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Ava, it’s me, Harris. Happy Thanksgiving. And I’m really grateful you’re not spending it here at the station, that we were able to get you released from police custody last night. Anyway, look, I think I lost my work keys yesterday. And I was just wondering if you saw them while you were here because I cannot seem to find them anywhere.

[mysterious music] Some detective I am, huh?

[laughs] Well, I’m sure they’ll turn up. I hope we can talk later.

[phone beeps]

[knock at door]

Hello, Ava.

[dark music]

But the baby’s okay, right? He’s drinking enough formula, not crying too much?

Oh, he’s crying plenty. In fact, I’m surprised you can’t hear him, even on the other side of town.

Hmm, sounds quiet now.

Yeah, he’s just showing off for his new mom, who I’m sure is very excited that she’ll soon be holding her precious little boy in her arms.

No, yeah. I-I am excited. I–yeah, I’m just also terrified.

Sloan, you gotta stop with all the doubts and the guilt, okay? Everything is going really smoothly, and more so than I even expected. So all you have to do is keep your mouth shut.

Yeah, except–except, what if, uh, when the baby, he gets older, you know, if– what if he starts to look like them? You know, he starts to look like Eric and Nicole, and, I don’t know, someone suspects– if they do, that– that he’s their biological son?


[somber music]

What’s, uh– what’s that? Oh, I see the Thanksgiving lunch menu options are limited: low-sodium turkey dinner or low-sodium plant-based turkey dinner. Good news, you won’t have to choose either because you’re being discharged today. I brought your things.

What? That’s the bag I-I-I packed to go to the hospital when I went into labor. It’s–it’s got the baby’s receiving blanket, coming-home clothes, Bear Bear. And that’s–it’s Holly’s first stuffed animal that she wanted her little brother to have.

I’m sorry, sweetheart, not anymore. It just has your clothes in it. You must be tired of being in that hospital gown. Although, you do look beautiful in anything.


[clears throat] Sorry to, uh, interrupt.

Dr. Pierce, do you have any updates on what caused our, um– our son’s death?

Autopsy was just completed. Uh, Mr. DiMera, maybe we can speak outside?

No. I need to know. I need to know what happened to our son.

It’s as we suspected. His death was a result of injuries sustained in the car accident.

But I– I don’t understand. After I gave birth to him, I held him. And–and he was perfect. He was fine.

So you’ve said, yes. But with internal trauma, sometimes the damage is delayed. There’s no way anyone could have known.

But I should have known. I’m his mother.

Don’t you dare blame yourself, Nicole. My nephew Dimitri caused the accident that resulted in our son’s death. And though he may be out of reach, Leo Stark is not. And that bastard will pay for this.

Huh, I guess I do have something to be thankful for today after all. You’re finally letting me out of here.

That’s not gonna happen.

Uh, I know my rights, blue eyes. You can only hold me for hours without filing charges.

Well, you’re right about that.

So you’re gonna let me go?

Wrong about that.

DA DiMera plans to charge you… with murder.

[tense music]

As you may be aware, Dr. Pierce, Leo Stark was a passenger in the vehicle that struck my wife’s. Now I’m informing you, as Salem’s district attorney, you should be prepared to testify that that vehicle and that accident was the one that caused my son’s death.

I’ll do whatever I can to help. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Wait. Please. I wanna see him. I wanna see our son.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[scoffs] Murder? Exactly whose murder is EJ planning on charging me with?

His son’s.

You mean Johnny? Johnny DiMera is dead?

No. Talking about Nicole’s baby.

What? Are you telling me Nicole’s baby died? No. No, that can’t be. Oh, my God, what happened to that beautiful little boy?

[sighs] Would you stop fast-forwarding to the future? Borrowing trouble, as my mom used to put it. It’s not like the baby’s gonna be a clone of Nicole or Eric. He’s gonna look like himself. And everyone will accept that he is your adopted kid, yours and Eric’s.

