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Johnny and Chanel have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Johnny suggests they do this more often now that Chanel finally found someone to replace Talia at the Bakery and will have more free time. Chanel assures that she plans to spend her time with him. Chanel asks Johnny about his bracelet. Johnny informs her that Holly made it for him and calls it cute. Chanel questions that and asks if he still doesn’t think Holly has a crush on him.

Holly is at home at the DiMera Mansion, holding a photo of Johnny as she thinks back to them eating together on Thanksgiving. Holly puts the photo down and tells herself to focus as she can’t sit around dreaming about Johnny all day when Nicole is struggling and needs her help.

Dimitri in his motel room and looks through the newspaper, saying that Sloan said she got Leo released so he looks for the article about it but instead finds out that Leo is to be arraigned on murder charges and questions what the hell this is.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ tells Nicole that he’s off to make sure Leo is held responsible for their baby’s death. Nicole tells him to go do what he has to do. EJ wishes Dimitri was also in custody. Nicole remarks that he’s the only one who really knows what happened that night. EJ states that they know Dimitri brought the baby in to the hospital where Dr. Pierce tried to save his life but couldn’t. EJ remembers that he said he wouldn’t keep trying to convince her that the baby that Eric and Sloan adopted isn’t their baby. Nicole says he doesn’t have to. EJ asks if that means she’s accepted that their child is gone. Nicole responds that she has, but there’s so many unanswered questions from that night and she won’t feel at peace unless she knows the whole story. EJ says he knows and hugs her.

Holly calls Eric, who asks if everything is okay. Holly wanted to confirm that he’s still going to do the DNA test today. Eric confirms he set up the appointment with Kayla. Holly thanks him so much for doing this as she thinks it might be the only way to prove that his baby isn’t Nicole’s. Eric asks if Nicole knows about the test. Holly says no as she didn’t want to get her hopes up in case Eric said no. Eric says he’s happy to do whatever he can to put Nicole’s mind at ease and that he just needs to talk to Sloan about it first. Sloan then walks in and asks what he needs to talk to her about.

Johnny tells Chanel that it’s just a friendship bracelet that Holly made for him to thank him for spending Thanksgiving with her. Chanel responds that she knows how teenage girls are. Johnny insists that Holly is not in to him and already admitted to crushing on his dad. Chanel talks about how that’s weird since EJ is her stepfather and asks why Holly is making gifts for Johnny then. Tate comes over while working at the Pub and declares that Chanel is right that Holly doesn’t have a crush on EJ.

Holly guesses Eric will have to get back to her. Eric doesn’t think it will be an issue but says he will text her to confirm. Holly thanks him and hangs up. Sloan asks who was on the phone. Eric tells her it was Holly and she’s concerned about Nicole. Sloan guesses Nicole’s still fixated on the idea that their baby is her baby. Eric confirms that she is and says that’s why Holly had this idea but they get interrupted as Sloan gets a text and says she’s waiting to hear from the judge on Leo Stark’s case. Eric asks what’s going on with that. Sloan responds that she filed a motion this morning to have the murder charges dropped ahead of his arraignment. Sloan then reads her text which is from Dimitri, saying that she lied to him and warning her to prepare for the consequences.

EJ meets Leo in the interrogation room. Leo tells EJ that he’s not speaking with him without his attorney present. EJ says he doesn’t have to talk as he just wanted to tell him that he’s going to relish throwing the book at him. EJ reminds Leo that he’s being charged with aiding a wanted fugitive and also with the murder of his son. Leo tells EJ that he’s sincerely sorry for what happened to his baby. EJ thought he wasn’t going to talk. Leo says he needs to say this because he delivered the baby and is heartsick that he didn’t make it. Leo adds that his attorney told him there is no way that EJ can get the murder charge to stick. EJ argues that he can and he will which means Leo is going to spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars.

Nicole joins Holly in the living room and tells her that EJ had to go to work as he has the hearing about Leo’s case. Holly says that’s too bad as she hoped to talk to both of them. Nicole asks what it is. Holly explains that she’s been thinking about the conversation that they had about the baby and guesses that Nicole still thinks that Eric and Sloan’s baby is her baby. Nicole confirms that she let EJ think that she was letting it go, but insists that she could feel it in her heart when she held the baby and she knew he was her son. Nicole wishes there was a way that she could prove it. Holly responds that maybe she can. Nicole asks what she means. Holly then reveals that she went to see Eric last night and he agreed to have a DNA test done on the baby.

