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Hope: Hi, dad.

Deacon: Hey, sweetheart. Thanks for coming. Uh, can I get you anything?

Hope: No, I’m good. Uh, actually, I should be at work, so what’s this all about?

Deacon: Well, before we get into that, I– I just want you to know that I’m sorry, we didn’t see each other for thanksgiving. I missed you.

Hope: Oh, you understand why I kept my distance, right? Is she here today? Is she working? Is sheila here?

Deacon: No, uh, not at the moment.

Hope: Okay, good because i don’t want to be around her, but sadly, that also means that I don’t get to be around my dad.

Brooke: Ah, it was really a wonderful day.

Ridge: Forrester thanksgivings. They always are.

Rj: Yeah, family, friends, food galore.

Brooke: It’s just hard to really enjoy it… knowing what we know.

Ridge: I always thought my dad would be there. You know, every party, every special occasion. Now, he’s slipping away more and more every day. And we have to pretend that everything’s fine.

Eric: So, ladies, tell me, uh, tell me what you see?

Katie: I see eric forrester sitting behind his desk, reveling in his triumphant glory.

[ All chuckling ]

Eric: Thank you. And, um, anything else?

Donna: I see a man who won the fashion challenge, reclaimed his office and control of his company. Who’s at the top of his game and the top of the fashion world again.

Eric: Imagine how that makes me feel.

Katie: We love seeing you like this.

Donna: Just like we love seeing you at the head of the table on thanksgiving.

Katie: Forrester family patriarch whom we all love and cherish.

Eric: Thank you. Yeah, one might think that I don’t have that much to be thankful for this particular– particular thanksgiving, but, um, they’d be wrong because I get to get up every morning and– and– and create beauty for the whole world to see. And– and I can get– I can be celebrated for it and– and be given credit for it. I mean, what could be better than that?

Deacon: Let’s not dwell on sheila because that’s not why I asked you here. I’m hearing that you’re still seeing thomas. Is it true?

Hope: Why do you ask?

Deacon: Because I’m a protective father. And because I don’t think the guy’s right for you.

Hope: Are you being serious right now?

Deacon: Very. Yeah, I am. I mean, you know, given the guy’s history, the hurt that he’s put you through.

Hope: Wow. Wow. I’m really getting dating advice from a man dating a psycho like sheila.

Eric: I want to, uh, I– I want to pull out all the stops for this collection, okay? I wanna do a pr campaign that’s the biggest thing the fashion industry has ever seen. I’ll give you a– I’ll– I’ll up your budget for this, katie.

Katie: Um, excuse me. What?

Eric: Whatever you need. Whatever. [ Coughing ] Anything you need, katie.

Donna: Eric. Honey bear.

Katie: Eric, are you okay?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay. Yeah. You know my mantra. I’m not dead yet. Look, the whole world thinks that I’m– I’m alive and well and I’m at the top of my game. I don’t want that to change.

Rj: Granddad’s dying and we’re supposed to just act like it’s no big deal.

Brooke: Honey, it’s wonderful how much you’ve been there for your grandfather. How much you love him and care for him.

Ridge: He turned to you because he needed you, and you were there for him. And you guys, you created this amazing line that’s gonna live– that’S… the fashion world is gonna remember. And that means a lot to dad. So in a way, you’re keeping him alive. Well done. He hits his mark -center stage-and is crushed by a baby grand piano.

Deacon: Um, I got a pretty good idea how you feel about sheila. But hope, right now, I’m more concerned about you. You can’t tell me that you’ve forgotten all the crazy stuff that thomas has done.

Hope: Oh, you want to talk about crazy? Thomas is a saint compared to sheila carter.

Deacon: He’s got his own fair share of demons. You can’t have forgotten.

Hope: Dad, you don’t need to remind me of thomas’ past misdeeds. I mean, I know better than anyone. I haven’t forgotten.

Deacon: Well, I’m thinking maybe you have if you’re buying what this guy’s selling.

Hope: Thomas has changed for the better. And he is loving and caring toward me and he doesn’t have conflicted feelings, unlike liam.

Deacon: Baby, look. I don’t want to fight with you.

Hope: I don’t want to fight with you either. But, dad, you have to– you have to understand that things don’t just get to go back to normal now, right? I’m disappointed in you for even entertaining the idea of being involved with someone like sheila carter. For wanting to risk everything that you have worked so hard for, dad. I am hurt because you are choosing her over me.

