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You–you want to hold him?

Ah, just for a moment. I thought maybe if I held him in my arms, it might bring me a little solace.

Nicole, I don’t know if that’s such a–

I–never mind. I’m sorry. You’re just getting to know him, and I shouldn’t have asked.

No, no. It’s OK. Of course you can hold him.


[poignant music]

Ah, yes, scarfing down a sandwich alone in the pub. What the holidays are all about.

[clears throat] EJ, heard about what happened to you and Nicole. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I don’t want your condolences, commissioner, I want you to find the bastard who ran my wife off the road.

Dimitri, what are you doing here? Have you forgotten that you’re a fugitive? I thought you were leaving town.

I thought you were helping Leo. But I suppose our expectations don’t always align with reality.

I am helping Leo.

Really? Huh. Then why is it that I just heard that he’s being charged with murder? And I think we both know that if anyone should be facing those charges, Sloan, it’s you.

[tense music]

Is your lawyer on her way?

Unfortunately, she is not. She was otherwise engaged. But she will be here eventually, and she will prove my innocence. I had nothing to do with the untimely demise of that sweet little baby. In fact, I had everything to do with the opposite– with bringing him into the world. For which I am very proud, though heartbroken, that his stay here was so tragically brief.

Yeah, thanks to you and your boyfriend.

Would you not say that? Anyway, if you’re just going to stand there and take pot shots at me, please leave so I can mourn that sweet little creature and wallow in self-pity.

Wallow away.

[door shuts] Hey.

Hey. I just heard what happened to that Carter guy. How’s Ava?

She’ll be OK, provided DA DiMera doesn’t drop the hammer.

Well, knowing how EJ feels about her, I wouldn’t place any bets.

[tense music]


Missing something?

Yeah, my keys. You haven’t seen them, have you?

So how do you want to decide who breaks into this evidence room? Rock, paper, scissors?

What are you, six years old?

You want to come up with something?

I’m not coming up with anything because I’m flat-out not gonna do it.

I’m the one who made a copy of these things.

And I’m the one who swiped them. Which, I might add, is a hell of a lot riskier than sauntering into a hardware store.



It’s my face on the security footage.

Oh, then why didn’t you wear a Guy Fawkes mask?

[sighs] OK, so neither of us wants to do this.


[sighs] Someone’s got to break in and steal that evidence, or Clyde is gonna be very, very unhappy.

Just got an idea. Why don’t we let Mr. I Cannot Tell a Lie decide for us?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Did you lose your keys?

I don’t know. I’m sure they’ll turn up.

Well, you should probably find them sooner than later.


Any luck with Stark?

Well, he swears up and down that he’s innocent, but he’s having a little trouble tracking down his lawyer, so I figure I’ll just let him stew in the interrogation room for a while and maybe he’ll get interested in making a deal.

Hmm. Mind if I take a crack at him?

Be my guest.

EJ, believe me, our department wants Dimitri found just as badly as you do. I have my best detectives on the case.

Hmm, while you sit here enjoying a turkey dinner.

EJ, you are well aware of your family’s resources. Now, with that said, there is a pretty damn good chance that your nephew is setting up a hammock in a Caribbean tax haven.

I don’t care if he is hang gliding over the Caspian Sea, I want him found. And when he is unceremoniously frogmarched back into Salem into police custody, I am going to throw the book– actually, no, the whole library– at him and his boyfriend Leo Stark.

Heard about that. Pretty steep charge.

Do you take issue with how I decide to prosecute criminals?

Alleged criminal. And no, in this case, I do not. But I am curious as to what you’re doing with Ava Vitali.

[exhales deeply]

So you want to decide who breaks into the evidence room by flipping a coin?

Better than rock, paper, scissors, no?

Ugh. I guess! All right, but if we’re doing this, I’m calling it.

[laughs] Fine.



You think I should be charged with murder? Whose?

So that’s how you want to play this.

Play what? What are you talking about?

OK. You remember when I stopped by here a couple of days ago with a premature but otherwise perfectly healthy baby boy in my arms, and you assured me that you would deliver said baby to the hospital? Well, now I am hearing– and please do correct me if I’m wrong– that that baby is, how shall I put it, dead?

Dimitri, listen.

Sloan, no, you listen. Now, I know that there was no love lost between you and Nicole, but I mean, god, do you despise her that much?

