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by Michele & Cheryl


Nicole realized that Eric and Sloan’s baby was hers. She looked at the baby and immediately felt the maternal bond. We weren’t sure if she would feel that way immediately, but she surprised us. She held Eric’s baby for a few minutes and realized he was her baby. She was like a dog with a bone with her theory. Eric, EJ, and Sloan told her that the baby wasn’t hers. She wouldn’t believe them. We didn’t think the story would move that fast. Storylines like that usually stretch for months at a time. We’re pretty sure the writers will find a way to slow the storyline down, but we give them credit for moving it along the way they are. Arianne Zucker did a pretty good job with the material she was given. She made us believe she was a grieving mother. We were pleasantly surprised by her performance. The story was easily the best one of the week. Watching Nicole drive it home that Eric had her baby kept us glued to the screen.

Speaking of Nicole’s storyline. Holly showed that she’s more than just a lovesick teenager. She suggested that Eric get a DNA test done on the baby. Holly didn’t seem clever enough to come up with an idea that could help push the storyline alone. She went to Eric and asked him to get a DNA test done on the baby. He was willing to do it. You would think the adults in the storyline would have come up with the idea that could solve the problem. We aren’t psychics, but we know that Sloan will intercept the test, so Nicole won’t find out the truth about the baby. For now, we’ll be happy that someone was thinking in the storyline.

Since the baby storyline dominated the week, it makes sense for most of the article to focus on the baby storyline. Anyway, Dimitri figured out that Sloan took Nicole’s baby. He demanded that she clear Leo’s name or he would tell her the truth. Sloan came up with different excuses until she admitted that she had the baby. Dimitri wanted her to help Leo or else. We loved the look of panic on her face when she squirmed while he threatened her. She had to do whatever it took to help Leo, but she kept hitting dead ends. Sloan needed to get a reality check because it seemed like she was the good one at a point. She was the one who started everything in the first place. Now she must do everything Dimitri wants, or he will tell the truth. We don’t care for Dimitri, but he had her number. We will enjoy watching him blackmail her for as long as it lasts.

The DNA test was done this week. Eric took the baby to Kayla so she could do the procedure. We know that Sloan will do something to make sure that she isn’t busted right away. We have seen this happen so many times on the show that we already know that Sloan will get away with swapping the DNA results. She doesn’t know anything about fixing tests, but she will find a way to switch the results, so the story won’t end soon.

Why is everyone acting as if Steve has an axe to grind when it concerns Konstantin? He isn’t a schemer so his family and friends should trust him. He has no reason to lie about Konstantin. What does he gain from exposing him? What does Konstantin gain from lying? Konstantin has a reason to lie because he doesn’t want to get exposed. Maggie may as well paint gullible on her forehead when it concerns Konstantin. She believed every lie he told her. We want to see the look on her face when she realizes that Konstantin and Theresa schemed against her.

Chad must be reverting to his old ways. He schemed with Xander so he could get Everett fired from the paper. He thought that would keep Everett from Stephanie. His plan will blow up in his face because Everett has more time to spend with Stephanie. We won’t pretend to care about this storyline because we don’t. we see that Chad is acting like he’s the good one in the story when he’s not. Stephanie isn’t good either. She loves the fact that Everett is still in love with her. She enjoys the attention. Everett decided to call Gwen to find out why she fired him. He could easily figure out that Gwen sold Chad her half of the paper. Stephanie could also ask Everett to work for her. Chad’s plan could backfire on him.


Stephanie and Chad

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