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Ava is at home and listens to a voicemail from Harris, wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving and saying he’s grateful that she’s not spending it at the police station. Harris mentions that he can’t find his work keys and asks if Ava saw them while she was there. Ava looks down at the keys. Harris ends his message, saying he’s sure the keys will turn up and he hopes they can talk later. Ava then picks up the keys and Stefan shows up at her door.

Sloan calls Melinda for an update on the baby. Melinda is sure that Sloan is excited to soon be holding her baby in her arms. Sloan responds that she is excited, but also terrified. Melinda encourages her to stop with all the doubts and guilt since everything is going really smoothly. Melinda reminds her that all she has to do is keep her mouth shut. Sloan asks what if when the baby gets older, he starts to look like Eric and Nicole and they start to suspect that he’s their biological son.

EJ visits Nicole in the hospital and comments on the Thanksgiving menu at the hospital being limited. EJ then informs Nicole that she’s being discharged today but Nicole has no reaction. EJ shows her that he brought her a bag of her clothes. Nicole notes the bag is the bag that she packed with baby items for when she went in to labor. Dr. Pierce enters the room and informs them that the autopsy was just completed so he asks to speak to EJ outside but Nicole argues that she needs to know what happened to their son. Dr. Pierce claims his death was the result of injuries from the car accident. Nicole doesn’t understand since he was perfectly fine after giving birth. Dr. Pierce says sometimes the damage is delayed with internal trauma. EJ argues that Dimitri is the one who caused the accident and that Leo will pay for this.

Harris confronts Leo in the interrogation room. Leo asks if he’s being let go but Harris says that’s not going to happen. Harris informs Leo that EJ plans to charge him with murder.

EJ tells Dr. Pierce about Leo being a passenger in the vehicle that struck Nicole’s. EJ informs Dr. Pierce that he should be prepared to testify that the vehicle caused his son’s death. Dr. Pierce says he’ll do whatever he can to help. Nicole stops and says she wants to see their son.

Leo asks Harris whose murder EJ plans on charging him with. Harris informs Leo that it’s EJ’s son. Leo asks if he means Johnny. Harris clarifies that he’s talking about Nicole’s baby. Leo questions Nicole’s baby dying and says that can’t be. Leo asks what happened to the beautiful little boy.

Melinda tells Sloan to stop fast forwarding to the future as the baby won’t be a clone of Nicole or Eric and everyone will accept that he is Sloan and Eric’s adopted kid. Sloan agrees to stop but asks what about now, worrying that people will ask questions. Sloan reminds her that Dimitri and Leo saw Nicole’s baby and know he’s healthy. Melinda explains that Dr. Pierce is telling EJ and Nicole that the baby died from internal injuries that nobody could have predicted. Sloan feels this is so dark and asks how she can be so matter of fact about. Melinda argues that she’s being practical and Sloan needs to be too. Melinda reminds Sloan that she wanted to give Eric a baby so that’s what she’s helping her do. Melinda tells Sloan that this should be the happiest Thanksgiving of her life. Sloan agrees and says she wanted to give Eric a baby and raise a child with him, but she never thought it would happen like this as Eric then comes home.

Nicole repeats to Dr. Pierce that she wants to see their baby before going home. Dr. Pierce doesn’t think that’s wise but Nicole doesn’t care, complaining that her baby was taken from her before she could hold him again. Nicole insists on holding her son one last time. Dr. Pierce asks EJ to back him up that this isn’t a good idea but EJ says he heard his wife and demands he bring them their son. Dr. Pierce thinks back to Melinda telling him to figure something out. Dr. Pierce then tells EJ and Nicole that he will arrange it right away and exits the room.

