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So how are you guys doing? Did you, um, finish your Christmas shopping?

Nah, no, not me. No, not yet.

No, me neither. No.

[soft festive music]

Well, this is, uh, a bit awkward.

[inhales sharply] It doesn’t ha–I mean, it doesn’t have to be. You know, we’re gonna– we’re–we’re all gonna run into each other from time to time.


Yeah, most likely. I mean…

And, you know, I– I just want you to be happy, Steph.


Hey, Chad, Alex. Uh, happy holidays. Uh, Steph, um, looking forward to our hang later. Um, I made a– a reservation at the Bistro. Does that– does that still work?

[phone ringing]


[sighs] Can you take me off of your list, please? Or I’m gonna report your number. Konstantin?

[mysterious music] What do you want from me? Look, I don’t care if Maggie kicked you out. That is not my problem. And kidnapping babies, that is way more than I signed on to do, which I have told you repeatedly. I can’t do anything for you anymore, so don’t ask me. Lose my number.

Rummaging through trash cans and taking mysterious phone calls. That is the Theresa that I know and love.

[tense music]

Damn it, damn it, and damn it.

Oh. Scotch on the rocks?

Rocks? Give me the bottle.

So I’m afraid to ask.

Got a call from the prison infirmary. Gabi has a broken leg.

[sighs] I’m so sorry.

Yeah. Obviously Clyde’s sending us a message. That plan we have to get rid of him, Ava, needs to be ramped up. That bastard needs to be stopped.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[mysterious music]

So who were you urging to lose your number?

Well, not that I owe you an explanation, but I’ve had this spam caller who won’t stop harassing me the past couple days.

Mm-hmm. Well, you’re right. You don’t owe me any explanation whatsoever. I concede that, but, Theresa, you do owe it to our son to stay out of trouble–



No. Excuse me. Do not tell me what I owe our son. I am the one who raised him when you came out here, having a grand old time sleeping with all the women in Salem.

All the wo–

[laughs] Okay, I’m not–wow. I’m not gonna dignify that with an answer. What I am gonna say to you is that we are raising our kid together, right? So we should make an effort to try to be civil with one another so we can be a good example to Tate.

Oh, right, because you’re setting such a good example by being a sex addict.

Oh, my God, Theresa, unfair, untrue. I’ve been in several relationships in this town. Okay? They haven’t all worked out obviously, okay? But I’ve loved every woman that I’ve been involved with. It hasn’t only been based on sex. And by the way, this conversation is crass and demeaning. I really want to, you know, end it. So why don’t you just have a really good day?

Oh, I intend to do that. Thank you. Happy holidays, Brady.

Yeah, sure. Ho, ho, ho.

[soft festive music]

The Bistro? Um, I’m actually not that hungry. I had a big breakfast.

Yeah. Well, um, we can just take a walk or something–

Actually, right now I’d rather be alone. Uh, take care, you guys.

All right, see you.

See you.

I’m just gonna–

Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure she said she wanted to be alo… That guy’s a stalker. There’s something real weird about him.

So weird.

There you are.

Hey, there.

Are those for me?

Oh. Who else?

Mmm. Um, so I have to do something at Titan for which I could really use some help. So, Chad, do you mind if I steal him?


Merry Christmas.

You too.

Well, see you, Chad.

Take care.

[soft jazzy music playing]

Okay, what had happened exactly? Do you have any more details?

Just that she has a broken leg in two places. And she, uh…slipped and fell.

[laughs drily] Yeah, right.

My wife walks down runways wearing six-inch heels. She doesn’t slip and fall on anything. Clyde must have heard about the returned shipment.

Yeah, right. And the bastard did this as a way to get a warning to both of us.


Mm-hmm. But damn it, come on, Stefan. Clyde has to know that it wasn’t our fault. I mean, the buyer was hauled off to jail before the shipment got there, and the warehouse was shut down. I mean, my God. We got it back before the feds even knew about it. Clyde should be thrilled.

Yeah, well, obviously he’s not. I mean, come on, Ava, think about it. It’s tens of thousands of dollars worth of product. We are running drugs out of the back of this restaurant, we are laundering money, and on top of it all, you are dating a cop. That is not gonna help our situation.

