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 felicia: Oh, that’s fantastic. Great. Hey, maxie, why don’t you call mac and show off our engineering skills? Wait. I want to change into something with less frosting on it first. Ah, okay. Uh, georgie, would you check on bailey? But don’t wake her up, okay? Okay. Sweetheart, you seem so distracted. You’re missing out on christmas eve with your kids. Mom, I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit, but this year, the holidays just remind me how fast life changes. You know, this time last year, deception was such a success. I was riding high, even though I had just broken up with austin. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Mm, sweetheart… I don’t have any lingering feelings or regrets for breaking up with him. It just awful how he died. You have a lot going on. But keep the faith. I have a feeling that this time next year, things are going to be looking up for you. I hope so.

[ Doorbell rings ] Are you ready for your first christmas with my family? I’m going to need you to guide me through. I just have to grab my stuff. I really need this break, from classes and studying and…adam? What are you still doing here? Grandma, kevin, when did you guys get here? Oh, hi, sweetheart. We haven’t been here long at all. Merry christmas. Merry christmas, sweetheart. Um, your dad, uh, needed to step out for a minute, and you were taking a nap, so he asked us to come over. But it’s christmas eve. What could he possibly be doing? Aiden, how are we going to get all this done tonight? Don’t worry. I’m a professional. Yeah. I’m not. Alright, you just keep doing this…

[ Doorbell rings ] …And I’ll get the door. Hey. Hi! Merry christmas eve! Hi, baby girl. Merry christmas eve. Come in, come in. Hi.How are you? You look beautiful. Thank you. Hey, sweetheart, aren’t you gonna wish aunt elizabeth a merry christmas eve? Merry christmas. Joyeux noel, maximista. I, uh, require your urgent assistance. You look deep in thought over here. Just admiring my blessings. Look at my beautiful family. All happy and together. And since we are… everyone? I have something to tell you all. Something… …life-changing.

I was surprised to get your phone call. Listen, can we, uh, make this quick? I’m missing christmas eve with my daughter. Yes, of course. How’s charlotte? Please tell me she’s doing well. She’s got a long road ahead of her, but she’s much better. Listen, I wish I’d told you the truth from the start. You owed me the truth. But I owe you the same. Your dad was hoping to be back before you even woke up, so I’m sure he’s going to be here any minute now, hon. I hope so. Papa promised we spend christmas together, since last year, he was…away. Well, I for one, am very happy to be home for christmas. I’m very grateful to get some extra time with my sweet little granddaughter. I’m very happy you’re here, both of you. Well, thank you. Now, does anyone know how to make a ribbon all squiggly?

[ Chuckling ] It’s ridiculously easy. Yeah? Prove it. Okay. Aiden’s over there making cookies, and we’re going to sing some christmas carols. Wow. What do you think? You think you’re up for doing some singing? Maybe. Can I go color now? Y-yeah, sure, yeah, you can go color, if that’s what you want to do. Um… what’s going on? I don’t — I don’t know. Uh, leo quartermaine told her santa wasn’t real, but chase swore he handled it. I-I thought maybe she was just tired, but she’s been like this all day. Well, that doesn’t sound like her. Oh, anything else happen? I asked her, but she — she won’t — she won’t tell me. I don’t know what to do at this point. Alright, well, just lay low, and let’s give her some time. Yeah. Maybe we’ll get a christmas miracle. I thought you had an early flight this morning. Uh — uh, no, not — not exactly. Okay, then what, exactly? I’m not — I’m not going home. Since when? You didn’t mention this when we were studying last night. Yeah, technically, I, um — I didn’t decide until this morning. Wait, so you chose to stay in the dorms alone on christmas? Some people enjoy the peace and quiet. See? Okay, but what about the dining halls? They’re closed. What are you gonna eat? I’ll just call a food delivery service. And there’s — there’s so much ramen in my room. That’s pathetic. Come on. Dex and I can give you a ride to — look, I can’t go home! Curtis: First, let me start by saying how absolutely grateful I am to share this holiday with you all. It’s been a challenging year, and I can truthfully say that I wouldn’t have made it through without the love and support of each of you. Amen. Amen. We love you, too. Now spit it out.

[ Laughter ] Okay, auntie. Uh. Lovely portia has been researching clinical trials for people with paralysis. She found experimental treatment that could restore my ability to walk.

