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[somber music] I can’t believe I’m going through with this. But Sloan is right. If I want to guarantee Leo’s freedom, I have to turn myself in. I just never imagined that I would ever sacrifice this much for someone else.

[sighs] I must really love you, Leo Stark.

[knocking on door]

[tense music] Who the hell could that be? No, no, no, no. I was careful. It couldn’t be the cops.

[knocking continues]

Dimitri von Leuschner, open up. I know you’re in there.

I just spoke with Dimitri von Leuschner, and he’s willing to turn himself in, EJ, ,::, as long as you drop all charges against Leo Stark.

[suspenseful music]

You just spoke with him? Well, where the hell is he?

It’s irrelevant, don’t you think?

It is if you’re harboring a fugitive.

I’m not harboring anybody. Mr. von Leuschner is my client, and as I just said, he’s happy to turn himself in. All you have to do is just sign some paperwork.

I can’t believe it. I was certain he was halfway across the world by now.

Hey, genius. You’re not helping your case, okay? So what do you say, Mr. DiMera? Shall we take this conversation outside?


Just fill this out when you can and return it, and I’m sure we’ll find something for you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Yep. you got it. All right, I’m gonna head back to the Pub.

Uh, wait. You–you can’t go back yet.

Why not?

Why not? Be–because, um, uh…

[tense music]

You know, actually, um, I’m glad you’re here.

Yeah. Does, uh–does that mean you forgive me for acting like a total idiot the last time we saw each other?

I do, but on one condition.

Name it. I need you to help me break up Johnny and Chanel.

Because there’s, um– there’s something I need to tell you.

[country music playing]

Okay, so let me get this straight. Eric agreed to let you run a DNA test on his baby to prove that he’s not our little brother?

Kind of bizarre, I know.

Yeah, I mean, it’s more sad than bizarre, actually. I mean, I– I just feel so bad for your mom. And for my dad too, of course. But this is going to crush Nicole when she finds out.

Yeah, I know. But maybe it’s still for the best?


[sighs] Yeah, maybe. I mean, at least now this will force her to face reality.

[sighs] I don’t believe this. I–I’m about to have proof that the baby’s mine.

We should know soon.

Yeah, pretty quickly, right? Oh, gosh, my heart is– is beating so hard right now. Oh, Eric, I’m–I’m so sorry.

For what?

Well, I’m just going on and on about how excited I am to get the results, and I’m thinking about no one but myself. And there’s nothing new there, right?

Thank you, but it’s okay.

No, it’s not okay, because if it turns out that this little boy is mine… That means that he’s not yours.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[soft music]

Oh, Eric, I’ve been so caught up in my own loss, I didn’t even think about what this is doing to you.

No, Nicole, you’re– you’re grieving. You don’t need to worry about me.

Yes, I do. You’ve been so kind to me, and–and you always put everyone before yourself. And I can’t expect you to be selfless now. I–

I just– I just want you to have peace of mind.

But what about you? I know how much you’ve always wanted a child, how much you’ve wanted to be a father. And I’m so sorry, because I should know more than anyone what this must be doing to you. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, because it means the world to me that you would allow us to do this test.

It’s not actually hard for me.


Because I don’t believe my baby is your son.

All right, let me be clear with you, Ms. Petersen. I have no interest in making any deals with Dimitri, not while we have Leo Stark in custody. I believe you’re familiar with the phrase, “A bird in the hand”?

Oh, come on. Who wants a bird in the hand when you can have the whole Christmas goose?

But there’s no assurance of that, is there, given how unreliable the guy has proven to be? What makes you so sure Dimitri will even show?

Let’s just call it gut instinct.


Yeah, that when I say show up, he’ll be here. Oh, come on, EJ. You know this is a good deal. Dimitri’s the big fish here. Leo’s the little guppy.

[tense music]

[sighs] Your mixed metaphors aside, you actually make a good point. Dimitri was the man behind the wheel. He’s the one who should pay the price for my son’s murder.

Murder? No, no. I’m afraid that’s off the table.

[knocking on door]

Mm. Oh, the cops, they found me.

Relax. I’m not the cops. But I will call them if you don’t open the damn door.

[mysterious music]

Who the hell are you?

Well, I’m none other than Darius Rose, of course. Looking dusted as usual. We’ve met before, Miss Thing. Oh, come on, don’t tell me you don’t remember.

