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All right, there we go. How ’bout some bubbly?

[chuckles] Oh. Thank you.


You know, I was surprised that you decided to come over tonight, Abe. I thought you were set on spending New Year’s Eve alone.

I was. I changed my mind, obviously.

Oh. Why did you change your mind?

[gentle music]

To be honest, the thought of– the thought of beginning a brand-new year when I–I’m not remembering any of the past years, well, it’s, um– I was afraid that I’d be uncomfortable and that that would make you uncomfortable.

No, it wouldn’t. And it doesn’t.

Well, here’s to the future.

Oh. To the future.

[both laugh softly]

You’re not drinking?

Well, I’m trying to stay away from alcohol. Um, I’ve been having some strange symptoms. And, well, that’s what my doctor recommended. You know, I did a whole lot of protesting, but she would have none of it.

[mysterious music]

What kind of strange symptoms have you been having?

Uh, look, um, can we–can we just, you know, forget that I ever said anything?

[chuckles awkwardly] I’m feeling just fine now, fine now. And I don’t wanna spoil our New Year’s Eve together.

Continue enjoying the New Year’s Day fun when we return after this brief commercial.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, my darling.

And you made it just in time.

I promised you I would.

[romantic music] A toast to my beautiful wife. And in this coming year starting now on the very first day of the new year, may your troubles be fewer and your blessings be more and may nothing but happiness come through your door.

Oh, my goodness. I had no idea I married a poet.

Well… Mmm, mmm, mwah.

So… what should we do now?

Are you offering up a suggestion?

I am.

All right. What time does Holly get back from her date?

2:00 a.m., or at least that’s the curfew I gave her.

Oh. So that gives us an hour and minutes.

It’s a long time from now.

Very long. A lot can happen in an hour and minutes.



A whole lot.


[upbeat music]

Happy New Year!

[party horns blowing]

[groans] Happy New Year to everybody else who’s alone tonight.

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music]

Holly? Holly! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Hey, hey. Holly! Holly! Hey, look at me. Look at me. Holly? Holly! Hey, hey, get up. Come on. Get up. Get up. Oh. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. Holly! Holly!


Salem Police, don’t move!

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[gentle music]

What’s going on here?

She was seizing. She vomited.

[tense music]

Her pulse is low. She’s barely breathing. What’s her name?

Uh, Holly Jonas.

Holly? Holly, can you hear me? Holly, open your eyes. What did she take? I need to know so I can help her.

I don’t know. I don’t know what she took.

[scoffs] Okay, Holly. Come on. Let’s go. Breathe, Holly. Breathe.


Is–is she gonna be okay?

[sighs] How old is she?

Uh, .

I got a possible OD, back loading dock at the Bistro. Female, , nonresponsive. Pulse is low, seizure and vomiting. Requesting paramedics and ambulance. Okay, Holly. Holly. Holly, can you sit up? Holly? Holly. Holly, stay with me. Breathe, Holly. Breathe. Can you hear me? Holly? Holly, it’s gonna be okay. They’re on their way. Breathe, Holly. Breathe. It’s okay. It’s okay. They’re on their way. Holly? Holly, stay with me.

[phone ringing]

What a night.

Yeah, New Year’s definitely brings out the crazies.

Yeah, tell me about it. As if things weren’t bad enough, two more overdose fatalities tonight.

Okay, this is not gonna get any better until we figure out where these drugs are coming from.

[cell phone rings]


[suspenseful music] You’re kidding me. Where? All right, I’m on my way.


Another OD?

-year-old girl.


[mellow music]

Happy New Year.

Uh, guys, I’m sorry. Hey, sorry to interrupt you, but–

“But,” but what? What’s up?

I can’t find Tate. I’ve been looking everywhere.

Okay, well, I’m sure he’s around here somewhere. Why don’t you just text him?

Theresa, I did. He didn’t respond.

Well, maybe him and his girlfriend are, like, huddled up in the corner somewhere.

Maybe. Look, I was gonna give ’em both a ride home, but I’m gonna take off. It would be helpful if you could give him a ride back. I’ll keep looking for him, okay?