[ Gasps ] Oh, that’s wonderful! You — you did apply for participation? I’m already under consideration. What? Oh, my god. Okay, when will you start if they select you? It could be as soon as, uh, january. Right, babe? That’s exactly right.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, let me get that.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, that’s amazing. Oh. Merry christmas, dr. Robinson.

So, we now know for certain that jameson forsyth was responsible for setting the fire at my house. Thank you for the confirmation. It was a relief to know that charlotte wasn’t responsible for the arson, but it’s good to know who was and why you were targeted. Brennan…the director — you’re lucky to be alive. Luck, and, uh, an assist from dante. I should have warned you the moment I knew that charlotte was targeting you. Maybe then none of this would have happened. Charlotte was collateral damage in a conspiracy targeted at me. And I apologize for that. No. No, I apologize. I just wanted you to hear it from me, now that this whole sordid business is over. Are you sure about that?

[ Sighs ] Thank you for the shower and for the spare clothes. Well, it’s a good thing I still had that box of mac’s clothes we were donating to the shelter. They’ve been in the car all week. They definitely came in handy. I would say. So, are you going to tell me what happened? Oh, yes. Do tell. Well, uh, yes. Uh, a pipe burst in my apartment, and, uh, my super was able to shut it off before it affected other units, but not before mine was rendered uninhabitable. What happened to your computers? Oh, I managed to salvage most of it, put it in a storage unit. Some of it is still in my trunk. Aw, you poor thing. And that’s why I showed up here looking like a drowned rat. I-I didn’t mean to impose. I-I just — I needed a place to dry off. Oh, come on, you were coming here for dinner anyway. This was perfect. Right. And while I would love to dine with you, I suppose I should away and figure out my lodging. I mean, the metro court is booked, as are most of the other nice places, but I suppose I could venture further out to sawyer or greenfield — you’ll do no such thing. I mean, it’s only temporary until I find another apartment. Absolutely not. You’ll move in here. Are you upset cam decided to go skiing with his new girlfriend this christmas? Not gonna lie, I felt a little twinge about it ’cause obviously I miss him, but I’m not surprised. He seems to really like this girl. Are you upset? It would have been nice to see him. But I get it. Do you feel a little left out now that both of your brothers have girlfriends? Actually… there’s someone I like, too. Want to help me make paper snowflakes? Okay. You just have to cut along where I drew the pattern. See those lines? Cool. Careful with the scissors. I know how to use scissors. So, um, did you visit santa? Think you’ll get everything you want this year? You don’t have to talk about it, but it might help if you do. My daddy’s going away.

[ Gasps ] Spencer! You made it! Was there ever any doubt? Alright. These go underneath this beautiful tree. Wow. Yeah, well, I’ll tell you stories about the ornaments. There are a few that I might have made. Oh, is that right? Yeah, I’d like to see them. Spencer, welcome. Thank you. Nice to see you. Hi, everyone. Ms. Henry. Mr. Ashford. Hello, spencer. Young mr. Cassadine. Good to see you. Likewise. You know what we need? Maybe the two of you could put some christmas tunes on. Hey, hear, hear. There we go. Okay. Let me put it on real quick. Let’s get it going. I almost forgot. One of the, uh, light strands out front went out. Curtis: Thank you. So, did you know that spencer was coming over? Oh, honey, maybe, uh, trina just forgot to tell us. Mm-hmm. Well, welcoming unexpected guests, it’s all a part of christmas, right? Honey, my love, you’re entitled to how you feel. Now, are you sure you want to start this next year off at odds with the young man your daughter loves? Right. [ Sighs ]

One horse open sleigh jingle bells

marshall, what are you doing out here in the cold?

Jingle all the way

you sound like irene. I’m fine. Just needed a moment, that’s all. Are you okay? Oh, I am beyond okay. Last year, I was amazed to be celebrating the holidays with my son and my grandson. And this year, I get to do it all over again with a brand-new granddaughter. You know, it’s overwhelming, stella. I never — I never thought I deserved all this after the — after the way I walked out on him. Oh, marshall, let it go. Come on. It’s in the past. You can’t keep beating yourself up over it. I know, I know. I had a conversation with irene just the other night. Right here. She, uh — she told me to count my blessings and get over myself.

