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Ridge: Nah, she’s lucky to have you. So am I. I will. I love you.

R.J.: Hey, was that, uh, was that mom?

Ridge: Yeah. She’s at granddad’s house. Donna left some stuff, so she’s gonna go pick it up.

R.J.: She good? Is she– is she alone?

Ridge: No. No. Hope is with her.

R.J.: Oh. Okay, that’s good. You know, she’s going through a lot right now. Her and granddad have been close for years. I mean, I’m sure seeing him hooked up to ventilators, it’s really hard on her.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s tough on her. It’s tough on all of us. And that’s why we need some good news.

R.J.: We got any?

Ridge: Yeah. You and me. We’re gonna work on this collection. That’s good news. Your mom thinks that it is.

R.J.: Oh, you told her already?

Ridge: Of course I told her. She’s very happy. Father and son working together. Let’s hope dad is happy about that, too.

R.J.: You doing okay, dad?

Ridge: Yeah, I’m all right. I just want to make sure I did right by dad, you know?

R.J.: It was a tough decision. I mean, come on, you had saying yes to the experimental treatment, which there’s no guarantees, which was rough. And then there’s the other option, though, which is unplugging the machines being the one to say goodbye to granddad. Dad, you made the right decision, okay?

Ridge: You made the right decision. We’re going to finish his collection.

Zende: Poor granddad, lying alone in that hospital bed, unable to complete his last collection. It’s so unfair.

Luna: Nothing about this is fair. A man like eric forrester, he brings so much beauty into the world with his designs and not be able to anymore?

Zende: If only I had known what was going on, I would have worked my tail off. I would have given him whatever he needed.

Luna: Hey, I, um… I hope you don’t still feel slighted.

Zende: No. I did at first, when I didn’t realize what grandpa was dealing with.

Luna: I mean, you thought that R.J. Was getting special treatment and getting to work with eric just because of who his parents are.

Zende: I’m glad that granddad had you and R.J. To rely on. He just ran out of time, was unable to finish what he started. That’s where I come in. I am determined to work with ridge to complete granddad’s vision.

Hope: You’re serious?

Brooke: Yes. Eric was in recovery. He made it through surgery, barely. And then we lost him.

Hope: Oh, my god. Mom. I–

Brooke: No. I know. It’s really frightening to think about. For a few moments there, he… crossed over to the other side.

Hope: I know this situation is dire, but I… choose to believe that when eric wakes up–

Brooke: Oh!

Hope: What? What, mom?

Brooke: Honey, you said when, not if.

Hope: Yes. I mean, he– he has to. I mean he– he has to wake up.

Brooke: Yes, I keep telling myself the same thing.

Hope: But you’re still scared.

Brooke: I am scared. I mean, really, how can I not be? I mean, look at the situation eric’s in. He’s on a ventilator. He’s unconscious. He’s got a feeding tube.

Hope: Mom, I’m so sorry. I know how much eric means to you. How much he’s meant to you over the years. How much he still means to you. And I know this isn’t easy for you, but I need you to tell me, really… how are you doing?

Brooke: Honestly, I just– I’ve been so focused on eric and, um, worried about ridge and donna and bridget that I haven’t really… I just haven’t really dealt with my own emotions, you know, my own feelings.

Hope: Oh, you mean you’re doing that thing that you always do when you put everyone else first, and you’re trying to make sure that we’re all okay.

Brooke: I’m just not sure that anybody’s okay. We’re going moment to moment, just hoping that eric makes it through this and that he has the quality of life that he deserves. But you’re right. I have spent a lot of my life with eric, and, um, it’s been incredible. I honestly don’t know what I would do if…

Luna: Yeah, of course. I will definitely pass along your wishes to ridge and the rest of the family. All right. Thank you so much for calling. That was, uh, monsieur auclair, offering his hopes and prayers for eric’s speedy recovery.

Carter: Hm. He’s one of forrester’s most influential buyers and one of eric’s lifelong friends.

Luna: So he says. There’s been lots of other calls like that, too.

