone number and tells her the news. Laura tells Kevin Lucy and Scott the news and they all remember Bobbie as flashbacks are shown then they all toast Bobbie.

Nina tells Sonny and Willow the truth that she turned Carly and Drew into the SEC. Sonny is angry with Nina because he thinks she did it out of spite towards Carly. Sonny tells Nina she must go apologize to Carly and Drew tonight.

Willow is angry with both Nina and Michael. Willow tells Michael he should have told her the truth as soon as he found out because she doesn’t need to be protected from the truth.

Nikolas returns and he and Ava have a long talk at the art gallery. Nikolas tells Ava he didn’t kill Austin or send her the notes or the gun. Nikolas wants to get revenge on Esme for ruining his marriage to Ava.

Carly is crying over Bobbie death when Nina arrives to talk to her.

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