[ Chuckles ] And no, I am not hitting the sauce. I talk to my sister all the time. You know, they say that death doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. I feel her presence around me just as close as I did when I was helping her raise your boys. You know, I am beyond grateful that you took on my family the way you did. And you did a wonderful job. It was my honor and my pleasure. You always had my back. You… bridged the gap between me and curtis when I came back. You kept my secret. And you bridged the gap between me and curtis when I didn’t tell him trina might be his daughter. I appreciate that. Looks like we’ve been there for each other. Unlikely, but true.

[ Chuckles ] You’re a special woman, stella henry. And you are kind and loving man, marshall. And I’m sorry for all you have endured, including losing the two women you loved. Irene and epiphany. You — you deserve all the happiness you can hold. And I’m sorry you gave up that gentleman you were going to marry for irene and my boys. Of course I would do what I could for my sister and my nephews. I loved them. Irene and i were two peas in a pod. Yes. But you were always the feisty pea.

[ Both laugh ] Get out of here.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly aw… alright, now. Come on. I love this song. Hey-hey! Oh. Uh-huh.

[ Both laugh ] Come on, now. Gimme that hand, girl. Alright, alright. There we go. Come on, now. Ah. -Uh-huh. -Yeah. Hello. Oh, shut that. It’s on papa now.

[ Both laughing ] Yeah. [ Laughs ]

La la la la fa la la la la, la la la la fa la la la la, la la la la

I’m sorry, I, uh — I got a little carried away. Yeah, just — just blame it on the music. Yeah. Oh, you know what? I left the stove on. Okay. I’m just — oh.

Glory to the newborn king adam: My parents, they would ask a million questions about my grades and what courses I’m taking next semester. And they would just — they — they’d get in my head. So I told them that I had an internship over winter break. This way, I’ll have more time to just get my head straight, and I’ll do better in class come january. So you lied to them again? This is becoming a pattern with you. I panicked, okay? I just didn’t want to disappoint them with my grades. Adam, your grades are excellent. My parents won’t think so. Besides, the flights are way too expensive now, so there’s no way I can go home without telling them the truth and just begging them for cash. Trust me. It’s better this way. I, um, hope you guys have a good christmas. What was that about? I should invite him over to my mom’s house for christmas, right? Not to stay over, of course. He can stay here, but just so he’s not alone the whole time. I’ll check with mom. And that is the last of them. I still have unwrapped gifts in my room. Of course you do.

[ Laughter ] Maybe after we’re done, we can watch “christina comes home for christmas.” Ah, yeah. There’s no avoiding that one, is there? You know who I used to watch that movie with? Your mom. That’s why we should watch it together. It’s a movie date, then. Well, then I guess it’s time for me to rustle up some movie snacks! I’ll go get the gifts. Okay. Oh, dear, dear. Sweet lulu. Oh, honey, your daughter’s growing up, and she needs you. And I will find a way to get her through this. I just wish we were doing it together.

[ Grunts ] My first battle wound. Anything for family. Jameson is dead. Brennan is in custody. I believe that I’m no longer in any danger. Besides, I-I feel as if I did the bureau a service, by rooting out a corrupt director. If you’re hoping for a fruit basket, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

[ Chuckles ] No, I think I would be happy if they reinstated my pension. Interest accrued. I would be remiss in saying that there are still enemies out there. You and your family would do well to keep your distance. Never stopped me before. I’ve got plenty of enemies. You’ve always stood by me. We were a great team.

The christmas lights go out when spencer crashes our family christmas. Bad omen or… hey. Can I help? Oh, you know what? Thank you. We’re good. Oh, okay. Uh, it is cold outside, and three sets of eyes… I’m just saying. Um, yeah. Thank you, spencer. We’d appreciate that. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

[ Humming ] I really hope that, uh, we get the chance to get to know each other a little bit better this next year. Yeah, no, no, I’m — I’m happy to hear that. As long as you make trina happy, we’re happy, so… oh, I definitely intend to make her happy. She loves you both very much. And I love her, so… yeah, but what do you really know about love, though? What’s wrong?

