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At the Brady Pub, Tate tells Brady that he was right, admitting that he wasn’t happy about coming in early to prepare meals for the homeless but after delivering them, he feels good. Brady agrees that it feels good and says they have two extra turkey dinners so he invites Tate to have a feast with him which Tate agrees sounds fun.

Chanel sets the table for Thanksgiving dinner and tells Paulina that she knows how excited she is to have Abe over. Paulina says she’s not the only one with reason to give thanks for romantic perspects. Chanel says that she and Johnny are good but Paulina questions her frown. Chanel claims it’s nothing but Paulina insists. Chanel then admits that she’s just worried that some other girl is trying to catch her man’s eye.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny finds Holly alone in the living room. Johnny mentions that he’s heading to Chanel’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Johnny tells her that he knows it’s a tough time for all of them. Holly claims she’s fine. Johnny asks if she’s sure about that. Holly then admits she’s not fine at all. Johnny hugs Holly as she cries.

Chad goes home where Stephanie shows him that his kids made him his own trophy in case he didn’t win the turkey trot. Stephanie mentions that the kids are in their room doing a glow in the dark puzzle. Chad thanks Stephanie for bringing them to cheer him on. Stephanie is sure he raised a lot of money for a good cause. Chad says he’s going to shower. Stephanie mentions that she heard from Doug and Julie and that they said they can come over for Thanksgiving around 5 so they are fine on time. After Chad goes to shower, Stephanie sees Chad’s phone ring with a call from Gwen and questions why she’s calling Chad.

Julie is startled to find Everett in the Horton house as he wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Paulina questions Chanel thinking Holly has it bad for Johnny. Chanel says she does a terrible job at hiding her crush. Paulina asks about them being related. Chanel explains that they are technically now stepsiblings but not related by blood. Paulina brings up Johnny and Chanel having a history of being in a love triangle but Chanel insists this is nothing like those times because this is not serious. Paulina points out that she’s looking pretty glum about it. Chanel says that’s just because things have been going so well for them and she doesn’t want any complications. Paulina calls that understandable. Chanel says even if it just silly, she doesn’t need an angsty teenage girl looking at her boyfriend while staring daggers at her.

Johnny tells Holly that it’s so sad what happened to Nicole and EJ, losing their baby the way they did. Holly wishes they at least got to meet their baby brother. Holly says he should probably go so he’s not late to Thanksgiving dinner with his girlfriend. Johnny asks if Holly has any plans. Holly says EJ is at the hospital with Nicole, Kristen took Rachel out, and Stefan is visiting Gabi in prison so she has no plans. Johnny then tells her that she does now.

Julie questions who Everett is and what he’s doing in her dining room. Everett informs her that Doug let him in and apologizes as he introduces himself as Everett Lynch, the new editor of the Spectator and he’s here to tell her story which Julie questions. Everett explains that he’s new in town but saw Tom and Alice’s plaque in the town square, so he knows the Horton family and that Julie and Doug are the living matriarch and patriarch of the city. Everett says he’d love to do a feature on them both for the paper. Julie responds that she’s surprised because his last feature was on Leo Stark, who deserves to be in an institution. Julie adds that he went to great lengths to glorify Leo’s crimes in that feature article and now he appears on Thanksgiving, full of hubris and sure that she and Doug will want to give him an interview to fulfill whatever his vision is. Julie informs him that they are not going to give him a word to print about them in his paper and adds that she plans to cancel their subscription. Julie argues that the Spectator has been going steadily downhill ever since it was stolen by Xander and Gwen from Jennifer and Jack. Julie declares that the only thing that would save the paper is a new regime and new ownership that cleans house.

Chad returns to Stephanie and jokes about taking the fastest shower in the world. Stephanie hands him his phone and informs him that he missed a call from Gwen that she just happened to see. Stephanie questions why Gwen is calling Chad as she thought he hated her. Chad claims that he does hate her and doesn’t know why she’s calling. Stephanie questions if he’s not curious about the message she left and notes that she is. Chad listens to the message and then claims that Gwen was just calling to wish Thomas a happy birthday tomorrow since they were close when she was his nanny. Stephanie tells Chad to finish getting ready as she exits the room to see what’s going on. Chad then pulls his phone out and calls Gwen back to tell her that the contracts are signed and the money will be transferred tomorrow. Chad thanks Gwen for selling him her half of the Spectator and reminds her to keep it to herself, because he doesn’t want Stephanie to find out why he’s doing this to get Everett Lynch out of their lives.

Everett explains to Julie that Leo’s gossip column was very popular. Julie argues that he had no moral integrity. Everett says he’s still finding his footing and hoped an article on Doug and Julie would help him find his balance. Everett assures that he wants to restore Jack and Jennifer’s legacy in making the Spectator a respected institution. Julie decides to believe him and says something about his face makes her want to believe him.

