Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of November 27, 2023

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl



You would think Nicole wouldn’t want to hold a baby after losing her. It was convenient that she wanted to hold Eric’s baby since the baby is hers.

Rafe basically thought Dimitri wasn’t a criminal. Did he forget that he tried to kill his sister?

Jada managed not to see Stefan in the evidence room.


Doug was too tired to deal with the family for Thanksgiving, but Chad made the kids stay with him and Julie.

Theresa’s accent slipped when she talked to Alex. Theresa is American so she shouldn’t sound like Gwen.

Xander was holding a drumstick one minute and it was gone the next.

What kind of friend is Kayla? Why would she want Maggie left in the dark about the type of person Konstantin is.

Theresa was looking in Alex’s direction but didn’t see him walk in the room while she was talking to Konstantin.


Kayla acted as if Steve had a reason to lie about Konstantin. He doesn’t gain anything by exposing Konstantin for his lies.

Thanksgiving was last week, but they were still talking about it.

Alex and Theresa were with Maggie and were suddenly at the town square the next.

Alex was supposed to punch Xander, but he clearly didn’t hit him.


Sloan was supposed to go to the station, but she went to see EJ.

Eric told Marlena that she could check on the baby, but she said that you shouldn’t disturb a sleeping baby. She said she would peek at the baby. She didn’t realize that’s the same thing Eric suggested.

There weren’t any covers on Alex’s couch when he and Theresa had sex. It suddenly appeared after they were together.


The actor playing Tate was clearly reading his lines while he was talking to Johnny and Chanel.

Chanel was wearing a big coat, but she was wearing shorts.



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