Excuse me, do you think that I killed Nicole’s baby?

Well, didn’t you?

What? No! Listen, Dimitri, I’m no doctor, but as you said, Nicole’s baby was born prematurely on the side of a road after a car crash. The baby was– the baby wasn’t doing well. That’s why I took it to the hospital. But by then, it was too late. The baby didn’t even stand a chance.

Mm. I see. Well, then, tell me–may I– why is it, if Nicole’s son is dead, that your apartment looks like you ransacked the baby department at Saxton’s?

[dramatic music]

Oh, he’s so beautiful.

[laughs] Oh, are you trying to smile? I think he’s smiling at me, yes.


Obviously, he likes you.

Yes, a sweet little boy. He’s so…

[baby coos] Precious.


Wait. How could this be?

How can what be? Nicole, what is it?

This is my baby.

[dramatic music]

[breath catches]

[phone rings]


Hey. I wasn’t expecting to see you again today. Is everything OK?

Yeah, everything’s fine. I just thought I’d stop by because, um, I have something for you.

We just got the forensics back. My team found fibers underneath Gil’s fingernails consistent with those which we got from Ava’s blouse, which obviously lends credence to Ava’s story and the fact that he did, in fact, attack her.

You don’t think Ava is clever enough to falsify evidence?

It’s possible. But why would she? From what I can tell, and based on the evidence we have so far, she had no motive to kill him except in self-defense.

Mm. Then if you are satisfied with the facts of the case as presented by Ava and substantiated by the evidence at the scene of the crime, I see no reason to press charges.

Nor do I.

And now I must attend to my wife. And you, Commissioner Hernandez, must find the bastard who killed my son.

[laidback rock music]

Detective Hunter, you’re looking lovely today. You didn’t happen to bring me a turkey dinner, did you? Or better yet, a tofurkey. I consider myself a vegan at heart. You know, just one that eats meat from time to time.

Nope, no turkey or tofurkey. And I’m afraid, Leo, that you’re the one whose goose is cooked.

Ooh! I do love a clapback with some spicy wordplay.

Cut the crap, Leo. I heard that you were up for murder felony charges for the death of Nicole DiMera’s baby. Which, believe me, is no laughing matter, and especially is not funny to the DA.

What is–well, “funny” is not the word. I’d say the word is “disturbing”– is that the DA happens to be Nicole’s husband. So if you’re done trying to twist my arm and spread good cheer–

I’ll be happy to leave you in peace, but not until I tell you how I can make these charges go away.

Really? How?

Simple–by throwing your boyfriend under the bus.

What? This? Well, this is all for my baby.

Your baby?



Yes, really. If you must know, Melinda Trask has been helping Eric and yours truly in the adoption process. That’s why she was here the other day when you showed up. You see, we were dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s in some of the paperwork. Actually, we just received our bundle of joy today. He’s out with his father right now.

He. I’m sorry, he. So it’s a boy.

Yes, it’s a boy.

Wow. Well, I think congratulations are in order.

[chuckles] But let me just get something straight. Uh, just a few days ago, I leave you with a perfectly healthy baby boy who then suddenly somehow dies of heretofore unknown internal injuries. And then as luck would have it, you find yourself the recipient of a perfectly healthy infant, a boy, nonetheless, who is born, as it seems, the exact same time as the baby that I dropped here with you just days earlier. Now, Sloan, how stupid do you think I am? You took the baby for yourself. Didn’t you?

[tense music]



What do you mean?

Just as I said– this is my baby.

[breathes shakily]

Nicole, I–


I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain you’re in right now, but this isn’t your baby.


[eerie notes] It’s a boy.

He’s so adorable. That teeny little nose and all those little fingers.

He’s my precious baby. It’s a little miracle.

[breathes shakily] Right after he was born, Leo put him in my arms and I held him for the first time, and I saw his sweet little face. I’ll never forget. Eric, this is him. This is–this is the baby that I gave birth to. This is the baby that I carried inside of me for months. This is him! This is my son.

[dramatic music]

You have something for me?

I do indeed.


Mm. Since you are stuck here all night, I thought you might be hungry.

Wow, you–you made me Thanksgiving dinner?