Brady and Tate eat together at the Pub. Brady jokes about Tate finishing quick. Tate mentions having another dinner with Theresa later. Brady gets a text from Marlena about his second dinner with her since John is out on a case. Brady mentions wanting to send Nicole a text since the accident and he feels horrible. Brady asks if Tate has reached out to Holly but Tate thinks she would prefer a little space right now.

Paulina tells Chanel that she knows it’s no fun to have another girl looking at her man but she needs to remember that Johnny is beyond lucky to have her. Chanel then gets a call from Johnny. Johnny says he hates to do this but he’s afraid he’s not going to be able to make Thanksgiving with her at her mom’s. Chanel asks why not. Johnny explains that Holly is at home alone and really upset about Nicole’s baby. Johnny suggests maybe they can hang out later. Chanel says maybe and that she totally gets it. Johnny says he knew she would. Chanel says he’s a good guy so he’s going to be there for his family when they are hurting since he has a really big heart and she knows Holly needs him right now. Chanel starts to say something but then stops and just sends her condolences to Holly. Johnny repeats that he’s really sorry about tonight and says he’ll call her later. They hang up and then Abe arrives. Abe wishes Chanel a Happy Thanksgiving and notes there are four places at the table so he asks if Chanel’s boyfriend will be joining them. Chanel responds that he was supposed to, but something came up.

Holly tells Johnny that he didn’t have to do that as she would be okay alone. Johnny tells her it’s okay and that Chanel was very understanding. Johnny says he’ll make it up to them so it’s no big deal. Johnny knows EJ gave the cook the day off, so he suggests they go to the kitchen to see what they can throw together for Thanksgiving dinner which Holly agrees to.

Tate explains to Brady that when Nicole went missing, he tried to comfort Holly but he misread the moment and asked if they were going to kiss. Tate complains that he was just trying to make her feel better and he didn’t make any big moves, but women can be hard to read. Brady jokes that it doesn’t get any easier. Tate says he tried texting Holly, but she’s ghosting him. Brady suggests trying to actually call her. Tate doesn’t think she will pick up. Brady advises Tate to not give up as he thinks Holly could use somebody to lean on. Tate says he’s probably right. Brady tells him to just respect her boundaries. Tate points out that he didn’t kiss her. Brady insists that he’s no better at navigating relationships. Brady suggests that if Tate doesn’t think Holly will answer her call, he can try bringing her a slice of pumpkin pie which Tate calls a great idea.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Horton House where Julie greets them and says she’s thankful they are there. Julie asks about the kids. Chad points out they are outside on the swing. They joke about their dinner. Chad brings a pie that he says he helped the kids make. Stephanie assumes that Doug is cooking in the kitchen. Julie says he’s actually taking a nap after the turkey trot wore him out, but he’ll be down for dessert. Chad jokes about it wearing him out too. Everett then walks in and says everything is going smoothly in the kitchen. Everett is surprised to see Stephanie and Chad as he wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. Stephanie greets him. Julie explains that she invited Everett to join them for Thanksgiving dinner since he has no family in Salem, so tonight, they are his family. Chad questions Julie and Everett knowing each other. Everett says maybe in a previous life, but they just met as he asked Julie if she and Doug would be willing to do a profile for the Spectator. Everett says that Julie has been very kind while Julie says that Everett has been very helpful in the kitchen while telling stories of his early days in journalism as she calls him very charming. Stephanie suggests Chad and Everett go check on the turkey while she helps Julie out here. Chad questions why they both have to check on the turkey. Julie asks them to put the side dishes in the oven, so Chad and Everett head to the kitchen. Julie apologizes to Stephanie and asks if she’s upset that she invited Everett to dinner. Stephanie then informs Julie that Everett is her ex-boyfriend. Julie assumes their breakup was amicable. Stephanie says it was abrupt and confusing. Stephanie adds that Everett is a nice guy but she doesn’t think he’s convinced that she has moved on with Chad. Julie understands that can be difficult and apologizes as she had no idea. Julie doesn’t see how she can ask him to leave now. Stephanie assures that she can’t. Julie jokes that Thanksgiving dinner this year will be awkward.

Abe, Paulina, and Chanel have Thanksgiving dinner. Abe praises the buttermilk biscuits as the best he’s ever had and says everything was delicious as he thanks Paulina. Paulina is just so glad he could join them. Abe calls it a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Abe asks what Chanel has been up to. Chanel explains that she just got back from visiting Lani in Maryland and that she stopped to visit Eli and the twins. Chanel shows Abe the pictures on her phone. Abe comments on the children, then stops and thanks Chanel, saying he doesn’t want to see anymore because it’s hard for him to see pictures of his daughter and grandkids when he doesn’t really remember anything about them. Chanel understands that would be hard and apologizes for upsetting him. Paulina asks Chanel to give them a minute. Chanel says the Bakery is a mess from all their holiday orders so she can go there to do some cleaning, but Abe asks her not to go and insists that he’s okay. Chanel tells him that he doesn’t have to be okay as they get it and they are here for him. Abe doesn’t want her to miss dessert. Chanel says they have plenty at the Bakery so she’s heading there now. Chanel assures that they are thankful Abe is there. Chanel then exits.