Okay, yeah. I’ll stop fast-forwarding. But what about now, huh? Are you sure people aren’t gonna ask questions? Nicole, Leo, and Dimitri, who were there at the birth, they saw Nicole’s baby, they know he’s healthy.

Dr. Pierce is going to explain to Nicole and EJ that their child died from internal injuries sustained in the crash and that no one at the scene could have predicted that.

God, this is so dark. How can you be so matter-of-fact about it?

I’m–I’m being practical, which you need to be too. Look, Sloan, you wanted to give Eric a baby. And that’s what I’m helping you do. And–come on, Sloan. A little gratitude, huh? This should be the happiest Thanksgiving of your life.

Yeah, it should be. I love Eric. I’ve wanted so much to give him a baby, raise a child with him. I just never thought it would happen like this.

[unsettling music]

Please. Before I go home, I… I wanna see our baby.

Mrs. DiMera, I– I don’t think that’s wise.

I don’t care what you think. You told me my baby needed an autopsy, and he was taken from me before I could hold him again. I want to hold my son one last time.

[tense music]

Mr. DiMera, surely you must agree with me that this– this is not a good idea. I’ll–I’ll give you a copy of–

You heard my wife, doctor. Bring us our son.

And what happens when the parents ask to see the baby?

[sighs] You’re a doctor. You–you’ll figure something out.

But it’s so incredibly cruel to– this couple, these parents, they’ll be devastated.

I know, and believe me, I-I don’t feel great about it either. But look at the bright side, you’ll be making another couple very, very happy.

If you insist. I’ll arrange it right away.

Stefan. Um, you here to see Wendy? I hear she’s working for you now.

No, Ava, I’m here to see you.

Me? Why?

Ava, you and I, we’re practically family, right? I mean, you were engaged to my late twin brother, Jake, and then pretended to be married to him to get your hands on his DiMera shares.

Okay, that was your wife’s idea.

Oh, no, Gabi told me all about it. She’s actually why I’m here.

I’m not following.

I’ll spell it out for you. I heard about your, uh, unfortunate incident with Gil Carter.

Yeah? Happened right over there. You a friend of his?

[chuckles] No. Didn’t even know the guy.

Oh, well, lucky you, ’cause he’s a disgusting pig, and I’m glad that he’s dead.

Okay, well, you know, I actually can’t say the same for myself.

Why not? You just said you didn’t know the guy.

I didn’t, but now that he’s dead and you need a new business partner… and unfortunately, you’re looking at him.

[dramatic music]

My new business partner? What, did you buy the Bistro?

No, no, no. This has nothing to do with the restaurant business and everything to do with the business you are running under Gil Carter’s watchful eye, for Clyde Weston.

I actually don’t–I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ava, don’t, please. Clyde told me all about how he strong-armed you into running his entire drug operation by threatening the life of your son. And now he’s doing the same thing to me by threatening Gabi. And Gabi’s a sitting duck up at Statesville, and that son of a bitch Weston has made it abundantly clear that he will not hesitate to kill her or have her killed unless I play ball. So yeah, you and I, we’re working together, whether we like it or not.

[ominous music]

But I was there. I delivered that baby. Nicole, she was– she was so brave. And–and that little boy, he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I–messy when he first came out, and his skin was wrinkly, but in the few seconds that I held him before I gave him to his mother… we bonded. My God, how could that little cutie have died?

Well, they believe it was internal injuries from the crash.

But I didn’t have anything to do with that. I’m the one who brought him into this world. Messy and wrinkly, yes, but he looked so healthy, so alive.

Yeah, he may have appeared healthy, but it was the delay in getting him medical treatment that apparently resulted in his death.

I don’t–I don’t understand. I mean, what was the delay? Why didn’t Dimitri get him right to the hospital?