Eric: I like this color. I think this color is beautiful.

Katie: It’s exquisite, eric.

Eric: Thank you, katie. Thank you. [ Coughing ]

Donna: Okay. Okay, that’s enough. I cannot let this go on. We need to call your doctor.

Eric: No, no. No, I don’t wanna see the doctor.

Katie: I– I have to agree with donna. Eric, you should at least check in.

Eric: No, no, katie. Every time I– every time i visit the doctor, it’s like visiting the grim reaper. You know, he– he– I don’t want to spend my last days being brought down by that. I want– I want to spend my days creating beauty. That’s what I want.

Donna: Okay. I– I get that. I really do. It’s just– okay, you know what? I– I’m not gonna push because the last thing you need is me nagging you like that.

Eric: The last thing you would be is– is a nag. You don’t nag me. I thank you both so much for your– for supporting me so much. Thank you. Thank you. But I don’t want my dying to consume my living. As long as I’m breathing, I wanna be able to create. I wanna be able to design. It gives me peace. Especially if this is my last– especially if this is my last collection.

Brooke: Rj, your father and i are worried about eric. But we’re worried about you too.

Rj: No. Don’t– don’t worry about me. I’m completely fine. I’m fine. I’m– I’m just– I’m gonna be working day and night to help granddad bring this line to life. That’s what I’m doing.

Ridge: Yes, of course. Because that’s the kind, considerate young man that you are, but… don’t take all of this and put it on your shoulders. It’s not necessary.

Rj: No. I– I am. I’m going to put this on my shoulder. This isn’t about me. This is about granddad. That’s the focus.

Ridge: I get that. I– I understand, but seeing him grow weaker and weaker every day, that’s not–

Rj: That– that’s not what I’m seeing. When he’s– when he’s in the creative zone and he– and he’s– and he’s focused on the design, it brings him life. It energizes him because he loves this. I– I– I just want to help him with that. I– I feel like that’s really important.

Ridge: What your mom and I are saying is–

Rj: I can see what you and mom are saying and I love the two of you. I do. I love you so much, but I need to do this. Okay? I need to know that when granddad’s passed on that I did everything that I could to… you know what? We just need to make sure that his medical diagnosis doesn’t get out. He can’t know that all these people know that he’s dying and he can’t know that he lost the fashion challenge, dad. That would–

Ridge: He’s never gonna know. He’s never gonna know that. He’s got too much pride and he’s got too much dignity to– to ever think that somebody gave him pity. But can we all try to remember something? It’s not like we handed him everything. The– the seat that he’s in is something that he earned a long time ago. Whoa! The new iphone 15. With that amazing camera.

Donna: Eric, please. I– I don’t wanna think about the end.

Eric: How can I not? How can I– if I have to face the last few months of my life, I’m gonna face it the same way I faced everything in my life. Every challenge. With courage and– and with determination. I mean, look– look at this. Look at this. All this– these ideas, they’re just pouring out of me. I– I can’t stop. I have to keep designing. If this is my last chance, I have to do it. If this is my– if this is my last collection, this is what I have to do.

Rj: No, you’re right. Granddad keeps– he keeps pushing himself. He’s putting– he’s getting out one incredible design after another. And you know, when he’s in that creative zone, he is unstoppable. I– I can’t, you know, I– I’m just trying to keep up with him. Honestly, keep up with what he’s telling me.

Katie: Hey, I’m glad you’re all here. I just came from eric and donna. Ridge, if you could see him sitting behind his desk in his chair. He’s so proud. I’m telling you, letting him win the fashion challenge, it was the most beautiful thing you ever could have done for him.

Ridge: Okay. All right. But there’s got to be something else we can do. There’s gotta be something we can do to keep him with us. No, I– I just thinking of this office without him in it. This– this family without him here. I– I don’t know how to do this.

Deacon: Honey, I’m not choosing you over sheila. I could never do that.

Hope: Well, you say that, but then you’ve gone and made her more a part of your life now than– than I am. And so, there obviously must be a little more care.

Deacon: That’s not true. Hope, I love you.

Hope: And I love you too, dad, but you knew what you were doing. You knew what you were risking.

Deacon: There’s like an– there’s like a disconnect here. You’re asking me to accept the fact that thomas has changed, right? Why won’t you believe my intuition that sheila’s changed too? Why won’t you extend me the same benefit of the doubt?