Carter: It’s not surprising. Everyone loves eric.

Luna: Word is really spreading fast.

>>Carter: Yeah. His absence is felt in more ways than one. It’s hard to imagine forrester without the man himself. Hopefully, it doesn’t have to come to that.

Luna: What if it does? Who’s going to lead the company going forward?

R.J.: Hey, dad, you gotta be exhausted. I mean, you’ve been going for hours now. You’ve been going ever since granddad got admitted. Do you want to take a break, rest? I can take care of work stuff if you want.

Ridge: I know you can. No, we’re fine. It’s good. I just got to be here, make sure everything runs smoothly while my dad is fighting for his life.

R.J.: He’s going to make it. Yes? Come on. I’m not going to let myself think anything else.

Ridge: Okay.

Zende: Please don’t tell me there’s bad news about granddad.

Ridge: He’s hanging in there.

Zende: Seeing the two of you together, I just… never mind. I’m glad that he’s still with us.

R.J.: Well, dad’s been second guessing his decision he made about granddad.

Zende: You did the right thing, ridge. Can you guys believe the outpouring of support from the fashion community? I knew that granddad was admired and respected, but this is next level. Now, I’ve been thinking, we have an obligation to granddad to finish his line.

Brooke: Really? Okay. How about bridget and finn? Oh, that’s– that’s good. Well, we’re at your house, and I’m here with hope, and we’re going to just get some of your things together. Yeah, I just want to make sure everything’s okay. All right. We’ll see you as soon as we can. Love you. That’s donna. And, uh… nothing’s changed. It was a highly experimental procedure, so the recovery is going to take some time.

Hope: I know, it’s just, uh– the waiting around is the hardest part, I think, especially for aunt donna. So, katie– katie’s with her, though, right?

Brooke: Right. Yeah, for comfort and support.

Hope: Okay.

Brooke: I mean, eric has survived. It’s just… what happens next?

Hope: No one can really say.

Brooke: I know that he’s trying his hardest to be here with us, his family that loves him so much.

[Phone beeping]

Hope: Oh, is that donna again?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. She’s giving us a list of things to bring.

Hope: Okay, well, I mean, I can– I can help you put that all together. We’ll tag team it. We’ll make it easy.

Brooke: Okay. Thank you. Yeah. I appreciate your support. I need that.

Hope: Well, mom… we have to come together during times like these.

Brooke: I know.

Hope: And support each other.

Brooke: If there’s ever a time for the whole family to come together, it’s right now.

Hope: Let’s see that list.

Brooke: Okay.

Carter: I mean, things would be crazy for the foreseeable future, but I can assure you that forrester would be in good hands.

Luna: With ridge and steffy as co-ceos.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. They’d run the company the way eric would want it run. His priorities would become theirs. And… just be sad, though, you know, no one will ever see eric’s latest designs.

Luna: What if they could, though? Like, what if somebody finished the collection for him? Zende mentioned something.

Carter: What, about finishing eric’s line?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, he hates what happened. He hates that his grandfather is not able to wrap up his final collection, and… he’s adamant on doing it for him.

Zende: Granddad has made a huge imprint on my life. I wouldn’t be the man, the designer, I am today without his influence. I’ve been studying his latest collection, his unfinished sketches. Where he was going is clear. His vision, the designs he wants to create. He just needs someone to execute it for him. What better way to honor granddad than to finish what he started? Assure that his collection is seen, is loved, is worn.

Ridge: You’re absolutely right. 100%. We have to finish it.

Zende: Great. Great. I knew that you would be as stoked about this as I am. So when can you and I get started?

Brooke: Oh.

Hope: Uh, do you think we got everything?

Brooke: I think so. But, you know, if she needs anything else, I can always just come back.

Hope: Okay, well, I’ve packed all sorts of snacks, chips, popcorn, different kinds of drinks, water, so you don’t have to keep going back to the vending machine.

Brooke: Oh, good. Thank you. I just want to get back to the hospital as soon as I can for donna. But then I also want to be there for ridge at work.