[ Voice breaking ] You already know. I want to hear you say it. This is so easy. You know, being here with you, it’s just… so easy. Now that all the secrets are out, and the dust is beginning to settle, I can feel us again. But I close my eyes, and I am back in that doorway with the dark apartment, and the gun goes off in my hand. And charlotte is crumpled on the floor. We can’t go forward, as much as I love you. And I do love you, valentin. And I love you. Your responsibility is to your daughter. She’s in so much pain. She has to process this whole trauma of the shooting. Charlotte needs you. I can no longer be part of your family. Haven’t you heard of knocking? Door was open. Sorry. You just startled me. I apologize. I just came to find out if you’d like peppermint or regular hot chocolate. Peppermint would be lovely, thanks. Would you like me to carry that bag of presents for you? No, I’ve got it. Thank you. Well, that’s an interesting necklace. It’s a family heirloom. It was helena cassadine’S. Grandfather victor left it to me in his will. I was thinking of wearing it, but I don’t think it’s giving a christmas vibe. Mm. Well, I’ll leave you to it. I-I couldn’t impose. Spinelli, I got this house so that my family would have room to spread out. You’re family. You could take the guest room. You’ll have plenty of room for your computers. Sounds ideal. Oh, I don’t know. Oh, come on, it’s not forever. Just until your apartment is ready. You know how everything closes down during the holidays. Okay. But only if I can pay you rent. No. You’re georgie’s father. I can’t charge you rent. Besides, you’ll be like free in-house childcare. Okay, georgie’s care is my blessing, not my burden. And that goes for all the kids. No, truly, I must insist. I mean, your utilities are going to skyrocket. I use a lot of electricity and water, and — and I — I require top-speed internet. Oh, hey, look, the gifts didn’t get ruined in the flood. Oh, oh, they must have been in the car already. That’s a good thing, huh? How fortuitous.

[ Chuckles ] Hi, dad! Hey, sweetheart. You’re late for our christmas eve celebration. Are those for us? Mm-hmm. Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend the night? That way, we could open them tomorrow morning. Oh, I’m not sure about that. Please, mom, convince him. Go ahead. Tell your dad what you just told me. You got this. I heard you and uncle chase last night. It sounded like you did something bad. He said that you’re going to court. That’s where people go to jail. I am so sorry this has been bothering you all day. I’m not going to jail, sweetheart. Then why have you been so sad? You are too perceptive for my own good. Uh, the thing is, I’ve been a little sad lately because… some people think I made a mistake at work, and they are doing an investigation. But I know I didn’t do anything wrong. And we’re going to work it out. Why are you going to court? Just to make everything official. That’s the way hospitals do things. So you’re not going away? No, sweetheart. Not ever. Pinky promise? Pinky promise. It’s you and me together forever. That’s what jake said. Yeah? He’s smart. So… you were saying that you like someone? Yeah. I would love to hear more if you want to tell me. They’re in my science class. They’re really smart. We got to talking about how there’s a lot of science in baking. They asked me to do some demonstrations for the science club. Oh, so that’s what you’ve been doing after school. Well, they sound really nice. His name is tobias.

I think I remember tobias from the science fair. Did he make the wind turbine? He’s really into renewable energy and the environment. Yeah, right, I-I remember. I thought he should have won. Me, too. I’m sorry I said that. That completely came out wrong. No, no, it’s a good question. And until I met trina, I wouldn’t have known how to answer it. I realize that I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and even though trina and i are in a better place now, it’s not lost on me what I’ve put her through. And I know that I still have a lot that I need to prove to you guys. But I will, because I love trina more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in my entire life. And she makes me want to be so much better. And that means earning your forgiveness… and I hope eventually your respect and your trust. Let there be light. Well, how about that? We would have found it. You know what I mean. Didn’t what he say move you at all? Ah, you’re back. And you survived. Yeah, barely. Your mom is tough. Mm. She’ll come around. Yeah, I’m not so sure. I love you for trying. It’s your dad’s choice whether he stays or not. Oh, come on. Dad, it’ll be fun. You know, I might stay longer than one night. See, my — my apartment is waterlogged, and I-I have no idea how long it’ll take to repair it. Wait, wait, so you’re going to move in? We are discussing it. Well, what is there to discuss? My sentiments exactly. We are defining terms, to wit — whether or not I’ll be a guest or a tenant. All that matters is that you’ll be here. Please, mom? I’ll be extra good. And I can clean my room, and james and i can even cook dinner and — you guys can’t use the stove. Have you been using the stove? Wouldn’t it be nice to have dad here for a little while? You’d be doing a good deed for your daughter’s father. Okay, fine. Fine. I will agree to your ridiculous deal. Yay! And you, little miss puppy eyes, can help me set up the guest room. Come on. Okay. I think she bought it, don’t you? Yes. Kevin, what’s wrong? Did something happen with charlotte? Uh, n-no. Um… when I was in her room, I — I heard her talking to herself. She’s very proud of her — her wound. Her first battle wound, she called it. Wow. Um… well, okay, I’m not the expert here. You are. But, uh, could that be a-a way of coping with her ordeal? Or — or maybe — maybe she feels victorious because she broke up her father and anna. I mean, either way, I don’t think we should underestimate the damage that victor has done to her. Well, that’s likely, and I’ll keep examining this in our sessions. She seemed so much like her normal self earlier. Well, yes. When she’s around you, she relaxes. She becomes more herself. She’s spontaneous. In her room just now, she was wearing a necklace that she said victor left to her in his will. That’s helena’s.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh.