I don’t remember.

[scoffs] That’s odd. I’m usually so memorable. Oh, I know. It’s because the last time we met, we were both in drag.

Oh. No, uh…

[laughs] You’re mistaken. I have never done drag, I assure you.

I may have been the one in sequins, but you were definitely cosplaying in that G-Man get-up, “Agent Graham.”

Oh, now I remember. Yes, you were trying to get between me and Billie Reed in Arizona. Jackie Cox, right?

Ms. Cox will suffice. And now that you know to whom you are speaking, you may want to show a little respect, considering I’m your ticket to freedom.

I know it might sound like bragging, but that bracelet looks really cool on you.

Oh, yeah, it does, because it’s awesome.

[laughs] I’m so glad you like it.

Of course. Yeah. And honestly, I’m not a big jewelry wearer, but this one’s special, so thank you again.

[country music playing] And hey, I think we might have a few minutes before Chanel comes back.


There’s something I want to talk to you about, but Chanel can’t find out.

I’m all ears.

Okay? So what did you need to tell me?

[tense music]

Uh, it–it’s about why I asked you for this– for this job.

Yeah, you said it was because you needed to pay off some of the damages that you caused at your school.

Right, um, but I wasn’t being exactly truthful about all that. See, my dad, he’s forcing me to hand over everything I make at the Brady Pub to pay back those damages. So I was–I was thinking, by taking this second job, I could make some cash for myself, you know?

That’s what you had to tell me?


Yeah, I–I really don’t care what you do with your money, dude. None of my business. Just don’t open up a rival bakery, and we’re good.



All right. Uh, I should get back to Johnny.

Uh–wait! Um, I was just thinking, those–the, uh– the oven that you have in there, it looks very complicated to operate. So I was wondering if maybe you could show me how it– how it works.

Okay, tell you what. Tell you what. You fill that application out, you bring it back, and then we’ll go over everything if I hire you. Okay.

[quietly] Crap.

Hmm. So you don’t think it’s possible that your son could be my baby? Why, Eric, because I’m crazy? Oh, there goes crazy old Nicole, at it again. So you’re trying to placate me so I don’t, what? Go stark raving mad?

No. Nicole, listen to me. After talking to my mom, she just–

Oh, goody. What did Mama Shrink have to say?

She said that after someone’s loss like that, it’s only natural that your mind can take a leap.

[somber music]

If you’re insinuating that my mind is playing tricks on me, you’re wrong. I know the child that I carried for months– the child that kept me up night after night because he was digging his foot in my rib, the child that actually enjoyed my singing voice– my son.

No, he’s not!

You weren’t there when he was born. You got there after the accident, after he was taken from me. You didn’t see him. You didn’t watch him take his first breath. You didn’t hold him. You didn’t feel his touch. I did! And I am telling you that this baby right here–this– this is my baby.

[phone ringing]

No murder charge? But you just said Dimitri was turning himself in.

Not for the baby’s death. Oh, don’t act so surprised. You know very well that it would be quite difficult, even with the most amenable judge, to make those felony murder charges stick.

So what exactly is your client confessing to? Unpaid parking tickets? Ah, jaywalking. Yes.

EJ, there are a host of crimes that you can happily charge him with that will put him away for a very long time, so don’t press your luck. My client was never gonna plead guilty to murder.

[tense music] Besides, he knew that he couldn’t be held accountable for what happened to your son. Look, this is a wonderful outcome for all concerned. Take the win, Mr. DiMera.

I’ll go draw up the papers.

My ticket to freedom, huh? What the hell are you talking about?

Oh, don’t play so innocent with me, honey buns. I’ve been keeping tabs on you from up in Canada and that scoundrel to whom I was foolish enough to pledge my troth.

Nothing better to do with your life than to stalk your exes?

Not when there’s a reward for capture placed on his head. And when I found out, I hightailed it on down to Salem to hunt the little SOB down. And wouldn’t you know? I caught you two little ghosts traipsing around the Horton Town Scare.

How the hell did you know it was us? We had bedsheets over our heads.

Please. I’d recognize Leo’s little sashay anywhere.


But before I could rat him out, that little bastard got himself caught.

Oh, just for now. He’ll be released as soon as I turn myself in.