Tate apologizes for eavesdropping. Chanel tells him it’s okay as she’s glad that someone finally agrees with her about the whole Holly thing. Tate repeats that Holly doesn’t have a crush on EJ, at least not anymore, as she told him that she’s completely over him. Johnny asks if Tate is saying that Holly did have a crush on EJ. Tate asks what he means. Johnny explains that Chanel thinks Holly having a crush on EJ was just a cover story for her really having a crush on him. Tate laughs that off and says no way. Chanel asks if he’s sure. Tate claims that he and Holly have gotten really close and that she trusts him with all of her deepest secrets. Tate thinks back to agreeing to help Holly break up Johnny and Chanel. Chanel guesses that if Holly hasn’t said anything to Tate about Johnny then maybe she’s wrong. Johnny jokes with her about admitting to being wrong. Johnny tells Tate that he’s sorry for distracting him from work. Tate says he’s actually glad he ran in to him as it reminded him of something important he has to do which kind of involves Chanel.

Nicole asks Holly if Eric thinks Sloan will go along with the DNA test. Holly confirms that he didn’t seem to think it would be a problem. Nicole calls that great and asks when they can do it. Holly says Eric set up the appointment for today and guesses they just need a sample from Nicole or EJ. Nicole gets excited and says that’s not a problem. Holly hopes she doesn’t mind that she did this without asking. Nicole assures that she’s incredibly grateful that she would do this for her. Holly says she just hates seeing her in pain and wanted to find a way to help. Nicole thanks her and says she has no idea how much it means to her. Nicole adds that everyone thinks she’s gone off the deep end so it means a lot that her daughter is on her side as they hug.

Dimitri texts Sloan that Leo is facing prison and she will be too when he tells Nicole everything. Sloan responds that she’ll be right over and tells him not to do anything until she gets there. Eric asks Sloan how the judge ruled. Sloan says it wasn’t from the judge but it was about Leo’s case and she has to go deal with it. Eric tries to tell her about Holly’s idea but Sloan just says whatever they want to do to make sure Nicole accepts the truth is fine by her. Sloan tells Eric she’ll see him later and hurries out.

Leo informs EJ that Sloan told him felony murder doesn’t count in his case because the baby died at the hospital which was after he and Dimitri were fleeing the police, not during the actual crime. EJ says that Sloan tried to spin the story the same way with him, but argues that it’s not accurate because his son died from injuries in the accident that Leo and Dimitri caused which makes him still very much responsible. Leo argues that Sloan would’ve mentioned that. EJ guesses that Sloan hoped she could change his mind and get him to drop the charges. EJ says that Sloan tried to sell that to the judge as well but he won’t approve of dismissing the murder charges since the doctor gave a statement saying the baby’s death was a direct result of Leo’s actions. EJ tells Leo to face it that he’s screwed.

Chanel asks Tate how she’s involved in what he’s supposed to do. Tate explains how he caused damages at his old school and his dad is making him pay for it which is how he got the job at the Pub. Tate jokes that he’ll be working off the debt until he’s Roman’s age, so he’s been looking desperately for a second job and hoped he could work at the Bakery. Chanel admits they could use the help and says she’ll send him an application. Tate offers if they can go fill it out now since he’s about to go on break as he’s anxious to get started. Johnny points out that they haven’t even eaten yet. Chanel says it’s fine as she will walk him over to get the application while Johnny orders for them and then she’ll be back before the food. Tate thanks Chanel and they exit together.

Holly remains looking at Johnny’s photo until Nicole returns to the room with her toothbrush for a DNA sample. Holly asks if she’s nervous. Nicole says she is but isn’t. Nicole declares that she’s not worried. Nicole talks about feeling something so deep in your soul that no one can talk you out of it and you would risk anything to get the world to understand. Holly looks at Johnny’s photo and thinks she has felt that. Nicole says that’s why she is not worried. Nicole asks if it’s too early to go to the hospital. Holly doesn’t think so and mentions that Eric texted her that he and the baby are already there.

Eric meets Kayla at the hospital with the baby. Kayla compliments the baby and asks what his name is. Eric admits that he and Sloan haven’t been able to settle on that yet. Kayla asks what they came in for today. Eric responds that he was hoping for a DNA test. Kayla assumes it’s for the purpose of genetic testing. Eric says maybe down the road, but right now it’s more to prove that his son is his and not EJ and Nicole’s son.

