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Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan: What are you doing here? Have you forgotten that you are a fugitive? I thought you were leaving town.
Dimitri: And I thought you were helping Leo. And I suppose our expectations don’t always align with reality.

Lee (to Harris): If you’re going to stand there and take potshots at me, please leave so I can mourn that sweet little and wallow in self-pity.

Leo: You didn’t happen to bring me a turkey dinner, did you? Or better yet a tofurkey? I consider myself a vegan at heart. You know just one that eats meat from time to time.

Jada: Nope. No turkey or tofurkey. And I’m afraid, Leo. You’re the one whose goose is cooked.
Leo: I do love a clapback with some spicy wordplay.

Jada: You’re not the one we want. We want the big fish.
Leo: Now I’m insulted on top of everything else. Are you saying I’m not a big fish?

Sloan (about taking Nicole’s baby) I didn’t plan to take him.
Dimitri: You know I’ve actually used that line when I was caught shoplifting at the mall and that excuse didn’t even work for a pair of rollerblades.

Dimitri (to Sloan): You think telling me that you didn’t plan to steal a baby somehow exonerates you?

Steve: (about Konstantin): It looks like Maggie’s friend has an allergy.
Kayla: An allergy?
Steve: To the truth.

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