And that would be a gigundo mistake, Herr von Leuschner. In fact, that’s the very last thing you should do.

It’s all set. EJ is drawing up the papers as we speak.

[dramatic music]

Tell him to shred them. I don’t want the deal.

What do you mean you don’t want to take the deal? Did somebody cut off the oxygen supply in here, because you are talking crazy. You understand that once you sign on that dotted line, you’re a free man.

Yeah, but Dimitri won’t be. He’ll go to prison. I don’t think I can handle that.

[sighs] In fact, the very thought of it is making me want to cry and/or bite my nails to the quick, which I haven’t done since I was years old. And the only reason I stopped then is because my mother threatened to give me a buzz cut if I didn’t stop, and I really loved my long and lustrous hair, which I only ended up cutting eventually because it took so long to dry. And I know that I am rambling, but…

[panting] I am in quite a quandary right now, and I am very, very anxious.


Would you just calm down, please? Can we do that? And think rationally. Look, Leo. Dimitri wants to give this to you. In fact, he’s determined.

[soft music]

So you weren’t playing me? Dimitri is willing to go to prison so that I could go free?

He’s insisting on it.

[scoffs] I don’t believe it. Nobody has ever done anything that selfless for me before.

Well, obviously, he loves you very much.

I can’t let him sacrifice his freedom for me.

Look, Leo, I know that this situation isn’t ideal. But as your lawyer, if somebody loves you this much and they want to give a gift like this to you, do the gracious thing and accept it.

So, you see, you don’t need to turn yourself in, ’cause I can help get your cute little tushie out of here.

How? What is this ticket to freedom you keep mentioning?

I can guarantee you safe passage to Canada. Granted, it’s not as glamorous as Alamainia, but still safely outside the Salem PD’s jurisdiction.

But why? I mean, why not just turn me in and take the reward?

I only wanted the reward when it was for that little creep who has your heart for some reason. God only knows why. But now it’s worthless to me. Besides, was I going to walk you into Salem PD with a bell on? No. I’m offering to help you because I loathe and detest Leo Stark, and with good reason.

[tense music]

Weren’t you two married?

[laughs] Oh, yes, we were. And I–I’m still suffering from debilitating PTSD from our marriage. In fact, the mere thought of that two-faced walking Poochie print gives me terrible acid reflux. Did Leo never tell you about our marriage?

Not in detail, no.

[laughs] Well, let me fill you in. Leo was supposed to get me a green card, but our marriage fell through and I got deported all because he fell for our mark, Dr. Craig Wesley.

[sighs] We had the perfect scam going, and he ruined it for that alta cocker closet case– alta cocker meaning elderly, in case you’re not familiar with Yiddish.

Uh, yes. Thank you. I–I’m not. But, um, perhaps this Dr. Wesley’s life was a bit more complicated than you thought.

Oh, I get it. You’re sympathetic to the old fool because you had a beard of your own.

[sighs] But anyway, the point is, you may think Leo Stark loves you. Believe me, I did once too. But he’s playing you just like he plays everyone else. So while you’re sitting in prison rotting away, getting eyed up by your fellow inmates as their next tasty snack, Leo will have moved on to his next mark. So take my advice. Don’t become Ms. Patsy Holding-the-Bag. That’s not a bad drag name. But back to the burning question– why would you take the fall for that duplicitous little libertine when I can set you free?

So what did you want to talk to me about without Chanel?

[phone beeping]

Do you want to check that?

It’s probably just one of my friends causing drama or looking for some. You were saying?

Yes. Okay. So our wedding anniversary is coming up.

Our wedding anniversary?


[laughs] Mine and Chanel’s.

Yeah. Uh, right.

[laughs] Uh, wait. Aren’t you divorced?

Yes, but that never should have happened. And since we’ve been lucky enough to get this second chance, I just wanted to do something to celebrate our wedding day.

[soft music playing] And I just was hoping that you would, I don’t know, be willing to help me out.

[chuckles] Why me?

Well, you know us both pretty well. I could definitely use a woman’s touch. And I just–I think you’d be the perfect person to help me plan this surprise.

[scoffs] Of course. It’d be my pleasure to help. So when do we start?

Hopefully soon. You are the best. Thank you very much.

Johnny. Hi.



There you are. How’d it go at the bakery?