Hope: If only we could be in two different places at once.

Brooke: He’s struggling with his decision, telling finn to do this experimental treatment on eric. If it doesn’t work, it’s going to be really hard on ridge.

Hope: Yeah, he’s, um… he’s dealing with a lot right now.

Brooke: Everything that’s going on at the hospital and everything at work, keeping the company going.

Hope: Well, there’s no one more dedicated to forrester creations than ridge.

Brooke: So much so that he is insisting on finishing eric’s line.

Hope: Really?

Brooke: Yes, with R.J.

Carter: So zende wants to complete eric’s collection?

Luna: Yeah, he seemed really adamant about it, like he couldn’t wait to get started.

Carter: Wow, I’m impressed. The guy loves his grandad, huh?

Luna: Yeah, he does. But… I think there’s a little bit more to it. You know, zende was really hurt when eric didn’t ask him to help him with the fashion challenge collection. He felt slighted and overlooked.

Carter: In favor of R.J., You mean?

Luna: Yeah. And with R.J. Being ridge and brooke’s son…

Carter: Eric doesn’t play favorites.

Luna: Well, yeah, and once zende found out about eric’s condition, he came around. He seemed to understand and accept his decision. But I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s so determined on finishing eric’s line. Let’s just hope that ridge agrees.

Zende: We can do this, ridge. You and me, bringing granddad’s collection full circle. He’s already laid out the roadmap. We just have to follow it. You know what, R.J., I was thinking you could help out, too. I mean, you spent a lot of time with granddad. You absorbed his process, his designs. I’m sure you’ll have some valuable insight. Plus, you’ll get to see me and your dad in action. You’ll learn from the two of us.

Ridge: Can we have the room for a minute, please?

R.J.: Yeah, sure.

Zende: I mean it, ridge. I am fully committed to this. I know that it will take extra hours, but I’ve already been thinking about how we can tackle some of the remaining pieces and even add to them. I mean I’d love to run some of my ideas–

Ridge: Okay, slow down. Slow down. I appreciate your enthusiasm. I know how much you love granddad. And you’re right. You should work on the line. I’ll find a way where you can help R.J. And me.

Hope: So– okay, ridge asked R.J. To help complete eric’s line.

Brooke: And R.J. Accepted. I’m sure you can imagine what that meant to ridge.

Hope: Well, given how much he values working with thomas, I mean, now to be… working with R.J., Too, that’s–

Brooke: One beautiful, positive thing that has come out of eric’s situation. It’s bringing ridge and R.J. Together.

Luna: How’d it go with your dad? Any updates on your granddad?

R.J.: No, but it did have to do with my granddad. So… he wants to collaborate with me to finish granddad’s collection, which is exciting. He really wants to work with me. He thinks that much of me as a designer, and I mean, I’ve always wanted to do this. And he’s always wanted to do it, too. Right?

Zende: I am determined to work with ridge to complete .Granddad’s vision. You and R.J.?

Ridge: You know this has nothing to do with you, right? Listen, I think you’re a very talented designer.

Zende: But…?

Ridge: But R.J. Started this, so he’s got to finish.

Zende: Look, ridge, I get that you want to work with your son, but R.J. Is very green. I mean, sure, he spent the last couple of months working with granddad. That’s great. I’m sure he’s learned a lot, but that pales in comparison to me. I spent years working with granddad. Not to mention that I studied at the best design schools, I studied abroad. All the successful collections I’ve worked on here at forrester.

Ridge: I’m aware of all of that.

Zende: Good. Then you must be aware with what I can bring to the table here. I mean, my expertise and experience is fine, but I want to do this for granddad. I owe it to him for everything he’s done for me. I mean, this is likely his final collection. It has to be perfect, just as he envisioned it. Now, I’m not saying R.J. Can’t help. I mean, he can, he can learn. He can grow even more. But you and I can’t let granddad down. The stakes are too high. R.J. Will have his time. You will do collections with your son, but not this one. Not this time, not with my granddad’s final collection.

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