We’re only gonna find out if he ever turns up. But if a death happens during the commission of a felony– in this case, you and Dimitri fleeing the jurisdiction in Detective Hunter’s stolen vehicle– the perpetrators can be charged with what’s called felony murder. And you… are one of the perpetrators.

I need to speak to my lawyer.

Eric, hi. Talking to Melinda.


I was just saying how–

That you never thought you’d be a parent this way?

[giggles] Uh, Melinda, I’ll see you soon.

Yes, you will, Sloan. And when you hold your new baby in your arms, all of your worries will be behind you and your guilt. You’ll be too busy being a mom to this sweet little angel that you won’t have time to think of anything else.

Thank you for everything.

So did Melinda say when we were gonna bring home our little guy?

Actually, she did.


The baby’s touched down in Salem, and Melinda’s on her way with him right now.



Yes! Mm!


Yes! Oh, my God. Congratulations, Mama.

No one’s ever called me that before.

Well, how does it feel?

Amazing. Because the baby that I’m gonna be a mother to is yours.

And the baby that I’m going to be a dad to is yours. This is really happening.


It is.

[sighs] And Eric, even though I’ve never been the maternal type, ever… as I’ve fallen more in love with you, I just realized that there was nothing I wanted more than to have a family with you. And I don’t even care if I’m not the biological mother.

Hey, neither do I. All that matters is that he is ours. We’re gonna love him with all our hearts. both: Mmm.

[sighs] If you don’t want to do this, EJ, I understand. It’s gonna be really hard to see our son… Our little boy. But I-I-I need to hold him one last time.

I understand.

And you–you– you never had the chance to hold him. And you should have. And I am so sorry that it has to be this way.

Yeah, me too.

I was just on my way out. What’s going on?

Well, I talked to the DiMeras, offered to show ’em the fake autopsy report. And just as I feared, they want to see the baby.

Seriously? Even though the kid’s been dead for two days?

Only as far as they know.

Oh, God.

And I tried my best to talk ’em out of it, but they– they–they insisted.


If they start asking questions, soon it’ll become very clear that no baby was brought into the ER that night.

Well, it can’t become clear now, can it?

So what do we do?

We? You took the money. You figure it out.

None of this was my idea, Miss Trask. When you reached out to me and asked me to– to act outside my ethical obligations, I thought you were gonna ask me to prescribe some off-label weight loss drug or something.

Hey, watch it, Doctor.

No idea I’d be engaged in child trafficking.

And yet you didn’t turn on your heels and walk out on me, did you?

To my deep regret. And keep in mind, Miss Trask, if I go down, you’re going down with me.

You don’t think I get that? And since it’s obvious that you don’t have the brainpower to come up with a way not to present their dead baby to them, I guess it’s up to me.

Yeah? Well, you better think of something right now! Because they’re expecting me to walk in any minute with the remains of their little boy.

No. You won’t have to because I have a brilliant idea.

[sighs] Clyde wants me to use DiMera Enterprises to ship drugs into Salem, and he wants me to move them through the Bistro. That’s where you come in.

Yeah, well, that perv, Gil, and I, we didn’t get very far on our business plan.

Before you shot him?

You sure you wanna be my partner?

[laughs] I don’t really think I have a choice. So Clyde mentioned something about needing to get into the evidence room at Salem PD.

Yeah, yeah. He had me lift these off of Harris.

I’ll take ’em.

And do what?

I’m gonna copy ’em, and I’ll bring ’em back.



How do I know I can trust you?

Is there any other alternative, Ava? Look, I don’t know about you, but I take Clyde Weston’s threats very seriously. So I’m not gonna let him or any of his goons lay a hand on my wife. So you and I, for the foreseeable future, we’re gonna need to keep the ones we love very close and very safe. And I’ll tell you this: I’m not gonna let Clyde use me like this for long.

Okay. If I figure a way out of this before you do, I will, uh, make sure to let you know.

Thanks… partner.

[eerie music]

You know, I am so happy that we’re having a baby. I’m so happy I just want the whole world to know.