Uh, okay. Um, Tate–I–I gave him an application, and he was hellbent on checking out my ovens for some reason.

Well, as long as he wasn’t checking you out…

[laughs] I guess that’s all right.

Thanks a lot.

Drama with your friends?

Something like that.

[phone ringing]

Uh… Oh, that is, uh, my sister, Sydney. I’ll be right back.

[phone beeps]

Holly. I’m glad we have a minute alone.

Hi. What’s up?

What’s up is that I know all about your little crush.

Nicole, you’re right. I did–I didn’t see your son, but how could I have managed to end up with him?

Easy. Your wife probably stole him.

What? How could she have done that?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the same way Eli and Lani’s twins were snatched out from under everyone’s noses. Hell, some psycho nurse rolled Abe right out of here without anyone noticing. So maybe Sloan had someone on the inside, so when Dimitri brought the baby here– that someone. Or maybe even Sloan herself took him without anybody looking.

Whoa, whoa. Do you know how far-fetched that sounds?



Far-fetched? If I’m capable of it, so is your conniving little wife.


You know–



You know what? Instead of speculating how all of this happened, we’ll just wait for the DNA test, and then the truth will come out.

Yes, we can agree on that.

Great. You know, and speaking of the test, I thought Kayla was gonna put a rush on them.

You know, why don’t I go ask?

Thank you. I appreciate that. And I will stay and watch the baby.

No, no, no. You know what? Thank you, but you know what? I think I’m gonna take him with me.

[groans] I have never been so conflicted in my entire life. And the love of my life wants to do this for me, but then I will never see that gorgeous man with the magical body part that I am too polite to mention in mixed company because he’ll be behind bars.

[tense music] Fine. I’ll do it.



You’re making the right choice, Leo. I’ll text Dimitri now.

[phone ringing] Oh. I have to take this. Just–

[phone beeps] Eric?

Hey. Hey, I know you’re busy with a client, but um, there’s something that you need to know.

What? What’s going on?

Um, I’m at the hospital.

Is everything okay with the baby?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s fine. It’s just that, um, I asked my Aunt Kayla to run a DNA test on him so we can prove to Nicole that he’s not her son.

[dramatic music]

[scoffs] You know about my crush? What crush? On who?

Holly, don’t play dumb with me.

“Don’t play dumb”? What the hell, Chanel? Where is this coming from? Wait. Did Tate say something to you?

No. No. And you don’t have to get defensive, because it is very obvious whenever you and me and Johnny are together. I’ve seen it with my own eyes that you are smitten. And hey, I get it. He is a great guy, and the two of you have been spending so much time together since your mom got married to his dad. But I think that you know that you two could never be together because, well, one, he’s way too old for you, and two, there’s the whole ick factor with him being your stepbrother, and three, he’s taken, by me.

Chanel, I don’t know what you think you’ve seen, but you’re way off base. I–I don’t have a crush on Johnny.

Oh, no? Then why did you ask if Tate said anything?

Because… I have a crush on Tate.

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to go forward with your plan, how would it work?

A dear friend is waiting with a car nearby. You say the word, and it’s zoom-zoom, right to the Canadian border.

Darius, there’s a statewide manhunt out for me. I cannot just “zoom-zoom” out of town. They’ll recognize me.

Don’t worry, darling. That’s all taken care of.

[mysterious music] You see, the police will be looking for Dimitri von Leuschner, not Diane von Fabulous. Oh, come on. It’s not your color? It’s the best I could do on short notice.

No, no. It’s, uh–it’s fabulous. It’s just, I’m– I guess I’m wondering… why go through all this trouble for me?

Haven’t I made my point clear? This isn’t for you. This is against loathsome, lying, lecherous, licentious, “L Word”-watching, left-leaning– and that’s his only good quality–Leo.

[sighing] I gave that man some of the best years of my life– not to mention taught him every trick he knows in the sack. You’re welcome, by the way.

Darius, I am so sorry about what happened between you and Leo, but I know him. And I love him, and I know he loves me.

Enough with the schmaltz. Leo used to love me too. And he betrayed me and left me at the drop of a hat for another man. Leo deserves to get screwed just like he screwed me. And the best place for him to get screwed… is in prison.

You are running a DNA test on our child?

I tried to tell you, but you took off before I could.