Okay. Yeah. Let me know when he turns up.

I will. Will do.

[sighs] Uh, Ava, excuse me, sorry.

Hey, yeah?

Have you seen my son Tate?

Oh, yeah, he’s been here all night with Holly Jonas.

Yeah, I know. Um, very helpful. Thank you.

[cell phone beeps]

[dramatic music] Excuse me. Excuse me!

Happy New Year, my darling.

Happy New Year, baby.

[soft music]

You have no idea how relieved I am to have you back.

[chuckles] And I am so relieved to be back. Be myself.


Talking with Marlena helped, obviously.

Oh, yes. It helped so much. I mean, just expressing my feelings, it just– it lessened the pain and allowed me to be grateful for the blessings that I do have, which is Holly and you.

And you, my love, are a blessing to me.


And now, we can look forward to good times together, happy times. It’s going to be a wonderful year for us. I can feel it.

[both laugh]

[overlapping chatter]

[glass clinking]

Happy New Year, everybody.

Happy New Year.

[sighs] Well, I’d like to take a moment to personally thank everybody on behalf of myself and everybody at the Bistro for celebrating New Year’s Eve with us. New Year’s Eve, ha, the night where we look to the future. And lo and behold, two of our guests here tonight at the Bistro have decided that they are gonna spend their futures together.

[applause] That’s right. That’s right. This young couple right here, they just got engaged here with us at the Bistro, and that–that warms our hearts. Isn’t that romantic?

[laughs] So to celebrate this young couple, I’ve decided that–

[siren wails distantly, uneasy music] Does anybody–what the hell?

Someone just OD’d on the docks. It’s Holly Jonas.

Did she just– did she just say Holly? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, where’s Tate? Where’s Tate?

[indistinct radio chatter]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Son, what’s–what’s– what happened? Tell me what happened.

I found her lying there. She was–she was seizing or something. And then she vomited. The cop–the cop had gave her something, but–


I thought–I thought that she was gonna wake up, but–

No, no, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I got you, I got you. It’s okay. It’s okay, Tate, just–

[dramatic music]

[pants] Okay, so I need– I need to know what– Tate, what happened before. What happened before?

I’ll take those.

Tea and honey as requested.

Mm. Waiting on me in my house. Now what’s wrong with that picture?

Nothing at all, especially since you obviously haven’t been taking care of yourself on your own.

What’s so obvious about it? I’m abstaining from alcohol. I’m getting lots of sleep, too much sleep, in fact, oh. And you’re not gonna let this go, are you?

No, I’m not. So, uh, what are these– these symptoms you’ve been having?

[sighs] All right. All right, fine, I’ll tell you. Well, a while back I started feeling tired all the time, you know, which given my job, it wasn’t surprising. But then I started noticing that my joints were aching, my skin was dry, my hands and feet were puffy. Well, it turns out I have hypothyroidism, which apparently is very common in women of a certain age.

Is there a treatment?

I just have to take a little pill every day. No big deal at all.

That’s good news.

Yes. Sort of.

Sort of?

Well, I also have a teeny tiny lump in my neck, which is probably nothing, but to be safe, they did a biopsy.

A biopsy for?

Cancer. No definitive test results yet, probably tomorrow.


And, well, uh, I–I’ve been reading some, you know, medical articles online since I got the biopsy. And they’re, you know, very, very encouraging. Very reassuring. There are lots of new treatments out there for, you know, every– every kind of malignancy. Um, so if it is cancer, I know I can beat it. And I will.

[soft emotional music]

Of course you will.

Hand over the bag, now.

[siren wails]

[tense music] I asked you if you knew what she took. What are these?

No idea.

Do you know how many she had?

No, no.

Okay, I’m gonna need to see some ID.

He’s a minor. His name is Tate Black, and he’s my son.

I’m gonna need to see your ID, Tate.

[indistinct radio chatter]

McCauley, what do you got?