Well, what’s stopping you?

Nothing. Nothing will. Just want to wait for the right time.

Mm. Now isn’t the right time?

Well, I think you know why– I mean, us becoming parents on the heels of a terrible tragedy for Nicole?

[phone ringing]

I think this is work. I should take this.

Okay. Hey, I’m gonna go finish assembling the swing.

Sloan Petersen.

Sloan, thank God you picked up. It’s Leo. Detective Michaels just told me I’m being charged with felony murder. Did you know that Nicole’s baby died?

Yeah, I did. It’s…

[sighs] It’s awful.

Awful? Yes! My fault? No! I need you to come down here and get these ridiculous charges dropped. I’ve already missed the Macy’s Day Parade, but I can still live stream the National Dog Show if you hurry.

Look, I’ll be in touch. I-I– I’m gonna help you fight the charges.

[exhales] Thank you. Thank you.


[knock at door] Uh, I just– I gotta go right now.

What? No, wait! I need to hear what your strategy’s gonna be, and I only get one phone call!


Is that…

I hope so.



Happy Thanksgiving, you two.

[soft strange music]

You look beautiful.

I thought you were the doctor, coming back with our baby.

He’ll be here soon. And then we can go home, okay? Holly will be happy to see you.

Oh. I hope she can forgive me for snapping at her when she came to visit me earlier. I mean, it was insensitive. After all, she lost her little brother.

I’m sure she will understand. You were still in shock, sweetheart.

Well, it was unkind. And I’m so grateful to have her. She’s my sweet daughter. Well, where is he? Where is our son?

I’m afraid it’s not possible for you to see him.

[sighs] Why not?

Because your baby was accidentally cremated.

Yeah, I thought I’d stop by on my break, see how you’re doing.

And I stopped by to see Ava’s son Tripp and Wendy Shin to let them know once again that they misunderstood what they saw the night Li Shin died.

Hmm, sounds like witness tampering.

[sighs] My wife is locked up in Statesville, awaiting trial for a murder she didn’t commit, so yeah, as her husband, I’m out here doing everything I can to see she goes free.

And, uh, you’re gonna have to come back another time because Wendy and Tripp, they’re not here.

Right, and we established that, and I was just leaving. Since you’re here, Detective Harris, I would like to reassert, once again, my wife’s innocence and that you should be out there trying to catch Li’s real killer.

The DA thinks we already have.

Well, my brother, amongst other things, is a pompous ass… biased and wrong.

Stefan’s pretty upset about his wife.

Yeah. No, I get it.

And, uh, um, well, enough about him. I’m glad you came by.

How you doing? How you holding up?

I’m okay.



You get my message? ‘Cause I got a little worried when I didn’t hear back from you.

I did, and I was just about to call you back when Stefan knocked on the door.

Is it hard to be back in here after what happened with Gil?

A little. But, you know, it was a hell of a lot better to be sleeping in my own bed than to be spending the night in lockup. So, um, I also wanna thank you. Thank you so much for putting in a good word with your boss. I mean, I know how much he hates me, so I’m especially grateful that he listened to you.

Well, from what I’ve seen, Rafe is a fair guy. And he said he believed you, and now when the forensics back up your story and your statement, this is all gonna be over.

[sighs] And then I guess EJ’s got no choice but to drop the charges, right?

Well, he’s, uh– he’s pretty preoccupied, you know, with his son’s death right now.

Yeah. Yeah, um, it’s– it’s terribly sad.

I can’t even imagine what he and his wife are going through.

It’s heartbreaking. Um, okay, so what do you want? What can I get you, huh? Tea, coffee, what do you want?

No, I’m good. Actually, I gotta get back…


To the station, and, oh, before I forget, my keys– I still haven’t found ’em. Do you remember seeing ’em?

[mysterious music]

Okay, listen, I will meet you in the park behind the hospital after the ambulance gets here. Listen, listen, listen, listen. Think about all of the karma we are earning helping Nicole and her little baby– maybe enough to help us get away forever. The world is going to owe us one, yeah?