That does not change the fact that you are having a completely unnecessary medical procedure done on our baby.

Sloan, it’s not hurting him. It–there’s no harm at all.

No harm? You are letting your grieving ex-wife actually think that we believe this ridiculous theory?

Which is why I agreed to the test, to prove to Nicole once and for all that our son is not hers.

You know, we shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially not to her.

Sloan, this is a good thing. Nicole is gonna finally hear the truth and have to accept it. You know as well as I do how those test results are gonna turn out.

Sloan, listen. I have to go. Those test results are gonna be ready any minute, okay? I love you. Bye.

[phone beeps]

[somber music]


[phone beeps]

Everything okay?

I have to go.

You’re leaving?

I’m sorry, it’s an emergency.

What about my deal?

[scoffs] As soon as EJ shows up with the paperwork, you wait till Dimitri’s here, and then sign on the dotted line. You’re a free man.

Doesn’t my lawyer need to be present for this?

Leo, do you want to get the hell out of here or not?

Okay, girl. Don’t bite my head off.

[sighs] Leo, you are getting a second chance. It’s a done deal. And if I don’t leave right now, my life’s going to be over.

So what’s the plan, Diane?


Are you going to be my plus-one to the Great White North, or are you gonna let yourself get “cock-holded” like I was?

I think you mean “cuckold.”

Whatever. Anyway, the point is…

[phone beeps] Leo doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body.

Hold that thought.

Let me guess, your prison-bound lover?

No, my lawyer.

[tense music] The DA took the deal. I can free Leo if I turn myself in.

So what? You haven’t signed anything yet. You can still back out. Are you really going to spend the best years of your life rotting away in prison for some grifter all because you sacrificed yourself in the name of love? Or are you and I gonna drive off in search of Julie Newmar? What’s it going to be?

Well, if you have a crush on Tate, then why were you so concerned that he might have said something to me?

Uh, well, because– because I told him not to tell a soul. And I’m pretty raw from it all, quite honestly.

Why? Did he reject you?

Yeah. I–I mean, no, not really. Look–look, when I told Tate how I felt, he told me, since– since he’s in big trouble for what he did at his school, that his dad won’t let him have much of a social life, which includes dating.

[sighs] Hello.


Tate. Hi. We were just talking about you.

[laughs] Hey, Tate. I was just telling Chanel about my crush on you.


Yeah, but how we can’t be together because of your dad and his annoying rules.

Hey, guys.

[sighs] Uh, sorry. My sister just wanted an update on my dad to see how he was doing. Um, what’s up? What’s–what are you guys– what are you guys talking about?

[mysterious music]

[tense music]

[phone ringing]

All right. Everything seems to be in order. Where the hell is Sloan?

Uh, she had to step out for an emergency. Is that my deal?

Yes. But I assume you would want your lawyer to look it over before you sign it.

No, I’m good. Just this once, I am going to trust a DiMera. So does this mean I am free to go?

Only when your boyfriend shows up, which I sincerely doubt…

O ye of little faith.

Hello, my love.

[inhales sharply] Oh, well. It was worth a try.

[inhales sharply] Hmm. Oh. Looks better on me anyway.

[inhales sharply] Hmm.

[sighs] Johnny…

[laughs] You might as well know, um, I was just telling Chanel about my crush on Tate, but how we can’t be together.

Oh, well, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s…

Yeah, well, it’s because of Tate’s dad. He won’t let him date because of what he did at his school.

Not true. We can date.

What? What about your dad?

What about him? I mean, I don’t care what he thinks, at least, uh, not anymore.


[dramatic music]

Nicole. Hi. Uh, where’s Eric? Hmm?

He went over to get the baby’s DNA test results. Wow, you sure ran over here like a bat out of hell. You worried that the jig is up?

I am not quite sure what you mean.

Oh, you’re not? Save it. You think you outsmarted me, but I’ve been to this rodeo before, and the truth is gonna come out.

[door opens]



[scoffs] I–I–I had to come over here, because you have to put a stop to this immediately.

See, she doesn’t want the test done, because she knows that that baby is mine.

No! I am refusing to go along with this because I never gave my consent to run a DNA test on our baby, Eric.

I’m sorry, but it’s a little too late for that. I’ve got the test results right here.


[dramatic music]

[soft music]

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