Yeah, you keep saying.

You know it too. Unless we start using him to get insider information…

Okay, you forget about that. I’m not gonna use him that way or any way, okay?

Well, then you need to think long and hard about your involvement with him.

[chuckling] Hey, Harris. Hey.

Interrupting something?


[clears throat] Ava and I were just, uh, discussing some boring business stuff. But, uh, I think we have it all sorted out. See you later.

So I, uh, hope the opening’s going well.

Opening. Yeah, no, yeah, it–it– it was great. It was, um, uh, very–

[chuckles] Very, very busy, and, um, everyone was thrilled that we were back up and running, and, um, yeah. How about you? Um–oh, did you end up, uh, finishing that book you were so determined to finish?


Uh, no, actually, I didn’t– I didn’t read last night.

Oh! Oh. Oh, so it did end up being a date with Mrs. Davis?

No, the truth is, I, um– I ran into Jada and Stephanie at the pub.

Oh. And?

And, you know, they insisted that I join them for a drink, and I got a little drunk, and, you know, those two were pretty wasted by the time I got there, and it just kind of all went downhill from there.

Oh. How so?

Well, um, Stephanie was in no shape to go anywhere, and she ended up crashing at my place. And…


You know, she was really drunk. I–I was drunk, and– and, you know, we kissed.

Oh. Wow.

It didn’t go any further. It didn’t mean anything. And–and it never will.

Okay, so, um, why are you telling me all this?

Because we never really said that we were exclusive, but it just felt– it just felt wrong. And I just wanted to be honest with you. I’m sorry. And I know I don’t deserve it, but I hope that you can accept my apology.

Um… No, Harris, I can’t.

[knocking on door]

Mm. Oh.

[gasps] Abraham. I–I wasn’t expecting you, uh, obviously.

Is this a bad time?

No, not at all. I was just resting. Uh, didn’t sleep well last night. But I’m so happy to see you. Come on in. Come in.

Thank you.

[tender music]

Uh, well, you know, I wish I’d known you were coming over. I would have put on something nicer, maybe even brushed my hair.

[chuckles] Well, you look beautiful as always. But I do get a sense that you’re not your usual lively self. Is everything okay?

Oh, no, everything– everything’s fine, fine– now that you’re here.

[soft festive music]

Must be five o’clock somewhere, huh?

That’s what I’m counting on. Waiter, another drink.

Want to tell me what’s wrong?

Really? You can’t guess?

No, I, uh–I–I can actually probably guess, yeah. I’m sure it’s been hell with Gabi not around.

[laughs] That’s a hell of a euphemism there, “not–not–not around.” Like she, uh, went for a walk, to the mall, to–to the grocery store. No, no, no, see, Gabi is not in any of those places because she is in prison, which is bad enough without a broken leg.

What? Broken leg? What happened?

You don’t want to know, and you can’t know. so–so why don’t you just…

[clears throat] Leave me alone. Okay? Go away. Waiter, another drink! Please!


There you are.

[chuckles] I left the square when you did, but somehow you managed to, uh, elude me. You okay? Stupid question. I can tell you’re not.

[sighs] No. I’m not. And I’m sorry that I said that we could have lunch, and then I canceled on you.

That’s fine. I, uh–I understand. Can you talk about it, whatever’s got you so upset?

[soft dramatic music]

Well, it’s nothing that you’ll find surprising. Chad and I… we ended things between us.

Oh, my gosh.

[exhales deeply] Wow. I’m sorry. No wonder you’re having a tough time.

But, Everett, I– I hope you know that just because Chad and I are over, that it doesn’t mean that I’m–

I–I don’t assume it to mean anything, all right? Other than that you’re hurting and that you’ll need time to heal, to recover.

Yeah, I will. And also, I… Well, I need to take a break from relationships.

I get that. I get that. What about friendships? Are you abstaining from those too, or, um, can I still be your– your bestie?

[both chuckle]


Did you find what you’re looking for?




No. And actually, I’m supposed to get it to accounting over the holiday. Why they want hard copies of receipts, I’ll never know.

I don’t know why either. I mean, that seems very last century to me. But I have come to the rescue.

[gasps] You really are my knight.


You’re the best, you know that?