Ava asks if Stefan came to see Wendy but Stefan says he came to see Ava. Ava asks why. Stefan says they are practically family since she was engaged to his late twin brother, Jake and pretended to be married to him which Ava reminds was Gabi’s idea. Stefan says that Gabi is actually why he’s here. Stefan says he heard about her unfortunate incident with Gil. Ava calls Gil a disgusting pig and says she’s glad he’s dead. Stefan says he can’t say the same because now that Gil is dead, she needs a new business partner and unfortunately that’s him. Ava asks if he bought the Bistro. Stefan responds that it has nothing to do with the restaurant business but everything to do with the business she was running under Gil for Clyde. Ava claims to not know what he’s talking about but Stefan reveals that Clyde told him all about how he strong armed her into running his drug operation by threatening the life of her son and now he’s doing the same to him, by threatening Gabi. Stefan complains that Gabi is a sitting duck in prison and Clyde has made it clear that he will not hesitate to have Gabi killed if he doesn’t play ball, so he and Ava are working together whether they like it or not.

Leo tells Harris about how he delivered Nicole’s baby. Leo asks how he could have died. Harris responds that they believe it was internal injuries from the crash. Leo argues that he didn’t have anything to do with that and he’s the one who brought the baby in to the world. Harris blames the delay in getting him medical treatment that resulted in death. Leo doesn’t understand and questions what the delay was. Harris says if Dimitri ever turns up, they can find out but since Dimitri and Leo fled the jurisdiction in Jada’s stolen car, they can be charged with felony murder. Leo responds that he needs to speak to his lawyer.

Sloan tells Eric that she was just telling Melinda how she never thought she’d be a parent this way. Melinda encourages Sloan that when she holds her new baby in her arms, all of her worries and guilt will be behind her as she’ll be too busy being a mom to think about anything else. Sloan thanks Melinda for everything and hangs up. Eric asks if Melinda said when they will bring home their baby. Sloan reveals that Melinda is on her way with him right now which excites Eric. Eric congratulates Sloan, who says it feels amazing because she’s going to be a mother to Eric’s baby. Eric says this is really happening. Sloan says even though she’s never been the maternal type, she’s fallen more in love with Eric because she’s realized there’s nothing she wants more than to have a family with him even if she’s not the biological mother. Eric states that all that matter is that he is their baby to love with all their hearts.

Nicole tells EJ that she understands if he doesn’t want to do this, because it’s going to be really hard to see their son, but says she needs to hold him one last time. EJ responds that he understands. Nicole points out that EJ never had the chance to hold him and he should have. Nicole says she’s so sorry it has to be this way.

Dr. Pierce goes to see Melinda and tells her that just as he feared, they want to see the baby. He says he tried to talk them out of it but they insisted. He worries that if they start asking questions, it will become very clear that no baby was brought in to the ER that night. He asks what they are supposed to do. Melinda argues that he took the money so he can figure it out. He complains that this was her idea. Melinda points out that he didn’t walk away, which he regrets. Dr. Pierce warns that if he goes down, Melinda is going down with him. Melinda guesses it’s up to her since he can’t come up with a way to present their dead baby. He warns her to come up with something right now because they are expecting him to walk in any minute with the remains of their dead baby boy. Melinda responds that he won’t have to because she has a brilliant idea.

Stefan explains to Ava that Clyde wants him to use DiMera Enterprises to ship drugs through the Bistro which is where Ava comes in. Ava mentions her and Gil not getting that far before she shot him and asks if he’s sure he wants to be her partner. Stefan says he has no choice. Stefan brings up that Clyde mentioned something about needing to get in to the evidence room at the police station. Ava confirms that Clyde had her take the keys off Harris. Stefan says he will take the keys, copy them, and bring them back. Ava question how she knows she can trust him. Stefan asks if she has an alternative. Stefan states that he takes Clyde’s threats very seriously and he’s not going to let him or his goons lay a hand on his wife. Stefan declares that for the foreseeable future, he and Ava are going to have to keep the ones they love very close and safe. Stefan adds that he won’t let Clyde use him like this for very long. Ava says she’ll make sure to let him know if she figures a way out before he does. Stefan thanks her and then goes to leave right as Harris arrives.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s so happy that they are having a baby that he wants the whole world to know. Sloan asks what’s stopping him. Eric says he just wants to wait for the right time. Sloan asks if now isn’t the right time. Eric points out them becoming parents on the heels of a terrible tragedy for Nicole. Sloan gets a call from Leo, who complains that Harris just told him that he’s being charged with felony murder. Leo says Nicole’s baby dying is awful but not his fault. Leo tells Sloan that he needs her to get there now. Sloan says she’ll be in touch and will help him fight the charges, but she has to go right now. Leo argues that he needs to hear her strategy and she only has one phone call. Sloan hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Eric excitedly answers the door to see Melinda with the baby. Melinda wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving.