Yeah, well, it’s– it’s linguine carbonara. I know it’s not very Thanksgiving-y, but, uh, I didn’t think you’d mind–


–you know. It’s what I had on hand.

I don’t– I don’t mind at all. Thank you. This place gets so crazy sometimes, I just forget to eat. I’m so hyped up on caffeine and reading these witness statements, it’s no wonder I lost my keys.

[laughs] I’m starting to think if my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose that, too.

[both laugh]

[mysterious music]

Come again? You want me to throw the love of my life under the bus? Very tired cliche, by the way, “under the bus.” Dead phrase walking. I would prefer “sell him down the river” or better yet, “forsaken.” A bit musty, but not nearly as tiresome.

How about you stop trying to be funny and call Dimitri? Wish him a happy turkey day. Tell him you’re out on bail and you’d like to meet up with him.

Let me guess, he shows up to meet me, you and another gumshoe jump out of the foliage with a butterfly net and cuffs, spouting his Miranda rights to him.

Mm, something like that.

Well, I’m not going to do it.

You know, Leo, there’s no reason why a man so stylish and witty as you– a man of letters, no less– should be cooling his heels in a stuffy room like this, especially since you’re not the one we want.

What does that mean?

We want the big fish.

Oh! Well, now I’m insulted on top of everything else. Are you saying I’m not a big fish?

In this case, no. You’re a guppy, a minnow. And yes, it might seem like you and Dimitri are partners in crime equal, but it’s clear that he’s the mastermind behind this operation.

Well, I would agree he does tend to be the assertive one.

Mm, he’s also the criminal, evil, and despicable one who tried to kill Stefan and Gabi and who assaulted a police officer. And the most appalling of all, he was the one driving the car that ran Nicole DiMera off the road. So, uh, why don’t you give Dimitri a call and I can have you out of here in time for turkey and gravy?

Of course I didn’t take Nicole’s baby. You know, Dimitri, it is possible for two babies to be born on the same day. In fact, I presume that it’s possible that thousands of babies are born on the same day in this country alone.

Right, but we are talking about a baby that I brought to you on the same day that you’re claiming that Nicole’s baby died

So what? Never heard of coincidence?

Yeah, but this is a pretty convenient coincidence, don’t you think, Sloan? Look, I really don’t care either way if my beloved uncle and Nicole get to raise this baby. But what I do care about is Leo, and right now, he’s being charged with the murder of a child that is still very much alive.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Oh, I thought I’d give Salem PD a quick call, get this mess sorted out.


What–wait, wait.

Nicole, what’s–


What’s going on? Whose baby is this?

It’s mine. Sloan and I adopted him today, but… Nicole thinks that he’s hers. I mean, I’m sorry, yours.

Because he is. I swear he is. Yes.

Nicole, sweetheart, look at me. This–this baby isn’t ours.

[exhales] EJ. Yes, he is. After the accident, I cradled him just like this. And I saw– I saw him. I saw his sweet little face, and I could never forget it. I would know it anywhere. Just look at him. Isn’t he beautiful?


[breathing shakily] This is our boy, EJ.


This is our boy!

Oh, sweetheart. I wish–I wish it were. I’d give anything for this to be our baby, darling. He’s not. This baby is– this baby is Eric and Sloan’s. They adopted him today. Yeah? And I think it’s time we gave him back to his father, OK?

[breathes tearfully]


[poignant music]

Rafe, thank you, man. That is great news. Thanks again.


What was that all about? What was the great news?

It’s about you.

You kidding?

Rafe told me that EJ’s decided not to charge you in Gil Carter’s death.

Oh my–oh my god. Oh my god.

You’re a free woman.

Thank you!


Oh my god, wow. Oh my god, I have to– I have to go tell– I have to go tell– OK. Oh, here–here’s your carbonara, and, um, don’t–don’t work too hard.



Hey. I got you, yeah.

[sniffs] I’m sorry. I guess my mind is just playing tricks on me and I thought– I–I was so sure he was mine.

It’s OK.

I’m sorry, Eric.

Nicole, it’s OK.

It’s not OK. I mean, this– this is your baby, and I– I should have been happy for you. And I’m–I’m really sorry.

Sweetheart, enough with the apologies, OK? Look at me. You’ve been through a lot these past few days, more than most people could handle. And Eric understands.

Of course I do.