-year-old female, overdose, nonresponsive. Two doses of naloxone on scene. She’s en route to University. This young man was with her with these.

Where’d you get these?

They’re not mine.

Whose are they? Tate, we need to know where they came from.

They’re Holly’s.

Holly’s? Holly Jonas? That’s the one who OD’d?

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to call it a night.

Ooh, I wore you out, did I?

[chuckles] You can wear me out anytime. You’re not tired?

I am. I just– I wanna wait up for Holly and see how her night went.

[chuckles] Well, I’ll wait up with you.

Oh, no, honey, you don’t have to because she won’t give me the skinny if you’re listening.


[laughs] Oh. That’s probably her. Gosh, I hope her date wasn’t a bust. It’s Rafe.

[phone beeps] Hey, Rafe. Is everything okay?

Yeah, I’m outside the Bistro right now, Nicole, and, uh, there was an incident here tonight involving Holly.

What do you mean, “an incident”?

[unsettling music] Rafe, what happened? Is she okay?

Well, as of right now it appears she suffered a drug overdose.

What? An overdose? Oh, my God.

Yeah, there were pills found on the scene.

What? Is she okay? Rafe, please tell me Holly is still alive.

Yes, she’s alive, but she was nonresponsive when she was taken from the docks, and she was administered two doses of naloxone. And right now she’s in an ambulance on the way to University Hospital. You should go there now.


What happened?

Oh, my God. Holly OD’d and we– We have to get to the hospital now.

All right, everybody, it’s all over. Come on, everybody back inside. Next round’s on the house, huh?

[eerie music]

So was, uh–was Holly served any alcohol?

No, absolutely not.

Okay. How can you be sure?

‘Cause my bartenders know to card, and we don’t serve booze to minors.

And you didn’t see any drugs?


Nothing being passed around that looked suspicious?

No, no, but I wasn’t scanning the room all night, and, you know, searching to see what might be getting passed around by my guests. I was working.

Okay. Right. So it is possible drugs were at the party?

No, that’s not what I said.

Why the third degree, Detective?

Because a teenage girl attending a party at your establishment, Mr. DiMera, overdosed and almost died here tonight. And we don’t even know yet if she’s gonna pull through. So did you guys notice anybody else who was erratic, strung out, high?

It’s New Year’s Eve; the whole room seemed kinda high.

Okay, well, let me get more specific, Stefan. Did you see any drugs or drug paraphernalia going in and out of your Bistro or the docks at any time?

No, nothing.


[sighs] Nothing. Okay. Well, if you two do see or hear anything regarding drug usage, drug dealing, or transporting, the city of Salem would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a call. You know where to find me.

We do. Thank you.


[elevator dings]

Um, we’re–we’re–we’re looking for Holly Jonas.

She–she came here by ambulance.

Are you family?

I’m her boyfriend.

We-we were there. We were there with her. He was there with her when it happened.

You can wait over there. Someone will notify you of her status.

Notify? Is she dead?

She’s in Trauma. I don’t have any more information other than that.

[sighs] What’s “in Trauma”? Does that mean it’s really bad?

Traum–listen to me, Trauma means that she’s in the trauma room. She’s being treated right now. Look at me. Go over there. I want you to go over there. Have a seat. Tate, Tate, breathe. You need to tell your father exactly what happened tonight, okay?

Okay. Um, we were both at the party. We were both having a good time, and then I don’t know, Holly said something like she knows how we can have even more fun, right? And then she pulls this bag of pills out of her purse. And I told her, I said, “I’m not gonna take ’em” and that she shouldn’t either but…

Okay, okay.

She got mad at me and called me, like, a Goody Two-shoes or something. And then all of a sudden, she walked off to the bathroom, you know, pissed and–

Did she take the pills with her? Did she take the pills with her?

Yeah, yeah.


And I just– I hoped that she would cool down, you know, like–


After a while, I started looking for her, but I-I couldn’t find her anywhere. I looked all over the Bistro, and then I found her out back. And she was– she was shaking, Dad. She was shaking and she was throwing up all over the place, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, this cop is shining a light in my face. Dad…

[sighs] That’s not good.