O christmas tree these earrings are so gorgeous. Thank you. Of course. So are you. I hope you like them. Well, I love them because they came from you.

O christmas tree, o christmas tree are we all ready for our tradition? What tradition is this? I’ll, uh — I’ll make some more cider. Um, it’s, uh, already done. The p-pot’s warming now. O-okay. Great minds. Yeah. Well, every year, we make an ornament for the tree. Okay, well, I will get out of your hair, and I will let you, uh, enjoy your family tradition. Do you have somewhere more important to be? Because you’re on glue gun duty. Come on, everyone. -Whoo! -Alright. I get to pick the first ornament! I’m so excited!

[ Laughter ]

[ Stella speaks indistinctly ] And here you go. Be careful. Oh. Thank you. Ready, babe? Merry christmas eve, everybody. -Merry christmas eve. -Merry christmas eve. Can you hold that for me?

[ All speaking indistinctly ]

[ Knock on door ] What’s up? Josslyn: You’re invited to my family’s house for christmas eve — well, the part of my family that’s going to be at my mom’s house. A-are you sure it’s cool with everybody? We’d love to have you. Right, dex? The more the merrier. Okay, uh, let me grab my coat. I’ll — I’ll meet you guys outside. Maxie seemed to believe you. Showing up wet was a bold move. I thought we discussed mold. I wanted to go with a strong visual. And a great save with the bag of gifts, by the way. Oh, I can think on my feet. Yes, you surely can. This was a really great scheme to help maxie through her financial struggles. Thank you for looping me in. Maxie is too stubborn and proud to accept money without feeling like it’s a charity. This way, it’s a win-win. Okay, your room is all ready. I’m really sorry your apartment is underwater. But now that you’re staying with us, this is going to be the best christmas ever. Oh!

[ Both laugh ] Batch number three and four in the works. Thanks for helping me, mom. Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me about tobias. Love you. I love you, too. Do you think charlotte values the necklace

because it was helena’s? She seems to be proud of that fact. But so many people have told her so many things about helena. Why would she ever want to emulate her? Off the top of my head, I would say she’s looking for role models. People that she feels are powerful. Survivors. Unfortunately, helena, victor — in other words, the darker figures in the family, certainly qualify. She may be using them as a way to cope with her trauma. Sort of like an — an emotional crutch. Oh, my god. I-I can’t believe it. All the years that I spent worrying about nikolas, trying to save him from the darkness that he inherited from the cassadines.

[ Scoffs ] I never dreamed that charlotte would have to battle the same demons. I can’t bear to lose her, too. I’ve got to find a way to get through to charlotte. Valentin: How do you expect me to let you go? If I’ve made anything of myself in this life, it’s because of you. I don’t know where I’d be without you. You accepted me. All of me. I never felt more seen than when I was with you. I’m very grateful for our time together. I’ve loved you my whole life. I don’t know how I’m going to stop that. No, let’s not do that. Let’s just accept that. A part of me will always love you. A part of me will always love you. If love were enough, then we’d probably be together, wouldn’t we? But… it’s complicated. Yeah.

Peace sleep in heavenly peace

[ Sniffles ] Let’s call it, okay? With as much respect and dignity as we can.

Silent night holy night

[ Crying ] I always knew if I could ever have you, I could never keep you.

At the sight glories stream from heaven

goodbye, anna. Goodbye, valentin.

Heavenly hosts sing alleluia christ the savior is born christ the savior is born

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