[laughs] You’re crazy. I love you, but you are crazy. And I’m not quite sure I like this whole you-taking-charge business.

Yeah, well, you’re gonna do it, right? Oh, God, I miss you, Dimitri. And I wish you could tell me what the hell happened to that adorable little baby.

What the bloody hell do you mean, “Our son was accidentally cremated”?

I’m gonna kill you. How could you let this happen?

It’s standard practice at this hospital that, after an autopsy is done, the decedent is sent directly to the funeral home. And I’m afraid your son’s body was mislabeled. I’m–I’m terribly, terribly sorry.

Oh, you’re sorry? You’re sorry? You think that’s good enough? This–this–this is a bloody travesty. For God’s sake, how could anyone make such a horrible, heartbreaking mistake? And why weren’t you there to stop it?

I wish I were. It was done without my knowledge. I-I-I– I’ll arrange to have the ashes delivered to you as soon as possible.

Get out.


Get out!

[tense music]


[despondent music] How? EJ… my little boy. Oh, God. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry you never got to hold him.

Me too.

[sniffling] So now we’ll just have to, um– we’ll just have to, uh, hold him in our hearts.

Are you ready to hold your baby for the very first time?

Yeah, I think Mommy should go first.

[laughs] Oh.

[gasps] Look at you.

[gasps] So precious.


Oh, no, no. Oh, don’t cry.

Oh, and that’s his quiet cry.


It’s okay. Oh, shh.


Well, I–I’ll leave you two to bond with your son.

Hey, thank you. Thank you so much.

It was my pleasure to help a friend make this happen. I’m just so glad that everything worked out.




I-I don’t know. What do you think is wrong?

I don’t know. Maybe he’s hungry or tired.

Right, well, maybe I should just make him a bottle, see if that works.

Yeah. Hey, may I?

Of course.



There he goes.


Yeah. Hi there, big guy. I’m your daddy. And I love you with all my heart. seeing your keys at the station. I’m sorry.

It’s okay. I’m sure they’ll turn up. I’m sorry that we can’t spend Thanksgiving together. You know, the new guy has to pay his dues and work the holidays, so.

Yeah, I understand. Hey, before you go, though, I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you.

[soft piano music]

[knock at door]

[sighs] Oh, you again.

What, are you getting out of Dodge?

Just out of this godforsaken dump now that baby’s been delivered to his new home. So did, uh, EJ and Nicole buy your story?

[scoffs] It was your sick idea, not mine. And yeah, they bought it. But it was brutal… which is why I need more money.

Are you extorting me, Doctor?

[laughs] Go ahead, report me to the new DA. Oh, yeah. He’s the one that said heads would roll over the loss of his son.

[tense music]

Nicole, I, um– I-I-I am so sorry that this happened. And I will see to it that whoever is responsible for this will be relieved of their duties.

EJ, please don’t. Don’t. I don’t–I don’t care. Because there’s nothing anyone can do to fix this.

[mournful music] You know, when I said I wanted to hold him one last time, you want to know what I really wanted? I wanted to hold him in my arms and see him smile and…


[sobs] And hear him cry, but no one can make that happen.

[sobs] Oh, God, please. I wanna get out of here. Just take me home.



You are just perfect, aren’t you?


[laughs] Look at those big ol’ blue eyes. Oh, yeah.

You know, maybe he’s not hungry.

You know what I think? He’s just probably settled down now. You want to try holding him again?

[uneasy music]

Oh. Okay, sure.

Ah, there you–



Oh. Well, I think we’ve got a genius on our hands. I think he knows it’s me.

Oh, he doesn’t.

Uh-huh. I think he just–he knows that I have no idea what I’m doing.

Well, neither do I. He’s gonna have to learn to be patient with both of us. You know what I can do? I’m gonna get a pacifier when I step out.