Johnny and Holly have sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner. Johnny helps her wipe gravy from her face as she smiles. Tate then walks in with slices of pie and says he comes with dessert as Holly looks annoyed.

Chad, Stephanie, Everett, and Julie go to the dining room. Everett thanks Julie for including him. Julie apologizes for it taking so long since Doug is still resting and the kids are playing. Stephanie says she will get the kids when the food is ready. Julie suggests they all sit at the table. Chad pulls out Julie’s chair for her while Everett does the same for Stephanie, which annoys Chad as they sit down.

Tate apologizes if he interrupted their Thanksgiving dinner as he was just hoping to talk to Holly for a minute. Johnny tells him it’s no problem and that he only brought dessert for two anyway. Johnny decides if Holly doesn’t mind, he’s going to run over to Chanel’s for dessert since Holly is no longer alone. Holly claims that’s fine. Johnny wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving and exits. Tate apologizes for his timing. Holly responds that she’s actually glad he’s here. Tate asks if that means she forgives him for acting like a total idiot the last time they saw each other. Holly responds that she does but on one condition. Holly then tells Tate that she needs him to help her break up Johnny and Chanel.

Abe hopes he didn’t do anything to make Chanel leave. Paulina assures that she’ll be fine and she’ll be back later. Paulina encourages Abe to try his pie, so he does and calls it his favorite. Paulina thinks back to the last time she kissed Abe and scared him off. Abe asks where she went. Paulina admits she was very tempted to kiss him but remembered the last time she did and what a mistake it was since she scared him off.

Julie suggests pouring the wine while waiting for the others. Chad pours Julie’s wine while Everett pours Stephanie’s. Julie gets a text from Doug, saying he’s getting some more rest so they can go ahead and enjoy the wine and that he will make a toast when he gets there. Julie asks who wants to go first. Chad and Everett speak up at the same time but Chad stands up first. Chad toasts to Julie and Doug because he wanted them to know how grateful they are for them, for their kindness, warmth, and welcoming them in to their home. Chad says he and the kids love them so much and they mean a lot to them. Julie responds that they love them too. Chad toasts to his beautiful girlfriend Stephanie, saying his life is so much better with her in it and the kids too. Chad tells her that they love her and appreciate her so much as she just means so much to them. Chad tells Stephanie that he loves her. Chad stops and imagines firing Everett from the Spectator at the table. Stephanie calls out to him so Chad guesses he zoned out and blames being exhausted from the turkey trot. Chad then toasts to his family and to new friends as he sits back down.

Abe tells Paulina that when she kissed him before, he was overwhelmed and he knows that he hurt her feelings. Paulina understands he was overwhelmed and that she was rushing him which was selfish, but she’s not going to do that anymore because it’s Thanksgiving so instead of wishing for more, she’s determined to just feel very grateful for what she has now in his wonderful company. Abe responds that he feels that way too. Abe then stops and admits that he wanted to kiss her too and he still does. Abe and Paulina then kiss.

Chanel leaves the Bakery and runs in to Johnny in the town square. Johnny says he was hoping to make it to her mom’s for dessert. Chanel says he still can but she left to give Paulina and Abe some alone time. Johnny says he’s glad he ran in to her then because she’s the one he wants to be with. Johnny apologizes for not making it for Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel repeats that it’s okay and she understands. Chanel asks how Holly is. Johnny responds that he left her in good hands.

Tate questions Holly wanting him to help her break up Johnny and Chanel. Holly responds that she’s going to make it happen whether he helps or not, but it would go a little faster with his assistance. Tate questions if she really wants to do this and points out that it’s not very nice. Tate knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but Johnny is way too old for her. Holly argues that they could’ve been friends again but declares that she’s no longer interested. Holly tells Tate to never help her again with anything and keep his stupid opinions to himself.

Chanel tells Johnny about her day at the Bakery and how a customer waited an hour for her to make ten boxes of cookies. Johnny calls it unbelievable how generous she is with her time and talents. Chanel thinks she was just in a really good mood because she knew she was seeing him for Thanksgiving as she hugs him. Johnny repeats that he’s sorry for missing Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel states that they are together now and that’s all that matters. Chanel tells him how glad she is that they found each other again. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving and then kiss.

Tate reluctantly agrees to help Holly but makes her apologize for saying his opinions were stupid. Holly says she was just upset but didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Tate blows it off and says he’s over it. Tate tells Holly that she’s his friend, so he wants to see her happy. Holly hugs him and calls him the best. Holly says she will be happy and over the moon once Johnny sees how wrong Chanel is for him. Holly declares that by the time Christmas comes, Johnny will be sharing dessert with her.

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