Hope: I understand that you think our circumstances are similar here. They are not, dad. Sheila is actually dangerous.

Deacon: You mean everything to me. You and douglas and beth. I love those kids, I adore them and I haven’t seen them in ages.

Hope: Because of sheila.

Deacon: Wait– wait a second. Are you– are you telling me that I can’t see them anymore?

Hope: Well, dad, as long as you are involved with sheila carter, I– I…

Deacon: Okay. Look, she doesn’t have to be with me, okay? I’ll make sure of it.

Hope: Dad, don’t you get there are consequences to your actions? And I knew I couldn’t trust sheila carter. But now I– I don’t even know if I can trust you.

Deacon: Honey, please, listen to me.

Hope: Dad, there is nothing more that you can say. Okay? As much as it– it kills me to say this to you. As long as sheila carter is a part of your life… you don’t get to have access to mine.

Hope: I don’t know how sheila did it. How she managed to manipulate you of all people? But, dad, she’s using you. And you need to wake up because she is dangerous. And I will not allow her or anyone who is close to her near my children.

Deacon: Hope, she’s different now.

Hope: Dad, people like that, who are missing that empathy part of their brain, they cannot change.

Deacon: But thomas can? I changed. I’m not the same man that I was years ago.

Hope: Dad, please. Sheila carter is in a league of her own. And you actually put in the work. I mean, dad! Look at il giardino. Look at everything you’ve done to repair our relationship. Look at– look at how you’re showing up for beth and douglas. I mean, they adore you.

Deacon: And I adore them and I adore you.

Hope: Okay, good. So, then you should understand why this decision is so hurtful. It just feels like you’re choosing you. Yet again. And I don’t– I don’t want to lose you. I never wanted to lose you, dad. But now, once again, you just– you aren’t even considering family or the impact that it might have on your daughter or your grandkids. So, I don’t want this to happen, but if… it will happen if you don’t cut sheila carter out of your life for good.

Brooke: Maybe I should have gone with ridge and rj.

Katie: I think they wanted to see eric on their own. Spend some time with him.

Brooke: Yeah. Something he doesn’t have a lot of.

Katie: I know. I was with him earlier and he was coughing up blood.

Brooke: What? He should be in the hospital.

Katie: I– I don’t disagree with you but it’s– it’s not our choice to make. It’s his choice. We have to respect it. I know that my situation is not the same thing, but I– I know what it’s like to face your own mortality. You know, my– my heart could stop any day. Which is why you have to take every day and– and– and appreciate it as the precious gift that it is and– and live every moment. And I think that’s what eric is doing. He’s– he’s doing what he loves. He’s designing and creating, and it’s inspiring. But it’s– it’s heartbreaking.

Brooke: But he is so– he’s so courageous. And you know what makes it hard is the fact that he built up this wall, and I just wish that I could get through to him.

Katie: I know.

Brooke: Or one of us. We just need to be able to tell him the truth. The truth that we know. That way we can love him and we can support him. The way that he needs, until the end.

Eric: I’m– I’m particularly proud of this one, actually. I like how it turned out. It– it gave me a hard time at first but– but it’s come out really wonderful, I thought.

Ridge: It’s breathtaking, dad.

Eric: I had a hard time at first, but then I had a lot of wonderful, great help with my extraordinary right-hand man. Rj, um, well, you know how I feel about you.

Rj: I– I do. Same way I feel about you, sir.

Ridge: Well, listen, all of this– this whole collection is uh, is amazing. And I know– I know you wanna– you wanna do this on your own.

Eric: Absolutely, I want to do it on my own. You have no idea how important that is to me.

Ridge: No, I– I do. I– I do understand that. I just– look, everything I know I’ve learned from you and those– those are special days for me.

Eric: I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.

Ridge: I would never forget any of that, dad.

Eric: Yeah?

Ridge: You’ve given me everything and– and– this is your collection. But even michelangelo, I mean, he had help painting the sistine chapel. He didn’t do it alone. He– you have help. You have my son and maybe it would make sense to have your son help as well. And I– I will stay in the background. I just thought maybe this would be a time for me to repay you for everything you’ve done. Not just as a dad, but as– as a– as a mentor, and I– I just, I don’t want anything. That’s a lie. What I want is to work with you one last time. What do you say?

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