No argument there.



Hey, Brady. What’s going on?

Oh, nothing. I’m just checking on things. I mean, this is my first official day back…


With Basic Black in the building.

[phone ringing]

Oh, excuse me, guys. I have to take this. I’ll be right back.


Play nice.



[tense music]

[sighs] So I am curious, um, I mean, is he under the impression that now you are completely reformed? Did you persuade him that being with him, it’s just gonna be drama-free, and it’s gonna be just a big pile of joy? Or…

Why do you care what Alex thinks?

I don’t care what Alex thinks. What I do care about is the messes that you could potentially be getting yourself into which may affect our son.

Yes, because you are such a doting father.

Theresa, I’m very concerned about what I heard on the phone outside the pub. You were nervous; you were squirrelly. And I know you. That usually means there’s a Mexican drug lord or someone who’s equally as dangerous that’s getting ready to come out of the woodwork or something. Come on.

Okay, Brady, Brady, I’m so sorry to disappoint you, because I know you thrive on my transgressions and my failures, but all is well. I am fine. I’m just preparing for the holidays. And I hope that all is well with you too since I don’t thrive on your problems. Really, though, I– I do feel happy when I know you’re well. I do care about you. Brady, you’re– you’re our son’s father. And I have some very fond memories of our time together.

Well, I do too.

Okay, um… Well, I have a few stops I have to make before day’s end, so will you just tell Alex that I’ll– I’ll see him at our place?

Yeah, um, sure.

Brady… I really do hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

[exhales deeply] Same to you.

And you don’t need to worry about me, honestly. Everything’s fine. Really.

Why don’t I believe you?

[chuckles] No, I’m not giving up on friendship. Of course not.

Whew. I’m, uh–I’m relieved.

It’s just I’m, uh–

[sucks teeth] Well, I already said it. I’m–I’m taking a break from romance.

I get that. I get that. And if it makes you feel any less uneasy around me, I mean, um, I am too.


Really. Please don’t take this the wrong way, and I hope it doesn’t sound manipulative when I say that, um, I don’t think I can feel romantic about anyone but you. Which you may have deduced when you discovered that I was still carrying around the engagement ring that I was gonna propose to you with. But since you’re not available in that way, I, too, am only interested in friendship… for now.

Well, I’m glad we’re on the same page. And, um, I have to say, you are a really good listener, Everett. You always were.

Nah. I’m a reporter. Goes with the territory.

Well, all joking aside, um…

[tender music] It’s really lifting my spirits just talking to you.

Steph, you are always lifting my spirits. Just seeing you smile… Listen, I just want to say something just so that there isn’t any doubt about it at all. Okay? Um… I really like living here in Salem. I do. I really like my job a lot. But more than any of it, I love…being your shoulder and your friend. I just want you to know that there won’t be any pressure from me to be anything more. I swear. No pressure.

Mmm. Whoa. Oh! Abraham, these look just wonderful. You actually made these yourself?

Yeah, from a recipe on the internet. Chanel won’t be offended, will she, that I didn’t get these from her bakery?

No, of course not. Mmm. Mmm! I’m guessing she’ll want you to share that internet recipe, because these are delicious.

And wh-where is Chanel right now?

Mm, she’s holed up in her room wrapping Christmas presents. And speaking of, uh, I’m trying to come up with the mayor’s Christmas speech, um, for my podcast. I’m having serious writer’s block.



Well, that’s hard to believe.

Why, because I talk a lot?

[laughter] Well, let me tell you, talking is a whole lot less challenging than writing. So, um, any chance you could help me?


Yeah, of course you.

[tender music] So?

[splutters] Well, what do you say, Abraham? Will you be my writing partner?

So you can’t tell me why you think Gabi fell and broke her leg, and you want– you want me to go away? Okay, Stefan.

[soft festive music]


[splutters] I’m sorry for telling you to– to go away. Just–just come back, come back.

No, thank you. Actually, I much prefer the company over here.

So emotional. So how are you and Stephanie? Any fun holiday plans?

Actually, we broke up.

I thought you guys were happy.

We were, until we weren’t.

I know how that goes. I’m very sorry.

Okay, this is your turn.

For what?

