Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Sally spend New Years Eve together having drinks and Adam gets a kiss on the cheek from Sally to end the evening. Sally calls Adam in the morning and asks him out on a date. Adam happily accepts Sally’s offer of a date.

Nick tells Sharon all the details of the Newmans latest ordeal and wishes that Sharon was the one treating Claire and Victoria.

Victor helps Nikki because she can’t sleep since she is having nightmares about Jordan. Nikki also wants a drink, so Nikki remembers all the other times she has fought to stay sober. Nikki goes to a meeting and begins the journey toward sobriety again.

Claire decides that she isn’t worthy of love because she thinks she is a monster who almost killed people. Claire decides to keep the doctors and her parents at a distance since she thinks she is alone in the world.

Cole goes to the hospital with Victoria to watch Claire sleep. Cole returns later without Victoria to sit by a sleeping Claire’s bedside and tells her how much he and Victoria loved their baby girl and how many dreams they had with their daughter.

Nick and Victor tell Adam all of the details of their ordeal. Adam is upset that he was left out of the loop. Victor makes it clear that he won’t stand for anymore arguing between Adam and Nick.

Victoria talks to Sharon who advises her to take some time off work to help Claire. Victoria tells Adam, Nikki, Nick, and Victor that she is taking a leave of absence to help Claire.

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