Here, let’s go. Let me take you home. Come on.

Everything OK?

Yeah. Everything’s fine.

Doesn’t seem that way.

Yeah, actually, it’s just– it’s sad. Nicole seemed to think that this is her baby.


So I shouldn’t call the cops.

No. You shouldn’t.

So you admit it– that this little baby you’re claiming that you and Eric adopted is in fact Nicole’s.

Yes, it is. He–he is. It’s not–I didn’t plan to take him, it’s just–

You know, I’ve actually used that line before, when I was caught shoplifting at the mall, and that excuse didn’t even work for a pair of rollerblades.

Could you stop joking, OK? This isn’t funny.

Who said anything about jokes? You think telling me that you didn’t plan to steal a baby somehow exonerates you?

Dimitri, you don’t get it, that’s not–

Then what–

It’s not like that.

What is it?

[tense music]

[sighs] Eric and I, we’d been planning for a while to adopt a baby. And right when we found out that it was happening, that we were about to get a child of our own, Melinda called and said that the mother, she had changed her mind. Apparently, my reputation precedes me. But the mother didn’t think I was fit to be a parent. And I thought, if one prospective parent could find out the truth about me, who’s to say that all the rest couldn’t? And that is when I realized that me being a mother was going to be an uphill battle– a battle that I quite possibly would lose. When you showed up at my door unannounced and you have that beautiful baby in your arms–

You thought, finders keepers? No. No! Sloan, no. Wait. So that’s why you agreed to help Leo, because you knew that that was the only way to get me out of town. And if I’m out of town, then I’ll never discover your nefarious little plot.

Well, I did agree, didn’t I? Isn’t that what you care about? Isn’t that what you want?

Are you kidding me? The only reason that Leo is even in this mess is because you decided to play Mommy Dearest with someone else’s kid!

Please try and understand, Dimitri.

Oh, no, no, I understand, Sloan. I understand that you are void of conscience to do something so underhanded, not to mention criminal.

Dimitri, just listen.

No, you listen to me now, Sloan. You’re gonna have to do a whole lot more than help to get yourself out of this one, lady. You are going to have to get these charges against Leo Stark dropped, and I mean tout suite, or I swear I am going to sing like a canary.

[dramatic music]

You know, this is a tough call.

[gasps] This reminds me of that time I worked as a stagehand in that off-off-off-Broadway production loosely based on “Sophie’s Choice.” Then we got that nasty letter from the lawyer and they were forced to change the name to “Hannah’s Choice.”

Damn it, Leo, I am so tired of your half-assed comedy standup act or whatever this is.

What? I can’t explain my thought process.

OK, how about this for a thought process– if you don’t call von Leuschner in the next five minutes, you will have no choice. The deal will be off.

Here’s another idea. Let’s say the two of us head down to the pub and I mull over your very tempting offer over spiced hot chocolate.

Damn it, Leo.

Oh, come on! You’re asking me to betray someone I care about, someone I love to the depths of my soul. Do you know how many people I’ve loved in my life? Not counting that yappy little Pomeranian that belonged to my former roommate/yoga instructor–not a person, true, but closest you could get. Mm.

I know you think you are deeply in love with von Leuschner and believe me, I know that love can sometimes blind you to the other person’s failings. Well, in your case, the fact that he is a disgusting dirtbag–

You’re not helping your case, Detective.

OK, then ask yourself this– do you even think a guy like Dimitri is even capable of love? The guy’s a sociopath, maybe even a psychopath. I mean, do you think he even cares about you, let alone loves you?

Cares? Of course he cares. He just–

He just what? Left you holding the bag?

No, that’s not how it went down, and there was no bag.

OK, however it went down, bag or no bag, just look around. Not exactly the Chateau Marmont now, is it?

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never stayed there. I hate Los Angeles.

OK, well, you’re going to hate a prison cell a lot more. And DA DiMera, he is out for blood. The question is, do you want it to be yours?

[beeping] I have to take care of something. I’ll expect an answer when I return.

[thoughtful music]

Ugh, come on, how many Sikowskis have been arrested in the last day or so?


[tense music]

Yes, I’m in the evidence room now. What are we looking for again? Sure, of course. Uh, it should be right over here.

So this is your new baby?



Thank you.

It’s wonderful.