Leo asks EJ how his actions caused the accident when he wasn’t the one driving. EJ says he’s well aware but Dimitri isn’t here to face the consequences and Leo is. Leo swears he doesn’t know where to find Dimitri so EJ guesses it’s on Leo to carry the burden. Leo calls that not fair. EJ warns him not to talk to him about fair as he brings up his child’s life being cut short thanks to Leo and Dimitri and now Nicole will grieve and suffer for the rest of her life. Leo apologizes again but insists it was a terrible accident and no one ever intended for anyone to get hurt. EJ states that it doesn’t matter as all he has to prove is that Leo committed a crime that directly led to the death of his son. Leo complains that he did everything he could to save him including delivering him, himself. Leo adds that after Dimitri left, he didn’t leave Nicole’s side until help arrived and asks if that counts for anything. EJ says no, because in the end his son is still dead.

Sloan goes to see Dimitri at the motel and says she can explain about Leo. Dimitri argues that she lied to him when she told him that she would get the murder charges dropped. Sloan responds that she tried her best and she built a strong case but EJ wouldn’t listen. Dimitri complains that it still leaves Leo on the hook for a murder of a child that’s still very much alive and living in her apartment. Sloan insists that she’s far from done in fighting the charges against Leo as she filed a motion this morning to have the judge drop the charges and she has high hopes he will listen to reason. Dimitri states that is not good enough as she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain, so he has no choice but to call Nicole and tell her all about how Sloan stole her baby.

Nicole tells Holly that she’s all set to go but then she gets a call from an unknown caller. Nicole answers the call and it’s Dimitri, who says they need to talk. Nicole is really glad he called because she needs to talk to him about her baby and asks what happened when he left the crash site with her son. Dimitri says that’s exactly why he’s calling. Sloan then grabs the phone from Dimitri and hangs up. Nicole guesses they got disconnected. Holly asks what he said. Nicole says Dimitri was going to tell her what happened to her baby and how Eric and Sloan ended up with her son. Holly suggests just calling him back, so she does.

Dimitri asks Sloan for his phone back. Sloan ignores Nicole’s call. Sloan knows Dimitri is upset about the charges against Leo but argues that telling Nicole is not going to free Leo. Dimitri asks how that is since EJ will have to drop the charges if he finds out the baby is not dead. Sloan argues that Leo will still face charges for a litany of other crimes. Sloan adds that they could hear back from the judge any minute now that he’s dropping the charges based on the motion she filed. Sloan checks her phone and sees a missed call and a voicemail, so she hopes it’s good news.

EJ finishes a call with the judge and informs Leo that he denied Sloan’s motion to drop the charges, so the murder charge stays.

Dimitri asks Sloan what the judge said. Sloan responds that she’s sorry. Dimitri decides that he’s telling Nicole everything then. Sloan pleads with him that he can’t. Dimitri declares that he’s not letting Leo go away for murder. Sloan promises that he won’t and guarantees that Leo will walk, but there’s one thing he has to do to ensure that. Sloan informs Dimitri that he has to turn himself in.

Nicole complains that Dimitri isn’t picking up and guesses he won’t call back. Nicole decides they should just get to the hospital. Holly then gets a text from Tate that Johnny is alone at the Pub and that he will stall Chanel so that she can make her move. Nicole asks Holly if something is wrong. Holly says it’s nothing and that a friend wanted to meet up but it can wait. Nicole tells her that she can go to the hospital on her own. Holly feels like she should be with her. Nicole says she just has to give her toothbrush and wait. Nicole tells Holly that she’s done enough already and that thanks to her, she will be reunited with her son.

Eric explains to Kayla that Nicole thought it was her baby, so Holly came up with the idea of the DNA test to put her mind at ease. Kayla calls it really kind of Eric and Sloan to agree to it. Eric admits that he hasn’t had a chance to tell Sloan but Kayla says only one parent has to sign off so he doesn’t need her permission. Eric says that’s good because Sloan is getting very uncomfortable with Nicole claiming it’s her child. Kayla says she should be very relieved when the results come out then. Eric gets a text from Nicole that she’s on her way with her DNA sample so Kayla says they can get started.

Holly goes to the Pub and finds Johnny sitting alone. She calls it a surprise and asks if he’s eating alone. Johnny tells her that Chanel was with him but she took Tate to the Bakery to apply for a job. Holly notes that Tate has been talking about getting another gig. Holly offers to sit with him until Chanel gets back which Johnny allows. Holly notices that Johnny is wearing the bracelet she made for him and says it looks great. Holly adds that she’s glad they had a chance to be alone because she has something she wants to tell him but wants to keep it between them.