EJ returns to Nicole’s room after she has gotten dressed to leave the hospital. EJ tells her that the doctor will be there soon with their baby and then they can go home. EJ adds that Holly will be happy to see her. Nicole hopes Holly can forgive her for snapping at her when she came to visit earlier. Nicole feels she was insensitive when Holly lost her little brother. EJ assures that she will understand. Nicole says she’s grateful to have Holly. Dr. Pierce then returns to the room. Nicole questions where their son is. He responds that he’s afraid it’s not possible for them to see him because their baby was accidentally cremated, shocking EJ and Nicole.

Ava tells Harris that it’s good to see him. Harris says he just stopped by during his break to see how Ava is doing. Stefan claims that he stopped by to see Tripp and Wendy to let them know again that they were mistaken by what they saw on the night that Li died. Harris calls that witness tampering. Stefan argues that his wife is locked up in prison, awaiting trial for a murder she didn’t commit, so he’s out doing everything he can to see that she goes free. Ava tells Stefan that he will have to come back another time since Tripp and Wendy aren’t home. Stefan tells Harris again that Gabi is innocent and that he should be out there trying to find Li’s real killer. Harris points out that the district attorney thinks they already have. Stefan argues that EJ is a pompous ass, biased, and wrong as he then exits the apartment. Ava comments on Stefan being upset about his wife. Ava says that’s enough about him and she’s glad Harris came by. Harris asks how she’s been and if she got his message, admitting he got a little worried when he didn’t hear back. Ava tells him that she was just about to call back when Stefan knocked on the door. Harris asks if it’s hard for her to be back in the apartment after what happened to Gil. Ava admits it is a little but it’s better than spending the night in lockup. Ava thanks Harris for putting in a good word with Rafe since she knows how much Rafe hates her, so she’s grateful that he listened to him. Harris calls Rafe a fair guy and says he believes him, so when forensics backs her up, her story will be proven. Ava guesses EJ will have no choice but to drop the charges. Harris notes that EJ is pretty preoccupied with his son’s death. Ava calls that terribly sad. Harris can’t imagine what they are going through. Ava calls it heartbreaking and asks if he wants a coffee or tea. Harris says he has to get back to the station and then brings up his keys as he asks if Ava remembers seeing them.

Leo remains in the interrogation room and thinks back to telling Dimitri that he’d meet him in the park behind the hospital after delivering Nicole’s baby. Leo states that he misses Dimitri and wishes he could tell him what the hell happened to the baby.

EJ questions Dr. Pierce about their son being accidentally cremated. Nicole shouts at him, asking how he could let this happen. Dr. Pierce says he’s afraid their son’s body was mislabeled and he’s sorry. EJ calls it a travesty and asks how anyone could make such a horrible, heartbreaking mistake and why he wasn’t there to stop it. Dr. Pierce says it was done without his knowledge, but he’ll arrange to have the ashes sent to them as soon as possible. Nicole yells at him to get out so he exits. Nicole then breaks down crying and tells EJ that she’s so sorry that he never got to hold their baby. EJ cries that they will just have to hold him in their hearts now as they hug.

Melinda asks Sloan and Eric if they are ready to hold their baby for the very first time. Eric thinks Sloan should go first so Melinda hands the baby over to Sloan. Melinda says she will leave them to bond with their son. Eric thanks her. Melinda says it was her pleasure to help a friend make this happen and she’s so glad everything worked out. Melinda then exits. Sloan and Eric try to figure out why the baby is crying. Sloan suggests she’ll make a bottle to see if that works and then hands the baby to Eric, which stops his crying. Eric tells the baby that he’s his daddy and he loves him with all his heart.

Ava claims to Harris that she doesn’t remember seeing his keys. Harris says he’s sure they will turn up. Harris is sorry they can’t spend Thanksgiving together since he has to pay his dues and work the holiday. Ava tells him how thankful she is for him and kisses him.

