Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of December 18, 2023

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Eric from Days


Nicole didn’t change the way we’re supposed to believe. She expected EJ to use his money to hide Jude.

Eric called Sarah by her full name. He used to date her so he didn’t need to refer to her by her full name.

Is something wrong with Eric? Why would he want to show mercy to someone who kidnapped his baby? Would he show mercy if EJ took him and not Nicole?


What good did it do for Brady to hear Theresa’s conversation when he only heard part of it? He never sees or hears anything that she does.

Chad didn’t think about Clyde while he was dating Stephanie, but now he wants to make him pay for killing Abby.

Tom and Alice passed away before Chad got together with Abby, but he said they had trouble accepting him with her at first.


Maggie cried without any tears.

It’s wintertime, but the people in Salem aren’t dressing accordingly. They are wearing light jackets. Salem is in the Midwest so it’s most likely cold there.


It’s suddenly Holly’s birthday. Nicole didn’t say anything about her birthday. Holly didn’t mention it either.


Why did Julie have an ornament with Stephanie’s name on it when she’s not a Horton?


Holly from Days

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