Kayla tells Eric that she just needs a sample from Nicole or EJ and they are all set. Nicole then arrives with her sample and hands over the toothbrush. Nicole thanks Eric for doing this. Eric says anything he can do to help. Nicole asks how the baby is doing. Eric says he’s great and sleeping right now. Nicole asks to look in on him and promises not to wake him which Eric allows. Nicole tells the baby that she’s so happy to see him and is sorry he had to be dragged to the hospital while taking a nap. Nicole hopes in the end that it will all be worth it.

Leo tells EJ that he’s making a big mistake going after him like this. Leo says that thanks to the support of the Spectator, the court of public opinion already decided he’s a victim. EJ says that’s not a real court. Leo suggests it’s the only one that counts and he becomes the story himself. Leo says that people are very invested in his happiness. EJ remarks that was before they found out he killed a baby. Leo argues that he didn’t as he delivered the baby himself and then Dimitri took him to the hospital. Leo insists that EJ will be screwed when they hear his side of the story as they will see that EJ is trying to railroad him and then they will be asking for his resignation. EJ thinks Leo is vastly overestimating his influence. Leo says he couldn’t be more wrong and claims his devoted fans are loyal and protective. Leo compares himself to the #FreeBritney movement which EJ laughs at. Leo declares that Paulina will have no choice but to fire EJ. EJ tells him it was a nice try but calls him completely delusional as no one gives a rat’s ass about him, including Dimitri.

Dimitri questions Sloan wanting him to turn himself in. Sloan says then they could make a trade with EJ, since it was Dimitri behind the wheel and not Leo. Sloan declares that if Dimitri agrees to plead guilty, Leo walks. Dimitri questions why he would ever do that when he can prove that Leo never murdered anyone and Sloan could fight the other charges. Sloan declares that she can’t fight the charges if she’s in prison for stealing Nicole’s baby. Dimitri shouts that he’ll hire another attorney then as she’s not the only one in town. Sloan complains that Dimitri is forgetting that EJ is incredibly dangerous and he will torture and punish Leo while holding him responsible for Dimitri’s claims. Sloan adds that Leo already admitted to much of what he’s done, so he is going to prison and maybe for the rest of his life. Sloan asks if that’s what Dimitri wants. Dimitri says of course not. Sloan states that what they need to do is make a trade with EJ and give him what he really wants which is Dimitri’s head on a platter, repeating that it was Dimitri driving when Nicole got in the accident. Sloan guesses the real question is how much Leo means to Dimitri. Sloan asks if he loves him enough to sacrifice himself to save him.

EJ tells Leo that Dimitri is probably off somewhere enjoying the good life and never looking back. Leo insists their love affair is real. EJ says maybe to Leo, but to Dimitri it was just a temporary diversion and now Leo is all alone. Sloan arrives and says that’s not true. Sloan announces that she just spoke to Dimitri and he’s willing to turn himself in if EJ drops all charges against Leo.

Dimitri remains in his motel room, looking at the photos he and Leo took as ghosts on Halloween. Dimitri can’t believe he’s doing this but decides that Sloan is right that if he wants to free Leo, he has to turn himself in. Dimitri never thought he would sacrifice himself for another person, but declares that’s how much he loves Leo. Someone then knocks on his door. Dimitri questions who the hell that could be.

Tate and Chanel walk through the town square. Tate thanks her for the tour of the Bakery and calls her a genius. Chanel jokes that he doesn’t have to suck up to her to get the job. Chanel instructs him to just fill out the application and they will find something for him. Tate thanks her. Chanel says she’s going back to the Pub but Tate stops her and says she can’t go back yet. Chanel asks why not.

Johnny tells Holly that she sounds serious. Holly says that it is. Johnny asks what it’s about. Holly responds that it’s about her mom. Johnny mentions that EJ told him that she thinks Eric and Sloan’s baby is her baby. Holly calls it so sad as Nicole is totally convinced their little brother didn’t die and that somehow Eric ended up with him. Johnny calls that a lot. Holly explains that she knew Nicole wouldn’t get over it until she had proof, so she came up with a plan. Holly reveals that they are doing a DNA test on Eric’s baby right now.

Nicole asks Kayla what happens now. Kayla says she will take the samples to the lab now and if they are lucky, they’ll get the results back within the hour. Kayla tells Nicole and Eric that they can stay and wait if they want. Eric thanks her as Kayla says she’ll see them soon and exits. Nicole can’t believe that she’s about to have proof that this is her baby.

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