I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?

[elevator dings]

Oh, my God. Tate, where’s Holly?

We just got here. We just got here.

Well, is she okay?

She’s just–we don’t know–

Just tell me where she is, Brady.

She’s in Trauma.

[exhales heavily]

[somber music]

[monitor beeping]

Breathing is still thready.

Vitals are dropping.

Call blue, give me a crash cart.

[tense music] Give her an amp of epi and run the fluids wide-open. Vitals?

[monitor beeping rapidly]

We’ve got V-fib.

[sighs] Damn it. Uh, give me joules.

[beeping intensifies] Holly, breathe.

[defibrillator paddles humming]

Oh, my God. Holly, oh, my God.

Ma’am, you need to wait outside. You can’t be in here.



[dramatic music]

Two hours ago, this place was hoppin’.

[balloon explodes] What, are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Like I haven’t had one already tonight? Huh? I can’t take this, Stefan. I can’t. Holly Jonas could have died tonight. Hell, she could be dead right now for all we know.

Okay, look, there is no telling that what she took came through here. It could have come from anywhere.

Oh, it could have come from anywhere.

Hey, we didn’t shove those pills down her throat, all right? This is not our fault.

Okay. Stefan, tell me that you still sleep the same at night. You tell me that you don’t wake up every morning sick to your stomach. You tell me that, and I know you’re a damn liar.

You’re right. I hate this. I hate it as much as you do, but Clyde Weston has us in a choke hold. I am sorry for what happened to Holly, I am. But there’s no way out of this.

[breathing steadily] Oh, God. Tripp, how is she?

We were able to stabilize her.

Oh, thank God.

But there were complications.

[tense music]

What complications?

Holly’s on a ventilator. She slipped into a coma.


[elevator dings]

Oh, my God. Tate, there you are.


Hi. Oh, my God. Are you okay?

He’s shaken up.

Yeah. I know. Of course he is. Of course he is. Where’s Holly? Where’s Holly? Is she all right?

We–we don’t know anything.

[exhales] Are you okay?

No. No, I am not okay. She could be dead. She was shaking and throwing up everywhere. So, no, I am not okay, Mom.


Has Tate been checked out by a doctor?

You think he was using?

You don’t?

No, my son does not do drugs. He and I have talked about this. He knows that his parents are addicts. He’s told me many times he would never ever go down that road. The thought of that makes him sick.

What teenagers say and what they do can be two very different things.

Yeah, well I am the parent of a teenager. I think I would know better what my son does more than you.

Okay, I’m sorry. You’re right. You know your son.

Yeah, I do. Look, I think you should just go home. There’s not really anything you can do here.

No, I’m not leaving you, Theresa. Not when you need me.

I don’t. This is a family matter. If you wouldn’t just mind going, please.

Okay. I will check in with you later.

[sighs] Tate. Tate. I’m so, so sorry about Holly. That was a lot, watching her overdose for you. It must have been really traumatic. Tate, can I ask you something? Did you do any drugs?

Any news on Holly?

Uh, Rafe, she’s in Trauma. They’re not saying anything else.

Oh. Tate, listen, I know that this is a tough night for you but I’m gonna need to ask you some questions, okay?


All right. Now you’re not in custody but since you are a minor, I’m gonna, uh, need to read a statement for everyone’s protection, all right? You have the right to remain silent. But what you do say can be used against you in a court–

Rafe, Rafe, he’s not under arrest or anything?

You can ask for a lawyer at any time. And you have the right to stop this interview at any time. Do you want a lawyer?

He doesn’t need a lawyer because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Do you want to keep talking to me? I need a verbal response, son.

Yes, yeah.


Rafe, can I, uh, speak to you for a minute?

You are a strong woman. And if anyone– if anyone can deal with this, it’s you.

[scoffs] You got that right. And maybe there’s nothing to deal with, like I said. And aside from me being so strong, I have my daughter to help me get through this.

Yes, you do. I know how close the two of you are.