Yeah, I’m–I’m sorry. It’s just– I was just a little rattled.

Yeah, well, that’s understandable. Nicole thinking that this is her baby, like you said, that’s, um, really sad.

[exhales] Damn. I still can’t believe her baby didn’t make it.

Yeah, me neither. You know, EJ said that their child, their– their son was accidentally cremated. He and Nicole never really got a chance to say goodbye to their baby.


Darling, I am going to run you a bath, I am going to put on some nice classical music, and I want you to relax, OK?

EJ, I was so sure. I was so sure about the baby. I mean, his– his little face and– and the look in his eyes, and the way I felt when I held him. I–I was so sure he was mine.

Well, I don’t think that’s all that surprising, given what you’ve been through, the unimaginable trauma your body has experienced these past few days, coupled with the grief that you and I both feel. Your mind was just playing tricks on you, that’s all. Like you said.

I know, I know, I know I said that. I know I did. But the more I think about it, I– it’s just his face, EJ. He looked just like him, the baby I gave birth to. And not only did he look like him, it was the way I felt. It was the way I felt when I held him.

Sweetheart, when you held our son, you had just been in a terrible accident. You were badly hurt. I mean, even when I got there, you were still in a daze. And from what I gathered, you hadn’t– you hadn’t held the baby for very long.

No, I hadn’t. But even though I held him a moment, I– Come on, EJ, will you just hold me, please?

Of course. Of course.


It’s OK.

OK, fine. I’ll find a way to get Leo out of this mess, but you have to hightail it out of here. Like now, before Eric comes back and sees you.

Shake on it.

[tense music] Sorry, before I go, um, I’m a little bit short on cash.

Oh. You really are unbelievable. Here, just take it and get out.

Ah. Pleasure doing business with you, ma’am. One more thing– uh, I would highly recommend you to use every trick in the book to get Leo out and fast. Otherwise, I promise you, I will make certain that this little baby-stealing scheme of yours is the biggest piece of news of the st century, and this whole beautiful, perfect life that you’ve built for yourself will blow up in your face.

I think the box is right here. Oh, it’s Terence Smith, not Lawrence Smith? Ah, I see. Found it. Bringing it right over.

[tense music]

[thoughtful music]

[phone rings]


So what’s it going to be, Mr. Stark? Are you going to call Dimitri and give us the big fish so you can swim away free?

I’ve thought about it, Detective, and… I’m not calling anyone. I can’t–I won’t betray the man I love.

[exhales] I’m going to get you out of this mess, Leo, if it’s the last thing I do.

So you got it? You got the evidence?

I did, yeah.


Now that we have it, we have to find somewhere to offload it.

You sure you got all of it?

Pretty sure, yeah, but considering I was this close to getting caught, no way in hell I’m doubling back. How about you? How’d it go on your end?

Yeah, well, I made sure that Harris would get his keys back. That was the easy part. But slightly harder lying to his face.


[phone rings]

Hey, just the man I’m looking for.

Commissioner, what is going on?

Well, someone from the sergeant’s desk found these downstairs and I recognized the keyring.

[sighs] Thank you.


It’s a relief. I’ve been looking all over for these. But you know, I don’t remember leaving them down near the sergeant’s desk.

Maybe you dropped them somewhere.

Hey, here we go.


Aw. Hi! How’s our little guy doing?

Oh, he’s doing great, actually.

[laughs] Aw, you just love spending time with your daddy, don’t you?

Yes, he does, and he’s much better now that he’s got a pacifier.

Oh, he is. Aw.

Hey, Sloan, there’s something that I need to tell you.


Um, I ran into Nicole. And–

Oh, and–and– what?

Well–she just got released from the hospital and, well, when she saw the baby, she said that it was hers.

[tense music]


Well, I’m guessing you’re not terribly hungry, so I’m going to put these sliders in the fridge for later. Why don’t I put on a pot of tea, hmm?


Love you.

Love you.

[tense music]


Mm. Nicole, uh, thought our baby was hers? Doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah. I know, it’s just– I mean, she obviously was just overwhelmed with grief.

I mean, well, what did you– what’d you do? What did you say?

Well, EJ, he showed up, and then we managed to convince her that the baby wasn’t hers.


Yes, a sweet little boy. He’s so…precious. I don’t care what anybody says. I know that was my baby.

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