To, uh–to open up, you know, vent, to talk about whatever the hell you want to talk about that’s gonna stop you from drinking yourself into a stupor.

Okay. Actually, no amount of…

[clears throat] Venting or opening up is going to change the fact that my wife is in prison and that she is in a lot of danger.

Okay. Why is she in a lot of danger? What’d she do, mouth off to a– a guard, another inmate?

No, it’s that son of a bitch Weston.

[tense music]

Clyde Weston?


Answer me, Stefan! Was it Clyde Weston? Is he the one going after you and Gabi?

Answer me, Stefan.

Leave it alone, Chad.

Why the hell would I leave it alone? That man killed my wife.

[tense music] Answer me!

There are some things happening that Weston is unhappy about.

What things?

I’ve already said too much, and, uh, I need to go.

Stefan. Stefan. Stefan.

No. Put his on my tab.

Stefan, that man killed my wife. Stefan, he killed my wife!

So the challenge in this speech is to give people hope, um, while also being honest about, well, the limitations of what can be done.

Well, you’ll meet that challenge.

You think so?

Oh, I know so. You’re Paulina Price. You are a spirited, soulful woman with a heart of gold…

[both chuckle] And a wonderful way with words.

[tender music]

[sighs] Well, that’s very kind of you, Abraham.

I’m not being kind. It’s the truth. I mean, you are– you are the Paulina that I’m getting to know again. So let’s say we put pen to paper and get this show on the road, hm?

[sighs] You’re on. Okay.

All right. We are all set and ready to go.

All right, well, Theresa’s gone. She said she will meet you back at the apartment.

Oh. She’s probably just finishing up her Christmas shopping.

Yeah. Hey, Alex, um, don’t screw her over, okay?

Whoa. That was a hell of a non sequitur.


[soft dramatic music] She’s the mother of my kid, you know? I’m worried about her; I can see that she’s stressed out, and that can be a trigger for relapse. I don’t know if she’s doing the work. I don’t know if she’s going to her meetings, talking to her sponsor– I’ve got no idea.

No, I mean, I have no idea either, man. What I do know is, Theresa has a great work ethic. She’s excited. She’s very motivated. I think we should just see how the two of you do, how the two of us do, and just take it a day at a time. Hm?

All right.

Have a good evening, man.


I know I will.

Well, listen, as your friend, I gotta say, I’m a little worried about all the pressure you’re– you’re putting on yourself.

Hm. Not sure what you mean.

Well, maybe it’s more something I’ve sensed than something that you’ve actually expressed.


Like, you’re such an amazing person, you know, but I guess, since I’ve been back in Salem, I just feel like you’re too hard on yourself. You know? And driven, which of course, can be a good thing, but not if it’s undermining your peace of mind. Does that make sense?

Mm. It does. And, I mean, I guess that’s true. I am hard on myself. I mean, I’m– I’m ambitious for sure. I want to– I want to have a good career, and I want to be able to support myself, and someday I want to buy a house and have a family.

Those are super reasonable goals. But you got time for that, especially the owning a house and having a family part.

Mm, yeah, not– not that much time. I don’t know, uh– I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, um, we women have a much more limited amount of time to procreate than you men do.


And, um, although a lot of my friends are totally fine with waiting to have kids till their s, I don’t know, I–if I’m lucky enough to be a mom, I– I want to be a young one.

Like your mom was.


[tender music] Yeah. She had me in her s, still worked at a really important job. And now she has it all, including the perfect man for her.


You can have all that too, Steph.

You think so?

I know so.

[soft jazzy music playing]

[sighs] So you just–just keep– keep me hanging like that, that you can’t forgive me?

Um, this–this place– this place has to be my focus…

I know but, what’s that got–

Right now–okay, no, please. Please, you know, just– just hear me out, please.

[scoffs] I have a lot to prove here to everyone, okay, and most importantly, I–

[exhales sharply] I need to protect myself.

Okay. So what– what are you getting at?

What I’m getting at is, I need to protect myself from you.

Fr-from me?

Yes. Look–look, Harris, if–

[laughs drily] If you are seeing somebody else, then this–this– this is not gonna work–

I’m not involved with anybody else.