Out? Where are you going?


No, no, no, no. You can’t leave me here with him alone.

No, no, I was just gonna take him for a walk in the new stroller. Come on, let’s get out of here.

Well, I think I should stay here because I’ve got all his clothes to arrange, and– and I’ve got a delivery coming. You know, I’ve got the glider, rocker.

Right. Okay. Hey.


You’re gonna be perfect at this. You are a natural, I promise. Thank you. Just thank you for making all this happen. Okay, see? All right, let’s go, big guy. I gotcha. All right. Let’s get out of here. You get a copy of the evidence room key?

Right here.

Great. Now I just need to fix it so Harris finds his keys.

That’s the easy part. See, the trickier part is gonna be getting into that evidence room and finding whatever they have on Clyde’s associate.

Your brother is the DA. Can’t you just find a way to work this out with him?

Believe me, I even offered him all of our DiMera shares if he got Gabi out, but he is a stubborn son of a bitch, and I got on his bad side.

Oh, and now he’s gonna make you pay for it.

In spades.

[sighs] EJ. I don’t know if I can do this.

No? What about picking up those sliders you love?

You mean the ones I was craving when I was pregnant? I just–I just thought that if I got them now, I would feel closer to him. You know, it’s crazy. I know that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not crazy at all.

[gentle music]

But then I realized, I mean, if people ask me how I’m doing, I-I-I–I’m not– I’m not sure what to tell them. I don’t know. I don’t–I–

I understand. Hey, I understand. So what if I ran in and grabbed them? It’ll only take a minute, and you can stay out here. Yeah?

Yeah, okay. I’ll be fine.

Won’t be long.

[sighs] God, I miss you, baby boy. I miss you so much.

[soft tense music]

Look, the only reason I got involved in the adoption is because I lost my job as DA, and I needed the money. And it paid well, and I was helping a friend. Then things got more complicated than I expected, and I stuck my neck out, mostly out of the goodness of my own heart.

[laughs] And such a good-hearted endeavor it’s been.

Well, you’re in no position to be judgmental, Dr. Pierce, since you went along with it all the way.

To my deep regret.

It’s a little late to have an attack of conscience, don’t you think?

You wanna know what I think?


I think this whole scheme is sordid and depraved and rotten to the core. And I just hope to hell it doesn’t backfire on us.

Yeah, well, I am hoping the same thing and that I never see you again.

[chuckles] Fine by me.

That poor little boy.

[phone rings]

Did you reach your lawyer?

Um, before I answer that, I want you to know, for the record, that I am not sitting here as you might expect, worried about little old me getting out of this ghastly, depressing place. Instead, I am mourning the loss of that little boy that I happened to have delivered– the cutest little nose and… tiniest fingers I’d ever seen. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this sad in my entire life.

Oh, you have a heart? Is that–is that what you’re trying to say?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying because aside from my boyfriend, everyone in this town just thinks I’m a shallow loser whose only real talent is being hilariously funny and charming.

Is your lawyer on her way?

Um, unfortunately, she is not. She was otherwise engaged.

Mm, it’s almost as if Baby could tell that Eric was the real father and– and that I wasn’t the real mother. My God, I am losing it. I’m talking to a stuffed bear. What if I’m not cut out for this? What if I just made the biggest mistake of my life?

[phone beeps] Oh, Melinda texted. She said it’s all gonna be all right, so it’s all gonna be all right, right?

[knock at door] Oh, that’s probably the rocker right there.

[suspenseful music]

[exhales heavily]

I’m back.

Hey, I thought you’d still be in the hospital.

Oh, I-I-I just got released. EJ’s inside getting takeout. Is this your baby? I-I– I didn’t realize you– you have him yet.

Well, Melinda, she brought him by a little while ago. So I just thought I’d stop by and show him off to my dad. You know, I’d better get him inside.

Uh, Eric. Um.


Would you mind if I held him?

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