Melinda goes back to her room and packs her bag. Dr. Pierce shows up at her door again. Melinda asks if EJ and Nicole bought his story. He confirms that they did and says it was brutal which is why he needs more money. Melinda questions him extorting her. Dr. Pierce remarks that she could report him to the new district attorney, but he’s the one who said heads would roll over the loss of his son.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s so sorry that this happened and he will see to it that whoever is responsible will be relieved of their duties, but Nicole asks him not to and says she doesn’t care because there’s nothing anyone can do to fix this. Nicole says when she said she wanted to hold her son one last time, she really wanted to hold him, see him smile, and hear him cry but no one can make that happen. EJ hugs Nicole as she cries. Nicole tells EJ to just take her home, so they exit together.

Eric calls the baby perfect. Sloan wonders if he’s not hungry then. Eric thinks the baby is settled down now and asks if Sloan wants to hold him again. Eric hands him over to Sloan and he starts crying again. Sloan worries that she has no idea what she’s doing. Eric says he doesn’t either so the baby will have to be patient with them both. Eric suggests taking the baby for a walk in his new stroller but Sloan wants to stay home to arrange his clothes and wait on a delivery. Eric promises that Sloan is a natural and will be perfect at this. Eric thanks Sloan for making all of this happen and kisses her. Eric then takes the baby and puts him in the stroller.

Stefan returns to Ava’s apartment and presents his copy of the evidence room key. Ava says now she just has to fix it so that Harris finds his keys. Stefan says that’s the easy part while the tricky part will be getting in to the room and finding whatever they have on Clyde’s associate. Ava argues that Stefan’s brother is the district attorney and asks if he can’t find a way to work this out with him. Stefan tells Ava that he even offered EJ all of their DiMera shares but he’s a stubborn son of a bitch and he’s on his bad side, so EJ is going to make him pay for it in spades.

EJ and Nicole walk past the Brady Pub. Nicole stops and doesn’t know if she can do this. EJ brings up the fries that she loves. Nicole says she craved those when pregnant and thought getting them now would make her feel closer to her son. Nicole says she realizes if people ask how she’s doing, she’s not sure what to tell him because she doesn’t know. EJ understands and offers to go in and grab the fries while she stays outside which Nicole agrees to. EJ kisses her and heads in to the Pub. Nicole cries that she misses her baby so much. Eric then comes around the corner with his baby in the stroller.

Melinda tells Dr. Pierce that she only got involved in the adoption because she lost her job, she needed the money, it paid well and she was helping a friend. Melinda adds that she stuck her neck out mostly out of the goodness of her own heart which Dr. Pierce laugh at. Melinda says he’s in no position to judge since he went along with it all the way. Dr. Pierce says he regrets it and calls the whole scheme rotten to the core and he hopes it doesn’t backfire on them. Melinda hopes the same and that she never sees him again which he says is fine by him. Melinda pays him off and he then exits. Melinda then pulls out her phone.

Harris returns to Leo in the interrogation room and asks if he reached his lawyer. Leo tells him that he’s not worried about getting out of this place, he’s instead mourning the loss of the baby that he happened to deliver. Leo remarks that he doesn’t know if he’s ever been this sad in his entire life. Harris questions Leo having a heart. Leo states that aside from Dimitri, everyone in town thinks he’s a shallow loser. Harris asks if his lawyer is on her way. Leo responds that she’s unfortunately not as she was otherwise engaged.

Sloan remains at home, complaining that it was almost as if the baby could tell Eric was his real father and that she wasn’t the real mother. Sloan worries that she’s not cut out for this and wonders if she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Sloan then gets a text from Melinda, saying it’s all going to be okay. Dimitri then shows up at Sloan’s door and declares that he’s back.

Eric thought Nicole would still be in the hospital. Nicole responds that she just got released and that EJ is in the Pub getting takeout. Nicole asks about Eric’s baby and didn’t realize he had him yet. Eric confirms that Melinda brought him by a little while ago, so he came to show him off to his dad. Eric says he better get inside but Nicole stops him and asks if he would mind if she held the baby.

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