Mm-hmm, Chanel is my rock. She’s all I need. And that’s why…

[tense music]

That’s why what?

Well, now that I’ve told you what’s going on, I think you need to leave, Abe.


I want you to leave.

You want me to leave?

Abraham, you are a generous soul and I really appreciate your offer to be by my side, but I have to decline it.

Paulina, if you’re going through something, I want to be there for you.

I don’t want you to be here for me. My daughter is my rock, like I said! And she and I will go through this together, but you–

[somber piano music] I don’t want you sticking around ’cause you’re feeling sorry for me. I happen to hate people who feel sorry for me. I find it intolerable, in fact.

Well, so do I. I hate it too. And I don’t feel sorry for you.

Yeah, well, even so, under these circumstances, where I know I’m– where I know I might be facing some serious health issues, but I just– it’s just too hard to have you around, someone who used to be my husband, who’s still my husband, who just looks at me like I’m just some acquaintance.

You are not just some acquaintance.

Well, even so, whatever or whatever it is that I am to you now, it’s not enough. So please, please, I need you to leave.

Well, that’s too bad.

Excuse me?

I said, “That’s too bad.” There’s no way in hell that I am gonna let the woman I love go through something without me by her side.

Did–did you just say the “woman you love”?

I damn sure did.


I damn sure did. I love you, Paulina Price. I love you, Paulina Price Carver.


I love you.


[both laugh]

[phone beeps]


How is she?

Well, Tripp’s not answering his cell so I called the main number, and the receptionist said that he wasn’t available, so. She wouldn’t give me any information about Holly’s status, though. I got a really bad feeling about this.

Yeah. Well, there’s nothing we can do. So why don’t we each of us go home, get some sleep? That way we’re sharp for tomorrow in case anyone wants to question us then. But we need to get our story straight. Neither of us saw anything, nor did we hear the faintest whisper of anything illegal, you got that?

Yeah, I got it.

[cell phone ringing]

It’s Statesville.

[tense music]


[sighs] Gabi is not allowed to make phone calls in the wee hours of the morning. It’s gotta be Clyde.

I–I’m–I’m gonna go see what’s going on.

Oh, me too.

No, Tate. Tate, I– you stay here with your mom, okay?

And she’s showing signs of minimal brain activity.

So the coma is the result of an opiate overdose?

She’s in a coma? Is she in a coma?

Look. Holly’s mother is here and she’s already been apprised of her status, okay? Since you’re not family, I can’t– I can’t discuss her case with you. Okay? Just know– just know that she’s getting the best possible care we can provide, okay?

All right.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

What the hell is going on?

Holly is alive. That’s all I can tell you.

But she’s in a coma?

Listen, obviously you know what happened with Holly is very serious. I really need to talk to Tate to find out what he knows about what she took tonight.


All right?

All right.


How is she?

She’s alive.

Oh, thank God.

Yeah, so, Tate, listen. I know tonight’s been tough, but I need to ask you those questions now, okay?

Yeah. Yeah, no problem. I just– I just talked to my dad.

Okay, well, now you need to talk to me. You need tell me everything. Tell me what happened from the moment that you picked Holly up to the moment that you found her passed out.

Um, after I picked her up, Holly and I went to the party together. And we were dancing and laughing and having a good time. And then suddenly just outta nowhere she pulls this bag of pills out of her purse and shows it to me.

Okay, so just to be clear, you didn’t give them to her?


The pills were hers? She brought them?

Yeah. Yeah, the pills were Holly’s.

The hell they were. My stepdaughter does not do drugs.

[monitor beeping]

[tense music]


[somber music] Hey, Holly. Mommy’s here. I’m here, baby.

[sniffles] * Hush, little baby, don’t say a word * * Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird * * And if that mockingbird don’t sing * * Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring * * And if that diamond ring turns brass * * Mama’s gonna buy you a looking glass * * And if that looking glass gets broke * * Mama’s gonna buy you a billy goat * * And if that billy goat falls down *

[sniffles] * You’ll still be the sweetest baby in town *

[somber music]


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