Okay, but now that I know that there has been a kiss with Stephanie, I mean, you can say that, but now I just–I– I got an uncomfortable feeling. All right, and I–and I’ve had that feeling before, God knows, with Rafe and with Steve, and I–I got– I should have listened to it, and I didn’t, and I got hurt. Got hurt really bad. And with my mental illness, I– That kind of pain could cause a relapse, and I can’t have that. So as much as I really, really like you, I– I can’t risk that. I–I can’t, I can’t. I can’t do that again.

Yeah, but– but the kiss with Stephanie was nothing. It was nothing.

To you maybe, but to me… It was a deal breaker. I’m sorry.

Ava, listen, I–I’m sorry. Please.

Okay, you know what? I don’t want–I just–I can’t. I can’t hear it. I can’t.

So… So you’re saying that it’s– that it’s over? That–that this is it, right here?


[firmly] I am. This is it. Please leave. Just go!



So not to be all psycho-babbly, but, um, I know that I gotta stop being so codependent and needy, because I know that to feel secure in a relationship, I need to feel like I like myself, respect myself, and– and to feel like I’m okay on my own. Not that I’m, you know, ready for that relationship. Um, I already said that I’m, uh–I need a break.

You did. Yeah, you did say that, and I’ve–I’ve– I’ve committed it to memory.

Ooh, I’m repeating myself a lot, huh?

I do not mind the repeating yourself, and I–I sort of like the psychobabble too.


[laughs] Okay, well, even so, I will stop blathering on, and, um, I will just say that I’m really glad that you’re my friend, Everett.

[tender music] And I hope you know, I’m here for you too.

I do know that. I do know that, and I– I hope you find what you’re looking for, Steph. And I also hope that you come to realize what an amazing person you are. You’re funny. You’re smart. You’re kind. You’re loyal. You’re– I’ll stop going on and on, but I feel very lucky to know you.

Thanks. I feel lucky to know you too.

[both chuckle]

Well, um… Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

You too.


[phone ringing]

[sighs] What now, Konstan– Andrew? Hi. Sorry, it– I thought it was a spam call. I’ve been getting them all day. Hi. Merry Christmas, big bro. What? When did you get to Salem? Well, of course, I always have time for you. Tonight? Yeah, I was just heading home. Oh, alone? Uh, okay. I-I can wait for you in the– in the park by the town square.

[soft jazzy music playing]

[sighs] Hey.

Hey. How’d your call go?

[sighs] My call?

[chuckles drily] I got a whole lot of nothing from the warden. Gabi slipped and fell, and that…is the story.


Are you okay? What’s going on?

Mm, well, um, I just kicked a really great guy out of my life.

Oh. So you and Harris are, uh…

It’s over. We couldn’t risk being found out by him. So… as much as this really hurts now… I did what had to be done.


[soft festive music]

I came here so many times with Abby over the years. Seeing this plaque, it always made her smile. She loved her family very much. And I know you– it wasn’t easy for all of you to accept me at first. But you did eventually. And I know that’s because you saw how much I loved her… And how much she loved me. I was a better man because of her… And because of the strength and love passed down from you. Clyde Weston took her away from me… From my children… From all of us. And as God is my witness, I will make him pay. I promise you that. I will make him pay.

[sighs] Okay. Tell me what you think. Oh, maybe not.

Well, I’m sure it’s perfect. Look, I would rather hear it than read it. So please, stand up at the podium, Madam Mayor.

Oh. Oof. Okay, then. Oh.

[chuckles] To the wonderful people of Salem, many of whom I now know and love…

[tender music] Today is a day to reflect on and be grateful for all the beauty and joy that surrounds us all. Even in these uncertain times, we can see our glittering Christmas lights on our street, the joyful carols being sung, and most important of all, people opening up their hearts to each other. Now, will Santa bring us everything we want this year? Can he bring us peace and joy and–and hope and banish all evil in the world? Of course not. But we can nurture peace and joy and hope in ourselves. So to all of you, those I’m lucky enough to know, those I hope to get to know…

[chuckles] I wish you a– a joyful and blessed holiday filled with love. Take care of yourselves and each other.

It’s perfect.


Perfect, perfect, perfect.


Merry, merry Christmas, Paulina.

Oh. Merry Christmas, Abraham.


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